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The Fallen Trees

a poem by

Pounded by pangs of poverty,
Haunted by humes of hunger,
They left their humble huts by the hill,
Lured by the avaricious agents of the Devil,
Forced to cut down the legs of Nature,
They laboured for long heavy bours,
Cutting down and carrying Redwood
In the fateful forests of Lord Govinda.
Hounded and hunted down by
Pernicious, power drunk Policemen,
They fell to the brutal bullets
From the rifles of uniformed ruffians.
Their souls will not rest in heaven
Till the earth becomes
A safe and secured haven
Till the earth, for the miserable poor
Becomes a safe haven.

Who are we?

a poem by

Who are we?
Are we not related with this country?
Are we repatriated from hell?
Are we cursed by the Almighty in this earth?
Why all such humiliations on us?
Why such partiality on our rights?
Is it an offense to be born in this community?
What do we have to do to get the basic living needs?
If it is our crime,
We may be sentenced to long imprisonment in dark cells
If our living is crime against the God and nature
Our community may be dumped in the earth
I am asking the God about these communal discrimination
If I am wrong or my question is wrong
I may be punished in this earth and in hell too


a poem by

Welcoming everybody with love
Never bending her head before others
Spreading love and peace
Cherishing all noble thoughts
She stands tall;
That is India, my mother.
Her soil is holy and sacred,
And with the sword of Ahimsa
Of none we shall ever be afraid.

Justice as Victim!

a poem by

Justice be made seen in courts
Poverty too for more victims
Rich never pays dividends alas
Such systems do we have here
That justifies injustice here ever
Says innocent be punished never
Though accused are liberated, yes
This sees truth in hanging rope
Jessica trial betrayed our hope
All ends well, where money plays
What we are here, my friend tell
Humane or Inhumane question will
To make soil Red never ending toil
Which makes society always perfect

Retribution Bird

a poem by

Stabbed at night, again and again
“Et tu, Brute?” words I crave
Body’s a shrine; now massacred
But the soul desecrated. Dig my grave.

Paralyzed, mind lagged behind time
Realization hurt when it came
I cleansed my skin till it shone
While every crevice wept in shame.

Millions of strange shadows creeping behind
Hate, Despair, Anguish and Vengeance
Each burning like a torch that never dampens
Cursing his roar of laughter at my pitiful defense.

Every night dark wings flopping
In my heart. Each a Retribution bird.
An avenging Vulcan with its claws sheathed
Justice, Satisfaction; Sense comes in a poor third.

Vilify the Victim, Crown the Culprit

a poem by

A lamb was once defiled by a wolf.
How could the trusting creature know
There lurked a lecher in guardian garb?
So they sat in judgment
Wise shepherds and keepers of the law
They confabbed, held solemn counsel,
Consulted their books.
With sombre eyes, grimly set lips
In haughty authority they proclaimed:
Penalize the sinner. Her virtue is tainted
Let her divorce her mate
Marry her off to the rapist wolf!!!

Obliterated, veiled in a shroud
Of transposed ignominy
The piteous victim quaked.
Terror-stricken, confused, now she whimpered
“Justice. The culprit must be punished”
And now she whispered tremulously
“I will bide by the tribunal’s dictum.”

Every herd in the countryside was aghast!
What justice this
That executes the quarry and garlands the cur?
Justice convoluted is justice hanged!
They broadcast the infamous fiat
Over distant meadow and lea
Horns locked, head rammed into head
Conferences were held, fiery debates fought
The sheep and ewes were a divided lot.

Profaned, appalled, violated,
Head drooping, lips aquiver
The blindfolded deity weeps alone
In her crumbling edifice.
Woebegone is her stifled lament:
“I’m pinioned to shame and contempt
By an impotent band,
My ‘loyal vanguard’
Of tongue-tied cowards!”

Labour of Emotions

a poem by

Tears of sweat roll down,
Chained, I am, to the cruelty of this holy ground.
Work and slave through night and day;
No freedom, no joy, no laughter and no play.

Money and survival, the aim I take,
As I slave my health and life away.
In hardened and hazardous surroundings I sway,
My life’s own right I fake.

Toys and games I am denied,
My life to god has been lied.
But your may ask why I fuss while the world works its way around.
Alas! I cry for I am denied this simple joy,
Though I am just a nine year old boy.

