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You and I

a poem by

Balloons, toys and butterflies
Floated around our ferry of life

We were kids when we met
You were seven I was ten

Silly like always, I would cruise
Daily to your home, up in blues

We sapped a tree with love and care
The tree grew old as time got older

From kid-ling’s bliss to teens we grew
Held our hands as adolescence brew

The confused me sought your vow
And we married under the altar’s glow

The tree of life slowly aged
As we ripened our fondling dates

Trading with death, you left too soon
Musical of life was swoon to croon.

With the demise, I had nothing to thrive
Our memories faded and soon they dried.

I became senile and my condition bred
In age’s golden box called Alzheimer’s pledge

The tree soon withered all its golden leaves
As I slept in Peace smelling strawberries.

The Photograph

a poem by

Sometimes a single smile in the photograph,
Can bring thousand memories back.
As I wipe away the dust from the old photograph,
I am overwhelmed with the flashback.
Even before the dust could fall off,
I relived each and every moment.
The glance which I could feel with my eyes,
Was shattered with the truth of today.
Every time I tried to regain myself,
All of the efforts just went in vain.
People truly say that they are going to stay with us for life and beyond,
But they forget to complete that it’s only true in the photograph.
The photograph is hung on the wall,
Both are still and strong.
Seeing the one glorifies my face,
And another make me relive those moments again.
And now the dove is far from my reach,
And not even the echo is heard.
As the dust clings on to the printed faces,
I wish I could find happiness and its traces.
The unspoken words know the pain of the creases,
The corners of my heart are still shaded by the color of greases.
Both reminds me of the past,
But unfortunately those days could no longer last.
A jerk in my brain is required,
To take care of the tenderness of the heart, this will open the doors latch.
The trice captured by the camera’s eye,
I don’t know why my vision cannot find that sigh.

The bridge to heaven

a poem by

They walk on me with thumping shoes,
as if they were uncaring brutes.
But I am sure in my heart;
they’re sad for their blows smart.
Bitter indeed are the cruel nails,
on my flesh with wounds that ail.
Reminding me of crucifixion;
repeatedly I suffer affliction.
Let’s take the pains of today,
in hope of the Lord’s day.
He surely will exact revenge:
for the devil’s innumerable offense.
The stripes of so many years,
is naught before eternal cheers.
The cool wind from far off heaven,
invites us into arms pleasant.
So walk on me O my dears:
but mourning, for my many tears.

My best friend

a poem by

When I sit under these shining stars,
I realise happiness is so far
When the soft breeze touches my hands,
Whispering love that I understand
When I hear these ringing church bells,
Biding our love a farewell
When I see those colourful flowers,
I miss our strength and powers
When I see that white dove,
My heart dies for our love
When I think of those school days,
Laughing on our mischievous ways
You were my light,
you were my night
You were my holy paradise.
Then comes a chapter in my life,
Where there is no hope to strife
Everyone’s in deep silence
My life has no balance,
I ask you in my holy prayers,
For I have no more strength to bear
I wish we could meet again,
someday in the heavenly rain
I want to kiss you my best friend,
Missing you every weekend.

Losing a Friend

a poem by

Don’t be alarmed
I haven’t ‘lost’ a friend
At least not in the ‘literal’ sense
No, something much worse
Much more unexplainable
I have lost a friend, many friends
To the cacophony around
My piece here is rhetorical and cynical, some might say
I do not disagree
But my grievance is real
I have lost friendships as they used to be
Don’t be alarmed
I still have friends
But the warmth is perhaps a little colder
The smiles and hugs – intentional and artificial
For posterity perhaps – as if reminding oneself that one had a good life
The get-togethers a bit fabricated – with perfect settings
Bottleful of imported wines but empty, shrill conversations
Invisible barriers of affluence – of not just wealth but of thought everywhere
Make us inaccessible physically and emotionally
‘Not fitting in’ has been extolled so much
Someone ‘not fitting’ into this category is, paradoxically, labeled
Yes labels – there are too many of them today –
All clearly defining what’s wrong with our society
But categories that rob the complexity of us humans
Relegating all to neat cardboard boxes with satin ribbons
Friends are relations you chose – built on not just commonality of thought
But shared experiences and moments
Moments that are lived – not just a participant of
Experiences today are more for how others would perceive it
So the clinking of glasses has to be just perfect – the light juts right
And yes pearly smiles abound
I see my younger generation – ‘making friends’ but not lasting friendships
A lot more shared experiences – of travel and the works
But it’s too gleamy and postcardesque
Too virtual than personal
And much too loud and out there
Bellying perhaps the depth and strength of it all
Or may be I am just a cynic not unlike the tattered old paperback
Whose time is to retire from a world which makes little less sense
A world which is far too connected but less together
Much more enlightened but even more lost
Don’t be alarmed
Because I know I am not the only one!

