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A corrupt politician’s story

a poem by

An over sized coat, a pot belly,
Has no shame but lots of money.
A story from rags to riches, a very humble beginning,
A leader with a massive following.
He charged a commission for his misdeeds
Passing a tender, flouting norms which he could easily supersede.
Soon his wealth and arrogance swelled, from zero to 1 leading 10 zeros
As a leader his morals plummeted down to a zero.
A scam or two did not matter,
All charges against him were ripped to tatters.
A Swiss account, a swanky car, a vacation abroad
He got away with one too many frauds.
Soon his luck ran out,
He was going to jail without any doubt.
The media haunted him, people taunted him
His bulb fused out, his future was dim.
He was behind bars without bail
The rest of his life was spent in jail.
Soon death arrived without a warning
He went to Hell groaning.
God asked ‘O immoral soul, where is the wealth you were given?
Did it help you to go to heaven?’
‘No’ said the wretched soul as he cried loudly
‘I was a fool to think I could get anywhere with my money’.

Clean bowled

a poem by

(On hearing the news
The U.S. military acknowledged Thursday that its two-month drive to crush insurgent
and militia violence in the Iraqi capital had fallen short,
calling the raging bloodshed disheartening and saying
it was rethinking its strategy to rein in gunmen, torturers and bombers.)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Oh! The Traitor!!!
I am repeatedly asserting you
That blaring of gun shots
And blasting of atom bombs
Don’t find a solution to The Ethnic Problems

The solution was not held else where in care free winds
Nor possessed by you in your arms’ wealth today in quantum
And it every where reflects all your insinuating tactic employed
With the sheer aim only to destruct the peaceful environment

Where are you placed now on the world map?
Well beyond the highest mountains?
Or thrown to deep valleys in the oceans of despair
What is the gainful result in summary you earned?

Loss of your prestige if any, and profits of perennial sins you committed all along

What do the traumatic guns spell?
And what do the atomic ammunition quote?
You cannot win the race always with the POWER you enjoy
And administer your authority on any of the serene souls

Mind that the Human Excellency alone for ever rules the roost
And it never allows to keep the peaceful heads to just bow to violent attacks at all
Goodness and care and concern for others welfare will gift you ultimate joy and pleasure
Which never can be measured in terms of currency on list.

Hang them quick!

a poem by

All black heads makes the face so ugly indeed
And tarnish its beautiful image in all its colour and creed
The only way to ease out is to remove it and look afresh
Like wise pig heads do spoil the trace of humans on honourable earth

Genocide or mayhem when at the helm of affairs may look pretty to them
When it comes to the chords of self it definitely looks dirty and act of shame

Unless and until we hail the humanity in all its scores
The devil in us will take all neat breaths and lives long for longer years
Condemn the killing trend once for all and save the blood from unusual sheds
Be human think divine to have a readable place in pages of history–not in shreds

Rolling Stones – I

a poem by

We live in mass without gathering moss as rolling stones do;
We waste days as drifting sand unable to withstand the wind;
But our noble thoughts should not fly away as bits of paper!

Out of jealousy they make good men bad by false propaganda;
If one eye is blind they make both the eyes of others also blind;
If things of desire are not available they spoil them in others too!

Due to their sadness they cannot tolerate happiness of the society!
Neither they do duties to develop themselves nor allow others also!
Not only they spoil self but also smear off shining images of others!

They roll on as stones in the society wasting opportunities available;
No one can dream of multi-storey building without laying foundation!
Also, without complete learning one cannot command others in society!

Make-upping like a leader one cannot become a leader but an ape only!
Growing beard or big moustache one cannot become a sage or soldier!
Without good education one cannot dream of doing great in any job!

Aiming power politics unknowing knowledge of anything is abysmal!
No body wants to move with inhuman creatures in the modern world;
For, a chain of troubles springs up once the Pandora’s Box is opened!

Political rolling stones, heart, mind and soul, stand by their leaders; and
They even kill child, wife, mother and friend just to please their leaders!
Is this the way to show their support to their leaders in this modern world?

Rolling Stones – II

a poem by

Unable to settle in any profession they spoil, destroy all services of society;
Born to do harmful things ever rolling stones function only as Trojan horses!
Antisocial elements, indifferent bureaucrats and criminal politicians are all so!

What good can nexus among such rolling stones do to any country in this world?
What could be the fate of the country if such rolling stones dominate all fields?
What a horrible nightmare they produce even if we think or dream about them!

