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Where is thy humane, of yesteryear?
The world so tyrannical, at its fall!
‘Golden heart’ of compassion so sacred
Lay buried down now, past the long ages.
The scriptures of ‘Vedas’ and the hymns,
Unsanctified, deglorified and unsung
Devotion to a ‘Deity’ and its belief, so bleak
Almost at its nadir, down the trodden path.
Girls of tender ages, victimized and raped,
By the men so, fickle-minded to the very core.
And, the heinous murder at the next door
The world in a drizzle of thick blood and tears!
The roar of the artillery… in high frequency,
Shredding down the victims barbarously!
Ripped apart into desolation by the same species,
Into the wilderness… inhabited and infertile!
Today shall be read tomorrow as a history
Human’s epic journey and its downfall!
The world will rise in tranquility and in its fertility,
When we start it all over again!

Wheel of Time

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(Dedication: To ancient values returning)

Like time that is a Wheel
A circle, returning to the same point
Old Age values shift to newer ones
Now more in tune with Nature
We return to ancient wisdom
Primitive ways seem meaningful
Advanced is understood as destruction

We are at the very bottom
Of the darkest part of the Age
We have no option but to come up
Being in the Wheel of Time
In methodical and profound ways
Knowledge, the lamp post
Shows the way to enlightenment

(Author’s Comments: “… just some thoughts…”

Stand up, walk ahead of time

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Yesterday gone, today still passing on,
Tomorrow yours O’ man stand up and walk
Never look back that is for cowards.
Be not coward, history won’t forgive,
Take light in your hand illuminate places
Wherever you happen to go, such deeds
May place you at the peak, think always
Ahead of time as scientists do, rationalise
Your ways nothing would deter you proceeding
Forward march, educate people who approach you
In the path of struggle to achieve their goal.
Surely you would be ahead of time stand up!

My Compassion

a poem by

You are my sweetest
You are my beautiest
You are my dearest
And you are the best
One I have ever seen.

You are my softest
You are my happiest
You are coolest
And you are the precious
Angel I have ever dreamt.

You are my latest
You are my smoothest
You are my fastest
And you are the honest
MUsic I have ever heard.

But for you,
I am the laziest
I am the slowest
I am the hottest
And I am the ugliest
Sleep that SHE have ever slept.

Catch’em Young

a poem by

Mechanical toys aplenty
at market place, at home,
at nursery, at garden
on TV, and online.
They catch them young,
their virgin mind; initiate
and programme them promptly
to adopt robotics in thought
and in action for salvation
of my mod civilisation
for its insecure survival:
Parents and teachers follow ritual.


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To make the world better to live in
Is to redeem each and every sin;
To the millennium, many things we aspire
But we can do is perspire.
For man’s misdeeds have been on the increase.
When will it cease?
Why don’t we comprehend,
That good things would end
Causing debacles at many a level,
Contributing to our own farewell.
Should we not meliorate the earth,
And sustain His mirth?


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Life will be a paradox, for people as you and me,
We are yet to discover, truths of life neverseen;
To stand firm as the eagle on the rock, and believe,
Or stand free, and change; choose your destiny.

I’ll be a lonely dove, in the eye of the storm,
I’ll venture into unknown heights and explore the gloomy deep;
I may tame myself in the way of my choosing,
But these paths, I pray, will once again let us meet.

Remember the talk, the smiles and the tears,
We slowly learned to change with the years;
Remember the promise that our hearts tried to make,
In saying “I’ll stand by you forever.”

As time goes by, we shall see,
The cleansing fire which forever will be-
The silent destroyer of what time built,
Except that which life, loved or freed.

So till this world fades away,
I hope our paths shall cross again;
And I believe, in the ever-changing sands of time,
Two footprints will remain together,
Yours and mine.


a poem by

Scratch head over social conflict
Fearing, origin, a death
State of disorders globalisation
Narrow-minded embed.

Economic question
A multi-cultural equation
Factors heighten great faction.
Erase conflict embryonic
Pluralistic think.

Long lore
From feudalistic trends,
Mental lambastes.
Personal, philosophical,
Ethical, legal, political
Law and order identity

Has the world come away?
Cultural, linguistic, religious,
Ideological diversity stays.
Making rich the possibilities-
Diffuse the intrusion identity politics.
For the world, inevitable multi-ethnic is.

Of Great Statesman’s Statement

a poem by

Go-Inca, Joe-tea-boss
drink a
See-Ire-anis ink.
A poison link up

Listening public
Singsong, fairy tales
Flooding misery on the poor fails.
Sorry succeeds!

Board of trustees
can benefit simpletons.
An organisation of
sincere workers and their wards

Who could eye such service but money-oriented cads.
Oh! Sad, sad world of incompetence
inflated with slander, diatribe of newspapers.
It is only the middle class and below middle class suffers.

