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Broken Flower Pot

a poem by

Broken flower pot
As delicately shaped beauty
A sensible body arousing fire
Fell on the floor by mistake
Scattered in to many pieces, tiny like neutrons,

Death takes place like this
Keeps hand on your shoulder and you frighten
By unfamiliar face with wrapped cloth.
As love birds roaming to avoid familiar faces in the crowd

This broken flower pot as I mused on paper
Heart broken
For a while, words standstill
Personified as character to it
Victimized by bomb blast
Mouth plastered with agonizing pain,
Like a raped girl
With perished heart of roses.
Life’s absurdities.
Destroyed mentality
Or stricken dumb
World without definition
Life filled with cruelty and hatred
Nothing valuable remained, to achieve here.
What is beauty and its significance
If it vanishes like momentous breeze.
Once gathered together artificial flowers
Enlivened by myriad colours
Spread away, long away to search again
The song of migrated bird,
What kind of long life we got?
Even together we sense nothing, realize nothing
Then how we could remember that song of migrated bird?
This always fresh artistic life as love sign only
We really fade up with this useless fake life
Which always welcomes with same smile
To others.

Farmers around Pattadakkal

a poem by

Farmers around Pattadakkal (Karnataka)

Are they spectres from the alien planet
To wet tracts of Satavahanas
For braving the inundating floods
And weeping over the loss of crops?

The paddy fields have been layered with mud
And the rotten ground nuts are smelling bad
The darkened stems of sugar-cane go waste
And water is not receding in haste.

People dump their refuse on the narrow road
Where the cattle stand awaiting fodder.
People thresh and winnow for some grains
And the children sow tears in pangs of hunger.

How will these tillers tide over the year?
There the buses too don’t tread in fear.
The vegetables hesitate to pour in
And the nude kids sell curd in earthen jars.

The torrents have made the basin horrendous
Where the people can’t reclaim the harvests lost.
The marvels of temples no more appeal
When the whole vale is a gloomy morgue.

The barns are empty and their life is lousy.
Water in the coconuts is not tasty.
The peasants will be submerged in debts
As the corns of millets too have gone wastes.

The linnets and finches have left that place
Seeking somewhere perch and food alas!
The old cough and look at us in surprise
But do not stretch their palms for alms.

May God bless the college going wards
Of the farmers toiling on the plains of Aihole;
For in their hands lie their hope and future
And life again to sprout, grow and blossom.

A bud crushed under the foot

a poem by

The day’s newspaper shook my heart.
I can only shed a tear on my part.
A heartless father shot her daughter.
It was like an animal slaughter.

Her love for a boy was the cause.
She married him as her choice,
Not with her parents’ consent
That led to their utter dissent.

Her father, to teach a lesson,
He invited the boy in person,
For a talk in a public place,
Just to break their alliance.

Her mother became serious,
Her father became furious.
When the talk failed at last,
As the kids stood steadfast.

Father had in his pocket hidden,
A pistol normally forbidden,
Two or three rounds he shot,
And gave the boy a chase hot.

The boy escaped with a wound,
But the girl fell dead on the ground,
Her life sucked up by bullets three,
From the pistol that flew free.

Oh God, when this gun culture,
From this earth will disappear?
Why a father kills his daughter,
O’er such a simple love matter?

What for he bred her for years?
Had their eyes dried of tears?
Many lost lovers history has seen,
Now one more added, fresh and green.


a poem by

A roaring sea and a starlit sky
We were there just walking by
The waves go back and forth
Bringing back the memories we hold
Some we love and some we loath.

Walking ashore in the shallow waters
We leave no trace and have no leads
Just as we want to forget the past
And explore the unknown vast.

Some stay calm living the moment
Few share to spread the joy
And some search for a spot
Where their memories sank.

Each time the waves wash the shore
They leave a fresh canvas to dabble
We make our momentary mark
And in no time it is lost in the dark.

A roaring sea and a starlit sky
We were there just walking by.

