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Invite Him…

When the life is dull and lack of light
And the days aren’t clear and bright;
When times make you down and weak
And all that you do turns bleak;
When your world falls apart
And there’s no bliss in the heart;
When the life seems so empty
And certain things make you flee;
Why can’t you just take time to sit and pray
Before the break of the dawn of the day;
Allow the Lord to send off the demon
And to give you strength to carry on;
Invite Him into your heart today
He would clear of all your dismay;
He is always within your grasp
Longing and waiting for you to clasp.

Warrant for Life

We buy things with a guarantee
And ask for a warranty;
My car and friend’s PC got it
And there is no need to fret.

But is there a warranty for life?
And is there life without a strife?
No, never! Why not turn to God?
He clears the way that is odd.

Then He stays in us in each lonely hour
To etch our lives with beautiful colour;
And cling on to His mighty power
To quench the thirst in His shower.

He sets the life to be bland
To fetch you all and make you glad;
He shatters the fears and tears
To entrench you from all rough gears.

Religious Poet!

I know you are my close friend.
You can ask: sit down and stand.
You can take all from a pocket
You know what’s pocket of poet.

But sorry my friend, not to-day
Ask me what I did in last days.
I sinned against my conscience
I can’t forgive me this action.

No beating bush; no, no more push
No death knell yet I am in hell
I breathe, heave, I walk and talk.
Sinned my soul, what must I talk?

No no, I haven’t slapped any body;
I’m poet, didn’t write any poetry.


I feel my self always delicate
To express in harsh terms
Not only to the close friends
But also to other beings

Some say it as my weakness
Others term it as inefficiency
Whatever the position is
I continue my stance

Harsh words hurt the hearts
And try to spoil the amicability forever
Once hurt the heart always
Behaves similarly in any situation as injured specimen

Harshness some times pay dividends
And may yield desired results too
But once for all when the air turns hostile
It never misses an opportunity to dictate righteousness

Violence and blood shed are sure to injure pigeons
Who irrespective of time strives hard to eschew animosity
Let us respect pigeons as ambassadors of peace and tranquility
And pray the ALMIGHTY To bless them with needed strength

The Prayer Garland

Prayer is harmony, integration
Fusion of thoughts, words and deeds
A seamless garment woven of all three.

Standing before the Lord, in my open arms
I hold all mankind’s brothers and sisters
Every living creature of earth, sea and sky.

In my heart’s hearth prayers’ candles
Thaw, break and melt cold, benumbing ice of
Hatred, divisions, pains and distrust.

Prayer unlocks the door to your brother’s heart
You feel his hearthrobs, sense his yearnings,
He prays best who feels with humanity best.

Worship is a freshly woven garland for the Lord
Gathering all living, beating hearts into one
On the sweet scented thread of brotherhood.

The Lord’s Bride

She’s God’s bride and wears his wedding ring
There’s a spring to her steps and a glow to her face
Her ministering, hastening footsteps bless the earth
And brother wind gently strokes her cheeks.

She’s wedded to the Lord and is entirely his
There’s an invisible cloak-like aura around her
It glows like moonlight on still waters
And virgin snow on lap of meadow grass.

She’s a single fully bloomed garden rose
On whose petals all bees may alight
A married damsel is a bunch of cut flowers
Intricately woven into a wedding garland.

Mountain streams rush to merge in the sea
But still lake waters sustain life all around
Her heart is an inviting wide open cave
With no doors to shut behind you to enslave.


“In the object you worship
Find your own divinity revealed”
Taken from the Upanishad
A magic mantra this
On which I meditated deep
Let its meaning seep
Into me, in every pore
Deep to the core.
Did it make any difference?
In the morning today
As I stood before the deity
Pouring out my heart prayful,
A miracle came to happen:
I sighted Krishna in the idol
Wink at me as if in person
He knew me for so long
And in that flash of a moment
I found myself transformed
Into a Radha by his side.

Krishna Speaks

“Even a mere blade of grass
offered to me with full devotion
would endear my devotee to me”,
said Krishna.
But what would I do when
scarce is even a blade of grass
worth its name,
anywhere around the ice field
midst glaciers and moraines,
camping as I do here
high up in the snows of mountains?
“Then, simply offer in my name
a chunk of ice plucked from the glacier
or handful of water drawn from its melt
or a pebble or two picked from the
heaps of moraines,
just that”,
I hear Krishna himself read to me
from postscript of Gita.

The Perennial Philosophy

When the clouds are gathering in the sky,
And with fully spread wings the peacocks are dancing,
The rain is sure to come.

When the glorious morning Sun is coming up,
And the gentle breeze is moving the leaves of the trees,
People begin their work in a pleasant manner.

While the cool river is going through the serene land,
And the sky high towering temple is shining like gold,
Radha and Krishna dance in the Brindhawan garden.

Where the green leaves of the trees are shading the banks of the river,
And the beautiful birds are singing sweetly over the trees,
There the miseries of the men melt away in the melody of the Divine.

