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A fallen leaf in a flowing stream
How far and how long, have no answer
It is not moving ahead but being
carried away by the current

It have no control over its pace or
position and it cannot make any change
in its course or destination, just laying
there and being carried away

Few moments back, it was the part of
the canopy where there is no individuality,
name or identity, but it was
part of the green crown

No one grieve for its fall and
no one care for its loss and
no one knew that it is missing
That is the way of their life


In the depth of the night
the time stands still for a moment
Nothing moves, even the
breeze holds its breath

Absolute silence and calm prevails
as if the time is taking a break.
The bragging birds have gone
and the band of crickets have vanished.

This animated suspension lasts
only for a few seconds where there
is no past, present or future
and this infinity moment has no name.

A Dream

The shore was bare like a torn piece of rug thrown in
deafening silence filled over it, covered by a blanket of fog
The sea, frightened, frustrated and surrendered
The waves continued to nudge the shore to help

A pale moon watched, bewildered, up above
The halo deepening the numbness below
Few unknown birds flew around aimlessly
spurting out some gibberish as if mocking the waves

The expanse of the sea defiantly lay there
looking up at the sky as if in surrender and expectation
The foamy waves trying to cover its nakedness in vain
and the moon looked down uninterested
Few stars came out of their hiding to watch the scene below
and looked down in amusement, blinking their eyes

The whole scenario like the last part of a play, enacted
in silence, except the occasional exclamation of the birds
hovering around like a predator waiting for the kill continued

The moon watched the ritual below, without amusement
The spread of the ocean lying, waiting and heaving a sigh
The waves impatiently struggling to wake up the shore
The birds circling above, chuckling in amusement
and the patch of the sand like a carpet laid out for some ritual to begin
like a Scene from a dream…

November Rain

The rhapsody of the fall, all night long,
reminds of an unknown folk tune and
the hissing of the wind, swaying of the
trees, colored the commotion.

The moon who was smiling at the stars
went away with his friends and the sky
became a black blanket over earth like
a carpet of gloom and woes.

The rain roared like a monster and
the trees trembled and bushes shivered.

The bird, without a name, was humming
an old song for the moon, before the rain,
flew away leaving her nest in the branch alone,
to grieve the loss of its friend.

The mild breeze who was roaming around
caressing the leaves quietly vanished
into the stillness of the night.

A lonely tree stood in the dark,
meditating in silence, praying for
the cacophony to end, looking up
in the sky, water dripping over it like tears.

November rain, came without any caution
like a predator jumping upon its prey…

Teachings of Nature

Nature is the best teacher
With teaching latent in it’s every element
Look at budding flowers
They teach you
How to begin with smile
The singing birds
Teaching you to be merry
In whatever the circumstances be
The tall and sturdy trees
Inspiring to stand rock solid
Amidst the storms and tornadoes of life
The stable soil
Encouraging you to withstand
The tyranny of time
The continual rivers
Inspiring you to keep on moving
Surmounting obstacles
The extensive forest
Motivating you to be large-hearted
Accommodating a motley of emotions
The speedy wind
Teaching you to move swiftly
Extirpating stumbling blocks
On our way to the pinnacle
The rigid mountain
Teaching you to aim at
Nothing less than the zenith of excellence
Let’s look at nature
For it can be our best mentor!

Last Offering

… That tree was embedded
In the walls and the ceiling.

That, who subscribed its organs
Several times to the rites
Of a lineage.

Great great grandfather perhaps reared,
And worshiped it, his descent
Relished its shades
And multiplex offering.

The great new sons felled it
For the repairs of the old

Yet the tree was happy
To have merged into the family.

Thoughts of Earth

From millenniums and millenniums back,
I was a molten mass of a grand imagination,
Who had created an egg containing universe.
Time travelled enough to cool down planets.

One day I took birth from the womb of time.
Slowly life ticked and tackled into full bloom.
Seasons arrived in different lively forms.
Flora and fauna tuned and toned the nature.

Every creature made and makes history daily.
They left their DNA on each cell of my body.
Every inch on my body was explored and excavated,
Ploughed, pounded, mined and stampeded.

Dinosaurs implanted their stretch marks on my body.
Now extinct they live in the annals of past wild remoteness.
Humans infested every nook and corner.
Each lived and lives here on me as if on their ownership.

Tamed animals used to their advantage and slaved,
Killed and fed them with cruelty, Plundered, invaded,
And looted, treasure hunted every bit of my bosom.
I was happy to feed my children with ambrosia of my love.

But still I have my infinite treasure trove uncovered.
Those are the invaluable diamonds that I gave birth.
Who will live forever more because they are the salts of the earth
Seize not my treasures from me because they are my mighty hopes.
I am too great to crawl at your feet, rather would get melted again.

Nature is our Future

Nature is a beautiful endowment
It beckons, it’s an enticement
One can find here flora and fauna
It’s full of greenery
It projects a beautiful imagery
Ever visited a park before
Ever spent time ashore
If you haven’t tried to be a part of it
Don’t miss, and try to gain it
Each season has its own beauty
To protect nature is our duty
It is an unending bounty, yet
Many of the species are endangered
It’ high time that it is preserved
Cause exhaustion of resources has no end
Even a little generous planting of a sapling will do
Feeding birds and caring for animals
Let’s start a new Green Trend
Let’s turn over a new leaf
Let’s make an effort to conserve nature at our own end

Be One with Nature

Nature does not take selfies
Nature’s not made up
Nature knows no worries
Nature’s not hurried up…

Nature needs no money
Nature is sweet as honey
Nature is colorblind
Blue is cool and green is fine…

Nature is always high
Nature thrives in the wild
Nature is as wise
Nature is life…

Nature just is
Nature is all that is
Nurture your nature
Be one with nature.

