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After the Storm

When the tide comes rolling in,
And the mighty oceans roar,
It can go on land so far,
That is all, it goes no more.

When the storm clouds gather around,
And the great big raindrops fall,
Just so much will fall to earth,
As it heeds the Master’s call.

When the load becomes so heavy,
That the body cries in pain,
Remember that this too will end,
Like the tide and the rain.

So adorn yourself with gladness,
Remember God is really there,
He takes time to feed the sparrow,
And he always answers prayers.

The Gun

The gun empowers men who cannot think.
The gun makes equals of all.
The gun is a right, that does no right.
The gun is power that has no limitations.
Fear, is the fuel of the gun.
The gun created our nation,
as the gun is destroying it.
We live by the gun, we survive by the gun,
we rule, by the gun, as it has always been.
The gun is not a truth, the gun is not a virtue,
the gun does not come from our minds
it comes from the darkest regions of our soul.

A time once existed
when the gun was the only means for justice to prevail.
That time has passed.
Freedom, will always shine through.
The will of the many, will forever overcome.
The end of the reign of fear must die with us.
If it does not, we will pass the fear to our children,
and they to their own. For they have learned from us.
The ignorance must expire parallel to our own existence.
If it does not the cycle will never be broken.
End the reign of the gun. Set us free.

Unwept Suicides

When some whole families are jobbing
into a bank, office or hospital,
the sons of farmers
frivol away with politicians
to strengthen a party
and their life to weaken.

The wives of poor farmers
labouring under the hot Sun
lose their florid face.
The farmers of rain-starved regions
fall on evil days
when darker clouds fail to
get burst over their fields.

Rising in the early morn
they hurried to far-off places
to seek some work.
Till they are back at midnight,
with some savoury packets
their school going children wait unfed
like the fledglings in nests
waiting for their parents.

Borrowing from the rich farmers,
they send their boys to colleges.
Heaping praises over those village bosses
their tongues become worn out;
yet they obey their commands
and do mean tasks for loans
saying their boys are dullards
and after three-four years,
they will be back to toil in fields.

The Village Officers don’t live there
to help the illiterate farmers
with schemes and loans of the Government.
The Coffers of the Banks
scoff at them without the help of bigwigs.
But the funds flow to money lenders
who are busy in rural towns.
When the Government ensures no job
to a single member of a family,
which lost it’s crops to pests
or had tears bringing untilled lands
the pang of suicide has a peck at them.

They can’t beg or lick
at the palms of newly sprung up rich.
When some families die,
the Government fails to care
but the land shivers here and there.
If their tears not stopped soon,
the whole earth will be reduced to rubble.

Wait for that suitable Climate

Poem before the poems-

The best justice to the poetry
Is to read it alone.
Because it’s the time when
You can feel its real tone.

So yet, you should not pick
This book for the perusal.
Must finish first all the jobs
Even the unusual.

Should think by all the means
And first make it sure.
‘Nothing else is now for doing
And feeling intensely bore’.

If still you are not enjoying
Your greatest leisure.
Then the edition could not yield
You enough pleasure.

So, wait for that suitable climate
For the utmost zest.
Till then let the edition remain
Below the layer of dust.

Verses of a Stateless

I do not understand why,
We from the dawn of sixties
Marked with an overpowering stamp of

A stock of global sympathy
And an endless rendezvous with extortions and tortures
Visions of hope perishing on the soil of strangers
Forty years of non violence and peace
Yet an International exhibition
Of Human Rights Violation!

We, whose culture is on the brink of
Who from generations are naked – homeless!
From the depth of we pray:

‘Let the world be an abode of joy and peace!
Let humanity be adorned by happiness and glory!
Let we, gain our lost identity!’

Just Ice

Lost in the crowd of indifference,
The pale man cried’,
‘I want justice’!

‘Crying here is no solution’;
Somebody said,
‘Because everything here, is
already paid’.

‘Just do a just work,
That’s your last work;
Get caught, Go inside
and, explain’!!

They said, ‘Don’t shout!
You will get just ice,
but no cream.
Get cooled and
freeze for life’.