In the hands of these rolling stones “Live and let live” has turned into “Live and let die!”
In thoughts, words and deeds, they are ever immersed in politics without principles!
From dawn to dusk, heart, mind and soul, everything is only political game to them!

For all activities of world life they refer to politics only as man of one book;
Through the glass of politics only they look at others’ look, walk, talk, work!
For, they view everything politically as they neither use mind nor character.

Even an independent non-political individual they suspect to be some leader!
Even an intellectual talk of a critic they view as a politically motivated opinion!
Even the walk of a person on the platform they paint with political colouration!

They make a mole into a big mountain and roll about like a ball in the public!
They make politics a top most culture by permeating politics in all walks of life!
They do any job only for name sake with their mind always on political moves.

For, the job is a matter of monotony whereas politics is full of fun and big money!
Customers are least cared for and left to litigations whatever be the offices of work!
So, rolling stones have no sense or shame as they have no loss being not responsible!


a poem by

Politics is a contagious disease,
Which fills us with unease
And if even once you cross its crease,
Then you can’t even shout for your release.
Like other diseases it also has fever,
But, its sufferers are becoming fewer and fewer.
Why, why we have made this boon an abusement,
When this so called disease also has a treatment.
We are the once who criticize politics the most,
We are the once who are filling the clean paths with frost,
Then who are we to criticize politics.
Today I pledge to make politics a boon,
Which will be praised everywhere soon,
Which will be praised everywhere soon.


a poem by

No where on earth for reservation they stood
They were hit hard for power at play
They massed up as said for good
They have no work to show and say

Great people do great things
And they are dividing to win
Through the sinful streets of politics
They will be known for low tricks

Sweetheart though your heart and brain were working high
But better you stitch shoe and don’t ask why
Or fulfill your dreams there the nation abroad
Where serving will get you award.

Sacrificed Today

a poem by

The enormous roar
of agitation by young’s
the emotional and anxiety upheaval
on the road.
Reservation for progress
to bonsai a big tree
The lust of power-planners
sacrificed today
by the stroke on genius
a police lathe.
Before a doc’ he was a poet.
Anyhow caught in riots.

Talent or poverty is not the issue
the rest is all true.

Remember Shakespeare

a poem by

Nowadays much ado about nothing politicians talk;
And all is well that ends well people talk;
But as you like it yeah, many ask people to vote!
Romeo and Juliet among them mind their love;
But Anthony and Cleopatra passionately die for their love!

A midsummer nights dream will come true only by good rain;
But the tempest in America and Europe cause havoc due to rain!
The world reels under constant violence, terrorism and wars;
So, mankind longs in vain for peace, love and joy now.
What was impossible is possible says Napoleon
And what is impossible will be possible says he!

Remember, Shakespeare was born and dead on 23rd April!
To him life is such stuff as dreams are made on and rounded with a sleep!
True; what is impossible by ordinary people is possible by talented men;
What is not possible by talented men is possible by a genius;
And what is not possible by a genius is possible only by God!

The political scene of India

a poem by

India is a country of myriad politicians
Never the same as the politicians of other countries.
In all matters politics looms large;
Like a gas everywhere it occupies all.
In the hands of the politicians India reels recklessly.

There was then democracy of the people;
Now there is Dictatorship of money.
They change everything at their will.
Right can be wrong, wrong can be right!
A lie said thousand times can become a truth!

Majority of the people vote for the wrong person.
Then that wrong person is the right leader!
How is it? Not to be criticised.
That is democracy accepted by all.

Philosopher Socrates never cared for money power
Nor he bothered about army of men too;
But he stood firmly for knowledge to the end.
Knowledge was power then;
Money is power now!

Socrates spoke on something;
Politicians speak on nothing.
They make big promises.
Catch votes with money,
But once to power they perform nothing.

Nothing will come out of nothing!
So, something will come out of something only!
Without investment no business can go on.
If something to be done something has to be given.
That is not corruption but it is commission.
To eliminate omission commission is instituted.
That is why hue and cry about commission
Or corruption are avoided and covered.

This country only has produced Ramayana and Mahabharata;
And no Epics worth remembering came thereafter!
Perhaps that is the reason they still rule the minds of all.
A new Epic has to be written to last longer so
In such a way as to replace the previous Epics.
Such an Epic can perhaps change the present day crises
And create a New India of love, liberty, justice,
Peace and prosperity people prefer most today.


a poem by

Freedom is the birth right of man.
He does whatever he thinks, feels and hears.
But lack of discipline puts him in chaos.
He loses now what he hard earned in the past.
The Stars rule him, yet knowledge alone can control him.
Perhaps too much of anything is good for nothing.
May be love at home and tolerance in public is good.
Education to all improves understanding.
The proper distribution of the necessities solves the miseries of men.
The ideologies and the dogmas do no good.
The good-will and the heart make miracles nothing.
The known things are still made known in repetition.
Yet man falls to the gutter to make life better!
Because freedom and right gave him courage!

