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Race of Life

a poem by

Face bruised, half covered in sand, legs hurting, breathing heavy, on the verge of giving up…
“Don’t you give up you quitter or you’ll not succeed” A voice past the finish line yelled.

Picks up again, sees people starting much later and going past him with ease…
wondered what is wrong with him.

“This happens with everybody in the beginning.
You’re not a total idiot you’re just a little duller, a late bloomer”

He started running again despite all the suffering,
ran a few steps tripped over,
fell flat with face hitting the rugged road,
started running again, tripped after few steps,
pushed himself to get up and started again,
fell down,
It’s as if his feet are tied together and
can’t stretch much further and tripping him everytime he tries to run.

“Stop giving reasons to justify your incompetence”
Despised at the word, picked up all his courage started again,
fell down, feet feeling the pain of a sheet being ripped apart.

“Stop making up stuff.
I know you’re faking it…
Keep running that’s the only way to succeed” said the voice with a sense of certainty.

This time it was not just his body but also his morale started to bruise every time he fell,
after few more rises and falls he’s all in
but resisted to give up despised at the thought of being called called a quitter.
He tried again and again, and again only to torture himself even more.
As his iron clad will perished and last morsel of self esteem succumbed to the agony,
finally gave up and bowed down head for the first time
to discover that he has not limbs but fins.

On one table- Incommunicado!

a poem by

Together, on one table,
But not so together.
Stooped forward,
Plugged into a surreal world,
Distant from reality.
Another like
Another comment
#140 characters, some zest of emoticons and SENT!
+1 Friend request accepted.
Whoa! A thousand ‘virtual’ pals to ostentate,
Do you know any of them? Sorry! Hard to elucidate.
Look, we are on one table together
Though not so together.
I am lost…
Deep and deeper than ever,
Somewhere in the recesses of my black 5 inch HD screen
With our smartphones getting smart, smarter and smarter-er
I see our memories of being together getting faint, fainter and fainter-er
Somehow, I fail to remember
The last time we held hands
Or the time when you clasped me tight in your arms
I fail to remember the last time we sat together and actually LOL-ed
Or the time when I said something and you gave your approving nod.
But, I remember the day you first texted me a “Hi!”
And the day you posted a picture of you eating an apple pie
I remember the day I posted a comment
And you were the first one to reply back with a long statement
I also remember the day you sent me a heart emoji
And I was upset it was yellow and not red
I remember the day we became friends on FB
And my heart wasn’t for a moment steady!
I’ve been typing this long long message for all that long
And I find it all entirely wrong
Because we’ve been sitting on the same table for an hour or more
Without a word to say it all.

Feasting on Pain

a poem by

Feasting on Pain (to the victims of terror in recent times)
They are shedding tears, but I won’t write to wipe them.
They lost loved ones, but I won’t write to sympathize with them.
They are intimidated, but I won’t write to warm them.
They are petrified, but I won’t write to calm them.

Countless lives are washed away under bullet sheets.
They pulled triggers and terrorized us indeed.
Irrevocable wounds are buried under this smoke unknown,
While we raised our voices for ourselves alone

Outrageously the families are torn apart,
While a child questions,” Don’t you have a heart?”
The world also cries when the flag of inhumanity flies,
When the euphony and peace of the world dies.

Death parcels fall like gifts from the skies.
The rush of terror in everybody’s eyes,
Blood falls like water belittled so soon,
The smile in the morning is a marred face by noon.

This isn’t a movie which you can rewind.
An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.
“We rummaged their lives!” they say with boast
But feasting on pain is what pleasures them the most.

They are shedding tears, but I won’t write to wipe them.
Let the tears be our strength and I will write to fight them.
They lost their loved ones, but I won’t write to sympathize with them.
Let the pain be always in your eyes and I will write to incise them.

Agony of a tale

a poem by

A tale which bleeds from the masses
To make the deaf hear,
Isn’t making the deaf heard but
Clotting their ears.

Louder voices raised and mass protests
Agonious and achy voices theirs,
Yes, harder it is to make
The pretended to awake.

Red, red, red are their shirts
No, no! It’s not Holi.
Houses are (tiger) corridors now
Yes! It’s judgement folly.

Hoarse whispering of colleagues,
No, no! Not colleagues (of office)
Entrenched demurrers on the streets,
They bleed to flow a tale without fatigue.

Darker his days amidst aristocrats,
Nature complies, state conspires,
“Renewed History”, he can’t comply.
Who says, “Night is darker”?

Dissenting is his birthright,
Nothing to fear, men!
Nature assured we have nothing
But to loose our chain.

Let’s  ask a nude tree
How she feels in winter,
Leafless or lifeless she is?
We don’t care…

In this new year 2008

a poem by

Let races for money get subdued
And races for righteousness commence.

