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We are forever

a poem by

The fluorescent Sun burns, the sky remains silent.
The last shepherd left, meadows sing of atonement.
The tender wind blows, miles between us cry.
The omnipresence of love brings us into life.
Beyond the stars, we will meet.
Beneath the Sun, we will meet.
If the night comes,
At every dawn, we will meet.

I let you

a poem by

You see me, I notice you
You reach me, I meet you

You make an effort to know me, I respect you

You love me, I allow you
You ask me, I let you

But now
Now you are gone, leaving me to wonder

Wonder what was real

If it was you or the one who left
Because I am still here but you are long gone


a poem by

Loving you like breathing
How can I stop!
My love for you is endless…
Can’t stop thinking about you!
Waiting for the day, us being together…
Let the count down begin,
Tick tock, tick tock goes the time,
And I’m sure! You are just mine!
Being with you gives me joy
I wish, we would be together for two years…
I love your naughty eyes winking at me,
Which makes me feel shy!
Can’t afford being away from you anymore,
Need to spend time with you… somemore
Whatever was the situation, you always kept by my side…
I never wanna lose you
Even if I die!
May our dreams come true
So that we can be together soon!
Your cute smile, brings me miles closer to you!
I just wanna say… I love you… I Love you and I really Love you!
The best thing about you is… You knew me well…
And never carried off by someones yell!
Even though I’ve hurt you once,
You always stood for me… once, twice, thrice.. many times!
You are second after my father… whom I loved so much!
And keep on loving forever!
I just wanna say, never want to lose you! Never ever!!

Valentine Experience

a poem by

It’s again that time of the year
When words bandied are
‘Love’, ‘Romance’ and ‘My Dear’
And question popped is,
‘Will you be my Valentine’?

No, no nothing wrong in it
That’s fine
But to find ‘genuine’ love
And not to be scoffed
Take advice from me
I assure you, no consultation fee
Both of you may think
‘We are made for each other’
But just look around brother
Are you the only one?

See the fun
Everyone’s under the same impression
So, in case of incompatibility
Rid yourself quickly
Give her up for good
And don’t say, ‘If only I could’
If you follow this
You’ll be in ‘permanent’ bliss
Keeping yourself out of harm’s way

For example, let’s say
The snorting father
And the charging mother
If you be both judicious and bold
You are sure to hold
Your own
Her skin
As well as your bone
See your partner oozes love
Addresses you as
‘My Dove’
Remains with you
Through thick and thin
Beyond the Valentine din

And before I close
Do you have any further questions to pose?
I know what’s passing in your mind
You want to find
Whether it’s my ‘Valentine Experience’ which speaks
If it is this
Which you seek
Well, only the wearer knows
Where the shoe pinches
So the matter, that clinches
If for someone’s love
You too pine
You may also come up
With such expressive lines


a poem by

Love has a meaning that needs to be found
Search in your heart its deep and profound

Love seems to have answers to all our doubts
Whenever we are in despair and tend to shout

Love rekindles the hope when dark clouds hover
Frees our heart of all sorrows and lets it rover

Love is the soft warm breeze that kisses our face
Heart so pure and full of love always eager to embrace

Love is the cracker that splitters and sparkles in the dark
Leaves no corner abandoned at a distance we see the sparks

Love flows like the trail of the river at times placid, at times torrent
Obstacles and hindrances cease to stop its current

Love is a tree that nurtures all hopes and dreams
In the shade of this tree compassionate souls day dream

Love forms a rainbow over sea that enthrals us with its bright hues
Love is the boat that helps us sail through all the blues

Love is like an oasis in the dry, lonely, barren deserts
Solace in the state of melancholy is what love asserts

Love becomes a hope amidst all gloom and dissonance
Hopes tend to bloom and deep in our heart we hear the resonance

Just for You!

a poem by

With full of trouble and pain I got freaked
It was all a girl, should have never seemed
Everytime overcoming life’s reality
It always pulled me back to taste its cruelty
Everytime I fell for You, so sweet…
You always gave me the broken heart
But still I said to myself “You be my Sweetheart”
Down, back to reality… Hurt… Hurt… Hurt…
Seeking and wading through the darkest nights being insomniac
You always made me feel like a Love-Maniac…
Again and again my Heart beats
It just craved for your Love, warmth and Heat
I know I’m heartless…
But will never LOVE you less
I love you… Jus for you!

The Resurrection

a poem by

Far away, forlorn in the busy grey,
Twined myself to the singing soul,
Bestowed I am, a gift with from far above,
Never seen, never said; it happened so…
A companion adored, but never spoken,
Treasures the imagery of my sunny days.
Such a wonderment I had never been through,
Whose magic touch strikes the fiddle…
And my heart sings, resurrected I am,
Casting away the shades of gloom,
Unearthed me from witches of dark,
Exalted I am, at the very summit,
Hope not to stoop down ever…
Let myself be always there!!!

