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Upto the Alter of Marriage

a poem by

Strange are the ways of nature
I dwell on life itself as it brings
Memories unrestrained in waves
Stilled only by the frames of time
Unyielding to the desires of mankind
In short, resisting the pressures of mind
To go ahead, unmindful of the past
Here was a time, as a child
Green were the pastures through
The bright window of the mind’s eye
Relentless and thrilled by happenings
Caring less for dangers lurking
Pursuing wishes, hoping for the rainbow
Vain and capable, bringing around
Parents and peers, giving in to dreams

Then was the time, an age in teens
Nothing short of pursuing dreams
Ruthless, persevering, getting to know
Ways of life, building castles galore
Imagination unfolding desires
Now knowing channelising
Slave to habits, caring the least
Pooh poohing experienced guides
Came then a time, the youthful age
Hot, surging, blood in brain
Triumphant, age most beautiful
Lovely appeared everything
Nothing mattered it seemed
Dreams to come true, still
Thought for sure, will they?
Yet undeterred, things astray

Marriageable came next in line
Positive thoughts gave way to none
The will to survive and succeed
Against all odds it seems
Doing just that, bells do ring
Tying the knot, for better still
Things happen as they must

Child Bride

a poem by

At last a smile of freedom
A dream was coming true
Her dress and bangles she had shown
To friends old and new.

With her bridal makeup
She waited for her groom
Showed no sign of panic when
Drunk, he stumbled into the room.

No tender touch, no loving care
Showed her grooms fire
Broken bangles strewed around
A sign of loveless desire

Then under his body weight
And a pungent smell around
She bore his carnal passion
On clayed uneven ground

The ground now was witness to
Her innocence in crimson red
Muffled shrieks of terror pierced
The silence from beneath her bed.

A million arrows pierced her crotch
In pain she sobbed the night
Wondering what her sisters called
A night of unbound delight!

When love takes a backseat

a poem by

We sit together on the couch
Watching the eight o’clock news
He sits just inches away from me
But he feels so far apart

Ten years since we’ve been married
We were so madly in love
We would do anything to be together
For each other we could give up our life

Then we often stole away from work
For a couple of hours and go to the movies
Or just sit with each other and get lost in time
Each moment together felt sublime

He often said my eyes were beautiful
My body better than the Taj Mahal
I believed he was the best thing God created
The best anyone could ever find

He was mine I was his to claim
None ever between us could come
We were each for each other
Even gods in our togetherness joyous become
The two of us were meant to be
Nothing more beautiful in the universe could become

Marriage then bound us together
As man and wife one we become
Our marriage was planned in heaven
Who could dare to ever separate us?
Sweet bliss sweet love sweet union ours
Until death do us apart

As time went by the charm ungrew
No more all rosy seems
The flowers are a waste
It’s not his birthday for little gifts
No more sweethearts
Bitch and pig we become

As I sit on the couch with the man I so love
I wonder what has changed between us
Do I love him less?
No, that just isn’t true
I love him now just as I always have

Is it with him?
Does he love me no more?
I wonder as I observe his frame
Deep down in my heart I know that’s not true
No other woman in his heart takes my place

If we love each other
And for each other care
Why distances between us have come?
What went wrong with our love
Is it the kids or weight I gained?
No, this it true cannot be
And the reason is far too plain.

Then when we had not the time
We fought each moment to spare
We valued every second that together we shared
But now when together we are
And every moment each other see
We value not the abundance we share

With the passing of time
We have neglected our love
And take for granted the love that we share
We love not any less
We just don’t say or hear it enough
We have stopped telling each other
How much we care

‘I love you,’ said I
I didn’t think he would hear
But he turned to me and smiled
He pulled me close, as he kissed me he said
‘I love you sweetheart of mine’

True love never dies
Often we fail to see
With our busy lives we get occupied
If you love someone
Don’t neglect to say it
It may not seem much but wonders it does

A New Dawn

a poem by

Fourth June will differently dawn
With a new sunshine, darkness gone
At the hallowed shrine of Lord Guruvayurappan
A very special event is to happen

Wedding knots are religiously tied
To keep two like minds unified
With your good wishes and Divine grace
Begins a new bond that forever stays

As our well wishers, you have a role
To bless the couple from the depth of your soul
May happiness and harmony unfold
For a joyous life that shines as gold.

Sonnet: Marriage is Forever

a poem by

When once your single state of life is changed
By sacred Marriage vows and carnal ties,
You never from spouse ever be estranged;
The nuptial bond before God never dies.

To each other, you owe your fidelity,
And mutual understanding reigns supreme;
The union is for life’s eternity!
‘Tis real and never becomes a dream.

And Marriage is a Sacrament for man!
No power on earth dare separate the two;
The hearts and bodies harmoniously can
Withstand all things attempting to undo.

With how many hearts can one heart unite?
The Earth has just the same Moon every night!


a poem by

The poor soul could not revenge,
A cheating spouse
Manipulative sister-in-laws
Greedy conniving relatives;
Because of their plans
She now lives in this
Eying her massive wealth
Jewelleries, fat bank balance
They lose their good sense
Turn against,
Because of them
She has no exit!
Walk through
The jungle epitaph
Eerie silent solitude,
Rustle in the breeze
Whisper to her soul
“Fortitude Sheila Fortitude”
The gang of four
An additional more isolate her
Not find the need Sheila should breathe.
All because of avarice, her end, they conspire.

