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The New Chapter

a poem by

I come from a land of learning,
With a fire that is always burning,
But here, every bit for them I leave,
A new chapter is all I need,
A sky of my own to fly,
Catching her scent I always try,
A scene of my own I set,
Moulding her, I completely forget,
This world I then abandon in return,
And I feel my creation of a blazing Sun,
I fly I fly, up, up, there!
Oh! I did create it all from here,
I see, I find her on the leaves of a tree,
Or sometimes on that chair that’s free,
On the rocks or sometimes the empty streets,
Or that child who cries or the one who bleeds,
On the glowing sheets of paper I sometimes paint,
A dancing melody I forever chant,
There, there she smiles for me,
And there, there sun shines on me,
I go up and there and down with her,
When sometimes, no care, I jump into the river.

Face of Truth

a poem by

World is a matter of light and shades.
Everything shines after brilliance of truth.
Darkness dips its brush in fluorescence,
Puts blush of a rouge on her face.

There is in the duality of world,
Evolves a black side and a bright side.
All love a world under flood light,
Shines showing spring flowers of life.

Nothing exists as single in this universe.
If one is real, the other is a reflection.
A shadow follows every matter no matter.
Ultimately consumes one another.

Sun eats away moon on an eclipse day.
It is Moon’s day to eat the sun on a lunar day .
Twins strike entire macrocosm each day.
Microcosm remains inside as seeds.

Masters who ascent to a higher realm;
Settles there in pure gleam of ecstasy.
Holy Mother of universe observes, and
Transforms each one into unique unity.

In the high realms of effulgence;
Remains none other than purity, the face of truth.
Fire sanctifies each life to knowledge,
Tongues of fire licks away impurities.

Whole of cosmic dream merges into one delight.
Enters into end of knowledge- into silence.
Wisdom dawns from the enlightenment.
Beauty of muteness appears like a dawn!

Pure Effulgence

a poem by

Trekking on a path of life to immortality,
Time moves in an eternal cycle of mystery.
Neither is there a beginning nor an end.
Those gets dissolved who rolls in the time,
Again appears somewhere somehow.
Cycle of existence continues until then.
Wise ones stay on time are the ones,
Who lives and sees beyond time n’ space.

Metamorphosis completes into human form,
as we float in the tide of births and deaths.
All who does not swim; the ocean consumes.
Those who are wise stay afloat among waves.
They cross sea of turmoil in repeated attempts.
Then transcend world to reach home of tranquility.
They takeoff and fly on wings of wisdom to heights,
and see the whole universe as one entity.

Once reached on upper deck of truth,
Shall remain there observing fun of cosmic dream.
They are awake aware of reality; tries waking up all.
helping all to see and enjoy ecstasy.
Playing a role in the dreaming n’ deep sleep.
Yet, they remain in effulgence; unaware of day and night.
Holy mother witnesses and hears all states of life ticks.
She is the seer; seen; and scene altogether.
Oh! Mother wake me up from my deep slumber to light!

Elements of Grace

a poem by

As she smiles Sun, Moon and Stars fade
Universe bows down at her lotus feet
Entire galaxies revolve around her love
Five elements of world create a canopy

Air that breeze around her gets purified
The sweet fragrance of love streams off her heart
Water she touches turns into holy river Ganges
She sprinkles her grace on all around

By a soft feel of fingers she fertilizes soil
Hopes and love sprouts in hearts of earth
New fine potteries ‘n’ idols are created
Then infused ticks of life by pouring air

By soft subtle speeches she soothed minds
Fire of wisdom burned away garbage of life
She lighted soft warm flames in the hearth
Heaping her compassion ‘n’ love as offering

Oh mother of all, let me pray that I be an offering
Let me offer a little space in my heart for you
Let me build a temple of gratitude for being with us
Oh holy mother consecrate this temple!

Drop of Sea

a poem by

One day, a drop was lost from his
Old sea father’s finger
Drop replied him by message
Don’t try to search me anywhere
And worry about me or cry for me
First time I face the death but with
With my freedom
No matter where I live and how
And how strange peoples meet me
Under what circumstances?
Whether I may die in soil or burned by hot summer
And lost somewhere in air I don’t
But overheard by others, like people
I also unknown but never afraid of it
That is also, I do not know.
Or I maybe crying sad queen’s tear drop
In her palm or wiped out to hide me in
Pocket by others proudly
I may be helping to cry on death of relatives.
Or may be last drop of love affair to quench
Thirst one of them
Their ego of self existence never care me to
Preserve but somewhere in their memory
Must I come back even not valued much
I do not cry but for my little life but I
Could became drop of their last glorious
Golden rendezvous
I know they would also never try to search me
Because they very well know
I cannot be found like a moment
But I must be there somewhere in eyes
With no special sign to recognise me
Like their faces
Nobody there like to live faceless and common
Like me
I like to vanish for them because they are dying
Crazy to gulp me as true moment of life
How their world, eagerly waiting for me for many years
Then father, do you like to bind me close to you?
Don’t worry about me one day I will come back
Home certainly, but cannot say when?

