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A Tribute to the Greatest Dreamer of Our Generation – APJ Abdul Kalam Sir

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Infinite dreams of those sublime moments
When you surreptitiously read about stars and galaxies
And you helped your father ferry the villagers across the river
Priceless thoughts that you comprehended in your cerebrum
Precarious to imagine, dangling onto a thin gossamer
Desperate to break-in with that brilliant discovery!

You would stay awake when everybody else slept to read and study from borrowed textbooks Of helping friends and thoughtful elders, you would then dream-on those illuminating yet Elusive rays in your mind’s canvas and paint with the multitudinous colors of the rainbow, you Never thought the mind had any limits
For your dreams encompassed the Universe of Universes!

As you woke up before dawn while everybody else slept and only dreamt, you toiled hard and Delivered newspapers to sleepy homes and to give shape to your dreams that would await your Paint-brush and colors to arrange from the disarray!
And as the dawn slowly took shape so did the pied blooming of a desert rose !

~ Forever you will be remembered A. P. J. Abdul Kalam Sir, you taught us to dream big!

Verse of Love

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Like the verses of love,
written on the walls
of my inner heart…
you have become
my counterpart,
never, ever you depart

Like the curses of lust,
touched on the shores
of my dwelling resort…
you have become
my counterpart.
never, ever you depart.

Like the dew of dawn,
showered on the petals
of my budding rose…
you have become
my counterpart.
never, ever you depart.

Like the chirping of dove,
heard on the soft skin
of my red cherry lips
you have become
my counterpart.
never, ever you depart.

Cradle of Compassion

a poem by

I was fumbling in the darkness.
Tsunami of night was consuming me.
Wading I walked slowly in faulty steps,
Faltering my feet fell on unknown terrain.

Frustrated I looked around for a familiar sound.
No there is only louder drumming of fear.
Heart beats in faster and faster tones.
I closed my eyes creating more darkness.

Resigning to my fate I spoke in delirium.
A cold shower of emotions dampened me.
My spirits drenched in my emotions.
Stranded in my thoughts I cuddled to sleep.

I woke up as a little child so confused.
Suddenly I saw the light of a laughter.
Sharpened my ears I tried to listen.
Yes, I Had heard it before, far from depth of time.

Slowly I heard a footfall nearing me.
I got shuffled and waited anxiously.
A soft subtle aroma spread around.
I heard a clang of bangles in my ears.

Glitter of a diamond nose stud.
Then brilliance of a sweet smile.
I saw the entire world for a split second.
My eyes filled, tear was flowing instantly.
I was carried in the cradle of compassion
I was toddling holding the tip of Her Saree.

Hands across the Sea

a poem by

Hands stretched, Mother Earth awaits,
Embraces every being born on her lap.
From far and wide of each continent,
She feeds and nurtures each creature.
She never shows any long face to anyone.
Breast feeds her milk of love and grace to all.
Caste, colour, race, creed all same for her;
She adores her head with a rainbow.
She hugs the world across with passion.
Grace falls on each one incessantly.
Only one has to just drink it with awareness.
We arrive in this world as visitors.
But we make it a hell in a short time,
Bleeding her soul profoundly by our greed.
At least once for all, let us extend our hands across,
Let us be friends, brothers and sisters,
And make our stay in the comfort of peace.
Before departure, let us unite,
Make a United Nations of Harmony!

Kumudh – A Phenomenal Personality

a poem by

This pounce of leopard with agility
Eye lid open and shut erased all
What we could say, that cruel beast
Only memory remained now and then
I realize value of once
How true one must be with life
Throw these thousand faces away
And be original like you
I do not remember now that simple
But lyrical dancing sentences,
This void of rhymes remained unfulfiled
Look at fathomless sea what leaves on coast
I muse that tried much yearn lot that odessy
Somewhwere god also morbid I felt
Or is it one kind of blessing of him?
I have the cheerful photo of elder sis
You taught me how life flows in our veins to heart
And what is invisible lives, always in infinite
Don’t fear my dear, I am always near you.
Hear me in birds chirping, in blooming flower
My smile and enjoy
I love not because you still love me.
That flow never stops inside me to love.

