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Faith and Beliefs and Reflections

The story of success and ways
The hurdle and the efforts
Every deed counts
The efforts and moves
The hurdles and the mountain
The little drops and ocean
The experience of time travel
Dawn and dusk
The flower amidst the thorns
The hope of rays and sunlight
The waves pass on and the memories
The flower so fresh with colour
The greens so new and the rain drops

The man looks back histories
The new wind and the new clouds
The life on earth the biosphere
The colours of spectrum so true

The biosphere so rich with more life
Come alive. Oh! flower
The moon in silence. Come again
Matters of reality illustrating facts
The different waves and different facts
So true. May time help with more truths

Relief! Relax! After success
Ever the goal the same
Leading role of the victory
Ever for success of rely on

Celebration of success. True
Exhibiting the success story
Uncounted the efforts behind
Is failure due to mistake

History repeats. Rather a success story
The new victory and new efforts
All to win, and born on earth
The victory and the experience so hard

The efforts to improve the world around
A total success as well the goal
The road to success paved for every one
To learn every day the fads

What is true success
To realize the facts and you
What is true success and facts
Is the world made of deeds and matter of reality

Marriage not in Heaven

Marriages made in Heaven, told
Now not in Heaven but in money
Not by God, but by dowry
God never makes a marriage success
But money makes it very success
Not by love, but by jewels she brings
Not by good character, but by beauty
Money makes everything possible Adage
It shows in marriage too, What a Pity!

The Price for IT

The huge price, we have given for it
To speak, to think, and to live
To heal my mother’s wounds and tears
My formers had given a valuable price
Her chain of slavery has been removed by
Their blood and tears in the prisons
Our free air is their reward to us for that
They paid their lives and souls
Our tricolour flag is flying in the sky
To invite them to this land once again
Our national anthem echoes even in the hall of heaven
To praise their work for this nation
In this day of Independence
We take the pledge to keep Her crown in this land
Up to the existence of the last INDIAN


Person reverently saying Mr.X, Mr.X very often
Is a nobody since he is somebody else’s person.
He may be a great scholar and a good speech maker
But his mind and thoughts are out of his empire.

Mr.X has effectively occupied his entire mind
Muffling and silencing his inner voices’ sound.
Even if he tries, this way or that way he can’t bend.

Alas, His outward physical body alone is his own
His mind has been stealthily taken on lease
By someone or some Ism cleverer and shrewder.

An illiterate brother who is unaware of Mr.X or Mr.Y
Is cleaner, pure, more honest and respectable indeed
For his mind and thoughts are exclusively his own.

If some one quotes Mr.X, Mr.Y, etc; again and again
It may be to impress others with his scholarship
Or it may be that he doesn’t have his own thoughts.

One must be keen and open to all types of thoughts
But must process and discriminate such thoughts
To have one’s own thoughts, aims and principles.

Quoted thoughts may be good for beautiful speeches
But verily One’s own thought is what really matters.

Basic Amenities

It is not at all acceptable or imaginable
That a country sending satellites into space
And much advanced in nuclear technology
Can’t provide a regular drinking water supply
That won’t be in unpredictable intervals
Keeping citizens guessing with empty vessels!

A country proud of showing Mohen-ja-daro’s
Drainage system is not able to provide
A well built stagnation free drainage system
That won’t cause unbearably nauseating smells
And generously permit mosquitoes to multiply
Spreading many kinds of strange diseases!

Ancient saints who professed a philosophy
Telling wise men to treat flower and filth at par
Would not have expected that drainage water
And many chemicals of disturbing odour
Would at times get mixed up with drinking water
In the water supply system of their great country!

Message for Indians

What are enemies, can teach us, India and Pakistan,
Making difference between Rahim and Ram.

India and Pakistan are almost same,
And the people are disturbing cricket game.

No politics must be there in cricket,
There’s fighting if either have a wicket.

Right from birth children think of our enemy,
But when grown-ups think of war it destroys economy.

So Indians don’t invite wrath,
Please kill your thoughts by taking a new path.

The Martyr

As the last drop of blood
Trickles from the martyr’s bosom
On the virgin petal of the unsuspecting blossom,
It is impured by crimson grief;
The earth, the skies
Bestowed with overwhelming purity,
Echoes with thunderous relief.

The flag of freedom slowly ascends
From the halyard of sacrifice,
Anguish descends to its necessary death;
The wings of poesy take flight,
The songs of beauty
Encompassing the valley of life,
Rings with intense might.

A distant speck of dust
Dirties the impeccable whiteness.
A horde of half-humans
Crude enough to be beasts,
Stand strangely with blurred eyes.
The tears of hatred dissolve into love
The evil splurges out of their hearts,
The fangs dismantle, the knives extirpate.
It is the beginning of a new epoch…

The myriad crown of joy,
Is now firmly bound
Unwilling to sway, willing to spread.
The mild breeze of unrestrained mirth,
Fluxes through untouched depths.
And life is in a stupor of serenity.
It is humanity’s rebirth…

But the martyr is now strangely obscure,
Buried beneath the depths of renaissance
He has selflessly infested.
The epitaph is remarkably glorious,
Unremarkable is its loneliness.
Humanity basking in new found glory,
And delightful stories,
Forgot to praise the giver..

