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Forever seeking

a poem by

I seek, seek to know,
for its how I will grow.
I seek, seek to be wise,
to be honest and defy all lies.

I seek, seek that knowledge supreme,
that shall satiate my mind and fulfill my dreams.
I seek, seek to comprehend,
life’s ebbs and flows and to transcend,
o’er the skies and space,
and to be an ace.

To ace with that knowledge that I constantly seek,
to reach a peak, the mountain peak,
knowledge shall lead to my winning streak.

That it is learning…

a poem by

Learn from a baby how to be innocent,
Learn from a kid how to be happy,
Learn from a tree how to be evergreen,
Learn from the sun how to shine always!

Learn from the stars how to brighten the dark,
Learn from the rain how to be clear,
Learn from nature how to be supportive,
Learn from the sunflower how to turn towards good,

Learn from a beggar how to humble yourself,
Learn from the tide how to be mighty,
Learn from gravity how to pull back,
Learn from the magnet how to attract!

Learn from the animals how to bear brunt,
Learn from a forest how to live in unison,
Learn from a knife how to be sharp,
Learn from a scissors how to give shape!

Learn from a stove how to grasp,
Learn from a vessel how to hold and store,
Learn from a biscuit how to be crisp,
Learn from water how to dissolve!

Learn from a chemical how to react,
Learn from a cartoon how to act,
Learn from your nail how to grow,
Learn from the cactus how to be protective,
Learn from the flowers how to exhibit beauty!

Learn from a mother what compassion is,
Learn from a father, who a guide is,
Learn from a sibling, what affection is,
Learn from a friend, what companionship is,
Learn from a teacher, how challenging the profession is!

Learn from your spouse, who you are,
Learn from your child, what is the meaning of life,
Learn from everything, how much more there is to learn!!

God never says, He is a God

a poem by

Common one love, one god
Celebrate one love, one god
Winner one love, one god
Spirituality one love, one god
Secular feel one love, one god
Pleasure one love, one god
Lover smile one love, one god
Love me one love, one god
God bless one love, one god
Adore god one love, one god
Abhor sin one love, one god
Comeback one love, one god
I cannot forget one love, one god
I can forgive one love, one god
God never says, he is a god

The Knowledge Seeker

a poem by

In the darkness light I sought
There it was glowing like a dot
It gave me an idea I gave it a thought
Keep yourself burning bright and hot
Stop if you may and become a knot

In the desert water I sought
There it was flowing ample and lot
It gave me an idea I gave it a thought
Live your life in the trot
Rest if you may and will you clot

In the harsh times spirit I sought
There it was floating, luck it had brought
It gave me an idea I gave it a thought
If you are in danger drink a courage pot
Repent you will that you had never fought

In this life knowledge I sought
There it was in me sleeping on the cot
It gave me an idea I gave it a thought
Keep it within you and will it rot
The more I had sold it the more I had bought


a poem by

Now I see the expansion is the purpose of evolution!
This expansion is creation and the destination too creation!
This evolution is not at all a struggle but creation only!
The same pulsation is present in all creations!
The beating in them all is the vibration of a single harmony!
The harmonic vibration is the music of the past, present and future!
In all the proportionate order constitutes beauty!
Keeping pace with such an order brings joy!
This reality behind all the happenings is the truth!
This broad expansion of evolution is the nature of love!
The love, the mother of these harmonious activities is the justice!
To all this justice is the maintainer of peace!
The will is the activator of everything in this scheme!
This will is fate, destiny, chance and providence!


a poem by

High Spirits
Gas drinks
Flatulence brings
Gas floats, lies

Gas saves lives
Gas sustains
Gas excesses
As well kills

Boast tout brag
Gaseous strikes
Power blows
Blow hot blow cold


a poem by

Fill! Fill! Fill! Fill the mind
With the information of the goings on,
Why, where what, who, when, and
How the world is going on?

Why did Sam go after Saddam?
Where did Laloo stash his millions?
What is the currency of Mongolia?
Who wrote ‘The Knowledge Ocean’?

