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‘She’ – An Indian Woman

a poem by

‘She’ sacrificed her love… coz she had to marry the person of her ‘parents’ choice
‘She’ sacrificed her girly looks… coz she had to wear ‘Mangalsutra’ & Sindur for her ‘husband’
‘She’ sacrificed Her career… coz she had to look after her ‘children’
‘She’ sacrificed Her choices… coz the decisions of her life are taken by her husband/parents
‘She’ cooks for the family… but being a ‘bahu’ She is compelled to eat at the end
‘Her’ job-stressed husband shouts on Her
‘Her’ stubborn children don’t listen to Her
‘Her’ inlaws comments on Her
Still… She keeps on sacrificing
‘She’ is adored as Goddess Durga..
Definitely some power of Goddess lies within ‘her’
No normal human can make so many sacrifices
As ‘SHE’ makes…

To My Darling Wife on Her Birthday (6-1-2015)

a poem by

You’re my princess
My happiness
You’re my life
My dear wife

You’re my sweetheart
My cheerfulness
Angel from above
Who showed what’s true love

I love the things you do
Though I talk less, I love you
God chose you to be mine
You are my soul’s sunshine

You met my wants on time
You made my life wholesome
I can’t imagine a life sans you
My successes to you belong

You’re an amazing lady
May God give you good health
I wish you also wealth
Happy Birthday dear belov’d.

You’re special in every way
’Tis an important day
I thank God for His Mercy today
Mercy, Happy Birthday!

Most lovingly dedicated to my better half
Mrs. Mercy Rajam Caroline B.Sc., B.Ed.

For Ms. Mignonette Reposar

a poem by

Let me embrace you
As tenderly as I hold a rose;
Let me wet your lips
With passionate kisses
Let me caress you and
Whisper the music of
Love in your delicate ears.
Let me see you as Eve
In the garden of Eden
Let me feast my eyes
On the rounded shapes
Of your contours
Let’s mount on to the bed
As lovers in feasting.
Let us rock ourselves
With the cradles of passion
Let us surge in the rhythm of
Let’s moan and coo our
Passions to sublimity
And lets submerge
Our poetry to the hearts of love.


a poem by

Falling from the sky carelessly,
teasing me of the infinite freedom they have,
Falling into my cage onto my stiff skin
Leaving promises of freedom that I do not have,
Behaving like a secret potion.
Compelling me to drink it to be free!
Making me feel how infinite they feel.

But then a Loud lightening struck.
Awakening me!
I looked down and realised that their fate is no better,
that everything in this world comes with a price!
That these silver droplets are now mixed into mud,
going down the drain.
And so, I slowly went to sleep again,
with hope on my mind,
cause only after a dark, cold night do you see a beautiful, warm sunrise.

My Girl

a poem by

Perfect match
The ring that it shows
All that bitters is cold and she’s
Lying to me without an answer

Ooh ooh ooh ohh ooh ooh ooh ooh
And she’s lying to me without a reason
There’s a loose without fool
And there’s noose with a juice
And she’s having a taste of a cherry

There’s a creep with a beep and
I listen to her leaps
There’s a crown on her hair as I thought so

Ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh
Mine without a feel and I see her feet
I jerk like a fool on her thighs

Well in the soup I fell in the loop
I can’t come out so soon you know that


a poem by

Openly her smiles are beautiful flowers
Inviting handsome bees to suck honey!
Even the harsh summer is not as hot as
The kissing eyes that burn the hearts!

So say many a poetic lover in many a lyric
While longing for their priceless love!
But whether woman is wooing man or
Man is wooing woman is the question!

Man’s life cannot become complete without
The inclusion of woman in the world life;
So, the better half should not become bitter half
If the bittersweet life should be a beautiful one!

For, without sexual fulfilment man cannot
Achieve spiritual fulfilment in the world!
Also, without the company of man and woman
There is no safety and completion in life!

Man and woman are made for each other
To play their roles by Nature in the world;
To know the self and for salvation one needs
Another soul as life partner till one departs life.

As flowers women are born to charm and attract men
By their beauty, kindness, care, talk and act in life.
As multicoloured flowers attract by their beauties
Men are loved by women for their valour and worth.

To know the in and out of man woman is needed
And for safety of woman man is certainly needed;
So, women woo men like birds and flowers do
And men long for their love to achieve laurels!

