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Stars and Man

a poem by

The hills and mountains
Here and there the clouds
And snow ever the rays
And light
Victorious and silent
The merging clouds and sky
Interesting boundaries of water
Rarified and dense

Green aplenty dark and dense
The flowers light and
Light brought in spectra in spectra
New stars to twinkle
Every ray travels
Planets spherical
All the stars and cosmos
New star and times
Intriguing to man on earth
And the mankind exploring
The possibilities with planet earth
Round and Around the Sun
The Oscillating tracks

The moon light and memories
The reflections and distance
Similar Orbits with distance maintained
The Expanding Universe
And Exploring the truths
Whether man a wonder
Or the stars

Zizou, God

a poem by

Yet another God
Not spared the rod.
Shown the card of red
God’s color – red.
Even as he threw in headers in succession,
First, hit the post,
Second, Materazzi’s chest.
Ah… Yet another racial row
Sweat pouring down his brow.
In a display of incurred wrath,
the God of the moment shows him the path…
Billions of bleeding hearts miss beats.
Tears pouring down their cheeks.
That God with astounding magical touch and ball control
couldn’t keep his temper under control
Unthinkable that with a head butt, he must
malign a glorious career and leave them in the dust.
Head bowed he trudges off,
hopefully not into oblivion.

Chase India Chase

a poem by

Raise your bat towards the roof
To launch your ball there
Whoever may bowl your bat should meet and beat
That ball has to reach the boundaries of four
None can stop it and none can field it before
That should reach it’s destination
Your wickets should not be struck and
That shot should not be caught at any moment
Your runs should never be disturbed and
Their throws should not be faster than your run
They may be on four hundreds but
Your chase should not be weaker to their scores
Chase India Chase India
To beat the Aussies in our land
Wear India Wear India
The crown of champions from today itself

World Cup 2007

a poem by

Yes, this world cup 2007 had been
Exclusive prediction by me Divya Chauan wife of Abhinesh Kumar
(His previous name is Guru Kanta Desai)
My husband had choice
These15 members lead by Indian Captain Dravid
Which was going to succeed,
First of all I never know
M.S.Dhoni, Mr. Naveen Patnaik,
Mr. Alok Kumar Patnaik, Sriman Vivek Oberori,
What I know that name Guru Kanta Desai,
Is my first and last husband forever
Because SaiBaba had blessed name Desai
Is the son of Smt. Murli Prasad Sharma, ‘Circuit’ Film Newspapers
Yes my name previous Ms. Sonali Sengupta Desai, from HLC India
Will Win Cricket World Cup 200
Defeat Australia with 200 runs,
Prediction bye me 05/09/1996.

Cricket Passion

a poem by

Is cricket in India a passion or religion or culture?
From six to sixty everybody loves to see cricket;
So, Cricket is a passion, religion and culture here.
That too when World Cup Cricket games start, it’s all!

“Eleven fools are playing and eleven thousand fools are
Witnessing the game,” said G.B. Shaw about Test Match.
But One Day Match totally changed the nature of Cricket.
So, when 11 Indians are playing 110 crore hearts beat here!

The question of everybody now is, who is going to beat who?
Betting on matches goes beyond control all over the world.
Beating all emerges one as winner after a month and more;
Until then day and night in the mind cricket comes to the fore!

Captain Kapil Dev won World Cup in 1983; and in 2007
Will captain Dravid win World Cup for India after 24 years?
This is the one million dollar question everybody muses now
In the home, school, college, office, hotel, park and beach!

What is the significance of sports in the world arena today?
Sports stop enmity and breed fraternity among all nations.
The passion for war to win is transferred to sports in spirit
That activates the skill of all players to contribute the best.

So, Wars of the World have become the wares of the worn out.
When this is so why there should be wars in the name of any;
Is it not funny to go to war to solve the problems of mankind
Like the savages did thousands of years ago before civilisation?

Defeat or victory cannot be predicted and so, it is immaterial;
But the materials of the defeated may be destroyed by men,
Whose expectations are not fulfilled in the world cup match!
So, has the attitude of men changed although world chooses sports?

Appeal to the Indian Team for World Cup 2007

a poem by

In cricket, what better achievement can be other than winning the world cup
It being a religion in India, it shall be a national thumbs up

Before the memory of our victory in1983 permanently fades
We have the opportunity to repeat the feat after more than two decades.

One cannot but help feel a little nostalgic,
It would be really tragic if you are not able to repeat the 1983 world cup magic

That particular world cup had bequeathed on us Indians a legacy
We have again got a chance to show that for us, winning it is no longer just a fantasy.

It does not matter that the Australians are the current world Champions
You have already shown, Rahul what you can do with your companions.

In fact, it seems that on your current form,
It would be a travesty of fate if in the world cup you don’t perform.

Whether it is the recent tournaments at home or the victory against the West Indies
The world cup has no room for complacency, let it not put you at ease.

Unlike some countries which acquire a stray nuke
We have to show to the world that 1983 was no fluke

There is no better way to show your resilience
Than to break the two decade long silence

After a gap of twenty years.
You are once again the object of the nation’s eyes and ears
The whole country is ready to shed happy tears.

Whether in prose or poetry, let it be said aloud.
By winning the world cup, you shall be making the whole country proud.

For you and some colleagues, this world cup maybe your last
Please ensure that memories also last.

Congrats Sachin

a poem by

At the tender age of 16, in 1989 at Pakistan,
He started his Test Career
Facing fiery pacemen of the likes of Imran,
Wasim and Waqar, without a hint of fear
In his 17th year and ninth test match,
He scored his first test century
It was at Old Trafford in England,
Displaying all shots in his armory

In Dec 2005 at Delhi, he surpassed Gavaskar’s record, the 34th hundred
By then, against and in each test playing country, he had scored a test hundred

He relinquished India’s captaincy,
At the young age of 27
Realizing importance of his role as a batsman,
In the playing eleven.

