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Evening loves me

I am in love
I am in love
With him? I don’t know
But still I feel the love

One morning when I look at the sun
He told me “I Love You”
When I saw the birds
They told me “I Love You”

When I saw a beautiful Jasmine flower
She told told me “I Love You”
When I asked with blustery weather
He told me “I Love You”

In the Evening I asked her
She told me “I Love You”, but
My friend at the time
You want to love with life

Evening continues her talk
You are like me
I am middle event of morning and night
You are in the same lane of life
With joyful and miserable


As I am absorbed, minute by minute, into this vacuum,
I vanish into nowhere:
Nowhere, the land of emptiness, that is filled by me!
I create the space as I move along
Filling it with bright cheer
But as I move, the vacuum drinks it all!
It shreds my joy like fabric-glimmer
And captures it like mosquito-nets do the sunlight;
Then I comprehend the infinity of this vacuum
That cannot spread its emptiness, or radiate darkness
Or radiate its freezing cold
Yes, I comprehend the sad, sad infinity of this vacuum


Light makes the significance of presence of the worldly objects
Light signifies the truth
Light is required to remove darkness
Light is knowledge to judge good or bad
Light is the feeling when hearts come closer
Light is the dissemination of divinity
Light is to understand complexity
So, let the light continue wherever it is.

A Smiling Face

A soft touch me, smiling face
A loving thought, smiling face
A your answer, smiling face
A lovely think, smiling face
A join so happy, smiling face
A comfortable, smiling face
A lovely feeling, smiling face
A bliss with me, smiling face
A imagination sky, smiling face
A lovely thought, smiling face
A one world, smiling face
A spiritual thought, smiling face

Pet Dog’s Monologue

Ere becoming pets we were wolves
Roaming chainless, hunting hares
Hadn’t signed the bond of serfdom yet
Nor had learnt to fawn
Then mortgaged freedom for crumbs
Wore dog collar, the slavery-symbol
To earn accolades, learnt snobbishly
The art of detecting thefts and nabbing crime
But despite our serving him
Man was bent on our dimunitive downfall
He rejoiced to see us as bonsai poodles
And portable pocket pups. Yet he feared
In us one untamed heredity trait
The dormant volcano- the Rabies virus
Eventually that too he conquered inventing
A vaccine. Shrewd indeed shrewd! He inculcated
The virtue of loyalty in us just to
Safeguarded it from becoming extinct

Beautiful Death

In one balloon you are flying, you the most beautiful!
In other, I am following you like the most bloody fool.
Suddenly the wind wears upon a roaring and nasty form
You and your balloon fly astray in very unusual norm.
I lost sight of you both and being a most bloody fool
Follow other balloon if it is following you, beautiful.
I burn my gas vigorously to outplace this roaring air
Thus trying to trace you from another balloon’s glare.
Suddenly I feel warm, then hotter, see my burning skin
I forget you, your balloon, and see my body ashing thin.
I melt, turning into air, found myself at heaven’s gate
To my surprise, I locate you were standing there quiet.

Imagine how great

Imagine how great, the future will be
A wonderful world, I wish I can see

Aids and Cancer, a thing of the past
No more Alzheimer’s, minds that do last

No jails filled, with the sick and the poor
Talk of Global Warming, to all will just bore

Cities with clean air
Cures for addiction
Auto accidents, only in fiction

Jets all flying, safely in the air
Cures for diseases, no more a dare

Oceans cleaner, many fish swimming
Countries respect each other
War is just missing

No skyscrapers on fire
Poverty extinguished
All hungry are fed


Just a few rhythmic verses,
Which are like beautiful roses.
Just a wild dream
About the green trees or silvery stream.

What joy and peace!
It really keeps us in great ease.
To stand amidst the beautiful nature,
And write about any little creature.

Writing poems is a wonderful art,
That comes from the depth of one’s heart.
A good skill,
That can be enjoyed even on a remote hill.

It is like a sweet scent
And time can be wisely spent.
With wild imagination and just a pen,
Who knows we can become great men!

Utopian or Dystopian?

How long I’ve waited for the waves to subside
So that I might hook up my dreams in the tide
Looked forward to see at least once the sun to rise
From the west, to add to the dawn’s great surprise!

How I craved to creep into the sun’s melting core
Simply to enhance golden rays’ brightness more
Often I interrogated myself ‘why, what, how? For
All questions, fruits are answers that roots pour!