Planet Earth

a poem by

Waves of words abruptly
Knocking on my door untimely
Like flood
With agonizing voices of pain
But that odd time I lost my pen
No piece of paper near
Whole city drowned in darkness due to
War began with rivals
And person’s mind war never stopped
Like this odd time “take us out of this hell!”
Every scream interpreting me
Or is it my inner voice rising?
At last found a piece of paper
And my grandson’s k.g. pencil
Is it enough to write down their woes?
Paper was eager to tattoo on all his body
This one sign is enough to quiet all chaos?
I later found it was not my voice but very
Ancient historical thousand years old
Events recalling me and their relations with me inseparable
And once I felt that not only my self existence
Alone it is attached with cosmic super power
Like .

Gibran and the Raven

a poem by

Conjurer, dark’s carrier-
symbol’s undertaker.
Poets have spied upon you,
unleashing your symbolic mask
as an altar hovering with death.
Speak no more, the human’s
Breathe easy bird
as you float subterranean wings-
heeding God’s calling.
misunderstood by the ages-
Voices of poetry chanting,
fear, death and mystery’s
blind alley.
“There you are now” said God.
“Go feed my prophet,
who is hungry,
who has withstood
the desert of knowing.”

Be like a Cheetah

a poem by

Cheetah getting famished sets the ambition to chase a Deer,
Doesn’t stop until the purpose is clear,
Doesn’t get confused by seeing an animal in the middle,
Achieves the goal and makes the deer to cripple.

You are the Cheetah and deer is the goal,
Other goals are animals in a whole,
Concentrate only on the purpose you have chosen,
Make the goal for you to be frozen.

Frame the aspiration by yourselves you had,
Detach negative from mind which is bad,
Attention only on the ambition you designated,
Do not lose confidence even if you are underestimated,
Add courage, trust, and determination to your mind,
Do not cease until everything is fine.

Be like a cheetah, contrive goals
And be successful in life

The Bestowing Boy

a poem by

Once there was a boy,
For whom conferring was a joy.
And the boy loves his friend so much,
And enjoys everyday in his touch.
Everyday the boy visits his house,
And a feeling of joy arouse.
At the time of acquiring something from his friend,
Saying “No thanks” was his real trend.
And the boy was happy.

One day the boy perceived,
A bull searching for food to be received.
And famished poor people pleading
People for food feeding.
And condolence stimulated over the boy.

The boy on the very next day
To keep the starving away
Took grains, silage and balancing food after lunch
For the bull and the poor people to munch.
And by seeing the elated tears,
The feeling of pity in the boy clears.
And the boy was happy.

But time went by,
And the boy prolonged offering thereby.
One day the boy’s beloved friend,
Visited the boy’s house for joy to tend.
And the boy offered something for his friend,
As giving was his real trend.
And the boy was happy.

Always keep your hand
In a conferring position, rather than
In an acquiring position.
And if you always expect
Something from others
You are a beggar

Lucifer and the Angel

a poem by

‘Beseech thee, pardon my soul,
Let me go, O’ Lucifer!’
Groaned the angel in fangs of death,
Trust there melts; remains no faith.
Calm white attire
Confronted the dark,
Silence of the ‘liar’
She could now hark.
‘Give me your soul,
Or I myself should take?
Better make no howl,
My territory, it is death lake…’
Commanded the evil might
With hands raised
In authority to pluck her soul away.
Ah! Horrible sight,
Nothing the angel said
And could feel nothing but dismay!
‘What bad I did to you?’
Suddenly she asked.
The devil spread his masculine wings,
Laughed, and in her helplessness,
Like the savage beast, he basked.
‘Causes are for goodness,
No cause to bad.
Death is the truth!
Better be not sad…’
With words of pride
Lusty with shallow wisdom,
He put his right hand upon her neck.
Suddenly the angel faded
Like the time wrapped in sand.
The devil now wondered
With his empty hand.
A horrible loud voice:
“There is LIGHT,
The Authority of universe.
Darkness is not endowed
To bring goodness or adverse
In the world.”

The Fruit of Knowledge

a poem by

Knowledge that Eve brought with her,
Where is that hidden?
Have they lost the spur
As the holy loss of Eden?

Sons of once fallen parents are
Crestfallen in their own eyes!
From that apple, they walked far…
They falter; they stumble; they surmise.

HE deceived, for he thought of purging!

Alas! Man is the echo of darkness
And the shadow of deceit.
‘Spent the night in ditch’ but of palace
They fancy and foolishly counterfeit.

Did HIS plans fail? Or are some plans in this failure…

Sin and Lamentation

a poem by

Sin and Lamentation
The shadow will fade when darkness illumines
And enriches my weary soul with torment,
I remember my horrible deeds, my sins
Those now force me to helplessly lament
Over the days now alive in nostalgia!

Is man bond to sin? O God!
Does everyone only later lament? Say Thee,
Watching from there, sitting in heavenly abode
Canst Thou of the sins make man free?
Or the sin and lamentation is all fate?

So the truth can nowhere be seen,
Those who saw are graved, are dead,
Though none is, but some who are keen,
Will find that unsearchable, and will fade!