The Green Breeze

The Green Breeze blows gently on the mountains
The cool water comes out of the fountains

The Green Field is covered with fruits and flowers
The farmer waits for the monsoon showers

The rain comes down with shiny droplets
The poet in me wants to write a few couplets

If this isn’t heaven
Where else can it be
When God wants something so shall it be

Champa Valley

O my friends! Come and plunge
into the depths of Champa Valley.
The peaks of the Dhaulador do not gleam
and the glen below seems a gulf.
The Winter is lying in wait
for the welcoming flakes of snow to fall
and we need no sweaters to quell the cold.

The gullies on the slopes are bereft of streams
and the pines in cols do not greet the tourists!
The unstirred leaves and grass are brooding
and the absence of the whooping birds
ring the bell to the end of the Spring.
But See! The upcoming Dhonis are hitting sixes
in the Chaugan sward.

Come to the Chamunda Devi temple.
Shout and hear your echoes from the hills opposite
and the sounds dying away
rattling far amid the lofty ranges.
We have no time to stroll on the salubrious Dalhousie
and have a gaze and be lost in the haze
of the snowy summits or in the roaring rivers.

Meek you are to roam in the sylvan glades
And seek solace for your restless souls.

Volcanic Eruption

Like a fountain volcano erupts out molten lava from
The bowel of the Earth through the mountain nozzles.
The blood like red lava flows out like a river from
The top of the mount down the valley to the plains
Consuming cars, houses, bridges, and cools down!

In the verses about the vagaries of life the words flow
Freely in cascade from the depths of the poet’s heart!
In the prolific critique the evils of the society such as
Corruption, violence and terrorism are exposed to all!
Likewise earth’s pent up feelings burst out in eruptions!

The lava is solidified into rocks, mountains, lands and hills;
Destroying things Nature creates only new things for man
Benefiting and helping his developments in the world life.
Destruction is for creation in Nature unlike man’s ventures
Contrary to Nature’s good, beautiful and wonderful nature!

Volcano erupts like a spiralling fire that rises high and strikes
Ten Commandments on two stone tablets for Moses to carry
Down the Mount Sinai for his masses to live in freedom ever!
Volcanic eruption is like human anger let loose for destruction
With some cause and reason known only after sometime.

The evil anger of man in the world destroys anything for bad
But the noble anger of man destroys anything for good finally!
The anger of man is more dangerous than the anger of Nature.
Sun’s explosion gave birth to beautiful and beneficial Earth
For the creation of animals and plants with man at the helm.

Only the outer cover of Earth with land and seas has cooled;
But the magma of the inner core is still a hot boiling solution
That releases out the overwhelming pressure of fire we see
Like man, animals, whales and dolphins do as sigh of relief!

Uniquely formed out of heat, ash and water of the Earth
Life still remains to be a great mystery yet to be solved!
Bubbles let out of the boiling magma from the ocean bed
Might have evolved into first life form to other species.

Due to gravitational attraction of spin and magma of Earth
All things animate and inanimate are attached to the globe;
But perhaps once the magma cools and the spin stops, there
Will be no more bubbles, species and gravitation to hold them!

So, as long as the volcanic eruption takes place here and there
The earth will actively produce and hold things by gravitation.
This is the greatest mystery of Earth and man in the Universe
That has to be analysed so as to infer the truth behind them!


How lovely and charming, O you butterfly!
Active and carefree you look, as you pass by,
Over the garden there, you hop and hop merrily,
Flapping your colourful and scaly wings briskly.

Nature’s very special creation, I believe, you are,
Creator put all his skill; therefore, what you are.
Patterns of wings numerous, you look glamorous,
Clad in shades vibrant, you are strikingly gorgeous.

A delightful sight to watch you dance in the breeze,
How I wish this graceful action for a moment to freeze!
And you embrace flowers attractive very amorously,
In loving caress you kiss them; sipping nectar swiftly.

In exchange you make the flowering plant conceive,
A special relation exists in between you, I perceive.
Cold, you bask in the hot sun; hot, you migrate wisely;
You camouflage from the dreadful predators cleverly.

A child there cries unable to catch you; for a while,
Why don’t you rest on his palm and make him smile?
And be gracious to teach me the skill to fly with you,
Leaving the mundane world happily I too will join you.

Symbolism of Rose flower

Nature hints at man that love lies in giving and not in getting;
Living long in Nature when will man know the love of Nature?
The value of peace man knows only after seeing world war;
So also man knows value of happiness after many a hardship!

Before hand one knows what’s what and follows what’s right
One becomes a wise man in this materialist world of no mind!
Only when the availability is meagre its value becomes more;
If a thing is easy to get, it becomes like a free air we breathe!

As a result even God who was speaking with man keeps silence!
The legendary story of Basmasura perhaps is best to quote here.
Pleased Lord Siva asked him for his wish in appreciation of his will
And Basmasura got the boon of burning to ashes whoever he touched!

To test the power of boon the Asura decided to touch the head of Siva
And that led the Lord to leave for a place to escape from that place!
So, Lord Vishnu took the avatar of a bewitching beauty Mohini and
Enticed him to dance and die by making him touch his own head!

Surprised Siva appeared before Mohini and mingled with her beauty
Leading to the birth of Lord Aiyappa to save devotees from devils!
When there is so much to learn about Nature seeing a single rose
How much more have to know if we explore the full range of Nature?

The exchange of rose flower between lovers confirms their love
The exchange of rose garland between the couple symbolises wedlock
Men of achievements are garlanded with rose flowers for their success
And wreath of rose flowers placed on dead man marks final tribute!