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a poem by

Oh! My gracious lady,
You are the sweetest flower
In the grove of my heart.

Tell me with what magical power you attract me?
Is it with your comeliness, or
Some other power.
You fill all my life with full of fragrance,
Without you can I think of another life.

To praise your features
Those starry eyes of you I would always looking at,
Those rosy lips of yours
I would always be kissing.
Beside your sweet voice
Like a sweet music
Fill my heart with full of ecstasy
My life is futile
Without you.

I wait for you
Like that parched earth
Waiting for the touch of first rain drops,
I wait for you like that black night wait the arrival of full moon
I wait for you
Come soon
Because, my life is Sunless with you.


a poem by

Her mind wanders late at night,
Remembering the taste of everything she had in front of her sight.
Red, blue, black and green,
Were all the colours she would ever dream.
She was that drop most,
Which no one wants to disturb,
Stuble in nature yet fierce overall.
She would take all your darkness,
To show you the worth of light.
Life wasn’t easy,
But worth the fight.
She didn’t like flowers,
Yet adored the beauty with all of her heart.
And she stood so proud,
With all her flaws no doubt.
Because she had something to go for,
Maybe others didn’t see it,
But in her eyes it was worth all.
Cause no matter how long was the path,
She could fly nonstop

Tears of God

a poem by

The night shattered,
And shouts were loud.
Smokes of burning tyres,
Enveloped the cloud.
Loud, were the barks but not of dogs,
The city was trembling with bark of mobs.
People ran on the streets with religious cry,
In revenge of the tears in the eyes that dry.

Temples were quiet and mosques were calm,
The beauty of idols lost it’s charm.
Peace cried and unity sobbed,
At the sight of the riot oneness that robbed.
Can religion part us all?
Puts forward this question,
Every jot of blood that falls.

From a loving parent to a lost son

a poem by

Where were you
When the day dawned
When the nights slept
And the winds screamed

Keeping my eyes
Open through the days
Little by little
Closing some nights

Once upon a time
Became the last line
Oh how could this happen
Could I be lying?

Holding on to strands
Of tiny moments
Of love and joy and happiness
Of long lost wonderness

Whatever they say
The hope will never dry
Knowing you are out there
Fighting a lone battle

Know just this
There is a price to pay
For what we did not do
But there is a price to pay
Also for what we do

So never be broken
Rise high and shine
Blessed is the day when I can see you
But you not me

- A loving parent remembering a son who never came back


a poem by

Elders told, whatever you do
Do because of some reason

I became a devotee of this advice
Either being rude or doing something wise…

Than came a season
When I can’t find the reason…

He is a cheese piece for
Whom my heartbeats run like mice
Oh God! First time my head
Suffer from reason crises…

Than realize the reality
Feelings, logic or reason apart
Reasons are work of head
Feelings are most illogical logic of heart…


a poem by

Do you agree for it?
The sentence being written
on uterine walls
was broken in middle.

Do you agree for it?
she lowered her head
The rain waters washed
the colours of incomplete
wall painting to the ground.

Why didn’t you bring her?
The abortion pill that entered
the blood vessels like a thief
crushed the Chrysanthemum bud.

“You are lucky to have a male child
who keep on your lineage
and a place in heaven” every one told
the murdered three incomplete foetuses
swung their heads in dissent.

For your love…

a poem by

I used to dream,
About our love…
Oh, I wish I could turn the time back…
Day and night, we used to talk
Even on a rainy day with black cloud upon our head
Our conversation never ends, even with hurdles
Oh, I wish I could turn the time back…
And see what’s burning in your heart
Wish I could figure it out, before you ran away…
Now, you left my hand in this city full of snow
My heart is frozen and you didn’t know…
Standing alone, waiting, holding on…
To start a new day, where we left…

Oh woman

a poem by

Oh woman you are an enigma
The eternal queen if life’s drama

Oh woman you are a powerhouse
There is lot more to browse

Oh woman like a Phoenix you rise
A smile is enough to mesmerize

Oh woman for you, there were wars
A caring soul that creates super stars

Oh woman you are a history, a mystery
To own you is a victory
Your love is as sweet as a jaggery
You blend well to create that perfect chemistry


a poem by

All around me are distorted faces
In flaming red color,
Every line, curve and contours are
in shocking red

All around me are pandemonium
and commotion,
shouting, pleading, crying and
wailing resembles a battlefield

All around me are torn clothes
with traces of blood,
shattered bangles sparking like
broken stars and crushed lifeless dolls

All around me is darkness in shade
of red, suppressed voices and ignored
pleas for justice and shocking scenes
of trespassed minds and violated bodies

I am speechless, shocked and pathetically helpless
I hang my head in shame when I realize my limitations
to stop this madness around me

Let the flames of shame be spread around
and start a wild fire!

To my Dear

a poem by

I want to talk to you dear
Please to hear
So, first come near

Time is little
We need to settle

Otherwise it will be late
I will have to hate
Because I can’t wait

And you will never
Have me for ever
This will be for sure

Silent Night

a poem by

The night was silent
A rare ambiance
Of an unknown fragrance
The breeze glided a while
Amidst the starry night sky
The moon was in hiding
My love
I searched for the moon
Almost like a lunatic man
To carry my message
To you
That I miss you…

Listening to my heart

a poem by

Got so much to say, but don’t know where to start,
Suddenly I heard a sound, was it from my heart.
Baffled in my mind, wondering which way to go,
I grappled my thoughts.
And in quietness I looked inside my heart,
I saw an overcomer,
It seems so overwhelming,
Was it really me or someone I don’t want to be.
Trying to listen to my heart,
I realized I was lost away so far.
Trapped in the rules of this world,
I forgot living for thyself,
My heart was pleading and screaming these words to myself.
I listened to my heart,
And I know there are many things to be changed,
Life goes on and there is nobody to be blamed.
Yes! In the quietness of my mind,
I was listening to my heart,
A heart that was meant to be healed,
And I was trying to be me.
Rebuilding myself from foundations,
I am breaking free from my restraints.
Now, by listening to my heart,
Do you wonder where I might be?
I’ll tell you now, just this once
That finally I am free…

Spell of life

a poem by

He created a heart
And also placed feelings
Yearning for care
I felt the need for a compassionate company
In the place of Love
I bought a boon
But only later I realised
That it was a curse
I often questioned myself
Why at all we have this heart
But it seems to be an unsolved mystery…

Her face

a poem by

Her serene face expressing
Lost charm and cheer
Her dejected look expressing
Lost faith and fun
Her vague smile expressing
Lost love and life
Her suppressed spirit expressing
Lost affection, touched with a pinch of hope for recovery…