House of Commons and In-Laws

a poem by

From the
House of commons
Into the house of in laws
Her new home
The better half
Coy and demure
Footsteps secure
Grace the man
Marriages are
Made in heaven
Almighty judges
In connivance
Power yielding
In laws execute.
It is not
This way baby
Please change to be that.
“Ok I am sorry dear in laws
In a moment, I will be back”
Oh! No! It has no sense
If you cannot dance
To these lawful tunes
Please march in line
Paying attention left right.
You have to,
Because the teacher said so.
All correct, in laws great
Telltale, gossips invent
Forever-new flaws.
House of laws ever satisfied.
Sit, stand, and all fervent turn a rounds
Faultfinding indeed though obedience enforced,
Obliging Muse, muse amused perhaps!


a poem by

They walked together,
Hand in hand,
Leaving behind footprints,
On the beach sand.
Moonlight smiled upon them,
As the water kissed their feet,
Cool breeze ruffled their hair,
A lovely tête-à-tête.
She nestled her head,
On his shoulder,
Looking at the vast stretch of blue.
The moment was beautiful,
The timing was perfect,
And he whispered, “I love you.”
She smiled and looked,
At his handsome face.
She loved him too,
And told him so.
As they begin their new life,
As husband and wife,
They are glad they have each other,
For now and for ever.

The Bride

a poem by

Adorned in her wedding attire,
With delicate jewellery, made of gold,
Palms covered with intricate Mehendi,
Shy and beautiful,
She was a perfect Indian bride.
With an air of confidence,
She greeted all.
Her captivating smile,
Cast a spell,
On everyone who beheld.
The rituals began,
Garlands were exchanged,
Vows were made,
A beautiful future,
They dreamt of, together.
With lowered eyes,
She stood by him,
Man and wife.
“The perfect match”,
Everyone echoed.
Then it was time,
To bid her goodbye.
With gleamy eyes,
They let her go.
Every childhood memory,
She took with her,
As she stood at the doorstep,
Of a new journey in life.
She glanced back,
One more time,
There it was again,
The beautiful smile.

Marry Me

a poem by

Marry me… marry me… marry me… marry me
Marry me… marry me… marry me… marry me
Marry me… marry me… marry me… marry me
Marry me… marry me… marry me… marry me

Marry me o my precious princess
Do I sound crazy… ya I am crazy for you
Marry me… be married to thy stupid prince
Do I sound outta my mind… ya I blame it on you

Be with me… as long as you do not get fed up of my histrionics
Haha… I will be your slave… I will be your sweet fool
You are so beautiful… my rose in the garden of eden
Chintooo… you’re the best… o you are so cool

Let me present you with this ring
In your fingers it look o so pretty
There is no diamond to shine in it
Just a piece of my heart to remind you of me

The eternal moment when time stands still

a poem by

Happiness comes this night;
A resplendent wedding procession has arrived.
An ocean of sadness, that welled in the eyes, was slowly checked.
The sound of flutes fill the festive air.

She came only to tell her beloved parents this:
“My heart has always worshipped you;
With the love you gave me, my face bloomed, and
Like an ornament it will adorn my character.”

“Dear friends, those childhood memories,
Those bonds and that affection,
Those swings that we shared in the gardens,
Every moment, burning like a lamp, I take it all with me.”

Despair spread even in their happiness,
Wrapping her in the shadow of pain.
Taking memories of past and going with heavy steps,
The heart wept; the eyes welled up; the spirit cried out.

Marriage Blues

a poem by

Two unknown faces met over a coffee
Both avoiding each other’s quizzical gaze
Each one waited restlessly for the other to pop a query
Birds of million thoughts flew in their minds

Before they could imprint each other’s face in their minds
The strangers were bonded together for a lifetime
Elders blessed the couple to become triple
The ship of marriage slowly took off from the harbor

Leaving the path of bachelor life seemed tough
The path of togetherness seemed rough
Sharing and caring, loving and living seemed burden
Mismatch of attitudes became the highlight

Slowly but steadily the tide of clashes were ebbing
But the scare of occasional looming storm hung
In order to win one has to lose was elders counsel
Shedding the egos and accepting the facts was thorny

Each made silent promises to makeup for the past
The plant of marriage gradually commenced to grow
Bud of patience and understanding began to bloom
Petals of laughter and fragrance of love filled the room

The Wedding…

a poem by

So your wedding is in August
the month of harvest
and mysterious rites
hope you a reaping maturity
and smiling responsibility.
To wish you happiness on that day is futile
all brides are, flowers, music familiar faces and many, many kisses,
it’s only the groom who tends to look apprehensive as reality sinks in.

I’ll rather wish you contentment
and a bit of luck on the road ahead
it will be long and often bumpy
going through lush and parched land
and can be slippery
when the road is covered in black ice,
and when you come to that famous intersection
choose well
one road leads to the quick sand of misery
the other to harmony.

Four pillars keep the house of marriage standing:
love, friendship, trust and humour.
Never cheat on your spouse
even if no one knows
you’ll and that’s like fissure in a rock it gets wider
and will split you apart.
How do you know Mr. Poet?
Beautiful bride
enchantress of honeyed words,
because I failed.


a poem by

Her taste was only
She failed no exam
In school nor in college
Did she fail in courage
In and outdoors, at work or home.
Unfortunate she became
Was left on the road to spin
Like a top
From the swing of a rope
Failing to the masculine whip losing grip
On her life.
Their was a single choice to live again
By divorce did she fail or win? Question
Haunting her mind.