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Oh God, please give me a spark

a poem by

In this forest of darkness, I’m looking for a spark
The clothes are shrink, and the eyes can’t blink
Weary of the leaves , weary of the fog
Scary are these things in the dawn of logs
I’m not able to see someone,
I’m not able to listen to anyone
I’m feeling so lonely… Oh God, please let me go home
In this forest of darkness,
Oh God, please let me know my path

God came to my home

a poem by

Bent with age and in rags
He came to my home at lunch time
He begged for a morsel of food
For his hungry stomach
His eyes were dim and small,
His voice was feeble and halting.
With pity, I called him in
To share my meals so simple

I saw a light and smile
Rise on his face, after our meal,
Like the sun rising in the eastern sky,
And in that golden glow I saw him.

The kind Lord came to bless my home.

Universal God

a poem by

Universal God gave us a common sun
The rays reach every corner of the world!
One moon pulls oceans bringing tides
Poetic light covers our planet during moonlit night!

Air composed of constituents of such proportional manner
Every animal and plant can breathe happily together!
Water contains elements so balanced in nature
It quenches thirst for every being without stature!

Soil is made of such compassionate supportive matter
Every plant root finds food and shelter in care!
One ground acts as infinite charge reservoir
Accommodate lightening and return for all electric power!

One blood of same texture and colour
Flowing through human veins everywhere!
Rain and snow cover lands with heavenly shower
That touches all in the region without bias!

Animals evolved as humans with brains enlightened
Thanked God almighty for eternal blessings and kindness!
Whenever a God promises our world only to few chosen
That voice must be from a partisan alien!


a poem by

From the very beginning of civilization-
Humans wondered about natural evolution!
Fear of unknowns, mystic dynamism of creation
Overwhelming lights, sounds, and visions-
Encouraged them to worship ‘Blissful Energy’ as God of salvation!

Humbled by eternal blessings and kindness-
They worshiped Sun as God along with Planets!
Romanticized by the power of universal forces-
They bowed with respect to spirits as natural causes!
‘Hell’ didn’t exist making Heaven and Earth separated!

Everything changed since Alien invasion!
Humans saw Gods coming down in fashion!
Riding flying ships firing ammunitions!
Wearing suits and clothes beyond imaginations!
Triggering Historic Diaspora of human migration-
Installed Kingdoms ruling from urbanisation!

Most humans died with new diseases and starvation-
Since world was not ready for hostile guests in millions!
Others enslaved to serve Priests, Archangels, and Bishops-
Worshiped, sacrificed, to please new heavenly illusions!
Priesthood, Sainthood, stood guard as partisan-
Blocking mutual love and faith in God universal!

Abstractness grew between natural and spiritual world!
As priestly Kings ruled over everything on Earth!
Inventing Holy books erasing evolutionary past!
Claiming rules in scriptures are from Heavenly God!
Punishing all as blaspheme for disobeying new Lords!

Theories evolved on prophecies and miracles!
Religions formed and spread as institutions!
Prisons and jails became Hell on earth in millions!
Love for God, Faith in spirit, respect for nature disillusioned-
Frustration, disbelief, slavery only led to fear for God!


a poem by

After life
After strife

After affluence
After complacence

After war
After exemplar

After deceit
After retreat

After questions
Beyond all questions

Everything referred to in the lines above
amply prove the existence of God.

One almighty in all forms

a poem by

Divine Lord of Gita advises all to live life of yoga:
Profit or loss, success or failure, joy or sorrow,
Never be too happy or too sorrowful in the extremes of life
To wade through the woes of life and the worries of the world!

With the Knowledge of the Self, World, Nature and God
Restraining one’s desire, passion, avarice and jealousy
Use Intelligence to understand the world and act in life
For the Service of the poor, which is really love in action!

Following Honest policy only in the execution of ideas
Non-attached to material benefits, comforts and power
As desired by the Romantic Almighty in the form of Nature
One realises one Almighty in all forms of manifestations.

With what have you come into the world to take away
With you to the other world while leaving this world?
So, you have to leave the world also as you have come!
Innocent and pure you came, and pure and perfect you go!

What has already happened is for good only, think,
What is happening is also for good only, believe,
And what will happen will also for good only, sure!
So, what have you lost to worry about in this world?

Love and non-attachment Almighty has advised to follow;
Buddha formulated non-attachment to solve all worries;
Jesus formulated love to live with no enemies in the world;
And Gandhi formulated non-violence to achieve one world!

