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What Vajpayee must do

Vajpayee’s station
should have enough concentration
to save the nation
for the coming generation
by stopping corruption
promoting irrigation
and doing facilitation to the present generation
and save the nation from
K R Narayan’s decision
on the organisation.

Bereft of Hope

While the crops wither in the fields,
starved of timely water!
… while his wife and children
grow paler and weaker everyday!
… while the money lenders
having already bled him to death
continue to squeeze whatever’s left!
… while farmers like himself losing courage,
use the pesticides on themselves
instead of their crops!
… while fear and hunger pangs
are his only constant companions!
… while his old parents survive
due to the compassion of neighbours
much the way the street dog does!
… while the farmer losing hope
grows more desperate by the hour
and more suicidal by the day …
The fattened politicians
fight it out in the full glare
of the media; state vs state;
squeezing political mileage with their
melodrama of words,
ensuring their seat, securing their vote bank,
for the coming election!

Ad Nauseam

Do you or I care
who gets elected.
What difference does it
make to our lives?

When they embark on their
‘road show yatras’
and descend en masse on your
sleepy town
in their latest model deluxe rathas,
you realise
ho-hum …
it’s that time of the year again!

Each party candidate
vies you with meaningless promises and
plies you with food, drink and freebies.
You have nothing to lose
He has plenty to gain … it’s
easy money, easily made!

Are you that
naive to believe
that he really cares
about the quality of water
your town has,
or its shoddy roads
with virtually no electricity?

For once
the turncoat gets your vote,
you’ll never see him again
till the next elections!

when he absents himself
for his complete term
and your roads are mere potholes,
and there’s nary a streetlight in sight
and your water is undrinkable,
and he knocks on your
door once again,
his hands joined together,
flashing his phoney smile …
reach for that broom!

Will there be a New Dawn?

The politicians at this time of the year
are aware that the voter’s belly is
not filled by a request for mere votes;
so discretely in mufti
a man stands beside them,
with a bag filled with crispy new notes!

It’s the same old jaded empty words and
promises that’s doled out;
year in and year out!
with folded hands,
they whine, they appeal
they shout!

The newspaper carries their thrust;
full of election surveys, verbal battles,
financial issues that worries
only the upper crust!

In this land were masses get swayed
by the look of a lady divine,
a star-studded cast are added fast
and behind their chosen leader,
the pleader,
they stand in assembly line!

All are old wine in new bottles,
no agenda or manifesto that’s new;
some might show sincerity and promise,
believe me – a handful or a paltry few!

The candidates play musical chairs,
without a qualm or conscience
they jump from one fray to another,
in singles, not in pairs!
Names of hastily formed parties,
are formed under an amalgam of earlier sorties!

Brand new plebian symbols are flaunted,
by candidates battle-weary and tainted!
There’s name calling, blood-letting galore,
horse-trading, violence and gore!

All this in the name of democracy
an acronym for self-gain and misrule,
A billion of this nation’s citizens,
time and again, it certainly does fool!