All Night

a poem by

Cringed a lill more
to fit in the rag,
yes, on the pavement floor
but did I ever beg.

Whole day saw a prate in the air
hustled bustled the hoi polloi,
why junta rumbles around
not go home ‘n hearth enjoy.

I shuddered all night.

Other day re-quest for work
only to receive the daily jerks,
nothing left, yet in the flesh
bowels burning down to ash.

In the dusk, on a bench
I sat beside me with horrible stench,
nothing more than a bones pile
‘n piercing, sardonic by-passers’ smile.

They raised slogans
and dumped a future,
barred labour
and starved a creature.

Bean picker or street loafer
what profession I turn tomorrow
that is patrons’ charity
career of eternal sorrow.

God really listens to child!

I wondered all night…

Another Victim

a poem by

Someone commits a crime
Another one gets the blame.

Someone earns the dime
Another one pays for the same.

Someone hatch offences
Another one decapitates, falls.


Someone’s guilt, annoyance and
Another one’s innocence, court-protocols

Someone indoors or outdoors
Appeal, lobby, chance, and these laws

Crimes, justice, and punishments
Sometimes another one the victim is.

To the Lady of Justice

a poem by

Blindfolded you are
To give equality
But blindfolded you are
Towards this cruelty
Of reality
For no matter who the judge
No matter who the accused
No matter why no matter what
There is no justice
And blindfolded you are.
Oh! Lady of justice
Remove thy blindfold
And then you can see
What justice You hear
Is nothing but bland lies
From brutal murderers.
It is struggle of the meek
And victory for the rich.
For, the power of wealth
Pervades all.
And blindfolded you are
Assuming there is assurance
Of impartial justice.
Oh! How blind you are?

Science Fiction

a poem by

Anatomy; science of living organisms;
Inside the body skeleton; Labyrinth
Elemental rudimentary that our physique shape.
Puzzle brain; strange phantom vision
Configuration haunt to stay.
Bush stretch over long distance
Aurangzeb on his back lay.
“Jizya, Guantanamo Bay”
Flay human flay.
Principal justice, fair play!
What’s the difference? Pray?
Under pretext anyway, over and over slay.
Conceiving mental induction
Hope against hope
Waves of compassion
Archetype made of clay?
Seal life with His rays.
Rain, storm, earthquake strong
Red hot lava, make even, wrong
Church, mosque, temple, synagogue…
Thunder and lightening no voice can stop;
Love is abstract. God’s very own religion!
Skeletal fact that’s fundamental. Call it any name.

Only if science could bring compassion in our heart to tolerate each other and forgive…
God would not appear fictitious…

The Public Enemy

a poem by

Come lets be frank and speak,
He has been living in our imaginations,
Sometimes termed as the public enemy,
Or, mildly known as, freak computer geek.

Whenever this system goes down
He has been cursed with merciless delight
His insane sense for creativity
That is often met with a frown

The head behind every malicious script
Sitting locked in his dark abyss
Churning numbers, decrypting your privacy
As away from imperfection he wishes to drift.

We have been taught to hate him
But in some corner of our heart
There is a person, who strives for perfection,
Who wishes to break shackles and fly free

Then why is his quest termed aimless?
His strife for perfection, misleading
And every thought of appreciating,
His computing genius, met with a pause?

Hoax Lie Hurt

a poem by

Hoax lay on the wall flat
Straight face feed words, lies
Thunder strike at honest attempt
Name the same, “Peace gab”
Mischief makers garb of envy
Reflect atavism, lengthy.
Will, never learn to be healthy
In thought words and mind.
No this is no civilisation
Of humankind.
But racketeers
selling and
dealings in weapons
for an unholy living.
Attempting on the mind
Having failed to capture
The bodies – tender and mild;
Inflict psycho torture cause
damage to the human.
Disaster unavoidable?
Surely not, the moment
There’s no stop to this
Pretension of being
A perfect gentlemen!

Apocryphal shot of spring

a poem by

All around
there is a hush.
The jackal hide
behind the bush.
Pounce in a rush
Find, the singing thrush
Flocking together
of the same feather.
Fiends, not to be afraid of
Moribund encircled.
The pleasurable easy win
Shots from the machine gun.
The camera at a distance
commits an excess.
Circulating the same
All series serration.