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Manna Dey, the Singing Legend

a poem by

The saddest of the sad days was the day
When the legend Manna Dey passed away.
Singing for the screen for six sizzling decades,
Winning many an award and accolades;
Manna’s voice was sweet as manna from heaven,
Sweetening all the ears of his loving listeners,
His was the sixth finest voice to thrive,
Rafi, Hemant, Mukesh, Talat and Kishore the other five.
The fragrance of his finest songs would linger
For as long as the songs remind us of the great singer.
Manna doesn’t drop from heaven every other day;
It needs another Manna Dey
To shower manna-like music on earth,
Now that he has gone to the upper berth.

The Great “Uncommon man” – RK

a poem by

Now the common man will never be at the
Fingertip of this uncommon man…
But the impact of the sketch will
Ever leave a laughing thought,
In the minds of millions of humans…
He will always be missed
Though can never be replaced.
The man of lines, who mixed the straight
And the curved with innovative thoughts.
The sketch pen from which the “You Said It”
Were flowing out was never a sword to him,
But a true and a deep friend of him.
The affluent and satiric black and whites
Really depicted the mood of a nation.
Alas! The creator is no more…
And the common man is really orphaned…

The Saving Grace

a poem by

I wait,
day and night.
In the noon- The sun, bright
In the night- The moonlight
I wait.

I wait,
left and right
I search and wait
yet no light.
I shout your name
beautiful dame,
till I am hoarse,
My voice no more than a moan.
Silently, I wait.

I wait,
throat parched
back arched,
hallucinations around every corner,
I see stars and checks.
Your pheromones still fresh in memory,
kicking me on
Not sure what burns in me
the contents of the empty bottle
or you- my hearts content.
Unknown to me.
I wait.

I wait,
Knowing you’re mine.
Yet I whine
for that elusive sign- a glimmer of hope.
Your mesmerising smile,
makes me do another mile
I trudge on and
While I wait,
my body and brain beg to relent
the heart rules unrelenting.
You’ve always brought out the fighter in me.

There is lightning and then thunder
Why I refuse to run, I wonder, even in the pitter-patter
unknown, unshaken, unmoved and unwilling
I wait even in the rain
knowing it will be in vain
For- your taste still lingers…
Lovely love

I’m tired, I still go on…

a poem by

I let the candle burn
I let the sweat run
Can’t hold it anymore
But I still go on…
And before the night falls into another burning day
I let my tears burn wherever my shadows lay
Hoping they would make a mark
A ray of hope in pitch dark
For I’m tired… I still go on…

But before the day arrives
And takes them out of sight
I want to see them all
Before I move in bright
But to all as it seems bright
That day is darker than night
And so I hold my night before it falls
For this night gives me a vision to see it all
The shadows on this wall…

I see a maiden dressed in light
Braiding someone’s hair
I see a game of hide and seek
Worth someone finding her pair
I see two girls fighting and cribbing
And ever refusing to share
I see two arms consoling each other
To believe I’m always there…

And so my tears burn
Where the shadows run
And there they leave a mark
Craving to hold on
For I’m tired, but I still go on…

Half the candle burned away
Half the night swept away
And slowly the shadows reduce to half
I see no maiden but I still see someone
Someone I see only half…

I now see some strange shadows around
Torturing the soul unbound
Binding it in cages of fear
Of love, of happiness, of hollow tears
But the marks are different here
Those traced of red
Capturing the lost sound…

But the shadow escapes those marks
Again I let it go
And likewise I let the time flow
To dry the left over marks
For I’m tired, I still go on…

I light a new candle for the night still remains
And darker it gets as my vision expands
And darker it gets as the shadow expands
My innocent self becomes fearful behind the shadow stains…

The shivering shadow turns fearless
Fearless in search of existence
Fearless in search of being
And I see someone moving alone
Alone in the company of dreams…

And there the night falls
My tears come to light
I find no marks
I find no shadow
All engulfed in bright…

The fearful shadow disappears
The fearless self remains
And here my vision ends
And here I turn insane…

The blind self craves for light
In the day full of shimmering bright
It is blind, it loves to be so
For light it cannot take in
In search of light, in want of light
In dark it flew all night
And so the light has made it blind
And the craving self goes on…

I let the sweat run
And the dead candle burn
And the lost shadow run…

For the day is here to make me blind
And I keep searching in dark
My crave for light will forever go on…

I’m tired, I still move on…

Moonlit Walk

a poem by

An autumn night when the wind equals a whisper,
Yellow moon shining on trees bereft of leaves,
An avenue of black on the road that snakes beneath.