When did Askoka kick the bucket?
How did the UTI fiasco happen?
So much information in this world,
To be devoured and stashed in the mind.

I saw and devoured, and saw more,
I devoured more and could see no end.
Back to front and inside out, I knew
Shares, music, history, and trivia.

But the other guy knew about the stars.
When the talk turned to Astronomy,
I felt small, and I devoured more
To cover up my insecure feeling.

To become secure, I proclaimed aloud
The information I possess is important.
If you want to climb the corporate ladder,
And want to be successful, Fill!, Fill! Fill!

One day into my dreams, came the Almighty
Asked me the meaning of ‘concatenation’
Phut came my answer ‘a chain of!’
And God smiled, and said ‘thanks’.

My ego was taking off, that I knew
What God knew not, but then I landed,
Hey, isn’t HE supposed to be the All-knowing?
Isn’t HE supposed to know everything?

I picked up my Reliance, and dialed HIM,
Why do you ask me, O Gracious One?
Aren’t YOU supposed to be the All-knowing?
Aren’t YOU supposed to know everything?

I had the choice of the click of the mouse,
And asking you, my dear encyclopedia,
Google searching takes too much time.
Why log on when you are handy?

You are user friendly, my dear friend,
You come up with answers real fast.
You have an excellent search engine,
Despite heaps of unnecessary information.

If the so important information, I possess
Is so insignificant and useless, I need
To know the essence of true knowledge
‘So, what do YOU fill YOUR mind with?’

Oh, I keep my mind empty of everything,
So that I cease to ruminate and think,
So that I can be the birds when they sing,
So that I can be the sunshine on the dewdrops.

So that I can be the smell of the flowers,
So that I can be the whisper of the brook,
So that I can relax and just do nothing,
And I can laugh at the stupidity of.

Death in a cradle

a poem by

I walk on the tempest I cry in the storm
I die even before I was born
Conceived in love murdered in hate
What I feel I will never communicate
Death from a needle who cares how I feel
Murdered by people with nerves of steel
Innocence is dying just look at my fate
Wealth and quality to my life they equate
I am a child – a person – a feeling human too
I want to laugh-breathe-love and live just like you
I kick in the morning I move late at night
I feel I deserve it. It is my right

Why kill me I ask you what is it I’ve done
In my innocence I haven’t hurt anyone
My hands are not bloody, my conscience is clean
My soul has developed I too have a dream
Conceived in your body cradled in your womb
Why do you turn this into a living tomb?
The walls my protector a warm close friend
Now you my creator are plotting my end
Madness I tell a philosophy all wrong
A logic of insanity my personal death song

The heavens are crying the deep seas do weep
Helpless within you I dream I sleep
Your hands drip blood and your red lips lie
Speaking of money as I wriggle I die
My cradle you’ve turned into a deadly tomb
Remember my murder within your warm womb
Angels are weeping and devils just grin
You’ve just committed a major deadly sin

Let me be I implore you let me come into my own
The joy I will bring you do not disown
Look into my brown eyes as they fuzz over with sleep
Fill you with a joy that is warm and deep
Come sweet mother be my close friend
Don’t be the one that brings about my swift end
Rock me cuddle me assure at night
That come the bright morning all will be all right
I’m deep in your body I’m close to your heart
How can you kill me and set us apart
I know that you love me you just don’t know it yet
My sweet face in your world you’ll never forget


a poem by

The outer world is all an illusion,
a moving picture screen of events showing broad.
People things that come and go in fusion,
it appears so gripping, that one gets ensnared.

Fact is nothing exists outside,
naught that one can rely upon.
Everything is subject to change and glide,
right from the moment one is born.

Its strange truth nobody gives you company,
when you breathe your last.
Parents, wife, sons, daughters, friends and any,
property, wealth, and the rest, everything is matter of past.

When would one be joggled and react?
to the very un-deniable fact,
that self is real true and eternal,
all else is a play of consciousness false and ephemeral!