Tons of air blew
through my society.
There were more crime
than justice.
Justice has no relative,
but justice is relative.
When I do, you are wrong,
When you do I am wrong.

He left the scene bewildered,
murmured, ‘Yes, I do not want
but just ice with little
That’s the end of my brittle

A Judge’s Prayer

He stood there, lost and trembling,
his eyes all red for want of sleep.
Murder on his hands, cold feet;
and I was the judge, upon that seat.

The man from Capri!
He stared at me, for mercy,
hoping that in his eyes I see
his regret, his fear, his misery.

That man from Capri!
His face was filled with a thousand emotions,
each one talked to me.

The man from Capri!
That prisoner and me
we were alike in many ways,
in time, you’ll see…

Yes, that man from Capri!
Why was it he not me,
to suffer pain and humility?
Should I set him free?

You, prisoner from Capri!
Why should you not be free?
Who am I to stop your dreams?
What makes you lesser than me?

Oh! man from Capri!
Can we switch identity?
Can you play judge, instead of me?
Can you see how hard it is, not to set you free?

But, prisoner from Capri!
You have done it again!
You have looted and slain,
I pardoned you once, but, never again!!

Oh man from Capri!
Not again, no more sympathy,
I have to look away
be tough, and say…

Oh, prisoner from Capri!
Today you will have to pay,
for all your sins and wickedness,
I too, pay a price, to bestow ‘justice’!!!

Oh people of Capri!
I did not set him free,
I will make him pay,
for what he has done;
killed a mother and her son!

Oh Justice, Sweet Justice,
help me always to see,
the right and wrong in everyone…
including that of me!!


Justice remains the greatest means
For any society to keep honest and clean.
Illustrious ruler ensures justice to his subjects
Importance to justice; his rule reflects.

Just implementation of the laws of land,
Without interference of the prejudiced hand
Is not an endeavour, easy to secure
For any political system to endure.

Humans abound in human error
The cruel inflicts the reign of terror.
Arduous it is to remain humane and kind
Power corrupts the best human mind.

Nature’s justice is different from man’s world
The fittest survives; the weak, to its doom, is hurled.

Which, then, is the justice right
Staying straight above and shining bright?
Transcendental justice is rare to find.
Faith only in Almighty’s justice gives solace to mind.

Justice, though, relative to time and space
Remains an ideal pursuit for the human race.


“Hell has no fury as would,
an innocent woman unjustly wronged,
time and again this simple truth,
has by tales been made profound!

One great war betwixt big powers,
was but triggered by a lady’s wrath,
a Damsel, Respectful, Accommodative, Understanding,
Passionate, Amicable, Divinely Intelligent,
her fury seemed less at having been pawned,
than at Justice, having been wronged!
The warriors at helm, the acclaimed heroes of earth
all but could do nothing, their heads hung in shame.

Known for her love And for her candour,
Never failing affection, Notwithstanding what came over
All forgiving angel, Gracious Incarnation of wonder
it was but her anger, that burnt the land of splendour
Not just because her spouse lay slain,
without a hearing proper, was put to blame;
But Justice had been put to shame,
the virtue of the land, till date remains stained!

Many like me, today wish, could do the same
drag the horrendous society by its mane,
for all the atrocities it does play,
on countless innocents might and day!

The air is ringing with wails of those newborns
whose necks are being wrung day in and day out;
The pathetic shrills of the many little growns,
oh the world does abuse them so!
Them, the lesser read seem to fare better,
than those too literate, who maximum suffer,
Bureaucracy and chauvinism where reign supreme,
does Justice even exist, one really wonders!

Yet like at all times there is hope,
that Justice will fail the righteous never,
sure when it strikes, the blow shall be severe;
Beware ye men, its time to behave better!

Wheels of Justice

Seven virtues, there are, to be acquired
For a happy, healthy human life.
Justice, one among them, is being fair and right;
It’s also a punitive measure to set right a wrong.

Social and personal peace hang on it,
A hard job, it is, to keep it from tilting.
The tact of kings Solomon and Vikramadithya
Is the wanted but rarely found gift in courts of law.

