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Last straw on the camel’s back

a poem by

We are all camels carrying too much of load
Our eyes are shedding tears due to pain
There few seconds our wisdom will rise
From it’s sleep
Give some cautious to know the sorrows of life
She will smile and give a little pleasure
Your wisdom will be buried in to your desire
Again your eyes will shed tears
To get a little bit of relief from your heavy task
Again a straw will be removed from your back and
It will be thrown before your eyes
You will feel a complete relief
From all your burden
She won’t allow you to go out from her hands
Cause she is Maya, very powerful illusion
Her task is to keep you in her circle forever
Though a holy way is very clear and visible to you
You can’t be allowed to go in that way
Cause she is Maya, very powerful illusion
She will remove a straw not of all and
You won’t be let free from Her clutches

Harry Inc.

a poem by

In Dreamwebus
Largest home plan
Wild guess
Billion trees
Wild breeze
So many girls
So many clothes
So many books
So many flowers
So much water
So many herbs
Surrounded by mountains


a poem by

“Born with a silver spoon”
People said so
Pal called me lucky
Fortunate heavenly shower at my toe.

Shakespeare mocked the human kind
With the seven stages of life
Made us a joker
In the coliseum of ridiculous life

Something comes in-
What goes out
Five acts or seven acts
Existential is the play

Message goes out to progeny-fear Jesus
His existence is dependent!
Why look up to it

Day is exhausted
Again a dawn breaks
Waiting still- Lost in the eternal blue
For that ethereal sight

The Strike!

a poem by

Shattered Glass and broken sticks
Torn placards, touched in red ink
Shouts and screams, cries of fear
Mind in turmoil, unrest in the air
Rights hard to obtain, bear pain
Fighting hard, destroy and face
No reason at sight, to protest
Just protest, lives at stake

In the midst, blood dripping from souls
A hurried quest for meaning
Of Life, Of reason or to exist
A blind rage, a vision, singular
Rushing in turbulence, in unison
False claims of a horizon; new
All yearn for change, changes radical
Struggling in thought, in action.

While peace settles and wounds heal
All minds are of cryptic state
Martyrs in outlook, heroic in taste
A clouded mind, weakness in brain
Cowering in fear, the aged ask
What the gain, for all the pain
Tears burst at the look of scorn
Always think of your next meal!

Slowly all the losses appear
Over the mind, the clouds clear
In regret, in grief, the brain speeds
A slow awakening to life and normalcy
As time glides across, life blooms
New thoughts arise, changes desired
The old blood, now aged and aged, now souls
Shattered Glass and broken sticks.

By Truth Vision

a poem by

The world and skies are equal by vision
To the grace of divine lord
The heaven and paradises are equal by nature
To the love of my beloved god mother
She guarded me as a pearl in the necklace
Her words and love will blessed here
She fed me with her blood and
Gave me a life and soul here but not misuse
My every pound of flesh,
My every turns and moves in temporary lives
Are her precious sacrifices in the natures
The God and fairies will ever be equal to destiny
She is my darling. I love her forever till my ego end.


a poem by

The wide blue highway
Or a narrow winding road,
It really doesn’t matter
As long as you’re walking.
Walk. Walk
That’s all you’ve got to do

The tender desert sand
Or hard rocky mountain
It really doesn’t matter
As long as you’re walking
Walk. Walk
That’s all you’ve got to do

The taut tight rope
Or lax corridors of power
It really doesn’t matter
As long as you’re walking
Walk. Walk
That’s all you’ve got to do

Doors of hallowed learning
Or lessons learnt on street
It doesn’t really matter
As long as you’re walking
Walk. Walk
That’s all you’ve got to do

The wild side of life
Or the straight and narrow path
It doesn’t really matter
As long as you’re walking
Walk. Walk.
That’s all you’ve got to do



a poem by

Boy, girl;
Black, white,
Strong, weak;
Pretty, ugly;

Unemployed, self;
Happy, lucky,
Married, single;
Whatever be.

