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Sermons of Peace

Save the sermons for the day
when I am home under a roof
I can call as mine.
As of now I have no thoughts,
but turmoil of the day and
impending night’s trepidation.

Save the sermons for a time
I can earn my bread, and rest
with my creed.
As of now I have no need
for the peace marches,
or blaring banners of retribution.

Save the sermons till I understand
the dictates of history
or debates of future.
As of now I have no concept
of the cause and effect,
or the principles of persecution.

(Written at the time of 2002 Gujarat riots)

Them and Us

They tell me to define
me and my purpose
in terms of my God
and sanctify
what I eat, sing or pray
till I conform
to a congregation
of similar impervious thoughts
sitting at edge with another-
both seeking God and His blessings
to nurture and reinforce
dissimilarity and containment.

Soon it is them and us
standing at borders
of shrinking middle ground.

Them and us-
bleeding across fenced islands
with no scope to forgive and forget.

(Written at the time of 2002 Gujarat riots)

Work more, noise less

Now known
The truth in
Silence is golden.
Mawkish tones
Charity news
Wants misuse
Poverty pays
Truly the rich-
Fame reaches
To bewitches.
After much honest
Thus it appears.
Please attach
No hitch on to
Which spoken-
Truth hurts.
Helpless bodies
Doubly misused
Lachrymose overdo
Is a type coo?
Do not we know?
Empty vessels sounds
Loud most-
Stop hollow beat it deafens.
Instead, work in silence is golden.
Rebuild earn gratitude, love, concern,
Sincere heart full reverences of fellow human.
Awareness is not
Pleasure in poverty lambastes per media express but
That show of a genuine concern and not crony mawkishness.

How to tide away troubles?

Smile with patient, hopeful heart, when in troublous hour
To meet and vanquish this grief, nothing has equal power

Sorrow like flood, can come rolling on
When wise person’s mind regards it, its gone!

Confront the grief, with meek and no grieving heart
From you the grieves are put to grief and they depart

Like the bullock you struggle on through obstructed ways
From you, the troubles get troubled and they roll away

Mounting grieves even will fail to crush the patient heart
For this heart, the grieves are put to grief and they depart

With mass wealth, if you don’t give it all your heart
Cannot bear the loss, when prosperous days depart

Your frame is sorrows target, this if your mind reflects
You won’t meet with troubled mind and the sorrow it expects

He who seeks no joy, with sorrow he knows
To walk unharmed by the touch of human woes

Amidst joys, if one doesn’t yield to joys control
Even amidst sorrows, sorrow cannot touch his soul

Those who take pain, as pleasure will acquire
The bliss, which their foes in vain, will aspire

Remember it!

Enjoy your life
Don’t waste it.
Spread your knowledge,
Don’t bury it.
Believe in your strength,
Don’t underestimate it.
You have endless wisdom,
Don’t search for it.
Pray for your success,
Don’t rely on it.
Wait for your chance,
Don’t miss it.
Seek other’s help,
Don’t forget it.
Go for your goal,
Don’t divert from it.
Your weapon is humanity,
Don’t lose it.

Learning to Fly

As I come close to my goal in this race,
my head starts to shake with dizziness.
I am not afraid of defeat, because I know it is impossible,
but then there is the pressure of performance.
Tragic incidents of the past haunt me,
and I am often intimidated by that great mistake
which I am a slave to, Carelessness!
But I practice like a young bird learning to fly,
who knows that it’s his only means of survival,
failure is no different from death,
so also, I make my goal my life.
The wind may be to my favour or it may not,
so there is no banking on it.
I have to be prepared for the worst,
and always hope for the best.

Care Not Pseudo Locution

Lopsided vision present
See negative news, they represent.

Positive mission interpret
As four imagistic, threat.

Dogmatic abracadabra at
High-speed brainwashing quick

Abrasive attempt to abort
Balanced gestures of honest

“For the people by the people” action,
Abominate with ulterior motivation.

Observe the incorrect, absurd going on.
Utter disgust many an emeritus feel.

Mum but embittered. Silently,
Lament, machismo lambastes.