Hence women woo men naturally, since
They are born to woo men in the world life!
Only mutual love between man and woman
Makes life merry if they wish for married life!


a poem by

I sit still
In the evening
As I look to the sea
Into the horizon
You know what’s in my mind
If I travel into this sea
For many days and many nights
Straight, into these waters wild
I would get to my home
A weird though to have
As I see the sunset… imagining
Someone in my house… in the twilight
Would be staring at these skies too
Remembering the time we spent together
Someone would be missing me in the rains
When we held each other
All of this thought breaks apart
When the tides crash into my feet
Just reminding that we are miles apart
Awaiting to be rejoined… again


a poem by

Not near was she
Not far was she
But wherever was she
Close to my heart was she

More sweet than rose was she
More than friend was she
Running in my veins was she
Rarest gem was she

Making me enamor was she
My world map was she
A blue dream was she
A deep sea to swim was she

Shiny than the sun was she
Swinging in the clouds of my dreams was she
Teaching me to love was she
Tuning me into a man was she

Above the gods was she
Aerial swift bird was she
Wiping my thick tears was she
Wooing to be my wife was she

One day in newspapers was she
Off to a deep sleep was she
With the last chapter of my love was she
What a gal was she…

She is a Woman

a poem by

She has a kind heart
She has love, she has care
There may be thorns a many
She will pull out with care
She will ask not for much
If you fill her with your love
She will treat you well
Sometimes she will break your heart

She will hold your hand and teach you to walk
She will hold your hand with you to walk
She will hold your hand lest you stumble and fall
She will hold you in her heart
Long after you’ve gone

She will nurse you when ill
When low she will stay by your side
She will shed a tear for sad moments gone by
She will often forgive all the times you failed
She can make you cry or put all worry at bay

She is your mother or sister
Your spouse or your girl friend
She is your daughter, your neighbour
A stranger or a friend
She will make you laugh
She will make you cry
She is woman to love
She is woman who gives life


a poem by

Gems lose shine on you;
a gift to you is like
taking coal to the coal mine;
bringing cutlery to Sheffield,
as you are the Gods very own
Treasure Cove and it takes
all my life marveling at you
and your priceless smile,
sparkles like diamonds set
and now let us go for a walk,
hand in hand dreaming of moon,
and I pray, you forgive me this time,
for I forgot the present for your birthday.


a poem by

Do you remember the time,
When I offered the world on a platter?
And did I see a glitter in your eyes?
The mirthful play enriched your lips,
I missed the vein in the delicate palms,
Stared at your glistening chin,
Your cheeks twitched in pleasure,
We ran a marathon of frolic and
Together exhausted till blood came back.
I saw in your eyes so bewitching,
Gaits of tunes scintillating.
I asked for my way back as a reward and
You favored me with sunshine of smile.
Shall ever be indebted to your magic,
For I played a waiting game for many moons,
Between beats reminiscent of that night.
Let your beauty and pleasure last
Till I reached the end of the rainbow.


a poem by

I pretend to be weak and fragile,
I am famous for my beauty and style.
I am gifted with beauty and brains,
No matter what they think, but no one can bind me with chains.

I am a daughter, a sister, a wife, a mother,
It’s me who holds the relation’s chain together.
Love around the world is what I scatter,
Difficult situations make me strive harder.

I bear pain and bring new life to the world,
Within my fist world’s destiny is what I hold.
Part of this world in knave to treat me as a commodity to be sold,
This is what they should be told.
If I am the creator, I can also be the destroyer.
For God himself has bestowed me with such power.
My work does not get hampered by thunder, rain and sun,
Because I am a woman.

Twin Tale

a poem by

Oh woman! You have got the power,
to touch the highest tower, unlike me the little flower.

Jealous did I grow, on seeing you glow,
but little did I know, of the hardships you undergo.

As an uncared little seed, I was awed at the life you lead,
until I found, you were in need, of more help indeed.

Moments after I’m sown, at times I’m unnaturally torn,
while there are many to mourn, minutes after you’re born.

As a little sapling, I’m damaged on excess dampening,
while on your upbringing, you’re besieged with certain happenings.

As I grow and blossom, I become a part of all custom,
while you’re forced to accustom, to comply with our social system.

As beauty and fragrance, accompany our radiance,
we with perseverance, overcome every grievance.

We have no luck, when we are pluck,
and are struck, for a few bucks.

Now we make a nice pair, for a lot in common we share,
but we’re not spared, for whatever we’ve dared.

There are so many, to save us both, honey,
but do we need so many, if problems we have at all any.

You have a long way to go, carrying on your woes,
but I come and go, for a small show.

Though we make a great pair, I’m now aware,
that you’re taken care, in cases utmost rare.

With this, my jealously flew, and no more grew,
and now to be really true, I’m better of than you.