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In the Contemporary World!

In today’s taxing world, ushered with anxiety and coupled with stress levels,
one, spends the entire day, unraveling one problem after another.
Hounding monetary benefit’s most of his life and getting tangled into tribulations
With un-due emphasis on looking and feeling good than being good!
The tragedy of humans today is, decreasing happiness in the midst of increasing comforts
When people look, they look only at the surface believing glamour is happiness
but when they see in depth, they realize the world can be the way it is,
and it’s the self who needs to change and live with circumspect.

Not many realize, health is the greatest possession, contentment the greatest treasure
Confidence the best friend and love the greatest gift and the need of the hour is
Inclination to discover oneself and make a conscious effort to mature gracefully
Life is full of surprise and each surprise is a gift from un known quarters
One should forget yesterdays and don’t worry about tomorrows
but has to learn to celebrate the present day and live with utmost joy.
As the the saying goes some time’s joy can be source of smile,
but at times even a smile can be source of joy.


We have wantonly dirtied
Our rivers, ponds and lakes
With all our dirty dirts.

Not only the water we drink
Is getting highly polluted
The water we use for
Growing our food too
Is getting much more polluted.

The plants that we grow
And the yield that we eat
Are all polluted with chemicals

Mother Earth is disturbed
And showing her annoyance
In many subtle ways.

As an act of redemption
For the evil of dirtying our Earth
Mankind must now take up
Sincere cleaning up work.

Top priority is a must
For an effective technology
That will certainly purify
Our polluted water resources.

Even if that effort is financially
Not viable or very expensive
Mankind must spend willingly
To save its dear grand-children
From possible pollution deaths.

Colours of Temptation

The grandest fraud on man
Honey-coated worm-wood
A scented embalmed corpse
A gamble doomed to remorse.

Life-insured bubbles
Dreams that fake day
Falsehood clad in truth’s clothes
Counterfeited face of gladness.

Sweet deception in dim light
Hags passing for sweet seventeens
Tin glows like silver
Broken glass like diamond.

Irresistible in promise
Bitter in aftertaste
Bloating with excuses, betting
Next round satisfaction for sure.

Promises written on sand grains
On wind-licked desert plains
Offering gourmet dream banquet
On sinking luxury liner.


A time to celebrate! A time to celebrate
Oh the time to celebrate has come again
Fill up your glasses and let happiness overflow
Savour the taste of victory once more

Wars were won and people were lost
Battles began, but we know they never end
As the clouds make way for some light
Let the fire and passions of life burn bright

People! People everywhere
Look what we started and ended here
The black and the white squares have melted down
To give way to a new feeling new found

And this is the victory I am talking about
Not over people or lands and battlegrounds
A victory over everything man ever found
Celebration! Celebration- of the power to end it all

Sounds of Silence

The world of sounds surrounds me
In the whirlpool of roaring waves
The external noises clash
With the internal sound of silence
That is unheard by these ears.
Yet the melody is on and on
The ringing of bells
The drums of destiny
Beat in rhythm with the heartbeat.
And ceaselessly they keep ringing
To awaken me from the slumber sleep
That makes my life wither away in futile.
The unrealised and uncaptured moments
That pass by me
Is my lifetime
Of which I am ignorant
For I am deaf, as I hear not
The sounds of silence.

The Living Church

A place of testimony
Where one stands
In all disposed truth, to face the truth.
The fact is otherwise
Where one stands live in flesh
That is the pace, the real spot of church.
To say nothing but the truth
To think nothing but the truth
To hear nothing but the truth
On the Day of Judgment
It is the living heart with truth
A real witness of the testimony.
It is the only truth seeker
Other than the mind
That plays foul all the time.
So, my mind!
Open ears of my heart
Open eyes of my heart
To listen to the truth
And sustain the truth.


There was once a village,
With no means to survive,
No water, no cattle, no hills,
And no business which thrived.

Dry earth surrounded the place,
And the next town was so far away,
That, to travel it took days,
Through sand dunes and meandering ways.

There had been no drop of rain,
And years had been spent in vain,
Digging wells and making ponds,
For water that never stayed.

Yet days into months turned,
And people thought of new ways,
To survive and to carry on,
With their half-full, half-empty lives.

And on one such eerie night,
When one dug deep, searching water;
A black messy liquid one did find,
And suddenly there were many lamps to light.

The day the poor get rich

When will the smoker quit?
When will the dud be a hit?
When will salt be sweet?
When will the cold feel the heat?
When will black be cool?
When will women rule?
When will the lame walk?
When will the dumb talk?
When will the meek fight?
When will religion unite?
When will the corrupt turn clean?
When will the world go green?
When will the fools become wise?
When will the impolite become nice?
When will darkness become light?
When will a knave become knight?

Be your own friend

To please somebody,
Anybody can hurt everybody,
And when somebody is hurt
He tells everybody, that
This world belongs to nobody
And no one belongs to anybody.

Before it is too late,
And the shining sun of my life sets,
I must know myself,
And tell myself to do,
What pleases me the most?
To make myself a good human being,
So that I can belong to God,
If nobody accepts me,
As I am, for what I am,
I am pleased as I belong to God.