The sun lowers itself below the horizon,
Leaving the light worthless…
A crumb falls from a child’s mouth,
Making the wheat vile…
Sacrifice melted misery,
Bestowed joy,deepened love
But it is love that finally betrays,
Deserting the martyr in oblivion’s isle…

Time Out

Time out my friends,
They are waiting behind the stage;
Where there thoughts is bulge on
Jokers in circus, making their day
One balloon is fallen to the floor,
He cried for it, but others betrothed

Life of his, jokes to others
As he found, the way of joy
Off life taken by the time;
Finish the game to start
Law of time to move

Beduins 1

Cities have come up
We cease our wanderings
At the lights
The brooding pools of our camel’s eyes
Have lost the mystic slant
Asphalt roads rend the desert face
Warning signals hold menacing
Outlines of our die hard beasts
Our dawns no longer wake us well
But pull us to dreams
Inn shifting sand, we fear the ages coming by
Unable to relocate our camps
The flaps of tent torn
Lift in the wind
Flights of fancy, unsought, undesired
We stop at the lights

Beduins 2

The apostle of peace
Has walked our land
Yet men in white robes and white skins
Claimants of prophetic lores
Talk of our grimy ways
We prostrate and the dawns rise forth
Our heated humours fanned sanguine
By glad tidings in the wind.
Our persons sullied in the scheme
Of days
Now purged sicklier odours
Once rouched by comparison
Of a messenger divine
Your scornful messages
Do not register wrath

In Memorium

(For the Displaced Peoples of the World)
Ants on dung
Petals in rain
My garden
Wings in the sun
My garden
Fragrant feet
A musical twilight
All my garden
Free, jostling weeds
Storms, rot and spring
My resilient garden
Modest a season
Flamboyant next
My garden
Until monsters arrive, green
My garden
A million lives
Undisclosed, uncelebrated
Each glorious each alive

Not wet red earth
Between my finger nails
My land bleeding
These winters

Dawn to Dusk – I

At dawn and dusk as a dream life starts and sleeps;
But no two days are the same in everyone’s life!
When we think about it later all happens like a dream;
But nothing can distract the dawn of the Sun here
Even if many command to arrest it with loud shouts!

Like the Sun and waves of ocean many things of Nature
Do their dharmic duties to maintain order and beauty
And stand as wonderful living example for all to follow
And stands stead fast in the life of the world forever!
There is no deviation in the duty of the Sun and does well!

So, Sun is a special Star among many stars in the Universe!
But the story of man with power in his hands is different!
Today like Hamlet many men are unable to decide whether
To do or not to do duty in the corrupt society of the world!
So, nobody does any duty either for social welfare or honour!

Corruption has become part of human culture in everyday life,
Contrary to one’s natural duty in accordance with evolution
That forbids his access to peace, joy and satisfaction in life
And affects his natural share of name, fame, wealth and glory;
So, problems are unsolved, prosperity and progress are impeded!

See Nature! Sun, trees, cow and birds do their duties in harmony!
Without Sunrise there is no heat, light and life on this planet!
Without tree’s growth there is no shelter, fruit, flower and rain!
Without cow’s milk man’s diet will be deficient and incomplete!
Without the fly of birds there is no hope of music, joy and freedom!

These Nature’s children are great due to selflessness and dutiful nature;
Nature, arts, religion and culture have become nothing now as
Science and power politics have become everything for man here!
Science, supposed to be ruling, is sub serving power politics; and man,
Who was under the control of Nature, is controlling Nature for bad!

Dawn to Dusk – II

So, what is wrong with the society, what’s wrong where and why?
Perhaps all kinds of isms, lock, stock and barrel are affecting the system
And social justice and security are in jeopardy everywhere in the world!
That’s why people are in predicament, predilection and procrastination;
Indecision to do or not do duty from dawn to dusk makes man a Hamlet!

So, how long can this kind of thing go on and what’s the solution for it?
Realisation should dawn upon everyone that all are part of humanity
Like various organs of human body doing various jobs in unity!
Foreign ideals might have destroyed culture but not captured country;
Western and Eastern cultures developed men to embrace world culture.

Confluence of cultures encourage peace, friendship and coexistence
Though legacy of colonial powers has both bad and good effect;
So are economic inequality, social disparities and cultural deterioration!
Though political parties highlight social justice or security never solve it
But just pull on the days keeping the people with expectation in suspense!

Food, clothing, shelter, education and job for all are social justice!
How these are to be provided to a populous country is a big dream!
By quality education and job training only social security can be done;
For that reform in education, judiciary and administration are the needs
Based on the national philosophy and culture that withstood all ravages!

Then dharmic duty of all would be existence, knowledge, bliss and absolute
And dharmic social duty would be based on the nature of the individuals
To play their parts through science, arts, philosophy and governance!
Then no one will think like Hamlet from dawn to dusk and waste time!
And everyone will be functioning like the Sun, trees, cow and birds do!


Leaders living behind flattery walls of ‘yes’ men
Thinking that there is none to match their acumen

Champions of democracy and common man
Who never care to find out about public opinion

Sincere scientists deeply sub merged in research
Who think everything is justified in research

Strong advocates of technological upgradation
Who are oblivious of ecological degradation.

Believers who staunchly defend their own faith
But do not at all tolerate or respect others’ faith

People’s representatives and their Bureaucracy
Who think they are not answerable to judiciary

Heads of States assuming in their national pride
Their unique right to discipline the entire world

And people working hard for their own empires
Thinking that in life money alone matters

Caring not for the human society or virtues
Are all Extremists spoiling this world’s grace.

Hell’s Depth

In tempestuous morning in the early June
when sun is sometimes less in its bloom
before the monsoon flowers in bud
when dreams start dreaming of
A storm that rage inside the home.

A always crowded happening house became haunting
as if the spirit of devils lead the fighting
the irresistible desires of Hell’s Depth
won inviting after battled heights up.

A fake pleasurable fact to brain was induced
found adrifting to face the world indeed
there are no short-cuts or super speed
the Natural mind lighting power what you need