It has been far too long

a poem by

It has been far too long, now that you gone
So I write this poem today,
It could be a song.

Whichever it is,
I wonder if it would reach you,
So far across the seas,
Salaries later just to see you.

I was in school,
I think may be a year later
You visited and now its my chance,
Expected departure date, in the future
So I guess I have to wait…

But would your lips meet mine like they almost did that day?
You will be married, with kids, all grown up
And if I were to visit, inconvenience to your life and love.
Would you remember me?
My Coloured South African friend.
“You have a skin disorder” we said this and no racisim at the end.
So I long for the day that we meet again
And until then, know that I miss you my friend


a poem by

Feelings powerful
emotions mighty
this dainty soap bubble
needs security.

Ideas personal
sense of loss universal
pain benumbs,
blasting inner spirit.

Suffering, hunger
crave for relief,
bird or bee
grieve alike.

Knowledge desirable,
demonstration despicable,
love soothes, softens strained strings-
love and be loved!

This life is beautiful, divine,
sharing and caring supreme gift,
sympathy symphony for dry eyes,
togetherness need of the day!

My most priced possession

a poem by

Though I have least cared not to offend,
Thank you for being my friend!
Helping me, my ways to amend,
more than just to mend
Your eyes, with countless words as they shone,
whilst drawing me away from the vice-zone

Never have I felt euphoria and pain,
just as ‘sun thru’ the rain’
nor at the same time, melancholy and ire,
teaching me, these mixed feelings, are not to tire
Instead such experiences are golden,
and don’t come often!

Putting you through the most arduous passage,
only to see you assuage!
Having a pal as you is worth so much,
for I’ve become such
that I no longer covet the bounty,
but only the beauty!


a poem by

Why I really don’t know
From morning mist to evening snow
Wait for me, wait for my call
To visit me any day anytime any where

Since then I have shifted my home
From mountain top to barren sea shore
Sand is everywhere from
Nearby road to my solitary bedroom

I need not to call them to have feast with me
Even though they all know I’ll wait for them

The funeral of togetherness

a poem by

Oft, when the breeze flows silently past,
And the dead leaves lying on the cracked ground,
Brush against each other, blowing the purity away;
I walk along the leaf corpses, enshrouded by memories,
Their silent crackling voicing my wordless sorrow,
My yesterday, my tomorrow!
A million voices cry in my mind, all strangled by me,
And only their muffled noise reaches the tearless world,
The graveyard that left me alone!
I had been only the wind yesterday, (ne’er the rose,)
And the flute must have enchanted me.
But, maybe I was no wind, and maybe, there was no flute!
Illusion or not, what cares have I,
While I walk along the beautiful autumnal listeners!!!

Walk the Talk

a poem by

You walk with some people
And you talk with some
But with how many do you walk the talk…?

You chat with some people
And have Chaat with some
But with how many do chat and have chaat…?

True friends are the ones
With whom you walk the talk
And Chat and have Chaat

They’re there to walk along and listen
They’re there to talk and advice
A listening ear, a consoling tongue

Like it’s said Friends are like pebbles
Found everywhere
True friends are like precious gems
Few and rare!


a poem by

Changes are inevitable,
Its one thing that’s permanent in life.
As time passes, things change, people change
So, why is it so hard to accept it?

Why is it harsh if our near one changes?
Why does it hurt so badly?
Why am I not being able to endure it?
Why does it shatter me?
Why? Why?
The questions are just never ending!

But again, it’s unavoidable,
Then why am I like this?
Time, the best healer,
Will get me through it!

I just hope seeing all this,
I won’t change myself.
Coz’ whatever it is,
The change is tormenting me.
And I need a way to accept it,
To live with it.

For my dear Manoj and Babitha

a poem by

I wake up everyday
To see your windows closed
No chyme to sing
No loud songs to relish

I look at that door
Every morning I leave
I know you aren’t there
But I betray myself

Your forgotten cd
In my shelf
The gift you gave
On my table

I look at them
As it were you
Hold them close to me
Just to feel you around

The cassettes with your name
Still play in my deck
The same old songs
I always loved to hear

I walk by the sea
Thinking about us
The good times we spent
In this cheerless place

The whisky I got
Invites me
But you aren’t there
So, its water to me

At times when lonely
I think about you
It reminds me our richness
In dialogues we shared

Feelings grow somehow
Anytime I see your snap
Days are longer now
Busy however they are

Another night awaits me
Let me look at that window
I know you aren’t there
Wondering why I miss you so much!