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Let me pray

a poem by

My heart is full and overflows, soon I hear you coming.
Heart beats faster and faster, soon I see your holy feet.
Oh! Mother of universe how do I express my happiness?
By oblation of my tear drops let me worship your grace.
Let me flow my heart and thoughts in reverence.
My wish is to fall at your feet and merge in sanctity.
My prayer is to become a thought in your thoughts.
I love to be a little child under your care for ever.
I wish if I could be a pride of your hopes and dreams.
O! Mother just make me a flower for your worship.
Let me be a drop of water on your lotus feet.
Let me be a wick burning ‘n’ yearning for liberation.
Let my mind burn as incense spreading fragrance.
Let me burn myself as camphor leaving, but a glow.
I wish if I could be a chant on your holy lips.
Make me be a song in praise of your magnanimity.
One day, let me merge in your nameless, formless glow.
Let me remain in that silence of your silence.

A Prayer to AMMA

a poem by

Mother, May Thy Moon-like face
Ever dazzle in the lake of my mind.
Through and through the days of life
Spent in sorrows and innocent joys.

As I totter
Through all falls and stumbles
I know not Mother
Thou art the helping Hand.

Moments of separation
Cause grief untold.
Yet, May I never forget
You are ever my own.

Through the sparkling moments
Of destiny and its nightmares,
Mother, May I never forget
You are ever with me.

Mother, I am Thy rising Sun,
Though covered by the dark clouds of Ignorance.
Shattering the darkness with the winds of Thy grace,
May I ever shine in Thy Infinite Firmament.

Oh God, Your Wish!

a poem by

To my mother

Clinging to life, I
Drowned in sorrow too
Sharing shattered dreams
Of so close a one
Oh God, is this too your wish?

Harping on dreams, I
Lifted in spirit too
Haggling with nature
To so be kinder still
Oh God, is this too your wish?

Feeling so numb, I
Weak in strength too
Pleading with mankind
To be a little humane
Oh God, is this too your wish?

Toiling alone, I
Bereft of friendship too
Begging for freedom
For souls like mine be
Oh God, is this too your wish?

In deed I have not failed once the least
In duty I have not compromised true
In caring I have not low thoughts entertained
Then why Oh God why do you test me so?
Is this too your wish?

“I cling to hopes, dreams and prayers for all in sincerity”

Help me not to fret

a poem by

For every lesson I’ve had to take
A thorough preparation I would make;
Yet I leave the class with burning heart
Thinking that I didn’t make a start.

For every lesson I’ve had to climb
With all the sweat and grime;
I teach with all strength and pain
But all my hopes lie in vain.

I get all the headaches and the tears
As I spend gloomy days and fruitless years;
I pray Heaven to teach me know
How can I help my pupils grow?

I do the most things to keep the class alive
In order to stimulate them, I strive;
Many are the obstacles I get
To God I pray, help me not to fret.

My Prayer to Thee O Lord

a poem by

Lend your ear O Lord! My prayer to Thee,
For give me as from good deeds I did flee;
Now I’m forsaken to enjoy the heavenly glee,
As never I kept O Lord Your decree.

Before Your sanctuary let my knee bend,
For most of my time in vain I did spend;
With Your grace my way I shall mend,
No more I like to move round and pretend.

Make my heart Your dwelling place,
That no more shall I’ve evil race;
And for Your glory anything I’ll face,
Never more I offend You and bring disgrace.

My Lord, make a right start,
Mend and mould my mind, make me smart;
Never shall I, then, Your ways depart,
I can’t stand anymore from being apart.

I Pray…

a poem by

Lord, Satan makes my life bleed
Grant me strength and grace I need;
He’s trying his best to change my mind
And searching all the ways to find.

I pray to you the merciful Lord
Protect me before he pierces my soul with sword;
Give me strength Oh God, I pray
And enkindle me to escape from the devil’s way.

He seems strong and I’m weak
So, Your weapon I do seek;
The devil’s way I shan’t go;
Grant me courage to tell him “No.”

I don’t wish to fall in his trap any day
Even though he pulls me almost everyday;
Help me perform all I should
And I pray, grant the grace for my good.

Your waiting is true

a poem by

I pray to You but You’d never reply
I’m Your child, I need to know why;
I ask You, claiming Your Word
My cry, haven’t You heard?

Why do You ask me to wait
For all that I ask of late?
You promised for all those who believe
But so far nothing I did receive.

So, Lord I start grumbling
As my thoughts begin jumbling;
I still believe You’re not gambling
But why do You keep me waiting?

Sorry, Lord, for all that I asked of You
Now I know, Your waiting is true;
Though I ask, You give me only when I need
As a mother of child who knows when to feed.

