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My baby – a sweet melody

a poem by

Sounds you make are a sweet melody
Hearts you steal, with your smile ready

Every passing moment, I thank Thee
You inspire even me to write poetry

Volumes you speak with your eyes dreamy
Angelic as you are with your complexion creamy

Never will I neglect you, even in a hurry
Interacting are you, with the Almighty?

Good Night

a poem by

Good night, sleep tight my baby boy
Good night, sweet dreams to you

Sweet dreams to you all through the night
Sweet dreams to you sleep tight

Close your eyes and dream with me
Close your eyes and dream

Dream with me till morning light
Dream with me tonight

Good night, sleep tight my baby boy
Good night, sweet dreams to you

When the Breeze…

a poem by

When the breeze approaches
Blowing is the hot wind

When the rose bud flowers
Black is its color

When lotus flowers
No odor is there

When the winter moon shines
I could feel the scorching sun

When I go to bed
I feel a tomb

When a cuckoo sings
It’s a melancholy cry

When it rains
No spirit is in it

When the rainbow bows
No fancy is in it


Sleep Soul Sleep

a poem by

Sleep Soul Sleep
No husks to sweep

Sleep Soul Sleep
Mind not your sheep

Sleep Soul Sleep
No more to reap

Sleep Soul Sleep
Before the light peeps

Sleep Soul Sleep
Troubles may creep

Sleep Soul Sleep
Calm you keep

Sleep Soul Sleep
Feelings be deep

Sleep Soul Sleep
Sorrows are heaps

Sleep Soul Sleep
No joys to leap

Sleep Soul Sleep
No worries to weep

Sleep Soul Sleep
Sleep Soul Sleep

At Night

a poem by

Sometimes, late at night,
When sleep fails to come,
And I feel fresher,
Than never before;
I lie in my bed,
And listen…
I hear the fan, whirling gently,
Above me.
The clock ticking away the night,
The creaks of my ancient bed,
As it settles,
With much ado, beneath me.
The faint snores, of my maid,
As she sleeps outside my door.
The crickets, ever so busy,
As usual,
Among the shrubs.
The yelps of,
My puppies,
As they dream away,
In the night,
Of bones and biscuits,
And all things nice.
My sister,
Studying late into the night,
As always.

The rustle of,
The starched sheets,
As I turn on my side,
And finally go to sleep.