Petty thefts and waylaying plunders,
Minor assaults and gruesome murders
Meet justice in fines and flogging
Or prison term and hanging.

Yet many a wrongdoer goes scotfree;
A rapist very rarely is sued;
Seldom is a wifebeater disapproved;
Child labour laws are never enforced.

Manmade laws abound in loopholes-
Hairsplitting technicalities and callous practices
Make the goddess of justice holding the scales
Bind her eyes blind, perhaps.

Sure, we find it not proper
For the wicked and the mean to prosper
When the honest and the meek do suffer:
Justice seems an eluding enigma as ever.

Times there are when we wonder
If justice exists at all.
Can an eclipse rob the moon or the sun
Of its full glory and sheen?

Justice doth prevail unknown to many.
God, to execute it, has ways uncanny.
Guilt and remorse are slow avengers;
Each culprit doth face a sure reckoning.

The great bard Shakespeare scanned
The whole width and depth of human nature
And dramatically dispensed poetic justice
To a Hamlet, a Macbeth, an Othello and a Lear.

Wisemen have left us fables aplenty
That speak of nemesis and retribution.
Know the milkman who added water to his merchandise?
A simple monkey trick deprived him of the undue profit.

If only we watch shrewdly
And with patience of a lifetime
We may feel the wheels of justice
Turning on as sure as life and death.


‘Twas long before I realised why
So apt the Law of the Sky-
That only when her Brother readied for rest,
Should his Sister come, to shine her best!!!

Why the Tree, for her fruits to grow,
Hath her petalled-jewels to throw-
The moth, his true destiny to find,
His Silken Abode must leave behind!

Why, the honour to bear the most delicious Date
Is in the driest desert’s Fate-
Of what value would it be,
An Oasis in a Valley????

The Firmament which must Lightening’s scourge bear,
Doth the Rainbow-Crown wear!
Why often by the most swampy marsh-side
The fairest Lily must abide?

Why Vegetation grows above and Mineral below
There’s a dune at one spot, in another snow-
Why some Stars in the sky, sparkle with glee
Some Stars, with shells swim in the Sea!!

Why the Bird has feathers, and the fish has its fins
The woodpecker, his home pecks and the spider, spins-
Why the Lion has his roar, and the hare his speed
Why there’s meal in the Crop and medicine in the weed!

The Turtle hath his shell and the Scorpion his sting
The Crab has pincers and the Eagle his wing!!
Each a unique Blessing bestowed
Each to its need, its measure endowed!

The Soil same, that the sapling feeds,
Must decay the seeds-
Thus every shell of Flesh, claims the Earth
To anoint the Wheels of Rebirth!!!

What Writ, Section and Clause
Feature in Nature’s Book of Laws?
Yet, of all Earthly Judges, stands the Best-
Impartial Advocate, favours the Fittest!!!

Not cold Justice, hard and heartless,
But, with warm merciful Compassion does it Bless-
Hating the Sin, not the Sinner
Is not Eternal Justice, the unquestioned Winner???


Justice is not in the court
It is in the hearts of good society

Justice is the truth of soul
Truth is hidden by evil forces
Man is crying for justice
In front of the evil forces.

Man made Justice is in the form of law
Sometimes law is in the hands of thieves
Group of thieves may hoist a law
Some Dictator also delivers law

Most of our law is vague
Vague law can’t make Justice
Law is Blind
It can’t see the fact

Law is dancing
According to tunes of politician
Law is laughing
In the pockets of lawyer

Law is smiling
In the hands of good Justice
Like a rare species of flower
To flourish moral ethics

Delayed Justice is more than punishment
Denied Justice become mental Agony
We are living in software world
No software is developed
To deliver speedy Justice

Increasing selfishness
Decrease in morality
Hiding the Justice
Like a cloud hiding the sun

Law is increasing
As the violation is more
Violation is increasing
When law is contradictory

Core of Indian law
Made from British Regime
Colonial law can’t make justice
Due to all above
Democracy is becoming a myth

Even after thousand hurdles
The scope of Justice
In the hands of law
Scope of Law is in democracy.