Tsunami came and gone,
leaving behind irreparable damages,
but a few marketing Tsunami and making money,
from the sufferings of fellow human being.

As drops make the ocean,
with complete cohesion and cooperation,
gain mighty strength as waves and Tsunami,
human being can also make an ocean of human beings,
with complete cohesion and cooperation by all.

Mahatma Gandhi said this applies to human beings,
and recent Tsunami strengthened my belief in it;
Let the Tsunami created by human ocean,
transform fellow human beings and universe alike,
leaving behind for generations after generations,
a universe of love, peace and compassion, worth living.

As Tsunami is gone and ocean is in peace and blue,
let Tsunami of human ocean transform all war mongers,
leaving behind a wonderful and colourful world of peace,
worth living for a full length of life,
and leaving behind for generations after generations,
a world all can be proud of.
Who will not love to live in this world?


The rainbow with a thousand colours,
Brought forth by the aspirations,
Of a thousand mom and dads,
Their kids should take all hues,
Of this rich, powerful rainbow,
They know he will be happy,
If he can be the rainbow.

The moment the kid could touch,
The powerful force of his life,
The creative sense of his soul,
The parents shoved down the rainbow,
To kill all his life force,
To kill all his creative sense.

I want you to be an engineer,
Because I could never become one,
I shall live MY dream through you.
I want you to be a doctor,
Because I’m a successful one,
I want you to inherit MY reputation.

One kid wanted to be an artist,
But could also decipher Laplace,
The system found a “successful” CEO,
By default became the ‘best around’,
He knew he wanted something else,
But forgot that paintings were his life.

The parents looked at their kid,
And proudly boasted to the world,
He makes weekly trips to Tokyo,
You know how important he is,
But never felt the unconditional love,
To peek into his bleeding heart.

One kid wanted to be poet,
And could never find the value of ‘x’,
The system uncaringly threw him out,
By default became the ‘inferior class’,
He rued becoming an ‘engineer’,
But forgot now the grace of words.

The parents looked at their kid,
And wrung their hands in anguish,
He can hardly make his ends meet,
You know he broke our dream,
But never felt the unconditional love,
To peek into his bleeding heart.

I look at the kids in front of me,
Brimming with hope and enthusiasm,
Oh what pity, they are made to feel,
That their only purpose in this life,
Is to make their parents proud,
That they follow the beaten path.

Oh, the unrelenting force of the rainbow,
The pressure of the false aspirations,
I see the anguish in their eyes,
They are made to believe, that
Life is worth living only,
If that rainbow is within their grasp.

Don’t follow the rainbow, my kids,
It isn’t worth the tears and blood,
The rainbow is but an illusion,
It runs faster than your sprints,
The moment you feel it in your grasp,
That moment it seems farthest away.

Look into your hearts, my kids,
Look for your rainbow there,
Nay, it is but a futile search.
Just allow your heart a little space
For your rainbow to enter you,
Then tell your parents to let you be.


Among the unbelieving amoebae,
There was one mad and gutsy,
Who believed in his potential to evolve
To multicelled mysterious creatures.
Among the doubting gilled fish,
There was one mad and gutsy,
Who believed his potential to evolve to,
To lung breathing landed creatures.
Among the reptiles, and the frogs,
Among the mammals, and the birds,
There were mad and gutsy ones,
Who believed in their higher potentials.

Among the skeptical human kind,
There have been mad and gutsy ones,
Who believed in the potential to evolve
To loftier plains in consciousness
Why does our self-important ego
Stop us from realizing that man is
Just another link in that process
Of unravelling of higher potentials.
Doesn’t that Buddha among monkeys
Understand more than brilliant me?
He grasps the humbling truth, that
Monkey is not His ultimate creation.

A curse called Man

The golden brown cub
Was born.
A far off place from the suburbs;
It grew peacefully and
Along with its kith and kin
He grew to be a majestic one;
His Majesty
He ruled the forest, day and night
Animals trembled in fright;
At his sight
His mane, the golden one, his pride
As he walked along leaving the others
Jaws open and wide.
Then came the day
The King, His Majesty succumbed
To a hunter’s mark, as a cheap game
The one who ruled the woods,
The one that controlled the others,
Is now controlled by man.
Man- the creation of the good Lord
Alas! now destroys the creations of God.

Turn a blind eye

4 fingers, 2 fingers, 3 fingers, one
Unseen writing but voices none
Sometimes I wish, I had someone
To eradicate my obsession with the trigger and the gun

Piercing the scream thru’ the dark blue velvet
Many wars I fought, many difficulties met
A sculptor vision makes stone come alive
But what I envisioned all turned out to be lies

The wars of the shackled will never end
Though we are insecure we do pretend
And we go on living a lie
This is our revenge on those
Who turned a blind eye

Human Survival

Life of human is a maze
Such is the complexity of human race
If we sit down in laze
And just gaze
We would be in a wild goose chase
Such is the competition in human race
O! God please help me face
The dreadful obstacles of human race
As humans pass through different phase
If we look back at time space
For successes trace
We find life has become dissipate
Human life comes to a sudden cease
This marked by us ending in a rectangular case
Such is the complexity of human race
God please help me face!