O’ Knowledge

a poem by

My throat is dry, my voice cracks
I am thirsty, O’ Knowledge,
Please pour from your cups.
Quench my thirst, satisfy me;
Without your nourishment
I suffer immense.
Honeyed aroma of your mindfulness
My awareness vigorous; robust.
Frequent colloquy rotate round “The Biggest.”
News, views, achievements, seduce, refuse.
Prime, crime, care a dime
Much more than normal times;
The biggest city, biggest house
Biggest film prize
Biggest stars, biggest mouse.
For biggest share, gluttons care
“Eyes are bigger than stomach” prepare.
Biggest committees, biggest ceremonies
Games, sports, events, athletics;
Hanker, mini superlatives.
Minuscule mortal, fail to feel,
The biggest ignorance that the will
Misfire at the very ‘Biggest appeal’
Life on earth, “a short deal.” In Your Vastness
I call for help, a mere humble supplication.
So much to learn, so much yearn
My brain and time mismatching your turn
Of pages. O’ Knowledge, your fascinating pace
Forever my mind need to study, read, race. Strive to understand!

In the glory of first Indian Torpedo

a poem by

(In the glory of first Indian Torpedo
Designed and Developed by NSTL, DRDO, India
AET : Advanced Experimental Torpedo)

Underwater world is a matter of unfathomable might
Not a playing court to measure with a string straight
No secret! As Art, it is an open wonder concealed all under
No wonder! As Science, it is a guarded secret revealed for a tender
God, being He is, bestowed India with a long coastal line as an ornate
Needs watchful eye, day in and day out, from coastal ramparts, with a mandate
Our ships and subs keep vigil without hassle
Never! Enemy can dare lest Indian Navy takes care
NSTL AET is there!
Remember, NSTL AET is there!

NSTL AET is an amazing marvel.
Light in weight, slender in waist
Makes beautiful sight but dreadful in her fight
Small in length, full in stealth
Intelligent to the core, intricate to the lore
Which come in the battlefield, to the fore,
Lurking in hive onboard,
Waiting to show her naïve outboard
Designed to oblige at the push of a button
To batter the enemy head on
Let the enemy flop with silent prop
No matter AET will demand its scalp
For every scamp AET has an acoustic lamp
Let the enemy run wobble-hobble in disarray
AET goes merry its way with her sonar array
Let the enemy drive and dive
Palpable whisper is enough for AET to arrive
Never! Games like hide and seek ever make AET grey!
Goes hungry after its enemy like a feline running after its prey!
Alas! Enemy vexed with no hope
Tries jammer for AET not to cope
Arrrr… ey! A trivial bid to counter a wonder kid!
AET gate crashes with its hooter
And rushes to hit the looter
AET makes a gaping hole to completes its role.
Apocalypse: Alas! Enemy goes from reality to obscurity.

AET is an underwater marshall relishing underwater concerts
An underwater dame cherishing NSTL home.
AET is the ‘Hall of Fame’
With walls inked invisible letters of NSTL name.


a poem by

Why is the earth round, sky blue?
Why do the Eskimos live in igloo?
The grass is green on the other side.
Rivers and ocean follow the tide.
Why can’t I play throughout the day
But must
Study and never like a donkey bray?
Why, I can’t
Get wet in the April shower
Be a Spiderman full of power?
Why do the clock have two hands
And the child like me on T. V. none?
Losing them through dirty, splitter bomb.
Why do so many questions ablaze my mind?
And why can’t I talk
The language of animals, birds tame or wild?
Everything is a big puzzle to me-
The quiz, buzzer, gas nozzle as well as the buzz of a bee.


a poem by

I know what I want
But my want
How to get?
I know not!

I have plenty of doubts
But this doubt
How to clear?
I know not!

I try to read the mind
But this mind
How to understand?
I know not!

I hear the people talk
But to this talk,
How to lend my ears?
I know not!

I’ve put in my efforts
But all
A big waste.
I keep hearing
Elders request-
“Waste not, want not”
What, an acid test!