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Sometimes I wonder whether it all matters

a poem by

Sometimes I wonder whether it all matters
The efforts, the suffering,
The hopeful eyes;
The prayers, the pleads
All asking for better deals
When all it takes for the privileged few
Is a flick of a finger or the click of a call.
Life is unfair they mercilessly say
Yes, ‘they’ are the ones who have it all
And the ones on the other side just wait and watch
Not all are silent though
Discontent brews through and through
Challenging situations and status quo
Organizing, agitating and questioning the power flow
Being the eternal pessimist that I am
I revert to my earlier question whether it matters at all
Structures and misgivings are so deeply entrenched
Easier it is may be, even mountains to be moved
Beyond social action, revolution, subaltern theories and all such paradigms
Lies a higher emotion which has been furthered by many a wise man
My humble attempt is to repeat it here
Not to copy, ‘plagiarize’ or claim authority mere
It is of love, love for humanity, love for each other
Look beyond social constructions which are but external
Do we recognize it, do we realize it… we are all of the same flesh
Are we willing then to keep aside our egos, our ‘positions?’
And come together by the virtue of our very being.

Free Flowing

a poem by

Walking down a winding mud path
A stone here and a stumble there
A virgin forest beckons me;
Beyond the meandering brook
Away from the city nooks
A people and their untouched forest
Beckons me;
Layers of trees, a rainbow of greens
A dash of butterfly wings
A forest deity, the people and their legends
All entice me;
The wilderness and the ‘Wild’ welcome me–
Unconditional and unreserved
Would my shiny world do the same, I wonder
My own thought mocking me, questioning me.
I trudge along the mud path;
Feeling like an intruder in a pristine world
I cannot give back what I receive, what I take…
Knowing also that I will never belong.
I halt at this thought.
Retrace my steps – back to my high rising world
Leaving with memories and a sense of loss
Loss of something I never had
Loss of something that never will be.
The virgin forest still beckons me
I make do with virtual view now;
Dreaming of another life
Where there would be no boundaries
No guilt of stealth, of intrusion
A life where I could flow like the meandering brook–
Unobstructed and free flowing!

My Teachers

a poem by

Oh! my teachers,
You are the paragons of knowledge and love,
You are the temples of light,
You are the wings to protect me,
From the snares of life.

You are the one I can hold on,
You made me stand,
To show my breeding.

In distress and confusion,
You are a great force,
To turn on.

Teachers, I was your child once,
Can’t I be forever?
My teachers, let me take your footsteps.

Thank You

a poem by

Between the Diwali shine,
In the arms of newly dressed bride,
Rambagh Palace
A couple of hours
With your hospitality
Became a joyful ride.

A journey embossed in our heart
Don’t think it will tear apart
With your tender smile
And your warm hospitality
The elegance and fragrance
Does mark up your beauty.

Thank you “Prarthana”
For all the pain you took for us
We wish you a great future
Which is obviously conspicuous.

The Farmer

a poem by

The dawn is here! I climb the hill;
The earth is young and strangely still;
A tender green is showing where
But yesterday my fields were bare…
I climb and, as I climb, I sing;
The dawn is here, and with it- spring!

My oxen stamp the ground, and they
Seem glad, with me, that soon the day
Will bring new work for us to do!
The light above is clear and blue;
And one great cloud that swirls on high,
Seems sent from earth to kiss the sky.

The dawn is here, I climb the hill;
My oxen too seem to thrill-
To feel the mystery of day.
The sun creeps out, and far away
From man-made law I worship God,
Who made the light, the cloud, the sod;
I worship smilingly, and sing!
The dawn is here, and with it – spring!

The Green Eyed Monster – II

a poem by

Shameful persons do shameful things under the shadow of power always;
Power in the hands of wrong persons lead world only to wars forever;
Even now miseries of men increase in the hands of cruel persons in power;
So, unless the fangs are plucked out snakes go on spewing venom to victims!

The stories of justice by well known authors abound in the Book Markets;
Even Cinema and TV series preach about morality often to the people;
But Vedala goes on climbing the tree and Vikraman has to bring it down
Answering the puzzles continuously to prevent the head from pulvarisation!

The stories of Kings in exile due to the usurpation of power by wicked men
And the recoveries of Kingdoms with the help of good men still go on now!
Jealousy and greediness of men get the blessings of the green eyed monster
To achieve Onida type pride so as to excite envy to their neighbours around!

Jealousy men spoil the good works of sincere and honest men in public;
But envious men imitate the great models of the public cherished by most!
Original classics have got their own lasting values in the world of men;
But, romantics of duplicates may achieve supremacy but not last longer!

