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Why the sun rises from the east
and the night comes after the day?

Why the sky so high and stars so
shy and beyond our reach?

Why the wind cannot be seen and
light cannot be touched?

Why the smell has no colour and
sound have no shape?

Why the mind is so vast and
thinking so narrow?

Why the love is so sweet and
hate too dry?

Why the trees are tall and
leaves fall down?

Why the flowers bloom only
for a while and gloom?

Why happiness is short and
sorrow linger on?

Grieving for a Noble Soul

a poem by

Somewhere deep down a sense of pain,
Inexplicable, given the lack of any gain,
An ingenious flame flickered away,
After igniting many a mind.
The tears that rolled down,
Like having lost one’s own.
What makes him a standout?
Not the one to have clout,
Or trappings of wealth that speak loud,
Neither a prince charming,
Nor an imposing figure that’s alarming,
A standout all the same!
By his peculiar coiffure,
Childlike mind,
Infectious smile,
Burden and vision for the nation,
Humble beginnings,
Made in India label,
Faith in the youth,
Relentless pursuit of knowledge,
Blemishless public life,
Love for children.
Mere sharing his birth month,
Brings smile to my face,
As though the connect vests,
All his commendable virtues.
How he would’ve wished,
To lead India into 2020,
As a nation that boasts socio-economic equity,
Crossing over the threshold,
Into a developed nation,
Integrating the best of all time and places.
This humble Octogenarian from Rameshwaram,
Effusive in his credits to teachers,
Never missed an opportunity to be with students,
Left the world being among them,
He took off with wings of fire from Shilllong,
Only to leave behind millions inspired for long.

Guru Devo Bhava

a poem by

When god thought to distribute,
Wisdom in all his creations
He thought and thought in deep solitude,
And then realised to make a teacher,
Teachers are angels who come from heaven,
To make us know about the subjects seven,
Teachers fill the knowledge
Till the brim of our brain,
They with their efficient guidance,
Make all bad qualities drain,
You have been a great preacher,
You have always encouraged us
You gave us good advises
Which will help us till our life ends…
Oh teacher! Oh teacher! What else should I say,
Be with us throughout the bay!!!

Wake me up

a poem by

How on earth could life be still running its course,
When I still struggle to drag myself
Through my days.
Nothing changes,
They say, ‘change is constant’.
Every day that tends to end with my sleep,
Every morning, that begins with an alarm.
One of these days, my son shocked me out of my shell,
He dared to change the tone of my alarm.
Don’t worry, nothing drastic happened.
It’s back the same old way.
I am not yet awake.
I haven’t yet taken my first step,
To stop them from dumping waste on the road.
The day I do it ,
I live.


a poem by

When you are in a crunch
Problems come in a bunch
You feel like digging a trench
And hide from the life’s stench.

Every phase in life is not the same
Ups and downs are part of the game
You need to learn on how to tame
Putting the hurdles to shame.

All thru it’s important to stay positive
In any situation, complex or primitive
Even you become emotionally negative
Deal with them by being creative.

Remember, you cannot run away
And have to face it, what may
Have faith in God and pray
To emerge victorious one day.

Put focus on your efforts
And hope in your prayers
It’s only hard work that matters
For you to punch and put the crunch in tatters.

The Relic

a poem by

When he lived, no one loved him,
none approved him.
He was not a common stuff;
but, designed of precious silk.

He made an orb for him
And cut his links from the fraud,
As the sea separates the land,
The sky distances the earth,
The justice; injustice
And tried to be placid.

There was a fencing around him
With insight, competence, and accolade,
He believed ‘good’ will be good for all
Didn’t know only to some.

He couldn’t perceive,
The superlative enemy of man is Man.
He believed in concord:
The mass bestow’d him discord,
He tried to love every one
But, got abandoned soon.

Those who went near
Found him quite virtuous!
(the most omitted for their luxury!)

They made an augury
“He is not fit for the globe!”
They smashed him!
the next day assembled near his mausoleum
Fought for a relic
To exhibit their intimacy with te just.
They composed anecdotes of his miracles
Which he was want of any!

They made him God, or His Son
Who lived for other’s welfare,
They made his name an adage;
A definition of honesty,
For which he lived and died.


a poem by

Plough the land and pull the weed,
Burn the weed and burn the seed,
Grain and fruit our children need,
Tomorrow is what we should heed.

It spreads far; it spreads wide;
Allows no grain to grow beside,
It sucks the earth and drains its mirth,
No healthy fruit can take its birth.