Court Scene

My Lord, we have a criminal here,
Who slew his soul to live himself;
Who put to death his inner being
So as to lead an evil life,
With id ensconced and unrestrained,
In all its noxious animal strength,
To ravage guileless fellowmen.
The facts put forth have established
My Lord, the crime of this accused;
So, he be sent to jail for life.

My Lord, the lordship would admit
That disposal of one’s own soul
Might be sinful but no felony.
Dispatching ‘self’ is not a crime!
My client has not even killed himself;
But rid himself of his wishful soul;
And thereafter is sailing smooth.
As such there is no culpable crime
In what he did, and what he is.
So, he be acquitted of the charge.

But, my Lord, this man sans a soul
Could prove to be a deadly beast…

Objection my Lord!
My client is… a respectful man.

Objection sustained;
Prosecution should keep control on words,
And be courteous while in this court.

Sorry, my Lord.
And with that I conclude my case.

After careful, conscientious thought,
The Court admits that in this case,
Much could be said on either side.
But, there is no law in this land,
No section of the CPC,
Which contends that,
To do away with one’s own soul
Does constitute a cogent crime.
The accused ergo as per law
Is absolved of the wrongful charge,
And acquitted hereby… honourably.

Hurray Justice! Hurray, my Lord!
Prosecution: (under his breath)
Justice be damned.

India – A Scheduled Country

My friend and I in the same school studied
Though we were of a different creed
For knowledge I had more greed
But for money he by an inch had more need.

Under the same tutors brought up we were
Burdens and troubles, the same had we to bear
In childhood everywhere given equal care
But to fight authorities we never did dare.

India got freedom on that fateful August day
But I hate it worst if my emotions I could say
Not ’cause of the hurdles that I would pass very gay
But due to the laws that our Government did lay.

In the eyes of the Government all were more or less same
But this as time passed came to be only in name
A few castes were declared Scheduled in the ruler’s game
Thus the ministers climbed down the stairs of fame.

Now my friend was listed in the so-called Scheduled caste
Their rights outnumbered the others’, that too very fast
But I belonging to the upper caste came at the very last
And all this because of the happenings in the forgotten past.

Then there were Sudras, by History now we know
And they were treated as very low
But that does not mean. It doesn’t! No
That the high class today are to be treated so.

Thus the same gap is widened by
Today’s Government between the low and the high
Instead of bidding it Good-bye
And saying it was a bad lie.

India’s twenty-five states I had only heard
But now I have scanned them like a roaming bird
Anyone would think that I am absurd
But I get no job for they are filled by the SC herd.

In India for work there is no hope
For the higher castes, of living no scope
So now in foreign for job I must grope
As I must cling on to life’s hanging rope.

The name, Scheduled country is India’s gain
For most of the real brains are gone thro’ the drain
The cure for Casteism and other evils should rain
And India should come up like U.K., Japan and Spain.

Stumbling to a deadend

Elections again! on the surface
a faceoff between two forces,
each supine on false-bottomed canoes,
amid waters turbulent, treacherous.

Their agenda was only a cosmetic
to tap the market of vote;
Their candidates of all hues an
affront to what they swore by rote.

Even their agenda was Janus-faced,
Januses ranging behind the door,
pulling strings, calling the shots,
keeping their boroughs a quagmire.

“Grab the gaddi” is the hidden motto,
not to rinse nation but one’s own closet,
mucked up with unsavoury acts!
Present a dainty look, keep the loot.

With market murkier than a tornado,
firms fall faster than a meteor.
White-collar stream itch for a fast buck.
cities caught in the tunnel of scare.

Vote makes even a pauper a King, his
regal feathers stirred by bugle’s call,
His hamlet’s biases manacle his choice,
yet vote frees him from the day’s toil.

Game of dice after the day of ballot!
Januses plot to pull the other down,
making commerce of history’s curse,
condemn the land to numbed oblivion.

Few steps to the door of the millennium.
Tired eyes shy away from a peep beyond,
rediscovering a scene already seen,
of an old Adivasi stumbling to a deadend.