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Without Withal and Wilt

a poem by

Life is so sweet as breeze,
Will fill us with faith and grace;
Where heart is pure, there turns peace.

Life is so sweet as music,
Singing, swinging inside, reside in us, as magic;
Like little light of candle, kindle and kind to drive the tragic.

Life is so sweet as bud,
Wafting wings of invisible, immense incense above the mud;
AS Divine wind to overture thy wand to bless, recess in mute mind.


a poem by

Relations we were
On all seasons, either spring or autumn
Assemble unanimously for all reasons
Like numerous birds in a single tree
We extend our feathers with glee
Our elders were pillars
Shadowed us from all sorrows

We were never tired
And spilled nothing but love
And increased the pressure on neighbors
Increased the degree of envy

We are bonded to each other
And exchanged all sorts
Our theories were monumental
And our relations were historical

We constructed like building blocks
Thick as our blood
And exhibited our blood relations
Exhibited our relations
Exhibited our affection
Deep rooted and no one can spew out

Generations change and the relations too
Rather than human touch
We are bonded by electronic touch
We satisfy ourselves with digital feelings
We can only hear, cannot see
We can only speak, cannot see
We can only read and reply, cannot share

We are addicted to keyboard and buttons
Other than that we cannot afford
Hitherto, the relations are tide
They fly, fly and no one to guide

Feelings shared under candlelights
Whips the mind and gears all days
The same now under the satellites

We never obey our mind
We oblige to wires
Live wires rules and surrounds our body
Than our nerves
We refrain our brain signals and refuse
We accept the signals of charged batteries
That burns and fuses.

We believe the mouse
Rather than our spouse
We unplug our relations

Screens and monitor thrills us
Ultimately we kill our brain
And put them behind the grills

Will this change nor continue
Will the touch and feelings come again?

Tales after birth

a poem by

The salt
you handed over
made my city
an ocean.

curses of
crabby mouths
turned my home
a parish hall.

addressed public meetings.

Lanes to lanes
I searched
for a hand
or a pinch of salt.

But died in woe.

Divine – Designer of Human Engine

a poem by

Heart and mind is an Ignition,
to run the life as an Engine.
The road He put is for us to Drive,
So, thrive to drive till the heated Tyres (Tired by the end of day),
To cool (Engine and Tyre) us friends and family are always there,
for a patient ear to hear their dear.

Life is obstacles but there ‘He’ is with High Beam Vision
to Grease and Service.
The showers of Service that ‘He showers’ on us,
For peace and His grace upon us is in pace.
Engine of life never stops,
As ‘He’ is there to Start / Re-start / Kick Start.

Season Loves Dream Bird

a poem by

Please don’t tell me, who I am?
After all I am from
An unknown way to god,
Yes I had crossed many a country
To reach any country
There is no need for passport
Nor a visa
Because my name is a dream bird
And this temporary clouds are our best friends
Near and dear to each other
And we never know each other
Nor whether we will reach our destiny or not
What we know
That life is tearful smiles
In our day to day life


a poem by

A blushing lotus gyrates with a golden flame burning at the centre
Like a wide whirlpool moving with a slow motion in the vast ocean
Similar to a spiral nebula circling itself in the infinite Universe
In the inner world of my mind when I close my eyes!
The world gyrates! The planets gyrate! And the Stars gyrate!
All gyrates! Gyrates for stability and position in the Universe!

Gyration only keeps in position each and every Star where they are;
Gyration keeps the Time to go without a stop in the Space;
Gyration makes the Matter to move without a fall in Space;
Gyration keeps the World to stay without a problem in the Sky.

Even life gyrates itself between birth and death in the world;
It is gyration that has brought many changes in the society;
And gyration only has made mankind to progress in the world.

Matter is the same though gyration causes changes;
Earth is the same though gyration brings Day and Night;
Sky and Earth remain the same though Earth gyrates over four seasons.

Heart is the same though it gyrates between pleasure and pain;
Soul is the same though man gyrates between passion and reason;
Life is the same though it gyrates between joy and sorrow.
Human life is the same though there may come enmity and friendship in gyration;
But gyration of fate and fortune only gets human life going.