So, non-attachment, non-violence and non-alignment are for
Achieving political, social and cultural freedom in the world!
Attaining all for giving them to all is Culture and Divine Love,
The only means to free oneself of from all bondages to Nirvana!

The Good Great God!

a poem by

The Good Old Man!
Ah! With a long beard!
Think it to be as white as one can?
Or kind of Purity one may have heard!
A perception of perfection in His clan,
Is omni present, without ever being searched?

That is the ‘Guru’ of my dreams,
With an aura of 450 kilometers,
He gives me strength and the heat,
Like a Sun, in comparison to all heaters.
At Your beck and call has been my entire heart beat,
Something which can’t be measured by all meters!

Well! You the Good Old Man,
As a perfect planner, you armored various Gurus,
To invade the sins out of the canvassed ‘Plan’
By carrying the invisible ‘torched’ flame through,
Let all world be humble, say, orchestrates by all fans,
Of which you are the conductor, we all think so!

That is why you are so vital and so loving,
Absorbing, exonerating, pardoning, and unfailing,
Hence I must remember you as often as I should!
For ‘You’ and ‘Your’ effects are so goooooooooood,
The louder I said, more humbly, and as fast as I could,
The transformation occurred God! Hurrying from Good!

Idea is all

a poem by

Knowledge, Vision, Ambition
And Achievement are the process of life;
Experiments, observations and inferences
Form the Idea of truth;
Only Plan helps Implementation and Execution
Of Idea to achieve Objective!

Love was God;
Then Truth was God;
Now Science is God!

First Matter/Mind was everything;
Then Reason was everything;
Finally Idea is everything forever!

Philosophy has become Religion;
Literature has become Culture;
And Art has become Dream!

Idea is Man, World, Religion and Science;
Krishna, Christ and Allah are not God;
Only Idea is God including Man, World and Nature!

Fortune makes venture success
With the sequence of Idea, Time and Money;
Misfortune obliterates hard work
Without the sequence of Idea and Time;
With Idea only man can memorably manipulate
Fate and Misfortune to Success!

Take me away from here

a poem by

O Krishna! I want to be your Radha
Of that delicious love to you
O Giridhar! Out of you, nothing is there
The long distance I need to travel
With you, to forget my life;
In my eyes, you bring me
A new vision of wishes
Your blue face, that shine
In my eyes, drive me… drive me
Away from this evils world
My chariot needs to travel
Where I lost my way
Tie up in life, with broken sorrows
You be there, nothing will happen
Please drive my chariot,
Go fast from this world
Where nobody disturb us


a poem by

We cannot define him, cannot see him
but still we believe him…

What is the nexus, which relates us?
We leave everything to him!!! Why?

When we need help why
the first word we speak” Oh god! Help”

When we are thankful
why our heart speaks ‘thank god’!

When situations become impasse,
Dreams turn to fiasco,
When there’s a deadlock,
When we are not absolved from any guilty,
Then why this word ‘god’ gives us the hope
Of a new beautiful morning…
A morning, with no fear, no tensions
A morning of happiness
A morning of calmness
A morning with peace
A soothing morning with the rays of
Sun showering strength on all of us!!

Why some of us search HIM
Around ourselves when he is within us?

Every single soul, on this beautiful creation of god,
Is bestowed by equal power and
Strength but what distinguishes
A being is the manifestation of this divine power…
Edification and introspection are
The means through
Which a man can embellish his life
And which acts as an anodyne in despair.

Where is God

a poem by

Where is God

Chants hum.
Their drone lulls the boy spirit
and conceals it in structures of stone
where it lives
sterile and un-thumbed.
Ah, how the gatherers of wool lie!
They sell a Shangri-la
of trussed bodies and levitating minds.
God is not there.

The sound of the temple-bell swirls around
the naked lust of the pundit’s paunch.
With every chuckle the blubber jerks.
Just outside, the hapless and humble stand;
skin hugging bones; entreating eyes in line
with pleading palms but the temple-gate rasps
“Stay! Touch me not”
God is not there.

Under the cleric’s watchful eyes,
knees bend; minds too;
the smell of sweat mingles;
foreheads kiss the floor of the ancient mosque
and a sign yells “Only for men”.
The patriarchal plot
has found the most potent park.
God is not there.