Let the greediness cyclone disappear
And flowers of contentment blossom.

Let games of senses get controlled
And concern for others sprout.

May that humanism and love
Cool the boiling heads of volcanoes

May that quiet the Tsunami
And calm down the Earthquakes

May that reduce ruthless crimes
And prevent tragic accidents

May that prevent violent terrorism
Eco and culture damaging modernism

May that make mother Earth smile
And keep its fails in happy smiles.


For my country

a poem by

Good quality primary education at villages
High quality secondary education at all blocks
With free hostel facilities for villagers,
Wide roads for cities, towns and highways
Neater roads connecting villages and towns,
Irrigation facilities with drainage channels
Pilferage and damage free storage facilities
Safe drinking water for all Indian citizens
Effective health care for weaker sections
Service minded politicians and public servants
Cure for deep rooted corruption cancer
Death to Hero-worship and Power Center
End to violence and divisive caste system
Thinner Defence and hefty development budgets
More and more power at villages level
Poverty removing higher wages for the unskilled
A disparity narrowing profit sharing culture
Technological and agricultural inputs
That do not spoil the ecology of this Earth
Economic development that doesn’t destroy
Close family ties, social peace
Moral and spiritual values of life
That give an inexplicable reason to live
And lead to Self-refinement aimed aspirations-
Are things that I want for my dear country.


a poem by

Grew she, like a climber
To reach the top
And emanate her fragrance
In the spacious firmament of glory
But the scissors of rules
Cut her growing length
And the chill of ethics crushed her buds,
Her natural growth was hampered
She was turned into a Bonsai
Kept in a corner of house
For decoration,
Instead of fresh dew-drops
On her drooped leaves gather, only tears!

The part of the world we live – I

a poem by

The part of the world we live is known as our nation;
Its natural features beautiful and great give us pride!
Our pride does not mean to create enmity to others;
Best things should be appreciated wherever they are.

Pyramids of Egypt, Great Wall of China, Taj Mahal of India
The great wonders of the world everyone appreciates always!
But rich and poor, religious and modern nations divide unity;
Differences of all kinds keep the world in uneasy chaos today!

Freedom and rights are symbol of democracy in the world;
Education to know everything and use them is a necessity;
Religion, politics and science influence the world in all;
But education without culture misleads the world today!

Human power can be harnessed only by democracy
That can develop nation and create one world soon!
That is the first aim and end of mankind in the world;
For that right knowledge and right use are indispensable!

Like Space visions of poetry broadens the mind of man;
Like Sky the dream of history influences heroes of mankind;
Like the Universe the spirit of religion inspires the soul of man;
But by Time only Space can be spanned to win over Space-Time!

Materially West has reached out to the East for world unity;
Philosophically East has analysed that truth lies in spirit only;
Intuitionally the secret of life can be meditated for salvation;
But only by spiritual mysticism eternal bliss can be realised!

The part of the world we live – II

a poem by

Democratisation of nations is a good sign in the right direction;
But the end of Cold War has empowered USA as World’s Police,
That still maintains balance of power to win future wars using
New weapons without aiming for moratorium of Nuclear Weapons!

UNO established for peace and security should work for world unity;
European Union should expand to East Europe, Russia and then Asia;
And Africa and America should align with Eurasia to form One World!
For, the dream of European, African, Asian and American Unions is so!

By air, sea, land continents are connected for communication and trade;
Only heart is needed for love, friendship, cooperation and world unity!
Handing over all weapons to UNO all nations can aspire for one world
With one language, currency, common laws and defense for prosperity!

Patriotism should not end in nationalism but extend to internationalism;
By developing international culture through friendship it is possible.
Social thinking should precede economic thought in the world today;
That is the way human culture can govern the modern world of man.

Economic and scientific activities have made man into a money machine;
Even politics has become a big business for making black money only!
So, the world has become a gambling hall to play games to win wealth
That threatens unsustainable sincere men to succumb to unsteady state!

Nazism and communism were ugly but fundamentalism and terrorism uglier!
Now good, bad and ugly shake the modern world with earthquake intensity!
Then social thinking branded man as a social animal in the world of business;
Now humanisation of man has become a big problem in the modern world!

The part of the world we live – III

a poem by

Material needs of man have overshadowed human needs in pursuit of technology;
Material facilities have increased physical comforts but without human satisfaction!
Immersed in physical comforts man has forgotten his real Self, spirit, soul or I!
Man lives according to his mask, image perfecting himself in the art of hypocrisy!

Man lives a false life forgetting himself of what his real life is in the world!
Man believes and loves false prestige as a slave and lives a mad life ever!
They serve for power, pleasure, comforts instead of goodness, beauty, truth;
Life of temporary value has conveniently made man forget life of real value!