Beyond the horizon

a poem by

Exist beyond any outline of the sky
Without any form infinite, You.
Making horizons, creating every form
Infinite forms you do fool human mind.

Kindling the thinking and binding the mind in time
Expanding space you, beyond any space
Rhythm of your pulse is breath of our pulsing
Moving you, movement, relativity

Golden fire booming from your heart beating
Blooming and sowing as waving of you
I, one ray one quanta tuned in your rhyming
Dancing in frequency of your song.

Going on, as ray and flaming a family
Loving and living we all in a joy
Relative time and space, honey, the humanly love
All we enjoy as humanly being.

(The Original is written in Malayalam by Maharshi Krishnakumar
and translated to English by Ajayaraj)

Storms of Life

a poem by

My journey was on a tranquil sea
Going smoothly and no trouble I could see;
All was peaceful and calm
I knew not any storm or qualm.

The clouds of doubt began to form
The sky grew dark and came storm;
The wind did stir and blow
Then I felt my anguish grow.

I then cried to the Almighty God
And conveyed Him my ship is storm-tossed;
He said, “Don’t be afraid and be still.”
And I learnt the raging sea obeys His Will.

Now I know, no harm will touch me
And I can continue in a tranquil sea;
Now, why should I fear the storms of life?
As the Master of the sea takes away my strife.

Fill with Grace

a poem by

Lord, good I’ve forsaken,
Sinking in sin heart was shaken;
Leaving in the air the heart’s mirth,
Clinging to the things of the earth.

Refused Your every invitation,
Outwitting the Heavenly splendour;
Never quitting the evil sander,
Always living in desperation.

This is the state of my life struggle,
Invoke You to pull me out of evil puddle;
Not to end my life in the middle,
Making myself with a giggle.

I come to You with repented heart,
Fill me with grace, a new life to start;
Never shall I, the good depart,
Ever shall I make the life surpassed.

Our Prayer You Hear

a poem by

Our prayer You hear,
We stand to you near;
For Your Word we lend the ear,
So shall we never have fear.

Make us cheer and meek
To lead the life Your help we seek;
With mirth and faith we gear,
Making our lives so dear.

With You we feel never oppressed,
For You make no one depressed;
All those who cursed, You blessed,
All the suppressed, You nursed.

Help us keep the love creed,
To sow the peace seed;
As it’s the need of hour,
We invoke blessing, You shower.

To my beloved

a poem by

In the engulfing ocean of Silence
Thoughts swim dreamy, placid.
They calm the senses,
Quell fears and disappear.
External sounds like pebbles,
Create ripples and vanish.
Under the clamorous surface,
In the Soundlessness of my Being,
Your beguiling flute entices me
Beloved Krishna,
I yearn to be Your Radha,
Your Meera, even just Your flute.
Its enchantment bewitches-
Silence transmutes into sheer joy and
The joy is charmed into Silence.
Now, a melody of love it flows in song;
Now, the drunken ecstasy of a dervish,
It reels in a dance.
Then like a flash flood
It bursts through my eyes,
A love crazy river, gushing,
Rushing, hurtling into
The mellifluous Silence
That is YOU, my Beloved.

Please, Lord!

a poem by

Lord, make me walk my eyes closed
And let me talk with the lips closed.
I know you’re no ordinary magician.
This, then, is smallest request posed.

I know you never ask question “Why”
That is my reason I am not at all shy
To ask for things very extraordinary;
None has asked of you this so easily.

I promise you I will never misuse it;
I promise you, shall sparingly use it.
I will walk unto you with eyes open.
I will sing my prayer with lips open.

This I shall use when I am in crowd;
Eyes, lips shut, me in YOU drowned.


a poem by

Oh Lord! I am lost in the living wave of this world,
Oh Merciful! Hold the tide and help me find myself.
Let the light from the source help me find my way
Let the melody of thy music pull me to the path.
Hammering and explanations don’t help me,
But you the Lord of Lords have me as a black sheep,
Oh Lord! With thy grace cleanse me.
You are the beginning and the end of all reality.
Give me an eye to see the glow of the emergence of light,
Coming from the source, which is my destination,
Give me love, that sees no gain, no securities,
Just the fruit of being in thy Lotus Feet.

Life and Death

a poem by

The light that is extinguished vanishes
It shall not go beyond the graves,
For it was never born, nor did it die.
We live in deeds, not in years.
The time trodden by the feet of death,
Can never be imprinted on the sands.
The deeds live there after in memoirs,
So the souls too live in memoirs of life.

Who says souls die? They never die.
They live in the throbs of your heart,
They only re-unite with life.
Death is a media,
To freshen the life that has been lived.
It is a step to a new living,
It is a mortal image of those that live.
For only they die who live,
Bodies die souls live.