The false hush
and greater falseness in the church pews;
even before the hollowness of the sermon lulls
they have flown out of the front door
into the labyrinths of the sinner self.
Penitence shows but two empty hands
and one bloodied nose.
God is not there.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The older the creed
the more gangrenous it grows;
down, down it goes
to the door of the waiting fascist

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

But in nature
where birth is natural, no needless array,
no bayoneted potion for pain.
Raindrops kiss the leaf above
then surge to touch one below.
Like the Cheshire cat, a rainbow smiles
ephemerally on a sky-ledge.
A wave wiggles in, slaps the rock,
then waddles back with a smirk.
In barbaric bickering
Life lives by the death of Life.
Equilibrium maintained.
God is there.

Where ears heed the Creator’s voice
which says, “this woman-soul and man-soul
are both part of me. Handle with equal care.”
God is there.

Where the wonder of the innocent
and the gaze of the old skeptic
are mothered;
mothered with the same belief
“This is life”.
God is there.

Where dins doused;
scabbards with their devil-charges
laid in tombs;
clasped hands nurse fractured minds
and frightened nerves.
Where every parish priest,
every muslim cleric, every pundit
has fathomed the others belief
and none transgress.
God is there.

The Almighty

a poem by

He holds the key of many things
Far than the human mind
He is not in flesh and blood
But of some different kind

The eyes do not perceive him
To touch is not alive
He is the moon or wind for some
Is difficult to contrive

Deeper than the deepest oceans
And further than the sky
He lives in a different world
No one knows why

Some wise men of the world acclaim
They are his incarnate
Drape their selves in flowing robes
Then call to congregate

To stone, brass and sun they bow
Queer rituals they inculcate
The mass of ignorant chant away
And mindlessly follow their bait

The Almighty still eludes them
His form, they are not sure
End up on their death beds
Proclaiming, mine is more pure.

Beautiful Magnet Spiritual Wisdom

a poem by

My love me, where you play
My love me, with best thanks
My love me, spiritual wisdom
My love me, beauty is truth
My love me, shines brilliantly
My love me, god omnipotence
My love me, lord compassion
My love me, truth is beauty
My love me, please go away
My love me, divine magnet
My love me, sincere love
My love me, lightning smile
My love me, with blessing
My love me, ocean of beauty
My love me, be happy forever

The Image of God – II

a poem by

In spite of limitation man is not left with nothing;
His five senses, conscience, instinct, intuition and intellect,
The functions of heart, mind and soul do wonders in the world;
And especially with the mind man makes miracles in many fields!
The glimpse of God now and then reveals Him in a mysterious way
Which man fails to remember and muse over to know His presence.
Sparks come out of friction of matters in fusion or fission;
So also great ideas strike the mind in moments of ecstasy or agony;
Idea is World, Universe, Everything and the Great Idea is the Great Spirit!

Various things we may see, feel, think and know,
But vital things by experience only we can realise!
The inner spirit kindles the mind to know the existence of the Great Spirit;
Related knowledge enlarges the horizon of the mind;
Consistent intuition produces the vision of the Ultimate Truth;
And dedicated duty only makes possible realisation of the Ultimate Reality.
So Idea rules the Mind and the World but the Great Idea the Whole Universe!

Just the knowledge of the whole is not enough to know,
But the vision of the whole should we visualise first;
Then only may we plan and achieve our desired ambition;
And that is the way eternal freedom, happiness and peace can we attain
To overcome pressure, fear, anxiety and dissatisfaction in the world.

The image of God is the vision of heaven we long for
Which our forefathers have left behind for us to follow
And it’s our duty to hand it down anew for our heirs to follow;
For, that’s the noble way do we enjoy the life of heaven in this world of hell!
By intellectual intuition only do we find the route map to reach that heaven;
But without this vision it’s a wasteful venture to wish for real rapture.
The longer Nature is there we are not left with nothing;
And by nature mysticism know we the mysteries of our past and future too!

Memory of the joyful time spent with the friends brings the enthusiastic mood,
Memory of the romantic experience with a damsel brings the passionate mood,
Memory of the pleasant past in Nature brings the blessed mood,
Memory of the best portions of a Master Piece brings the mood of an elated thought;
Memory of the best portions of life lightens the heart and elevates the mind,
Especially when tension or depression keeps the spirit at the lowest ebb.

Perhaps the Memory of the Image or the Vision may bring back one to one’s sense
Even if Book, Music or Nature or others may fail to bring the necessary Mood;
But at least, the Image of God, to get a moment of relief, has to be remembered!