National Security Council
Is a possession personal?

Call names, gang of four
Have a mindset- closed door.


Weep away sadness
Cry away mind
Purge heart
Feeling is light.

Dance away sorrow
Sing away cares
Emerge victorious
Happy spirits

Hum to the tunes
Love does not scare
Love is love
Love motivates!


Waiting are my pair of eyes,
For the sun to make another rise;
For a new dawn to split apart,
For a healing of this broken heart.

Waiting am I for a different night,
When stars would set the heavens bright;
When moon would gradually change its pace,
Winning glories, in the planetary race.

Waiting am I for a different world,
When the flag of peace shall be unfurled;
When white would overpower the red,
And a message of love, care and compassion are spread.

Waiting is this heart of mine,
When all the colours together shine;
Holding a black hand is a hand yellow,
And a white’s companion is a wheatish fellow.

Waiting for a different world is my soul,
When one single roof covers the generation whole;
No more is there demarcation of regions,
And ‘Brotherhood’ forms the new universal religion.

O Lord! We make thee a humble plead,
Bind the world irrespective of colour or creed;
And let this waiting of mine come to an end,
For divided we fall, and united we stand.


Sitting in the world of grimness, I was groping for light,
as I had been confounded in the cosmos of blight,
Cogitating about the possible definition of life I asked myself:
“What are the rudiments of the ‘four-letter-word’ life?”

Capriciously recognising my Carte Blanch, I came to realise myriad assumptions:
Is LIFE a resurrection of mankind or an insurrection of the rabble?
Is it a bumpy ride to hell or a smooth threshold of heaven?
Is it a candid platform or a sleazy pavement of corruption?

Is it a sleek personality or a dim character?
Is it a slender dream or a nightmare?
Is it an unabating strife or an abating peace?
Is it an eulogy or an ignominy?
Is it a boon or a bane?

Was there anyone who could embark on fulfilling my queries?
While I was contemplating my inchoate ideas about LIFE, I encountered a ray of enlightenment;
Being subsumed in the recent flash of lightning I completely forgot the realistic reality:
The foundation of human existence is a void without the indispensable illusion, i.e. LIFE.

The Cry of Passion

When the way gets the toughest,
Let me confront adversity with ease;
Show me a reason to pave my way through-
Before my pounding heart does cease…

When the night gets the darkest,
Show me the light I need;
Don’t let this darkness shroud my mind
Oh God! I despondently plead…

When the mountain gets the steepest,
Let me rise above it all;
What ever be the cost for it-
Take me to the top before I fall…

When the tide seems the highest,
Let me swim it through;
Let me sink to the depth of it-
Or let me float like the lucky few…

When the sea seems the deepest,
Keep me afloat I pray;
Let me live my life before I die-
Whatever may come on my way…

When my heart feels the lowest,
Give me the courage to smile;
Being gay in sorrow is tough I know-
But let me endure pain just for a while…


Tolerance is not… nomy
Tolerance vulgar taste,
Tolerance is not stop progeny
Tolerance wipe out race!
Tolerance is not sexual vanity
Tolerance is but ”Live and let live.”
Tolerance is not immorality
Tolerance that breed hate!
Tolerance is not slavery
Tolerance carnal phrase!
Tolerance is not an impatient gesture
Tolerance that hurt conscience.
Tolerance is… Tolerance
That give Life it’s Grace!

Who knows?

The burning sun doesn’t know,
After burning how long
It will burn out some day.

Like life doesn’t know,
After living how long
It will die some day.

The rose doesn’t know,
How much red
Can some one’s blushing be.

Like darkness doesn’t know
How much black
Can a blot on one’s character be.


Truth is a barbaric business
in this standard of existence
where touts and agents
subsidize it, and decide to act
on a path that is otherwise.
A part of debauchery
lies is a point of view
some call it compassion
others call it benevolence
but an untrained mouth
can destroy all those indecrepancies
in a single swish
of indecent applaud.
If the world needs to
believe in its incandescence
the flame of truth
continues to burn-
in our minds
in our satiety
in our existence.