Jealousy degrades and destroys but envy increases competition sans quality;
So, it is a duty to identify and avoid the disciples of the green eyed monster;
It is better to close the door before to keep the wolf away than to suffer later;
For, the green eyed monster is the disciple of Satan born to destroy, you know!

The Green Eyed Monster – I

a poem by

O Green eyed Monster! How many dreamers have you destroyed!
I am horrified to know this going through the pages of human hearts!
Only Almighty has to save the good society from further destruction
Designed by the disciples of this monster when it reigns supreme!

According to one’s qualification one should desire what one deserves;
But if the desire transcends qualification all dreams only end in lunacy!
Political support rowdies use to dominate over the poor people sometime
But unfavourable results will certainly send them to jails permanently!

Power users should be careful about their position in public to save face;
Official power bureaucrats use to assert their authority on the people;
Power can be used only within the frame work of the law of the land;
For, misuse of power will make one shamefully lose one’s position soon!

Use of power without the knowledge of authority will make one poor;
A leader with the full support of the people enjoys real power in full;
But a person with knowledge, intelligence and wisdom has true power
And has the capacity to hold any position to accomplish one’s mission.

Complex men seek power to enjoy sadistic pleasure or satisfy their ego;
They indulge in violence, terrorism and wars to force men to sadness;
They enjoy sadistic pleasure at the sight of men in desolation or despair;
And till they end in tragic death they forcefully drag all to untold misery!

Footprints on unknown seashores

a poem by

I have not shaken hands with celebrities on stages
In dazzling razzmatazz of light and sound
Nor have bowed my head to kings seeking accolades for my art
But have met nondescript men in mofussil towns
Whose footprints on unknown sea shores
Shall not be wiped off even by stormy winds-

I have not lined up to garland MPs on their vain trip to their constituency
Never have I been present during demagogues euphoric addresses
But have listened with rapt attention
Symphony of songs sung by shepherds

I have never wasted my inks in praise of emperors
But have showered flowers of admiration on artists
And for the rights of unsung heroes
For ever shall I fight

I Hate You

a poem by

Middle of nowhere
Sitting alone… near no one
Not wanted to be cared
Not wanted to be loved
Not wanted to be anything at all
But still hear prayers rhyming
And still hear bells clinging
And still hear them calling
For their mouth full of
Pride and reputation
Wanting me to know their kingdom of
Unearthly wisdom
I wish they knew its much easy
To be fallen than to be raised and
Consequences of a way thats least travelled


a poem by

Assured by life and riddled in wealth
Your soul is old or young as mine health
I’ve waited this long to be serenaded by a song so fine
For one so far away in his time
To show me just what dwells in one of fun
A mystery they say of some

You left me in an awe-misdirected shot
But left me at the gate I think not
I can reach high are low and still
Your stifled mind with ease I fill
There would be way more then I could show
As I punch out words on these little keys another blow

But lest you forget who I am
I am a woman, mother, aunt and gram
Accustomed to life’s questions of joy
And up to the challenge my nimble boy
So dig down in your roots of old
And produce for me golden words from your soul

And dash on with your life and riddles for neither
Will you become a king’s jester either
For in me you have found a just foe
And for that I do thank you so

As my paper goes thin
I leave you with one foot left in
Eeni meinni minnne moe
Raising the question of which one should go

One who can appreciate a good juggling of the words
One who leaves nothing for the sanctity of birds
One who will still remain your friend
But for now one who’s letter must end

Farewell, my dear sister

a poem by

Farewell, my dear young sister.
To the lap of mother earth, shall you go.
Wolves howl, the wind whispers
On this night cold and cruel,
You were killed, and buried as a bane.

Farewell, my dear naive sister.
Our mother who begot us both,
Those eyes, in which were warmth and love.
Today there is no mercy in them.
Or perhaps, the tears don’t reveal.

Farewell, my dear poor sister.
We, both are of the cursed feminine form
I, being already a burden.
You are sent above, but why?
In guilt shall I perish, if this world allows.

Farewell, my dear dead sister.
As souls we shall meet; I shall
Seek forgiveness for my helplessness
On this night cold and cruel,
You were killed, and buried as a bane.

Insane Highways

a poem by

Shadows lurking in the shades
darkness has so many hues
and within these labrynths
there is light.

The walk through the lanes
is the worth as everyone
pretends, they have been
where no one has been before.

Strangely though everyone
touches the similar base
and that is the link
between the sane side walks
and the insane highways.