Mixed Feelings

a poem by

To Utter confusion not only in mind but in heart as well

The wrinkles formed on my heart
Need to be ironed out
Nature, stand by me in this
As a pillar of strength abide
For when I pour out my sorrow
You lap it up without question
Not even my follies do you remind
Strange that I look up to you
Begging for strength superior
And clarity of thought and action
Which seem to forsake at this hour

My inconsolable suffering
On an impulse of unwarranted anger
Pinches my heart in unknown ways
Misery laughs with unrestricted glee
As I twitch and toss with melancholy
Though life never stands still
Yet faith and hope remain
When all is lost and done
Willed destiny is however to be borne
As what does begin must end
That seems to be the rule of life

Happiness is the mind, in it
And mind can make the heart
Beat happily once more
That again, for sure!


a poem by

The cold floor she feels
As she lay there in pain
There is none around her
To sooth all the pain
She prays that this be the end
She desperately hopes it is
As she chants to the heavens
She hopes to forgive

A new place it was
Many new faces she saw
New people to reckon with
And some friendly got
He was one of those many
Until he caught her eye
He was different from them all
Thus he stayed on her mind

A mail sent to her
Reply on the phone
“A ghost am I,” says she
He, “I would like to befriend and know”
Thus the story began
Good friends through the phone
As time went by their affection grew
Not a day without each other felt good

As friends they met
But sparks between them flew
Soon between them both love grew
She was swept off her feet
The world was going around
He stole her first kiss
Her joy knew no bounds

Love for him grew
She wished he belong to her
She loved him so much
So much that it hurt
Without him so empty
With him all seemed bliss
Day begin or end
Only him could she see

As time went by, intimacy grew
They both yearned to be one
In time they surely would
Slowly the picture changed
The distance it grew
She was falling fast
It couldn’t possibly be true

Lost was the love
He was no more
Hopelessly lost felt she
Without him how would on she go?
She had loved him dearly
She missed him so
Lost was he, his love no more

“Why is it thus?
Why such misfortune mine?
What wrong have I done
To endure this plan?
I can’t possibly go on
This pain I must end
Find a way out
From this journey begun”

Helpless feels she
As she falls to the floor
Her body on fire
She writhes on the floor
She calls to the gods
To take what they claim
“Receive my soul”
She continues to pray

To the fire succumb
But shining come out
A precious metal
With beauty profound
I open my eyes
My folly I see
The nightmare now over
Rises the dawn for me

It wasn’t me!

a poem by

What is it that keeps us going?
Where is it that we stop?
I walk thru the desert in the scorching heat
Looking for a place to stop

My burden grows heavier with every step I take
What do I do now? I’m lost!
The sun seems to smile, it’s anger I feel
I know not how long this will last

Another time, another day
The sweet scent of flowers in the air
Children run carefree, I watch them play
Innocence! I wish I were born again

He said it’s a game “Come lets have some fun
I promise you’ll love it, you must tell this to none”
He is nice to me it seems like fun
Then I hear a scream from my throat it comes

He said mum will be angry if her I tell
So our little secret it was to be
My body is in pain, my mind is numb
Its ok it wasn’t me, it’s not me

He calls out to me I try my best to hide
Just his gaze can tear thru my soul
I cry, I pray, I beg him to stop
But the beast devours it’s prey

The game goes on, from it I cannot run
In time the game did end
But at night it comes back to haunt while I sleep
I scream, I cry, I run

I continue walking the end seems near
Revenge feels sweet after the tears
The scars remain the pain now gone
It was never me, I now can stop

December, the 26th

a poem by

Now the sea is blue and calm,
The gentle breeze plays with the seaside palms.
Children play; their parents watch the fun,
Under the blaze of the rising sun.
Now the sea is blue and calm.

Now the sea is sinking low and far,
Wondering folks go into the sand bars.
Wriggling fish in the sand,
Shells and sea stones in their hands,
They stand looking at the waters afar;
Now the sea is low and far.

Now the sea comes rushing back,
Miles of sand get covered in a blaze;
Groups of watchers, too stunned to move,
It takes a while, for the screams to rule.
Now the sea comes rushing back.

Now the sea comes in with force,
Pouring on the glimmering crowded shores;
The winds come in a fury driven,
The heavens have parted, nature has risen,
Now the sea comes in with force.

Now the sea is calm again,
Dreadful hopes go gently drifting away;
Life and love, and shattered hearts,
They rule the hours past the laughs.
Now the sea is calm again…

Now the sea is calm again.


a poem by

Oh! The famed Marina
a delight to watch…
the sun slowly rises
the waves made mad
by the amorous clasp
of the full moon
the night passed by
catamarans lay parked
on the beach shore
the urchins make merry
with their pranks
as Baboos pass by
burning the fat.

A little away
from Triplicane
decibel wars are fought
from mosque and temple.

Time trickles by
as din and bustle gather
Oh! my God!
Is it the Deluge
or a sea monster?
Cave mouthed towering waves
fill the horizon.