Smug smile

a poem by

First day of collage, its raining at canteen side,
I am under tree when first time seen you free,
I love that thing you made your self even you know, what you need,
Looking silly, confused as all be;

Touching the side of your nose with a forefinger free,
then seeing on my eyes makes me hide,
but I am frozen like a shell at sea side;

And scenary changes orange juice too violent blue sky,
I don’t even ask your name because of shy,
different route, different side now its class time…

Its like they are drop of someone eyes,
Again the drop of rain on my eyes seeing you coming
next my desk with a rainbow at the sky;

I got a blank, at last a smile, you gone, kill me on your eyes,
I haven’t told you my name, only a Sumg smile…

It was always you

a poem by

It’s you who has taken a decision
which I was never a part of

It’s you who thought I am not worth of
what I desire for

I remember the day when you said
you wanted out

I remember me juggling for answers
which I had no questions for

I wonder if it was time or if it was fair on me
or was it only you

I wonder how you left with
no looking back too

For a minute I wondered if it was a dream,
I kept pinching myself with no self esteem

How could I ever let you incharge of my life,
when I knew people always leave me behind

The Promise

a poem by

As the moon shone on to its full delight,
She held on to him, hands clasped tight…
They walked on and on as time flew by,
Tears streaming, he wished she didn’t die,
Fighting her emotions, she wiped his eyes…
“I’ll be there, twinkling up in the skies…”
Braving a smile, she assured her love,
Heart aching yet she pretended tough!

“Baby, promise me you’ll find a new love…”
“You are leaving me alone, isn’t the pain enough?!”
Life was small yet she felt truly blessed…
For a guy, who loved her to pieces and shreds,
If given a choice, besides him, she would forever lie.
But more then often life hardly does comply!
One day, when she finally lay on her deathbed,
She brought up the request, his hand on her head…
“Baby, swear upon me, you’ll find a new love…”
“Its OK sweets, your memories are enough…”
“Wouldn’t you fulfill my last dying wish?”

Her words did make his tears unleash…
Days later, when her body, besides him, lay…
His heart broke a million pieces, that day!
Years later, as he caressed ‘her’ hair…
Remembering the promise, he was made to swear,
He kept his promise as she had said,
Sitting besides his ‘girl’, he kissed her head…
“Which is mom?” she asked munching a pie…
“The brightest star, twinkling up in the sky!!”

Life is often a hard choice…
Love appears fake…
But among a dozen cheaters there’s that one guy
Who’ll make you believe that true love exists…
Just like this guy who adopted a child and
Decided to share his love with her… his daughter!

A Sudden Meeting

a poem by

A Sudden Meeting (Translation of Rabindranath Tagore’s poem)

I met her in train all of a sudden
Never I thought it would ever happen.

Previously, again and again I saw her
Clad in sari red in colour
As red as pomegranate flower.

Today black silk is her dress
The aanchal on her head stays
Encircling champalike fair slim face.

She had created a long distance, I felt,
Around her person’s private belt,

That up to the farthest corner of mustard field extends
And to the deep blue of the shawl forest distends.

My heart came to a standstill manner
The known one I saw in gravity of stranger.

Suddenly she kept the newspaper
And I was genuflected by her.

There opened up the process of social interaction
And we started the conversation—
How’re you, how’s your family going on and so on.

Her glance was through the window outward set
As if glance overcame infliction of days intimate.

She, to a few, in short, replied
To some she completely denied.

Her hand’s restlessness made me realize
Why these words, to keep silent is rather wise.

I was on another bench with her group members
Once she told me to come closer, by sign of fingers.

I thought, not a less courageous wench
Then I sat beside her on the same bench.

Camouflaged in the train’s noise
She said in a low, timid voice,

Don’t you please mind
To waste the time where can one find?

I’ll have to detrain at next station, as I bechance
And towards a distant place you will advance
To meet each other we’ll never get chance.

So the reply to the question so long did itself conceal
I want from your lips; will you honestly reveal?
I replied, “Yes I will.”

Fixing her eyes at the sky outside, she demanded answer,
“Have the bygone days of ours really gone forever,
Isn’t there left a little share?

I kept silent for a while and then said to her
“All nocturnal stars stay under diurnal luster.”

I felt a hesitation, did I artificially utter?
She said, “Stop, now go you there.”

All got down at next station
I alone was in motion.

Erotomania Unknown!

a poem by

My heart melts
At your sight
Your bright eyes
Is a sight to behold

Your beauty is disarming
Words can’t describe
Your silhouette in moonlight
As your silky locks dance to the arial aria!!

Loving you is a sin
I know we can’t be together
Can’t think of anything but you
Your sight’s my prayer

I don’t know what the future
Holds for you and for me
You belong to someone else
But I stay obsessed for thee

When your hands touched mine
Though You don’t remember it
Is a constant reminder of my madness
Though I wanna forget it

Loving you is not a choice
It is now a flow of emotions
Loving you is a sin
A poison, a desperate dream.

My Erotomania unknown to you
Is what it’ll all finally be
A dream of lost love, a penance forced
My soul longs for you… eternally

The bell

a poem by

The bell rang not once,
But several times
And it was the moment
She was waiting for.
She drew herself up
to her future.
She stood a while
for she wanted to feel
That once in a while magnetic
Life force vibrating in her soul
And then released the words from the imprisonment
Of her mouth
And whispered slowly
“Yes, I am”

New Found Love

a poem by

I feel so brand new
All thanks to you,
Your love keeps me going strong
Making me feel like I belong.
You are the ray of light
In all darkness of sight,
I was lost and alone without a clue
I felt like the ocean, so cold and blue.
I think of you day and night
When I see you I feel so bright,
Never had this feeling I’m mind
How your love for me could be so kind.
Although my love is still new
I think I am in love with you.
I love you from my heart
Meaning it’s forever, and never for part.