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U. Sreenivas – A great Mandolin Musician

a poem by

He stretched his heart to the strings,
creating soulful sweet tunes of music.
Streams of Carnatic music infused,
flowed in to his Mandolin as divine fusion .
Mind, body and intellect merged,
making soul as tune and tone of songs.
Mandolin cords spoke his thoughts,
melting him down to the core of symphony.
His fingers wove magic in each note,
then he abandoned his name and form,
vesting his soul on stings of rhythm,
turning himself as cosmic dulcet.
One day he dissolved himself into infinity,
freezing into silence of eternal euphony,
manifested into fineness of celestial muse.

Hello, Yes First Smile

a poem by

Hello why are you coming here
You called me for smile.
Tell me yours works
No first smile, yes little bit
Without you, I can’t live smile.

Please cooperate with me, smile
You enjoying lovely night
May every effort be rewarded with success
My happiness is cooperation smile.

You stop your worry, start new jokes
With me, for a new happiness thought
Lord send a holy star to Bethlehem made this
Globe filled with prosperity come true
New year wish for the best Christmas smile.

Flowers on the Violin

a poem by

The wide street lay spread
Dew filled leaves swayed lightly in the air
The air was cold and soft
And the street was silent as light

She stood on the side of the road
A damsel queen… so pretty to see
Her hair swayed in the mild air
She had some flowers in her hand to sell

On one side of the street
Was an old fashioned house
Just mildly could it be seen
Through the dense dew

She walked slowly with a silent song in her lips
She should hear, from somewhere a slow beautiful music
It was the violin playing
From the old house beside the road

She went to the house and knocked
There was no answer from inside
She silently opened the door
Walked slowly inside the room

There she saw in the middle of the room
An innocent young man… with a violin in his hands
She walked with ample care
Went next to him… but no!!
He couldn’t see her… Blind was he

She sat next to him and listened in silence
The melody of the violin
She didn’t know she dropped a candle
There! He stops playing
“Who is there next to me?”

She got scared
Asked him in a slow voice
“Would you buy some flowers?”
He stood up with anger in his face
“How dare you enter without me knowing?
You have no right to listen my music… Go Away!”

“Would you buy some flowers”?
“Go Away… I say… Leave!”
She takes her steps back
Starts to leave… but thanks him inside her
For the beautiful music and places a bunch of flowers
On his Violin…

The Piano

a poem by

Breathing but still, as fingers play
The melody lives, as the piano lay.

Sprung the tunes from lifeless keys
Nourished the air with fresh resonance.

The words said and deeds done
Floats in air and yet unseen.

A rhythm in black and white
Percepts in them, the power of alternate.

Grieve and grin, fame and fault,
Darkness of night, streak of light.

All it takes to the judgement day
Is the good and evil, in roles you play

There’s more of truth in the human thing
Thousands perished and few unsung.

A messenger of life, you may say
Looking at the world in a musical way!!

That song touches

a poem by

He sings
The beauty around reflects in his eyes
All senses centre into his throat
Visualises the pulses of sound
Flowing music
His soul gathers all blessings
The ecstasy he creates
Cross the walls of resonance
The feel in his music touches nerves awake
Thoughts fly for harmonies flow in
He stands there listeners fly far
Melodious oh!
Dissolve clouds
Transform storm into breeze
Vapour into dews
Eyelids closes
Mind only visualise
Magic window opens
Feathers fly memories vanish
Heavenly music pours in
Eternal happiness


a poem by

Powerful, passionate
The prelude begins
Enticing, pulling you into
The vortex of its charm

Flashing images
Technicolor dreams
Blurred visions
Dance all around

Step into another world
You are but its victim
Who wishes not…
To ever return.

Music is Divine

a poem by

You can read on my face,
As it unknowingly encompasses my mind-space…

It’s so mystic, so majestic, it’s music,

That leaves me with no recourse…
But to give in to the force.

Unaware of my being,
I just flow… riding on the wings of waves,

That take me out of myself… on to distant grounds.
Deep dark virgin forests, vast, endless Plains,
or miles of dry deserts.

It sweeps me away from present,
To a rendezvous down the memory lane,

Where I: A curious kid, on cool, moonlit nights…
Amazed at the symphonies borne by the scented desert breeze.
“So wonderful are these sounds
that soothe me… caress my wounds”

It absorbs my pain,
Leaves ah… so refreshed my brain.