Yearned to lapse into the silence of a foetus
In the womb of Nature, who’s a great poetess
Vision fades, heart shrinks as the age sprinkles
The feel of ice cold touch, pallor and wrinkles

Hoped to perch upon the mount of happiness
Seeing pristine seeds of joy in every countenance
The burden of desires mars my own happiness
Shadow others’ happiness by my own selfishness

The new born lamb is missing from the herd
Love has shrunk to the orthography of a word
Let me join the flock of birds in the flight at sky
Recite hymn of praise to the creator as they fly

The Seashore

I walk barefoot along the seashore
And watch the waves rise and wall
Around I see lovers in the shadows
Some kiss quickly some linger some afar

He holds my hand he walks with me
Everything around me gradually fades
Just my love and I and the shimmering moonlight
Where the waves at our feet end

He pulls me close, I pull away
Sweet mischief with us now plays
He tries to kiss me, I run
He gives me a chase
All reserve now abandoned away

But then I turn and run back to him
Right into his open arms
Sweet delight, secure I feel in there
As I drown in his embrace

His lips brush mine, I gently respond
My heart pounds as we quicken the pace
The kiss he deepens, I taste him now
Sweet spices of the orient intoxicating my mind

He instills longing in me as he plays with me
Fills my senses wholly, arouses passion in me
I gaze into his keen eyes a rising storm to see
I fall to my knees as passion engulfs me

I give in to the moment that makes me so weak
The waves rise and fall in tune to our beat
All around ceases to exist there’s just you and me
None at all just you and me

Take me high up there,
I give myself to you
Hold me close let this be our night
Take me there,
I’ll at will be your slave
Let not this moment pass on
Let me in you be lost

Let’s begin anew, let nothing intrude
Let’s fade into the night with our prelude
Let’s drown in each other
Let me you possess

Sweet pain, sweet pleasure let us each other give
Tonight myself to you I give
The waves rise and fall as we make love
The waves rise and fall as on the seashore I walk

Journey of a poem!

Poem I placed in freezer
It got cold.

Poem I got published
It got sold.

Poem I placed in oven
It got hot.

Poem I placed on palm
It got warm.

Poem I placed in heart
It got lovely.

Poem I placed on lips
It got speech.

Poem I placed on ears
It got heard.

Poem I placed in sky
It got wings.

Finally at God’s feet
Wow! Its Prayer.

Master Maestro!

I am a greener tree
But I know to speak
Syllables in leaves
Sentences in branch.

I start from roots
I move up on trunk
I expand on branch
I spread on leaves.

Birds keep birdies
They learn the ABC
Happily fly in sky
Sing song I taught.

I am a greener tree
Sing song, show song.
Sky downs to listen
Stars chat by night.

Sweet babe of mine

The pitter patter of the raindrops
Makes beautiful music to my ears
The sweet smell of soil fills my senses
My heart leaps for joy

The babe in my arms silently sleeps
Unaware of all around
It’s angelic face brings calm to me
Sweet fruit after months of toil

Raindrops on the window they seem to play
All green has sprung back to life
The advent of monsoon renews them like new
And instills in all new life

The babe in my arms noisily moves
Then again lay still in my arms
His tiny fingers my heart overwhelms
So small yet around him centers my life

Drops turn to showers children come out to play
Their mothers cross at their fun
Someday my baby you too will play
But I promise you I’ll join in the fun

The babe rocks in the cradle I watch it sway
When I see you all pain is swept away
There is none for us just you and I
Together we’ll make our way thru life

I shudder to think of that terrible moment
When daddy left us and went afar
In you comfort I took and steady moved on
With you new life has begun

Seasons will change, we both will grow
You a young man, me a lady old
None will ever come between mother and son
We will love each other and forever care

Sweet babe of mine as you soundly sleep
A prayer I pray, may all well be
I lost once but in you hope I found
God give me strength and guide me on

The showers continue to pour my sweet baby sleeps
I try wake him up its time for his feed
My baby won’t wake I desperately try
The cradle is empty lost the sweet babe of mine

Sweet babe of mine where did you go?
Sweet babe of mine!
Oh sweet babe of mine!

Lonely Traveller

I arise and awake from my slumber
The sun steadily on the decline
Was it minutes? Hours? Since my eyes took to rest
My memory fails me, it does!

How can this be? I am all alone!
They were all here now where did they go
I drift off to the clouds, I hope to find
I see them but then I cannot find

My body grows weary I need to rest
But trudge on I must so heavens bless
I trip I fall but I rise again
I am a lonely traveller on my quest

I died on 31st Dec.2004

When I died last December, 31st 2004
From frustration and age gifted fatigue
God welcomed me in his abode above
And bestowed upon me the Divine Eye.

I tried to view what’s happening below
When I left all below and went up alone
What they were thinking now about me
How they were treating all my Poems?

None was talking for me in any home
Not even in my home any one talked.
My pet cat, my dear dog, went as usual
Even my wife enjoying her breakfast.

When I checked trash it was shocking;
All my Poems lying at its rock bottom.
I prayed to God: “My throat is choking.
Return my grave for dust to consume.”