Power, wealth, knowledge are inadequate unless harnessed for beauty, truth, love;
Know the right end of life to try to achieve perfection in all walks of life; and
Then only civilisation will be sane, meaningful and great in the modern world;
So, human culture should be the foundation of real civilisation to live satisfying life!

Human culture is the love of, the study of and the pursuit of harmonious perfection;
Love of world religion, literature, art, music and Nature are part of human culture;
For, human spirit is immortal in the good and great works of art and literature
That inspires human mind to aspire for excellence in all human endeavours in life!

By creation of awareness noble pursuits of human greatness can stop present madness;
By protecting the Earth preservation of Nature can help realise divine spirit all around;
By safeguarding the part of the world man can realise the whole truth and become one with;
By the creation of One World, preservation of Nature human soul can realise Ultimate reality.

Realisation of Whole Truth is as valuable as Great Work of Art or the supreme beauty of Nature!
For, the wonder of the whole truth will lead us to enjoy ever lasting divine bliss in the Universe!
Wonder of the Universe lies in the interdependence of everything inextricable and indestructible!
The critical ability to view all parts helps man to realise the whole truth in all his noble pursuits!

Mind on Lease

a poem by

Person reverently saying Mr.X, Mr.X very often
Is a nobody since he is somebody else’s person.
He may be a great scholar and a good speech maker
But his mind and thoughts are out of his empire.

Mr.X has effectively occupied his entire mind
Muffling and silencing his inner voices’ sound.
Even if he tries, this way or that way he can’t bend.

Alas, His outward physical body alone is his own
His mind has been stealthily taken on lease
By someone or some Ism cleverer and shrewder.

An illiterate brother who is unaware of Mr.X. or Mr.Y
Is cleaner, pure, more honest and respectable indeed
For his mind and thoughts are exclusively his own.

If some one quotes Mr.X, Mr.Y etc; again and again
It may be to impress others with his scholarship
Or it may be that he doesn’t have his own thoughts.

One must be keen and open to all types of thoughts
But must process and discriminate such thoughts
To have one’s own thoughts, aims and principles.

Quoted thoughts may be good for beautiful speeches
But verily One’s own thought is what really matters.


a poem by

My right eye was so much alright
That I didn’t know my left one’s plight.
Taking stock of the eye’s serious position
Doctors advised me an urgent operation.
But for the doctors’ timely intervention
My eye could have worsened in condition
And missed the chance of an easy correction.

Their Phaco-needle insertion technology
Made my eye operation extremely easy.
Surgery was done within ten minutes
No pain, no blood, no waiting or bed rest,
Bandage was removed on the next day itself.
Phaco-nit is a good blessing to mankind.

On the third day my operated eye was clear
Everything became sparklingly brighter
What I saw was a brand new world.
Then I suddenly and painfully realized
That I had been for long half blind
Accepting a world that was mist covered.
Let every one check-up and take care
Let none assume that the world is hazy;
God’s world is very bright and colourful really.

Dignity of Motherland

a poem by

An international organization has observed
That India is forty seventh out of Two hundred.
We may rejoice that we are far ahead
If India is forty seventh in ecological superiority,
In literacy, internal peace and religious amity,
In preservation of wild life, in new inventions,
In lower crime rate and in fewer road accidents.

India is ranked forty seventh in corruption.
Should Indians be proud of this position?
Giving bribe may facilitate matters
Accepting bribe may make one richer.
But do those who give bribe and accept bribe
Are happy about this unhappy world ranking?
Oh, God let them think of their motherland
And uphold the dignity of Mother India.

Faith and Beliefs and Reflections

a poem by

The story of success and ways
The hurdle and the efforts
Every deed counts
The efforts and moves
The hurdles and the mountain
The little drops and ocean
The experience of time travel
Dawn and dusk
The flower amidst the thorns
The hope of rays and sunlight
The waves pass on and the memories
The flower so fresh with colour
The greens so new and the rain drops

The man looks back histories
The new wind and the new clouds
The life on earth the biosphere
The colours of spectrum so true

The biosphere so rich with more life
Come alive. Oh! flower
The moon in silence. Come again
Matters of reality illustrating facts
The different waves and different facts
So true. May time help with more truths

Relief! Relax! After success
Ever the goal the same
Leading role of the victory
Ever for success of rely on

Celebration of success. True
Exhibiting the success story
Uncounted the efforts behind
Is failure due to mistake

History repeats. Rather a success story
The new victory and new efforts
All to win, and born on earth
The victory and the experience so hard

The efforts to improve the world around
A total success as well the goal
The road to success paved for every one
To learn every day the fads

What is true success
To realize the facts and you
What is true success and facts
Is the world made of deeds and matter of reality