A touch of silk, a stroke of feather,
or a drop of dew…

Slowly sliding over my soul, leaving no corner of it untouched…
turning every bit of it new,

It can’t be man, but muse herself…
Who have created it,

Really, music is divine!!


a poem by

Music is made of countless notes…
Music, in the air it floats.
Music can be the sound of a flute;
It brings happiness to babies cute.
Music relieves the body and soul,
It stirred the hearts of thieves who stole…
A guitar,a piano and harp so sweet,
Music is found on every street.
Therefore I advise you my dear friends,
Music can help us mend broken ends.
Of friendship and love there’s a breakable end,
So listen to music, its a godsend.

The Dance

a poem by

The scarfs fly as I roll my body here and there
The hair gets in my face under my breath I swear
They never notice I am just the dancer
I am the sure-footed prancer
So I continue to do the dance

I feel the sweat as I rush across the stage
The dance and I have a battle to wage
I look out into the crowd
They are transformed I am going wild
I do a few jumps and splits
I am a dancer and must keep my wits

I tumble across the floor
And gyrated my body to a beat never known before
I am the dancer you see
I am out side of me
Doing the dance
That will give me one more chance
To hold the audience in my hand
To elicit some false demand

I hop up on the pole
As the music gropes for my soul
But I dance back and forth
Because they call out for more

The saxophone and me are one
I wrap my body around its rhythm
And it folds me into its joy
Stretching me a little to far
I will wake only when the music stops
I will not allow my body to stop its rock

Seldom my dance is free
But love the dance is all over me
As the dance continues it raises questions of long ago
It permits me to release all that is not so.
I bow and thank the audience hearing their plea
Yes, the dance was definitely meant to be
I know that they will bring me back again
With happiness I give them this dance my friend

The End

Just Rock N’ Roll

a poem by

Their Tattooed skins
And raised vocal cords
The pulsating drums and guitars,
Just tune in to instant Nirvana.

There are thousands in crowds- waiting
Some with a broken heart
Some with frozen tears
Somehow trying to kill the pain.

And then the concert begins
There is no agony, no pain,
Hatred is no more in the air,
Just Rock N’ Roll.

Your Songs

a poem by

‘Tis when the road branches-
that we go separate ways
But though apart, the music always stays
For once heard, the melody always lingers
Unforgettable, the notes and the singers.

Every musical chord touches my heart
with every staccato beat, it does not part
‘Tis the music running-
blood-like through my veins
And you belong, the star of these musical chains

Fear not, that I will corrupt this elixir
You and I are always musical peers
From the start, to the very end
This music will be our dearest friend.


a poem by

They say music is the food of love,
Well, I just can’t get enough!
Good music makes me feel bliss in my soul,
When I’m down, I listen to music and once again I’m whole!
And I’m sure there are no exceptions,
Music appeals to everyone, from all of society’s sections.
Music is harmony, music is beauty,
Oh, to hear all the sounds together in perfect synchrony!
Each note in itself is of no consequence,
But when played together, it makes for a great listening experience.
Music is a form of art,
One that helps enliven a heavy heart.
To be able to play it is more than a skill or talent,
It is an expression of the human soul, something that can’t be borrowed or lent!
And if you look deep into your soul,
You’ll find your music, the music that can make you whole.
I believe all of us have this music in our heart,
Beautiful melodious music, you can hear it if you are sincere and smart.


a poem by

Life with music
Either western or carnatic,
Is just fantastic,
But not too realistic.

Music is extraordinary,
But of course imaginary;
It cannot be defined in a dictionary,
And calms down your fury.

Can be enjoyed in any age,
Even by a priest or a sage,
It controls your rage,
With music you can have a good image.

Music is a sort of meal,
And has the power to heal,
It is touching to feel,
Many hearts it will steal…

Beyond Realities

a poem by

Today the sky has descended towards me;
it has beckoned the very heart out of me,
the angels are here with me to give hand,
every cell in me is screaming;

Hey, Hey! I can touch the stars,
I can touch the sky,
I can touch the moon,
I can touch everything that has
descended towards me.

Hey, Hey! Its because you are here with me,
the moon is right in my eyes,
you are shinning as bright as the sun,
the twinkle in your eyes,
a million stars.

Together we will cross the million hurdles,
Every single problem is bubble,
this is the day and this is the way to live,
Hey, Hey! Its just you and me forever
under the twilight sun and against the wind.

Hey, Hey! I can touch the stars,
I can touch the sky,
I can touch the moon,
I can touch everything that has
descended towards me.