Too many hands with too many tools
For too many days and too many nights
Should burn the seed and pull the root
To allow the growth of grain and fruit.

We may suffer today; you may starve tonight;
But be sure my young man, tomorrow is bright;
Ye can feast your eyes with magnificent sight
Of future children dancing with spright.

An Epoch and Apostle

a poem by

He is a lucky chap
Needs no prop
He never pits as a flap
And always rejoices just by a clap

He works hard with the words in calmness
And chisels any raw idea to its utmost fineness
And strives hard to make it a resonating piece
In hearts and souls of all the readers in quiet and cool trance

He gets up from the bed with the cooing of the cuckoo
And starts his day dedicating ample time to language and literature
He carves the suitable words wherever it is felt appropriate
And idioms and phrases used by him become quotes of tomorrow

He lives in hopes and perspire in aspirations
He is a teacher and preacher in his own style and sheen
And reciprocates nature in its own terms feasible
He loves flowers and its fragrance scented out

He is an epoch and an apostle shining in the sky
And acts like an ambassador advocating prosperity in peace
And strives effortless to bring the brightness in delightful stance
To the planks of earth without any shy

Only you

a poem by

While gliding through life’s happy times
While slowly treading the painful paths
There’s been none but you with me

While viewing the invincible sun rise
While watching it give way to the horizon
There’s been none but you with me

When we walked in beauty, like the night
Of cloudless climes and starry skies,
When thoughts serenely sweetly expressed,
How pure, how true they originate
There’s been none but you with me

When the first raindrops, indicating the monsoon, pitter pattered
When the rainbow arched beautifully, joining two different worlds
There’s been none but you with me

When then world seemed to come to an end
When darkness engulfed my very being
When no one believed that I had it in me
When no one thought I could ever make it
There’s been none but you with me

Now that I have it all
Now that I achieved all I could ever want
There’s everyone, but you, with me


a poem by

Life – a mixture of many, many things
A vast multitude of surprises it brings
Any minute, any day, you never know
Which color of itself, life will show

A born musician, the piano I played
Success was at my fingertips, my life was made
Villas, limos and other riches surrounded me
A wonderful life I lived, a fantasy

Then came that fateful day
Which changed my life in every possible way
While driving my car, I lost control
Losing balance, I fell on the road

Both my hands were run over by a car
I haven’t used my hands since then, so far
Since that accident, my life has totally changed
But that is life, no one can be blamed

The Leveller

a poem by

The leveller looms large, untamed as yet.
But God strides forth undeterred, untouched and unmoved
But is it fate that he should be levelled unsung?

The clouds too cry aloud
And rumble their fears
They shoot last minute photographs of their Lord
Then they cry as rain
That God may not walk this earth no more
And then they simply hang, shrouds of grey, black and white

The moon does not create the customary umbrae and penumbrae
Because of its phobia of what many hype to be the ‘Beginning of the End’.

The sun ran away a long time back
Refusing to cast its rays, fearing that it may be the last it ever cast.

The stars twinkle. Not from the dust.
But from the tears streaming down their cheeks.

The mountains of might lean on each others shoulders to cry
The trees sway wildly in disapproval.

God strides on
Collar turned high;
Hands pocketed;
To protect from the biting of the cold bone chilling howling wind.

Then out of the blue, the hills join in chorus and add amplitude to God’s whistles.
Then the whistles are echoed by lupine howls
They seemed to say, “We are with you all the way”

But the pandemonium only serves to incite the prowling leveller,
Drawing him closer!


a poem by

All had happened in the midway
In the midst of my sadness
In the midst of my madness
I got to know about your extended stay

Let me talk to my friends
Let me tell them your choice
Let me organize a press meet
Let me distribute some sweets

All prayed, pleaded, begged, solicited with tear
But you had refused to extend your stay last year
We lost farmers, farmers lost land mind lost mountains
As we too lost love from you, “My dear rain”


a poem by

I am a poet you can say,
I imagine across nations,
For relating something, I would say,
I need a pen, paper and expressions,

A dark haired pretty beauty, if I write,
You may immediately imagine a princess,
But to mention somebody special, I like,
I will have to sit for hours in excess,

Eyes like those of a deer, if I write,
I may have to still mention her face,
And if I say she is slim and pretty,
You may ask about colour and race!

My thoughts and those of yours,
May certainly at some point clash,
And that’s where my success counts,
When you visualize her in a flash,

The girl in my thoughts, I will still not disclose,
I may end up in danger,
But look out! She might be around you,
Look for my pen, he is a messenger!