Men, machines and
mortar structures
vanish in one swallow
cries rent the sky.

Mother nature!
Is it our cruelty to Thee
Or our base passions that
Thee awfully angry?
A trillion apologies
be to our benign Mother!

Oh the Tsunami

a poem by

Up came the water;
It went above our head!
Its killing power greater,
It left us all dead.

Did we want to die?
Oh no! Did we want to die?
All we do is mourn and sigh,
The black pall is nigh!

Her heart and hand broke and bled
As to the tree she clung;
And into the pool of the mighty dead
Her dear children were flung!

Did we want to die?
Oh no! Did we want to die?
All we do is mourn and sigh,
The black pall is nigh!

The young cricketer’s mystic run-
His run into his grave;
Going away, his only son
The father could not save!

Did we want to die?
Oh no! Did we want to die?
All we do is mourn and sigh,
The black pall is nigh!

The baby slips to the watery sand,
He held his child and ran;
In ‘safety’ finds only the clothes in hand,
Tears drown this poor man!

Did we want to die?
Oh no! Did we want to die?
All we do is mourn and sigh,
The black pall is nigh!

Did the Father’s mighty hand slip?
Not knowing we ask ‘Why?’
Why did he permit this tragic dip?
We cry! We pray! We sigh!

Did we want to die?
Oh no! Did we want to die?
All we do is mourn and sigh,
The black pall is nigh!

Overnight Trip

a poem by

Clacketyclack clack…
Old woman jolted awake
Others all asleep

Others all asleep
Four passengers talk softly
Two try to listen

Two try to listen
Steam engine blows a whistle
Sound of wheels on rails

Sound of wheels on rails
Trains pass by all day all night
Small wayside station

Small way side station
Four old men sit on a bench
One way other way

One way other way
Its all the same for the train
Clacketclack clack

Fury of the Sea

a poem by

The same beautiful sea,
Becoming a dreadful cause of flee;
the deep blue tidal wave,
sweeping away,no one to save.

It’s countless beauty,
now a reckless fury.
Which served the eyes a feast,
now being loved the least.
With all it’s elegant water
causing poignant slaughter.

Our own group of peers
now in absolute tears,
Bathing in fright and fears
losing all their dears.

What is their consolation?
in this hour of isolation:
engrossed in frustration,
losing all determination.

Let us all pray,
for their peace and gay.
giving them our say,
that we will pave the way:
do our best,
wiping their tears away
being the need of the day.

Happy New Year 2005

a poem by

Welcome aboard on the journey down the long memory lane,
Taking a look at significant events of the Year 2004,
Few with pleasure, Many with pain

January saw peace being spoken
by nuclear neighbors India and Pakistan,
In February, it was a train explosion,
Which killed over 300 in northeast Iran

In March, Murali and Warne crossed landmark
of wicket number 500,
It was England again, who were at the receiving end,
As history was created by Brian Lara, becoming the first to score 400.

March and April saw India register their
first cricket test series win in Pakistan
Clinching the decider in Rawalpindi,
after winning the first test in Multan.

Inspite of BJP claiming in April that India was shining in the General Elections,
party suffered a major defeat
Led by Sonia, Congress surprised one and all
Returning back to power with a winning feat

Tragedy struck at a school at Kumbakonam in July,
As hundreds of children succumbed to a fire accident
In August, Olympics returned to the place where it first began, City of Athens in Greece,
witnessed the biggest sporting event

Over 250 people feared killed at a school in Belsan in Russia as militants and
security forces fought over hostage Crisis in September.
Three decade long reign of terror unleashed by Veerappan, came to an end,
as STF shot him on 18th October.

Early November saw the arrest of Kanchi Shankaracharya, Involvement in Mutt officials
murder was cited as the ground
In the US, inspite of stiff resistance from John Kerry, George Bush, President in office,
managed to stick around.

Sachin scored a century against Bangladesh,
equaling Gavaskar’s world record of 34 centuries, in tests
Leg spinner Anil Kumble surpassed Kapil Dev’s 434 wickets,
becomes the fourth highest wicket taker in tests

Nature’s Fury in the form of Earth Quake Tsunami left a trail of disaster across South Asia,
Over 100000 lives lost across Srilanka, India, Thailand, Maldives, Andaman and
the epicenter Indonesia.

The journey through the year 2004 has been
smooth at times, but generally rough,
Lets hope and wish year 2005 is filled with events, which is more peaceful and less tough

Wish you a Happy and Prosperous 2005?