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a poem by

Dead letters and silent tears,
Incessant rain and childish fears.
The sky growls today with a monstrous snare-
Doom surrounds like a thin film of air.
Will you hold my hand tonight,
Or will you just let go?

The doe-eyed beauty in the castle sits.
Of treachery and deceit, the air reeks.
The silent tears fall on the parched earth-
Long gone are the days of mirth.
Will her Prince Charming ride to her tonight,
Or will he just let go?

The maiden in black, walks down the stairs-
Amidst the darkness, amidst the torch flare.
A lizard scuttles somewhere on the wall
The wind promises to give or take it all.
Will the light of love free her from this darkness tonight,
Or will it just let go?

The dead soul still haunts the house-
Her ecstasy eyes still wide awake.
Night falls and darkness prevails-
A deep dark secret reveals
Will she break free tonight?
Will her soul taste freedom,
Or will it just let go?

In a night like this-
In this deep dark abyss,
No moon shines, no maiden lights her lamp-
Bloodshed reeking the air so damp.
No prince rides his way through,
No soul wakes up to freedom-so pure, so true.
Maidens cry themselves to sleep- for they do not know
Will life bring in light tomorrow,
Or will it just let go?

The crop of ideas – I

a poem by

Many ideas crop up in my mind often!
All crops cannot be harvested then itself!
But it is fate I alone have to harvest all
For the world benefit and my satisfaction!

Basically a creative person by nature
I have managed a factory for long then
And am writing poetry full time now
Because of brain storm of ideas in life!

Though tossed about in different directions of sea
I still survive by the power of the Almighty;
Yet difficulties are there though my efforts are
Not collapsed by the corrosive jealousy of others!

The bitter feelings of others born of envy as well as
Suspicion burns my heart at the beginning itself!
Such a power of insight God has given me to feel
Instantly and beware of the evils of the society!

So, many a time I suppress to express ideas orally
But write only in verse to avoid frictions so that
The sense of freedom I feel then recoup my spirit
To go ahead unmindful of others’ blistering remarks!

I express ideas without any bias but some use them
As their shield to keep their opponents at bay
Who afraid of me unnecessarily wait and watch
All my usual activities with anxiety and expectation!

The crop of ideas – II

a poem by

Men of ideas are the sugar canes for the hungry elephants
And the industrious ants working under the hot sun;
Also they are exploited as golden geese by the groups
That dominate the government and society in the world!

This the man of ideas should know and save the society
From the clutches of the criminals as subtlety as possible;
For, due to them only business, industries and all fields
Function or develop prosperously in any nation of the world!

Rich crop of ideas grows only in the fertile mind of experience
Or knowledge, imagination, insight, intuition and what not;
World is an idea, Nature is idea, God is idea and what not
Everything is but the ideas of man from time immemorial!

So, without ideas we cannot understand anything, know
Create, invent, do and also solve anything in the world!
Art is the expression of idea of an artist based on one’s own
Insight, knowledge, feeling, imagination, experience, wisdom!

So also so many matters we see are born out of the genius
Of men in all walks of human life in the world we all live!
Without idea we cannot know, handle and do anything here!
Necessity is the mother of invention based on ideas of geniuses!

Space-time frame and beyond

a poem by

It may suit
Rushdie to receive knighthood,
Tagore to accept Nobel Prize,
Sartre to reject Nobel Prize,
Remi ‘an unknown entity’
to reject conferred credibility
by feudal (slave) mentality,
within their space-time frame.

Tukaram, who returns the royal gifts
to King Shivaji, is beyond space-time.

Adivasis, rich in art of sustenance,
have no scriptures, no discourses,
until now, since time unknown.

(Tukaram: Saint-poet of Maharshtra, India;
Adivasi: the tribal or the aborigines)

Seduce Me!

a poem by

It is enough my darling
Blood and stains are everywhere
My present memories are too bitter
Seduce me to forget all these litters

I feel bad here to stay for a long
None is here to heal other’s pains
Jungle lives are laughing and smiling
On other’s wounds and tears
How can I be here for a long?

Seduce me dear to dream the land of paradise
Where the good hearted people felt for others?
Where there is no tears?
Where I can hear only the sounds of happy and glee
Seduce me dear to go over there to stay

Your eyes and signs of face can do
They keep me in heaven forever
Your love and affection is enough
They keep me young forever

Your honey spreading words are enough
They keep me as an angel in this land
Can you seduce me dear?
I want to live as a man at least here

To Mind

a poem by

Once impeccable you are, filled no filth and be free,
Before the fruit tasted from the forbidden tree;
Where from you imported the evils infinite,
Expelling yourself form Eden, where no fear or fright.

Sink not, O Mind, in the bygone terrible past,
And fear not of the future approaching fast;
Live the Present and realize where you stand,
And lead the life at your own command.

Behold the pismire friends that are born to toil,
Creeping pride on the sand as the sons of the soil;
Cull they the grains from here and there with cheer,
To be pleasant and free from the pluvial fear.

Rest not, reach the height with rigorous might,
Because Failure meets those who fail with life to fight;
Mind no more, O Mind, of the ordeals that swoon,
Cos, the time will come, for them to go wrack and ruin.

When you stand still, and wait in the gate of Fate,
Follow you only your deeds, nor your wife or mate;
Think only of Good and let others to Almighty’s choice,
Lot there are in life to reach and to rejoice.

Of cobwebs and cocoons…

a poem by

As I walk in this mosaic of colors
catching the abstract, time and again,
and packing it into letters, words, numbers and equations;
Like a spider, weaving the abstract into beautiful webs
However beautiful, they are cobwebs, you see!
I wonder why I don’t pack it all up
(The more I find, the more there is)
So that life unravels
new dimensions each day
Makes me feel I am entangled in life’s master cocoon
But lo and behold,
I emerge a wise butterfly!