Symphony of Lights

a poem by

I want to feel.
Feel life raw,
blended to nature.
I stand alone,
flowing my senses.
I see beauty everywhere.
Each creature touches me,
teaches me.
I open my eyes.
Gape with awe.
Feel each heart beat,
the rhythm of life.
I am a part too.
I wish to cry.
Love to smile.
Laugh rollick.
Every sound is music to my ears
I shut my eyes humming a melody
I see night sky,
Litter with stars.
Moon wades in clouds.
Somewhere is a planet,
may be life ticks there too.
What a beautiful arena it is.
I wish I could flow, fly.
Flow my heart,
my love to all.
Light every heart a wick.
A spec of light,
dancing in each soul,
a dance of hope for all,
a song of compassion,
a long hug merges into heart beats.
Notating a symphony of lights and shades.


a poem by

Nothing happens until you take a courageous decision
Courage is the key to success
It’s the will that will take you to greater heights
To do the impossible
And not dreams or stress
Take an initiative
Take the right decision
And you will become what you want to be
To achieve greater goals
To do something for the world
To become a good human being
That’s what one should be

Mangalyaan (Voyage to Mars)

a poem by

It is alright how we came.
But one cannot deny our presence.
We are in the Mars club.
found our way ahead in a bicycle!
No one helped us to be here.
It is our Vedic skills,
made way for cosmic dreams.
If you like it or not,
we made our entry silently.
We may have used a bullock cart,
a buffalo for our space ship.
Cow dung as fuel.
Does it matter?
It is not to conquer Mars.
Just to be there to do our bit.
Entire universe is a puzzling mystery.
The more we are in,
the more we entangle in the puzzle.
Depth is so deep.
Neither end is seen nor beginning.
But there is hope.
Hope in and for humanity.
Please wear your DESIGNER HATS
We wear our turbans.
Please do cartooning,
But do not mock at us in a cartoon.
It is not for mockery but for good taste.
Let us do something,
useful for humanity.
Not to make a Nuclear winter out of greed.
We chant a hymn.
a mantra that reaches beyond galaxies.
A couplet for our liberation.
Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti.
(Peace on us, Peace on us ,Peace on us)


a poem by

I painted a picture,
painted in all colours of the world.
Ultimately it turned out,
A messy sticky painting,
meaninglessly garnished,
tastelessly treated.
I found her looking at it,
closely with awe.
Her face turned into a pallet.
dripping down pastels.
My images vanished like a dream.
The canvas turned blank.
My face turned pale.
I became a slave.
My hands tied to easel,
unable to put my brush strokes.
I was crucified.
with paleness of life.
My colours litter around.
My head dangle sideways.
I wait for a kiss of life.
For my resurrection!

My Dream

a poem by

She came to me, toddling her feet,
I could not recognize her, but, meet,
She resembled some one I knew,
Her glowing eyes gave the clue.

Yes, her eyes filled with hope,
Give me the spirits to cope,
With all the troubles and strife,
With all the rubbles of life

Indeed! She is my dream,
Whom I cherished in my heart,
Whom I nurtured in my thought,
But, through the life stream,

I forgot her, I abandoned her,
And buried her miles farther,
With all the pains, but, in vain,
For, she has come back again,

To enliven me from the death-bed,
To strengthen me for life ahead,
From despair, to make me relieve,
In my destiny, to make me believe,

She says, “She is with me”,
To support and stand by me,
And promises affectionately,
To become one day, “a Reality”

What you like…

a poem by

Words burst out of memory.
It jumps up and settles on tongue,
Often creates a heat wave when spoken,
Making life miserable to listeners.
When a sound bursts untimely,
It becomes a catastrophe.
Fall out becomes severe.
The deluge deposits dirt and filth.
Stench pollutes mind and matters.
The speaker walks away in pride,
Leaving us to sink in the stink.
Skunk disappears in to back yard.
What you like, a word burst or silence?