All along he has been a splendid sports ambassador, who is very humble
During his long career, he ensured most
Batting records took a tumble

From 1000 runs till 10000, he was the youngest to reach each milestone,
With hard-work, good technique and excellent temperament,
What a cricketer can achieve he has clearly shown

Lets hope he continues to perform well,
Helping India win many more matches,
Scoring runs galore, taking wickets when required
And holding onto all the catches.

Freedom Run

a poem by

There came to our country
Freedom at last in the seven and forty.
Forty years after with fun
For freedom we all ran.
Did we find that freedom
For which we ran so random?
Had we not searched for it
Alice-like in our wonderland that?
We did really run more for that,
Yet still more we have to run for it!
Not that ease the freedom is
Like the fish we catch with ease!
Freedom always flies fast
Before all our acts last!

Bowler of India

a poem by

The fast bowlers of India take many a wicket,
And they are usually good in bowling at cricket,
Also there are two or three a spinner
They all make India sometimes a winner.

When the batsmen hit a duck or two
You will wonder if India will win and by who
You will see a few great bowlers
Who will be India’s win controllers

The fast bowlers have a name matching to their job
Balaji Balla podanum
Pathan balla Pathu podanum
Nehra balla pathu Nehra podanum


a poem by

Case of an infringement, game resumed
Free kick – for the non-offending team
Depending upon
Nature of the offense, direct or indirect
A goal be scored
Not from an indirect kick
However, from a direct hit,
The ball in net-
This does
The football term
“Free kick” denotes.

European League Football in Portugal ’04

a poem by

Two thousand four
Football in Portugal
Not less but more

European League
Next week begins-
Full swing

Cameras and teams
Sport journalists
Eager to write
Great stories

All about those-
Football stars
Up to their hilt
Very glamorous-
Fans’ followings
Children, old, young,
Spectators join, all in groups.

Hope their favourites
Win that they choose.
Win defeat it is close-
Portugal soon the winners’ come
Ha-ha-ha life is fun!


a poem by

13th to 24th Nations of enemies will freeze
Eyes and ears glue to the idiot box with ease
Work progress steadily with radios to accompany
Trains, buses, autos travel without any company

Hits and misses causes distress
Win and loss creates history
Why cricket captivates both nations is a mystery
Love and hate between the teams is a chemistry

Sleepless nights, restless days
Dreams of Sachin’s century
Nightmares of Shoaib’s speed
Cricket has taken a toll on all indeed

Sachin, Sourav, Rahul is the flavor we savor
Blessings in abundance elders shower
Youngsters heap praises and abuses
It is a game with lot of surprises

The battle of titans has begun
Hope of victory soars high
May the Ship of aspiration stay afloat
Let our spirit give the opponents a jolt

Nothing can stop the best
Everything can deter the worst
Hard work and strong will is the crux
Let India lift the trophy of success

World Cup Invitation

a poem by

Two thousand three four, five, six
Hey! guys World Cup is fixed.
Save some money so that it pays
for your; to reach in time flights.
Enjoy The Grand Sporty Event.
Taste and flavour the International;
In Germany’s Great New Capitol.
Super Season Era Exceptional
Not to miss
The Soccer final.
Berlin happily
The world.
Prepare herself
For the spectacle.
Experience Berlin.
Football; two in one;
Enjoy double; pleasure plus fun.
Ladies and gentlemen, young, old and keen children;
Welcoming with open arms; Olympia Stadium waits;
Come one come all; be Hauptstadt Berlin’s guest.
It is Football World Cup Final; please do not miss.

World Cup Fever in Berlin

a poem by

Best of all game football. Zigzag run, kick for fun
Dive at it, goal protect
Forward, backward, head. Magnificent hit.
Penalty corner shot; midfield dribble
Fans watch stars stadium filled.
Waiting eager; for final verdict
Cheer loud; excited crowd.
Clean shot spectators shout
“Goal, goal, goal.”
Mistaken ball, players foul
Yellow, red cards referee control.
Asian cup, European League
Tournament played, win defeat.
Ronaldo, Zedan, Pele, Beckham
Figo, Maradona, Beckenbaur power.
Inspire sport, names to note.
German capitol Olympia Stadium
For 2006 World Cup fixed
Prepare Berlin, Football fever’s creeping.
The World Cup! Who Will Win?

The Australian victory in the world cup final

a poem by

The Australians have earned a well deserved victory.
In the Television studio, the cricketer’s coterie
While giving their commentary
Stated in the beginning that India’s batting and bowling lacked symmetry
India was sparring with cricket’s toughest adversary
Indians too needed something similar to the formidable Australian pace battery.
To exhort in wars, leaders have used talents which can at best be deemed literary.
Pep talk to the Indian team may not have sufficed; that is why in addition to the skipper’s oratory
I decided to use a little poetry
It almost always works with women; maybe the players could do with a bit of flattery
Used as they are to the Indian fans idolatry
Sledging has prevailed upon us Indians the use of Psychological Inventory.
Especially against opponents adept at such tactics that to them are customary.
Explaining the world cup in a nutshell, a summary,
Unbeaten throughout despite setbacks, the Australian resilience was legendary,
They displayed an athleticism and professionalism that was exemplary,
They displayed a capability of writing any team’s obituary,
In the finals, they produced a performance that put them on another trajectory,
Congratulations to them; there is no shame in losing to the best contemporary.