Trees that shadow a thousand year sown… hark!
Who walks alone amidst this light unhallowed,
The most haunting of paths as ever was known?

Sweet Innocence

a poem by

Tell me how I could live again
Those vibrant and colourful days
When my heart was light, my thoughts were free
When life seemed a miracle with so many things to see…
Tell me how I could feel again
The wonder as I peep through the window
The joy of sunshine, the moods of the wind
The music of rain and the mysteries of heaven…
Tell me how I could seek again
The simple pleasures that life had to offer
Sing-alongs and bed-time stories and family
And smile again when I’m dreaming…
Tell me how I could revel again
In being me and see no flaws
Love me, live my life and be happy
Tell me how I could be me again…
Tell me how I could hold you again
For without you I lost so many things
Those seem trivial but mean so much
Show me again the content and bliss…
Come back to me Sweet Innocence…

Do you also look for those dreamy eyes

a poem by

When rain-drenched leaves waft their smell
And in the grey sky clouds wander alone
From behind whom the golden sunrays peep;
When, on the singing twigs of flowers,
Butterflies tipsy with joy spread their colours
Then at this time do you remember,
That someone is waiting for you,
With a smiling face and eyes full of rosy dreams
Even if raven hair will show wires of silver
Even if thousand seasons will change
These dreamy eyes will look only for you
In different seasons, flowers and faces
As if you’re somewhere around?!
Do you look for those dreamy eyes and smiling face
In any flower, song or butterfly;
In fresh whiff of breeze
And pink twilight?

Sweet to Remember

a poem by

It is sweet to remember the best thoughts of the world!
It is sweet to remember the best achievements of one!
It is sweet to remember the best portions of one’s life!
First things are first impression that is sweet to remember!

First day to school, lone journey to a hill station, or
First success in exam, appoint in job and first salary, or
First night after marriage, honeymoon and first child, and
Many things are sweet but first achievement is sweeter!

Classical ideas that are touching the heart move all much
And are sweeter to remember than romantic ideas flying fast!
Romantic stories sans morality though sweet are bad for mind;
But moral stories sans romantic ideas though great are insipid!

Food and medicine sans sweetness though good are uneasy to taste;
Romantic moral stories like tasty hygienic foods are sugar coated pills;
Yet, they are all sweet to remember and good for total manhood in life.
Things sweet to remember transforms difficult life into a tasty one!

Indeed life cannot be successful sans the guidance of knowledge;
But without the inspiration of love challenges won’t end in laurels!
Sweet thoughts give romantic mood to take up adventures to success!
Best classical thoughts, achievements and times of life are always sweet!

Photos, presentation articles, love letters and letters to friends are souvenir
That gives sweet thoughts and moods when one is on a difficult adventure!
A souvenir is a symbol of sweet things to remember at anytime in life!
Yes, great achievements are actually kindled by seemingly small souvenirs!

1% of inspiration provokes 99% of perspiration to achieve a great work!
A great book or Temple or monument inspires men to make miracles!
Naturally it is sweet to remember the Great Spirit, great mind or heart
Whenever we see a great of work of art or science in the world we live in!


a poem by

In my eyes you are perched,
How I define you,
In my mind you are a rose,
The sign of love
I know you belong to me

Oh rose, why have you not told her
I am in love with her
Oh rose, please don’t do this
Oh! Your beauty attracts the world
Your aroma reaches every corner
But you are still in my mind

Dear, here I am waiting for you
With a heart of rose
Where were you wandering
Why are you so late
Dear, I am here alone
The aroma rose, get down
My heart is dead now
Now the small beats
Searching you where you are!