The special one

a poem by

There’s something I find,
taking with you,
that is lost to me elsewhere.

The surety of your step,
beside mine.
The certainty in your voice,
when you speak to me
does make me feel great.

All these that take our friendship
steps beyond our dreams,
past surety and certainty
both, to a realm of faith.

All these things,
and more and more,
I find in being with you,
but… what do I do
I’m not able to speak the same in words

The precursor of the events to come

a poem by

All of a sudden all the birds are rushing out;
Where are they flying out so fast and why?
A safe place to live peacefully perhaps they fly so
Far away from the sounds of bombs and bullets!

The sudden exodus of birds and reptiles from their hide outs
Forewarns the coming earthquakes, I heard of a Chinese belief;
Fauna is the precursor of the coming events of flora!
For Nature never threatens mankind without a fore warning.

The Intelligentsia but not the Animals don’t understand the Secrets of Nature
As they disobey the Laws of Nature, the Will of God!
Though a part, man does everything as if different from Nature;
What a great enigma Human Nature is!
Love has the power to tame all the living beings;
But some men betray even the men of love for material gain!

All the aspects of the animals are imbibed and improved to the stage of divine in man
With the mind controlling the senses and choosing the best path to follow!
This thinking, smiling and talking Homo Sapien is surely superior to all the Species in the World
If only he takes the initiative to discover and know the nature of his Real Self!
And with love and knowledge pure and good man can ever know and reach the Ultimate Reality, Truth!
Can man with such a capacity, such a power not predict the future events?

Certainly it’s possible as some men have the power of Extra Sensory Perception!
Also, Photometry, Telepathy and Clairvoyance are some of the powers known extraordinary persons possess!
And so, the past, the present and the future are within the reach of man to know and tell!
Astrology, Transmigration of Soul and Resurrection of the Dead are well known past achievements of the Indians!
Where have gone away from man such extraordinary powers?

They must be latent in man but perhaps forgotten the art to bring them out!
For recollecting that art perhaps Creatures of Nature are created with Super Powers but Man with Mind
To attain (universalising) truth by perfecting (individualising) knowledge and (unifying) love!
Therefore man has to live as to Nature to observe and understand rather than to control it
So that he could express as in the past the precursors of the events to come in scriptures sacred!

Layers of a Mind

a poem by

Underneath the layers of the human mind;
Are the memories of a few shattered dreams

Faces on the curtains of my windows appear;
In desperation of the freedom that we once feared

Crawling on the walls of imagination
Must be the images that escaped somehow

But life still goes on from the outside
But inside a world has finally drowned

The anticipation and a strange feel
While we drift between illusion and reality

Provides the satisfaction that the soul seeks
To see people act wise and living in peace

We are bound as a whole and there are limits
To every thing that we must say or do

But still we can escape this cage, by
Going beyond the four walls if we should

Life still goes on from the outside
But inside, a new world shines,
Limitless and beyond the realms of reality
A treasurer of all times


a poem by

When the contours of imagination expand far and wide,
The hackneyed tools of available words become frail
And show a certain reserve to accommodate new ideas.
There arises, then, a need for forging and smithying of tools

That are flexible and pregnable like a womb…
To bring forth new profiles for public consumption.
It is not that there shall be a sudden influx of
Fresh vocabulary into the native tongue,
But, a favourable disposition to change
Breaking the ice if insular conservatism.
Like all objects of Nature, words, too, have their own cycles,
Enjoying summers occupying coveted seats of learning,
And fall, groping in the dust of rejection and neglect.
Some exceptional words, though, devoid of ego, will be alive
With their gift of camouflage co-existing with myth and folklore.
Over years, they absorb the essence of the culture they roll in
And assume a wide lattice of fine shades of meaning.
They may dress-up like an immaculate Victorian,
Or a frolicsome masquerader at a Spanish Carnival.
They may brag junk like a boor got sot in a nightclub,
Or, speak spice and pepper in the alcoves of academia.
Whether they prefer a quiet interment,
Or have a second coming to bless the world,
The womb of language is always fertile
To deliver a fair expression to every dream,
To every hue and notion – a suitable acronym


a poem by

Life on earth is never the same again
A mass of happiness and grievances
One cannot refrain
One way will never be
The same as another
Likewise ones life can never materialize

God always proposes mixed blessings
Many can call one a divine
Many can detain others
But everybody suffers
Like a raft
It can reach safely to the shore
Or stagnate and strand alone
One can overcome all obstacles
One contemporary man can release
All knots himself
From impossible situation

Our mind is a highest one
Optimistically, if moved forward
One can feel the glories in life


a poem by

The agony of my body
Only my mind feels,
The agony of my mind
Only my soul knows.

The distractions of the world
Attract to deviate the soul from focus.
The goal is lost astray
That is the agony of the soul.

It knows the unknown
That is trapped and entangled.
The struggle for release is a war
In the cage of body and mind
That is the agony of the soul.


a poem by

A restless night after a tiring day
Sleep should have evaded, but I’m still awake
An unknown itch has caught on to me
Taking my thoughts into captivity
A fountain of questions emanate in my mind
Answers for many I seek not, incase I find
I try philosophy; it just makes me worse
For the river of questions takes a different course
And when I try to shut my mental doors
These questions increase, adding on to my woes
At last I give in and mellow down fine
I sink into the ocean of questions in my mind
They become formless as I sink really deep
Sinking just as I wanted, into a dreamless sleep…