Hindu, muslim;
Rich, poor,
High, low;
Human, we.

Gone, we’ll be;
Fight, must we?
Think, Exist,
Simply, Be.

Rise Again

a poem by

The fall hits hard on me,
It’s like a slap on my face.
Embarrassed and beaten,
I’m thrown back to the start of my race.

I’ve got to face my faults,
Got to accept my mistakes.
I’ve got to overcome my weaknesses,
No matter what it takes.

I’ve got to rebuild my dreams,
Got to reinspire my spirit.
I’ve got to restart my run,
Got to rise beyond my defeat.

I’ve got to rise
Rise all over again
I might loose it all
But my life will remain.

And as long as I know
That I’m still breathing
May there be umpteen falls,
I’ll keep rising!!!!

A Missed Target

a poem by

FLW’s mile – high ego
Casts its shadow
A missed target of 9/11.

Where do the pigeons dwell?

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

(FLW: Frank Lloyd Wright, American architect,
considered as one of the form-givers of the 20th century modern architecture,
who had designed a mile high tower that was never executed.)


a poem by

What a poet writes that’s a poem.
Readers see if it comes to them.
If they consider it as not poem,
Its readers’, not poet’s problem.
What a poet writes that’s a poem.

I am poet; I wrote only, only “A”
It came to you.and you read “A”
You frowned and spat on the “A”
You spoiled your, my “A” yet “A”
Changes not is Poem; so okay.”A”

“A” is no alphabet;”A” is Poet.
When you see ABCD you see Poet.


a poem by

Beyond horizons, beneath oceans
The mystery that goes beyond perception
Something with no beginning
Something with no end
Something closest to being God
Something on which everything depends
The whole born out of the whole
The root of knowledge, the unreachable goal
Oh endless passion, oh human heart
Oh infinity, how supreme thou art!

What a life!

a poem by

When I was in school
We had a fixed time table;
Eight periods of 35 minutes each.
And fixed number of subjects to learn.
Little home work; lot of play time after school.

Then the time arrived when I
Bid my school, college good bye.

I am now in School of Life.
No periods, subjects, books.
No teacher, vacation, closing bell.
Only one period to complete every thing.
I am waiting my time to leave School of Life.

What a Difference!
In school life
Life’s School!

Sermons of Peace

a poem by

Save the sermons for the day
when I am home under a roof
I can call as mine.
As of now I have no thoughts,
but turmoil of the day and
impending night’s trepidation.

Save the sermons for a time
I can earn my bread, and rest
with my creed.
As of now I have no need
for the peace marches,
or blaring banners of retribution.

Save the sermons till I understand
the dictates of history
or debates of future.
As of now I have no concept
of the cause and effect,
or the principles of persecution.

(Written at the time of 2002 Gujarat riots)

Them and Us

a poem by

They tell me to define
me and my purpose
in terms of my God
and sanctify
what I eat, sing or pray
till I conform
to a congregation
of similar impervious thoughts
sitting at edge with another-
both seeking God and His blessings
to nurture and reinforce
dissimilarity and containment.

Soon it is them and us
standing at borders
of shrinking middle ground.

Them and us-
bleeding across fenced islands
with no scope to forgive and forget.

(Written at the time of 2002 Gujarat riots)

Work more, noise less

a poem by

Now known
The truth in
Silence is golden.
Mawkish tones
Charity news
Wants misuse
Poverty pays
Truly the rich-
Fame reaches
To bewitches.
After much honest
Thus it appears.
Please attach
No hitch on to
Which spoken-
Truth hurts.
Helpless bodies
Doubly misused
Lachrymose overdo
Is a type coo?
Do not we know?
Empty vessels sounds
Loud most-
Stop hollow beat it deafens.
Instead, work in silence is golden.
Rebuild earn gratitude, love, concern,
Sincere heart full reverences of fellow human.
Awareness is not
Pleasure in poverty lambastes per media express but
That show of a genuine concern and not crony mawkishness.