The Long Night and The Last Night

a poem by

The first night in the hostel toughest, no doubt about it
The first time night seems like long time to go
Felt hand burning and half minded when I left my place
I was into that cell, I saw the windows as bars slam home
Felt that’s when I know it’s for real
Days passed in the blink of an eye
Occupied by thoughts of the mind
Tenderness of the wind felt again
Time passes, it gets so you depend on them now
The part that counts in these three years
I remember my last night
Hard to leave the place once felt tough to stay


a poem by

I remember my village, the good old days
My ancestral home and the childhood friend
The enchanting river with slow moving waves
With a rhythm of some sweet lullaby
The temple which wake us up with devotional songs
With a celestial power to purify the surroundings

The whispers of the wind like calling by name
The waving paddies dancing to the tune of wind
The cool breeze of the valley and the pure air of dawn
With the smell of flowers and the spell of mantra
The clear lightning like the veins of the sky
The heavy downpour in which we soak ourselves

My ancestral home was very old
With large spacious rooms and wooden walls
The lovely opening flowers in the courtyard, the mellow fruitfulness
And the marvellous budding seeds after heavy rains
Trees covered the Home in a magnificent way
One can’t miss the greenery around.

My friend was very adorable and delicate
She would burst into tears in a small quarrel
We played together, teased and quarreled
Parted our sorrows and rolled in mirth
While swinging we tried to touch the top branch of trees
Thinking that we can reach heavens

We grew up and it was time for us to part
But minds had got chained with each other
Though we promised to be friends for ever
The pain shot through every vein
I see everything in my reminiscent mood
And the hands that waved on top of the hill

Pink Floyd

a poem by

Pink in one fold
I “Wish you were here”
“It would be so nice”
while I’m “Waiting for the worm”
lying “Comfortably numb”
Surrounded by “Empty spaces”
And when I wished ” Let there be more light”
Someone put “Another brick in the wall”
Of course from” Outside the wall”
There’s”Nobody home”
And was ” A great day for freedom”
thinking of “Coming back to life”
with “High hopes”
“What shall we do now”
as “The show must go on”
Now that “I’m lost for words”
So “You keep talking”
And “Don’t leave me now”
Just “Run like hell”
away from “Your possible pasts”
“Burning bridges”
After all “The happiest days of our lives”
was “One of these days”
“Just set the control of your heart”
While you’re “Learning to fly”

The Years Fly

a poem by

The years are flying by
Tears no longer flow
What that could imply
I truly dread
But I know deep in me
I couldn’t ever forget

I wish I could remember
Only with a smile
But the sadness creeps in
Every single time
Only because I realize
You left me behind

What you bequeathed
Will last me a lifetime
I am lucky to have known
Your love, your life and you
You inspire, guide from beyond
And I am less alone

My life will be complete
If I am half as giving
Part as forgiving
It gives me relief to know
That when its my time
I will find you again.

For you, with Love

a poem by

I Love you my Dear,
I Love you!
I don’t know, how it happened;
the Love, I saw in your blue eyes.
If you rage with me,
But, I still LOVE YOU
I see your pretty illumination on seething,
her gorgeous cheeks, become reddish;
when she bicker on me

When I am in alone
I am thinking of you.

Oh! My dear where you go,
with out you, I am an sinister;
I saw the Rose, I feels you.

My life set out to dim,
Oh God! How to go on with her?
Why do you do it?
Tell me the truth,
how to rest on life,
with out her!!!


a poem by

Last night
Searching for a file
I clicked on a folder,
Your lovely face
Filled up the screen.

I thought
I had sent
Every image,
Every memory,
Of yours
To the recycle bin.

As you looked
At me
Your eyes,
A montage
Of moods,
And moments.

Ripping open
My fading scars,
Leaving me naked
To every assault,
Your memories.