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Me Lord I Object

a poem by

Me Lord I object to the frequent delays
I object to the tricks of the trade
I object to the victim becoming an object
Rather than a subject
I object to being subject
To the devious ploys of lawyers
I object to the corruption in our courts
I object to the inapt handling of the suspect
I object, me Lord to the frequent times
A lawyer objects
I object me Lord to the frequent granting of dates
On flimsy grounds
I object very strongly me Lord.

Land Rights

a poem by

Nobody can really
lay claim to a
piece of land on
Planet Earth,
be it
a landlord,
a squire,
a farmer,
a tenant
or landed gentry!

You may till the land
if you wish,
but your rewards depend
on the vagaries
of mother nature.

You may buy a
bit of land
if you wish,
to bury your final remains,
all traces of you
will soon be wiped out!

You may build on the land
permanent structures
if you wish
… but an earthquake
can humble even the
mightiest fortress!
… a tidal wave can
lay waste even the
grandest palace!

… a bolt of lighting
can reduce to ashes even
the most elegant dwelling!

Don’t delude yourself,
everything comes from nature
and is recycled back to nature.

So if you presume
that you are the
rightful owner
of a piece of land
because the
title deed
says so.
Think again!