As the haunting melodies of the Divine Lord keep
The cows, shepherds and the maids in spell bound serenity,
The dappled dusk draws the day to a close.

Like the crystal clear water flowing in cascades,
The moving musical notes flow from the divine flute of the Lord,
And the dames dance around the Lord in their dreams!

In endless merry go round, the group dance of the dames go on.
Like the planets revolving round the Sun,
Like the Stars twinkling around the Moon in the Universe!

To overcome the big ocean of life in a easy way,
The Lord has come to the world from the ocean of Cosmic energy
To wake up men from the illusion of life and show them the way out.

Brindhawan is the beautiful place the Lord has chosen to preach
The perennial philosophy of Non-Attachment to overcome all woes
For all the men to follow faithfully on the path of Dharma.

Putting on Religion

I feel Catholic coming on putting on my hat
I feel Muslim coming on putting on my dress
I feel Baptist coming on putting on my pants
I feel Methodist coming on putting on my socks

I feel Pentecostal coming on putting on shoes
I feel Mormon coming on putting on my belt
I feel Jehovah Witness coming on putting on slip
I feel my Metaphysics coming on putting on shirt
I feel Christian Science coming on putting on earrings

No it does not matter
What religion I pick what is sadder
Is that none of them can guarantee
That they will get me to thee

I feel my Jesus coming on I am pulling off this dirt

I hear you lord, yes I do
I ain’t got to put on nothing for you
For when I wake up in the morning I am ready
I can pray and have it answered
Before my heart is steady

I can sing real loud and praise your name
And I don’t need to pick a religion
To be in your game
I am so tired lord of the churches that fail me
I am so dissatisfied with all the crap
That life peddles free

I cannot eat lord for weary I began
When I picked a religion
And found it not in your plan
I don’t know just why I continue as I do
But lord I have learned
To put my trust just in you

If it were anyone other then you
Lord I would not hear
But you leave me protected
Even when I am in fear
I cannot express the comfort you give
But I am wrapped up
In the lovely thought that you let me live

So as religion is like
The clothes we may wear my friend
Put on the lord and be much more secure in
The End


Religion synonymous to Dharam
Pampers you for sure, but no Karam
Thinks he has devised game theory
But I don’t know if ever he heard a Lori
Hey religion synonymous to dharam
Life is short, death is sure
Let’s join hands and
Make it pure
You are an apple pie
I like you… you don’t have to lie
I saw ‘Die Another Day’.
Come on let’s play!
Come on Dharampaji!

Artwork Drag Secular

Why should?
We not build a temple.
Why we should not a mosque?
Why should we not build a church?
Why we should not a synagogue?
Why should we not build a monastery?
Where the Buddhists offer prayers?
Why should we not build our heritage?
Architecture “God is not fictitious” reminders-
Different acts in one showpiece on our earth hemisphere.


Dedicated to Easter 2004

Wealth, Waste and Worries
are never enough for anyone
– a man, a family or a nation-
as together they grow by interest
compounded, not by any destiny.
All the rest – the Incarnation,
the Passion, the Resurrection-
are but rituals devoid of meaning
or mystery in real life – realty.
O Thanks! Remi possesses not even time.

Signs of Life

Down, he says

Believe in
Staying power

Properly while

Nurturing it and remember


So I ask what
Seas for


The End

Non-violent Hindu Suspect

Kumbh Chaos
has been
the cunning master plan
of the supporters
of “Ignorance is bliss.”
This had to happen
to scare the people away
from further participation;
exactly the bottom line
of the burning jealous
active groups
unable to get their own
under a single umbrella.
That the Hindus
gathered in peace
throughout history in
honest pious feelings
is a cause
for their concern.
Because groups observe
the deep rooted foundation
that promote
“Ahimsa param dharam”
and cannot hit hard
to sell their violent weapons.
Sounds gibberish?
Not with a bit of deep thought.
Hindus have no permission or provisions
“for Crusades or Jihad’s”
and may unaware land into, wrath of others.
A pity how peace falls
prey to narrow minded onslaughts.
This had to come,
will come but the tenacious
all tolerant Hindus
will still remain stubbornly tolerant.
Some do underestimate
the mass as fools
but the very idea of mass appeal
of non violence from Mahatma Gandhi
should be taken into consideration
by foolish chaos makers.
Again and again the terror and violent plans are bound to be flops.
Hindus are to stay with their immortal unity in diversity and tolerance.
It is a pity that countries like Sri Lanka, India, Nepal
provoke violent invasions (past more physical and present psychological)of the greedy
who underestimate, always the art and style
of simple living by choice of the mass as poverty and compulsion.
However I do not intend to say that the distribution system is in the pink of health
even though there is a good systematic production.

There is no place of violence in Hinduism.
Who are these ‘Poonga Pundits’ that create chaos
and are hell bent to implant doubts into the mind of the world?