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Smug smile

a poem by

First day of collage, its raining at canteen side,
I am under tree when first time seen you free,
I love that thing you made your self even you know, what you need,
Looking silly, confused as all be;

Touching the side of your nose with a forefinger free,
then seeing on my eyes makes me hide,
but I am frozen like a shell at sea side;

And scenary changes orange juice too violent blue sky,
I don’t even ask your name because of shy,
different route, different side now its class time…

Its like they are drop of someone eyes,
Again the drop of rain on my eyes seeing you coming
next my desk with a rainbow at the sky;

I got a blank, at last a smile, you gone, kill me on your eyes,
I haven’t told you my name, only a Sumg smile…

Yes and No

a poem by

Yes, I am 27.
No, I am not afraid to admit it.
Yes, I am still single.
No, I do not regret it.
Yes, I am getting old.
No, it doesn’t scare me.
Yes, I am still immature.
No, I don’t intend on changing it.
Yes, I am unsure of some things.
No, I don’t mind it.
Yes, I value my life, career and independence.
No, I won’t live it on anyone else’s terms.
Yes, I do worry about my future.
No, that doesn’t make me any less strong.
Yes, I will get married soon.
No, you’re not allowed to ask me when.
Yes, I am sad about some things.
No, that doesn’t mean I am not happy with my life.
Coz I have people I care about and they care back for me!
Today, I thank all those people.
Call, Facebook, WhatsApp or any other way. Your one effort makes my day.

True Transformation

a poem by

As a flower transforms into a fruit,
A girl too has to transform from top to root.
As a fruit ripens, a girl also ripens and becomes a woman.
Its not pretty easy but girls know that “we can”

A girl isn’t emotionally strong,
But afterwards she proves all that they were wrong
That she was the same little girl crying
For chocolates and bars but now handling
Everything right; uses her tricks to pen
Up problems and this shows that “we can”

She doesn’t learn this from anywhere,
But inherits this from her mother and bears
Every pain and heart broken many a times,
Who was sensitive and sweet and was always nice.
But has to handle everything being a woman,
Sometimes questions herself why only we
Should bear and the answer is “because only We Can”