Why does she fall in love again?

a poem by

Why does she fall in love again?
When her present love still beats her heart
I plead to find her a new love that would last
One that would pass the test of time

Why does she fall in love again?
Because her deep soul bear a hole
It’s hard for her to see the signs
That’s why she feels love is blind

Why does she fall in love again?
When her love signs are still crystal clear
A love full life is to live and let live
But the vacuum in her must surely be filled

Why does she fall in love again?
When she never vow to love again
Addicted to love she seems to be
A lonely soul can no women keep

Why does she fall in love again?
Because her lofty dreams are unfulfilled
In spite of pains it may brings
She should surely destine to love.

Why does she fall in love again?
Because each morning as I awaken,
She is the reason I smile,
She is the reason I love.

Why does she fall in love again?
Because each day when I see her
She is the reason of my high beats
She is the reason I want to love.

To learn few words

a poem by

To learn few words,
I left my home.
I always remember my mother,
I cannot forget that time,
When I left the home.
Tear comes as river from eye of my mother,
Tear comes as river from eye of sister,
Few able to stop their tear,
But unable to hide expression on face,
She neither enable to leave nor catch,
But finally she left me on the hope,
That one day I will be big personality,
I will change the fate of her home and nation,
I will change the fate of her state and nation,
Some pray to God,
Some commit for fast to God,
Some commits elements to God,
But I do not know
How I will fill up there hope,
I cannot forget that time,
When half of the salary, they send to us,
In rest of half they lived,
I can understand that pain.
I can not forgot my mother,
They are my inspirations to achieve impossible.

Tomorrow’s Dawn

a poem by

After today comes tomorrow,
It brings with itself
Numerous pleasures, and strength to get over today’s sorrow.
It brings a new dawn,
A ray of hope,
And one is able to move on
Forgetting about the past.
Moving on with the day’s calm
And the peaceful light of the moon,
Shining upon us
As we walk along
Together, hand in hand,
Listening to our favourite song
On the radio.
Moving along together,
Your hand touching mine.
And thus, there’s hope again
To look forward to new things
Which bring us a happier tomorrow.
And as life takes it’s own toll,
And moves ahead at it’s own pace,
Making the distance seem even greater at times,
And then at times making yesterday seem like decades back,
When the moon, the stars, the sky
Belonged to us,
And when no one belonged to you and me,
All at the same time.
It was nature which preserved us,
And nurtured us and helped us to grow.
I cherish the times we had-
The fun, the games, of yesteryear,
Which are still close to our hearts
As they were earlier.
Yes, this is what it’s come to,
This is what we spoke about,
This light which we see today
Is actually the bringer
Of a tomorrow, which is here to stay;
And this tomorrow,
As well as the experiences of yesterday and today
Shapes us, moulds us into individuals
With our own identity,
Our own life.
So together, we’ll wait to face
Tomorrow as it comes,
Whilst we bade goodbye to today.

The Foremost Solution

a poem by

A careless catty spark did it all
Devastating life in the path it chose to take
Leaving thousands lying still never to wake
The fortunate survivors craved for indemnity
Something to relieve their shock with a little serenity
Smart folks relaxed, while dull ones went frenzy
Just remember the acronym of FIRE
Fire Insurance Rest Easy.

Tender Lions

a poem by

Rumpling and playing on the grass
Yes they have not got old so they last
We were once tender lions with dreams
But now that we are full grown we have lost them it seems

We don’t exactly know when
We were too busy with life’s many sins
We loved and we lost
We gave all to our children and our spouse
Now we are just old lionesses with smokey dreams
With all of life’s old hand me down things

Haha we can still laugh at life
We can still play with strife
We can hold on to ourselves alone
In the mind of tender lions at home

Look at the tender lions they don’t know what to do
We as the elders can still bring love to you
Because as we are on the bend,
We would love to be your friend
And teach you all that we know for your journeys
The End

Making world richer

a poem by

Making history throughout the ages
Are poets and authors, writing pages
About nature’s beauty or American war,
About the famous Rasputin Or Russian Czar.

Shakespeare interwove tragedies and comedies
To create a world of fancies and fantasies;
Premchand through his books brought to life
The humankind’s struggle,suffering and strife.

Sir Arthur’s Sherlock Holmes, walking through the lanes of Baker Street,
Could sense mystery and probe murder in whomsoever he could meet;
Robert Frost and Wordsworth through their verses could express
The nature’s charm, relieving mankind’s strain and stress.

“Laughter is the best medicine” must have been Woodhouse’s whim
While creating Girl on the boat or Girl in the blue with wit so trim;
Lewis Carol enchanted the young and old with verve so fat
With his fictitious characters like Alice and Cheshire cat.

May the world be blessed with more Mark Twains,
Agatha Christies,
George Eliots,Shelleys, Shaws, Keats , Blakes and Enid Blytons
Making world richer with Tom Sawyers, Poirots and Nancies,
With their wits, leading to a land of mysteries and fancies.