The world we live in

a poem by

The sky half covered with clouds and half covered with sun shine
Gives shade and light touch to the picture of the world
With trees, people, cars, streets and bridge
And a beauty with life and loveliness never to be forgotten;
This is the beautiful world we all live in!
How sweet, beautiful and wonderful the world is!

Shades of green trees on one side and Industries with Transformers on another side,
In between, on opposite sides, the road reaches
To the beach and the business town;
In this modern world Nature and Science are juxtaposed by Art,
This well planned Indo-French town is full of beautiful buildings;
Tradition and modernity mingled together here with culture and civilisation.

Now, beneath the surface of this beauty breeds only naked brutality
And creeping corruption degenerates the noble ideals of democracy;
Is politics a deadly poison to put people in fathomless perplexity?
Drinking Champagne thinking sure to achieve their soaring ambition,
The ladder of politics they climb to reach the top position
To get the secret Alchemy of Gold against the contention of heart!

Grip of politics injects fanaticism to humans;
Learned people too can’t fail to feel the frenzy mood,
When violence erupts disrupting normal life on the day of bandh!
The leaders and the workers never see what the reason is, and
Knowledge and common sense steam away once the volcano erupts!
The party workers and the bureaucrats are the trouble creators
Eternally, more than all, only to the simple people of the society.

In the West scientifically developed countries bread machine-beast-men!
And in the East politics permeates all walks of life to produce inhuman creatures!
Only in Corruption, Violence and Sex these machine-beast-men make the world one!

Due to these reasons the general destruction is sure to come soon!
Indication: July 1994 Shoemaker Levi 9 bombarded Jupiter for a week!
And no more that Comet can be seen in the Space!
Like a molecule our Earth too floats in the Universe;
If such a cometic accident takes place on our Earth too,
No imprint can remain to speak of Earth’s past existence!
Of its History, Science, Religion, Politics and People!
That is reality! Is that not so?!

Malversation (Hear it from a politician)

a poem by

You must be kidding if you think
I could run away with hardly any idea about
Making a living outside my familiar turf;
For I can’t annoy my bosses,
Or displease my peers and cadre;
It beats me why the public clamor,
Or for that matter, I myself preach on the stage,
About virtues of good public life;
For, in reality, a good life is
Showing to the public only your good side;
And if at all something comes to light by accident
And blew itself out of proportions,
Then it must have been a scandalous matter,
Exactly the one the voting guys
Used to see, practice or succumb to
In broad daylight on every other day
Or deal under shade in most of the nights,
And the thing that they, you and I knew,
Which none are ready to know, existed publicly,
That it was made public for the public to know publicly
And also that most of public are equally scandalous
That too in private in a Republic, that too one like us,
And peculiarly, see, I know no other fairer job,
Other than my public life and that I shall one day
Quit or die publicly and I don’t care a hoot whether
Be it hanging in public or assassinated publicly
And in some meetings it give me nightmares,
That I was dying a peaceful death, quietly in private.

Gujarat’s Agony

a poem by

O darkness and night swallow us
Earth open wide under our feet
And devour us, lightning char us
Power lines collapse and scorch our flesh.

The mobs burn our houses, loot shops
Hunt us down like stray street dogs
Violate women, slice babies in womb in two
We scamper for cover like traumatized rats.

Yesterday’s good neighbours roam today’s streets
Like rabid dogs, eyes steaming, gleaming with hate
They brandish swords and menacing daggers
Their shrill curses spike the air.

Unsure, cornered, we implore the men in khaki
Paid from our taxes to protect us
Eyes shifty, they gaze into a vacuum
With clandestine, coded looks to marauding mobs.

Torched, tortured, slaughtered
We’re thrust back to Mother Earth’s womb
In reports, court files, lawyers’ records
we’re just missing or migrated out of state

O where can we flee, O heavens?
O that we could vaporise into thin air!
Hungry oceans devour us
Sun god, burn us to ashes.

Bad State

a poem by

Boneless back
Useless stride
Spineless stand

Memory fails
Restless eyes

Work suspicious
Each against
One another

Headless state
Stomach pains
Hunger kills.

Follow clues
Of Righteousness’
Ways by via media Consciousness.