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Paternal Abyss

a poem by

In the hands of Destiny,
Her baby boy,
Became a toy;
His step-father
had a ploy,
“Used the child
to realize, his
own end,
She was a broken heart
not enough smart
to protect the child,
her kid;
Wept alone,
in her
“This man
from Dublin,”
the mother
married again,
pure family reason;
When the son was
of an age, tender fifteen;
An eager, young adolescent;
In the month of an autumnal start,
Affectionately she thought,
another chance to take;
On Sept Seven, “Gift
a new father,”
as a Birthday
Would be
“joy and fun
for her dear son,”
Single, independent young, with an income
She got sold, on a sibling-vision-plan;
Accepted their wish, of well being;
For mother and son,
“arranged marriage,
and incorrect”
her decision; the step-father,
misguided him; inexperienced son;
Innocent teen, stripped off a good name;
Deplorable horror scenes, at life’s, new begin;
Child’s glory into shame because his mother had
Maintained, ‘no entertain,’ for the husband’s
Imposing ex-woman, a Belgian;
She would now, again,
forcefully drop in
as a friend
poison the mind
of her husband, often,
to upset her domestic routine;
On occasions Sabrina and he settled, for long drinks;
In pleasure, both touched one another, completely ignoring her existence!
“Oh! The awfully ignoble NRI to deceive,
a dutiful wife, writhing in pain of utter wretchedness.”


a poem by

An innocent look and hesitant approach
Lands an Indian in a foreign port,
Broken English and loads of luggage
Fighting his way out with forceful courage,
Dazzled are his eyes at the sight of sky-scrapers
When will his days shine, standing down he wonders.

Sleepless nights and hectic days
Paving his way towards dreamt success,
Parents back in homeland are eager
Son does not find time to write a letter.
Culture shock he is yet to recover
But has forgotten his parental duty forever,
Carried away by the waves of change
Homeland appears distant, once so dear but today strange.

Festive occasions make him nostalgic
Putting on ethnic dresses, attending kitty parties
Leaving behind his heritage, he funs and frolics
Seeing their changed attitude parents panic
Life has underwent a drastic change
Old values have faded, new ones keep him engaged

An honest confession here I make
All NRI’s are not in the similar state
They proudly retain, things brought from homeland
Despite temptations, they are true Indians in the foreign lands
Setting an example to all around
Restraining their desires, they have stood their ground

Hats off to all such friends of ours
I can only offer words, not flowers
Brothers and sisters we are always with you
May your lives full of virtue.

Caused Weariness

a poem by

Someone far far away then seas and mountains,
memories of past like shells and rocks I contain.

Always visionary to my days, dark and bright,
and at difficult times worked, stronger and tight.

He is now old and out of mind,
though I can read him through my moral eyes.

He is bent down as evenings of Morning Glory,
ill, frightened and waiting to go.

I am buried in a desire, for a glance,
but hard unassurance veil enables me
for heavenly chance.

I know I shall preserve boundless essences of his life
the infinity of faith, the grace, the light till me alive.

Dear NRIs

a poem by

There became Here
When you went from Here to There.
Then why does it take so much time
to come from There to Here.

Time took you from Here to There.
But, its time again to return
From There to Here.

If There are your boots
Then Here are your roots.
Why not be the one
To grab the early fruits.

Come fast, don’t delay!
Or, you will miss the chance.
Because they from There may come Here
And leave you There to dance.

One day they will be back There
From where they belong.
What keeps You waiting
When present is just a song.

Think fast and use your power
To strengthen your roots.
Don’t let those out There
Capture the falling fruits.

You are welcomed back Here
With the same folded hands.
Shake away those feelings
and reorganise your bands.

We thank you for the respect
You have gathered in foreign lands.
But we assure that you will be greeted
With the same folded hands,
With the same folded hands.