In this game of gyration man gyrates between dreams and realities,
Not knowing the way out he suffers and enjoys in fate and fortune
Longing for permanence and stability he gyrates up and down in life
Indecisive of what course to choose in the suspense of non-stop excitement
Between passion and reason, pleasure and wisdom, defiance and peace!

However permanent, perfect and promising the other world is,
There is no evidence from the dead of the dark side of the moon!
The sunny life though time bound is ever green in the mind;
If not ever enjoyable in reality it can at least be enjoyed in dreams!
The reality we know we should not lose grip of even in gyration;
And for relief and enjoyment the pleasurable past can be mused over in mind.

Smiling Song

a poem by

Songs of enmity
Sorrowful waves from inner souls
Conflicting ideas
All add up to the
Despair of human beings
Thus deceiving the society
Under the garb of civilisation too

The darkness at any stage
Never lasts long
And the brightening rays of moonlight
Will assist to dissolve the agony after sometime

Life always thus should smell like a fragrant flower
Smiling flavours all along
And happiness instantaneously
Should dance like a nectar drunk soul

In between darkness and light
Joy should ride the living beings
Though little but gentle smiles
Should live long ever and forever

A Passing Fancy

a poem by

When I first met you we vibed
We communicated with our eyes
We came to a mutual agreement in our needs
An so we completed the wanton deed

Soon we discovered that we were not right
We turned our attention to others however slight
Yes we went our separate ways
Just a passing fancy some say

Further in life our roads met again
We hit it off as if it were destined to begin
We laughed played
Shared and were amazed

At how quick we reunited
That love we did not believe we could fight it
So as they shook their heads
Our passing fancy again was dead

But now on vacation from our lives
We wandered and confused others with our lies
We sank so low in our hearts
The parting of our love tore us apart

They set it up oh but good
As I walked one day in memory through the woods
You shuffled up by my side
With a sly look and a weak hi

I was just so glad for you to see
Until I could not explain what was happening to me
Your eyes sparkled and your face glowed
Again our passing fancy flowed

Now 40 years later with you on the couch
Me on the floor, the children gone from the house
I think to myself what we almost missed my friend
And I thank god for this union that will never end

At Premium

a poem by

I am the air that breezes
In delight

I am the sea that preserves
Valuables at fathoms deep

I am the sky that scintillates
Co existing with brightened stars

I am the water directly from clouds
Mountains, foot hills just to draw at homes

I am the fire that blazes
All injustices at large

Who am I?
I am omnipresent in all times

Where am I?
I am omnipotent by all means

When I can I be visualised?
I am omniscient at all junctures

I am not a human being alone
I dwell in all living organism
I am not at par with love and life
I am at premium on love My Dear!

The bus I waited for…

a poem by

Standing here doesn’t make any sense,
Under the hot sun, in this bus-stand,
For a bus which never comes on time.

But these are the heady days of adolescence,
And under this canopy I stand,
Waiting for an angular glimpse of your sight.

Looking down on me with tentative uncertainty,
As you measure me up in the realm of your dreams,
That window-seat you sit in, always looks bright.

I keep waiting, letting things slip by,
Its a mistake peculiar to this age,
Its the start of a fascination, a new phase of my life


a poem by

Departing soul never turn again
Only footprints add some chime
Perhaps for quite sometime
Sailing over somnolent cosmos
Peeping the world – drained boss

Many things were wrought by prayer
Departure bell cannot be stopped
Perhaps survival cannot be dreamed off

That heart and veins can be transplanted
Not soul and mind can be
Taken as granted
One day everyone will join the game

Cool Cool Moon

a poem by

My lord!
Whatever you say, the instinct in man is human
Cries aloud even if despairs are nothing but common
Laughs a lot even the period of joy is just for a noon
Life lives in death and death entwines life everything so soon
Forget the past and let live to love in the present, it is a cool cool moon

Solitary Judgement

a poem by

From Heaven all creatures have fate
All books have end, all lives are
Had thy reason no one can try
Pleased to the last and finally cry.

Oh, blindness to the future, show us the way
Kindness you can shower, you are the sway

That each of us one day to your circle
You see with equal eyes
The god with all miracle

All perish and will fall
No cleverness can deny your call.

Fine in Twine

a poem by

Life and death, two sides of a coin
You can’t store it forever in a casket green
And expect later to have a full shine scene
Live the life with desire and despair as thine
Till the death kisses you in touch screen, in fine