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For your love…

a poem by

I used to dream,
About our love…
Oh, I wish I could turn the time back…
Day and night, we used to talk
Even on a rainy day with black cloud upon our head
Our conversation never ends, even with hurdles
Oh, I wish I could turn the time back…
And see what’s burning in your heart
Wish I could figure it out, before you ran away…
Now, you left my hand in this city full of snow
My heart is frozen and you didn’t know…
Standing alone, waiting, holding on…
To start a new day, where we left…

Oh woman

a poem by

Oh woman you are an enigma
The eternal queen if life’s drama

Oh woman you are a powerhouse
There is lot more to browse

Oh woman like a Phoenix you rise
A smile is enough to mesmerize

Oh woman for you, there were wars
A caring soul that creates super stars

Oh woman you are a history, a mystery
To own you is a victory
Your love is as sweet as a jaggery
You blend well to create that perfect chemistry


a poem by

All around me are distorted faces
In flaming red color,
Every line, curve and contours are
in shocking red

All around me are pandemonium
and commotion,
shouting, pleading, crying and
wailing resembles a battlefield

All around me are torn clothes
with traces of blood,
shattered bangles sparking like
broken stars and crushed lifeless dolls

All around me is darkness in shade
of red, suppressed voices and ignored
pleas for justice and shocking scenes
of trespassed minds and violated bodies

I am speechless, shocked and pathetically helpless
I hang my head in shame when I realize my limitations
to stop this madness around me

Let the flames of shame be spread around
and start a wild fire!

To my Dear

a poem by

I want to talk to you dear
Please to hear
So, first come near

Time is little
We need to settle

Otherwise it will be late
I will have to hate
Because I can’t wait

And you will never
Have me for ever
This will be for sure

Silent Night

a poem by

The night was silent
A rare ambiance
Of an unknown fragrance
The breeze glided a while
Amidst the starry night sky
The moon was in hiding
My love
I searched for the moon
Almost like a lunatic man
To carry my message
To you
That I miss you…

Listening to my heart

a poem by

Got so much to say, but don’t know where to start,
Suddenly I heard a sound, was it from my heart.
Baffled in my mind, wondering which way to go,
I grappled my thoughts.
And in quietness I looked inside my heart,
I saw an overcomer,
It seems so overwhelming,
Was it really me or someone I don’t want to be.
Trying to listen to my heart,
I realized I was lost away so far.
Trapped in the rules of this world,
I forgot living for thyself,
My heart was pleading and screaming these words to myself.
I listened to my heart,
And I know there are many things to be changed,
Life goes on and there is nobody to be blamed.
Yes! In the quietness of my mind,
I was listening to my heart,
A heart that was meant to be healed,
And I was trying to be me.
Rebuilding myself from foundations,
I am breaking free from my restraints.
Now, by listening to my heart,
Do you wonder where I might be?
I’ll tell you now, just this once
That finally I am free…

Spell of life

a poem by

He created a heart
And also placed feelings
Yearning for care
I felt the need for a compassionate company
In the place of Love
I bought a boon
But only later I realised
That it was a curse
I often questioned myself
Why at all we have this heart
But it seems to be an unsolved mystery…

Her face

a poem by

Her serene face expressing
Lost charm and cheer
Her dejected look expressing
Lost faith and fun
Her vague smile expressing
Lost love and life
Her suppressed spirit expressing
Lost affection, touched with a pinch of hope for recovery…

Miles away

a poem by

Every time I pass your way
A thought so instant in my mind
Evoke my emotions with a say
With the mysterious language of eyes you lend
In my hands you place thou heart
Packed with an impeccable smile
Captured by the clutches of thy love art
You live within me even, when I’m apart from you by miles

Love Plight

a poem by

Sojourn on this earth
To engrave two sweet words
On my heart
Full body tattooed but heart remained
And it has to wait thousand years
Because nobody believes on your
Sweet crooning
What you show, what you express
Is not really you
Faithless fathom of deep deep mind
Whom you not recognize well
All that your only assumption
And beside world’s illusions
No match to your private password
You yearn a lot but all ignored as worst
What you humbly beg or plead and apply
Serving anywhere at the rate global
So you scribble whole night, your bio-data
For job passionately
It seems otherwise no significant evidence
To prove I exist in the world
Except these scattered things on bed
Which hallucinating me
That I belong beside world
With zero tolerance and no hassles
That path may be underground and has
To go alone in darkness with risk of life
Same story of antagonist may arise in
Love with some difference
How horrible is outcome in this hell
You dare to face the death
Even so many loving peoples around you

For a moment

a poem by

Come monsoon dancing my heart upskirt
Tears in eyes waiting for you with thirsty lips
Plough in my body to sow seeds of more than hunger
Let it ripe with my knowledge of barrenness
So the shadow happiness never hug me
And wind never blows in my ears cradle song

I tried to forget my mother in foliage
One day my sad identity buried in this soil
Sky lonely never cries as before
Because nobody witness my death as human being
It needs to gather all in one my thousand pieces
What is impossible for you now
Because I never lived like that before for a moment

Unheard Feelings

a poem by

When people said, it’s raining
I wondered if it was raining
When people said, it’s sunny
I wondered if it was sunny

When people said, it’s cold
I wondered if it was cold
From my memory I unfold
The story that I never told

Through the window I see
The little boy play with glee
With his arms spread apart
Hugging father sky’s heart

And each drop, when it fell
His cheeks, they both swell
His lips wore a tender smile
His happiness spread a mile

Staring the fields it was a fun
All crops swung along the sun
They turned from east to west
As if groping for mama’s breast

At night, I heard birds cuddle
Sharing their wings and huddle
All the siblings slept together
Promising to separate never

These gentle family knots
And their lovely thoughts
To understand them, I fail
In this lonely juvenile jail

Memory Lane

a poem by

My mind is running down the memory lane
Down an alive ambience of a few close to heart memories
Because it is not always when you feel alive,
or have the feeling of living in the moment,
or have the opportunity of sucking the jazz of life out of your life!

I feel so young at heart, just these memories make me feel young
like I was a kid all over again like I was living a second childhood.

Don’t we all wish that we could just live the good parts of our lives
the peppy, jazzy, happy, carefree ones!
The ones where you laughed your ass of with your friends,
the one where you and your sibling had your own small secrets,
the one where your crush asked you on a date,
the long road trips, the carefree vacations with family!

But we all know that only after a heavy rain comes the rainbow,
And only if we know what something bad feels like will we value something good…
and at times these bad things teach us, and make us stronger.
And so, we will have to accept the way our life is!
With its good and bad and so I’m now down a gloomy memory lane
with a proud smile on my face.


a poem by

Belated confession
Won’t heal your wounds
I know

My heart beats
Won’t smooth the harp in heaven
I know

At your feet
Trampled flowers
Worm eaten leaves

A crow opens the burning beaks
Gulps a full moon


a poem by

Striven feet are
Stumbled on this river bank
Cold and slender fingers
Wading through the rapture of ripples
Dying forever

Eclipsed were the ways

Pain strewn thorns
Anguished astray
Wavering wilderness
Pensive plodding paths

Wither forever

Light years
I know
You will map us
On the palm of a miser