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Who is a father?
All comforts for his kids who tries to gather.

Hard as rock from outside,
Soft as wax from inside.

Not always, his mind, does he speak,
But wants to see his kids at their peak.

To give us a good life, who works hard,
When at night to our comfort zone, we retard.

Even greater than the world wonders, which are, seven,
On this earth, to us, he is heaven.

To our joy, who always makes an addition,
He is God’s most wonderful and unique creation.

To our happiness who strives to add,
He is none other than our loving Dad.


Wish you were here,
to hold my hand and stroll along the beach,
to make me smile and put tears out of reach.

Wish you were here
to pull me up, when I in my sorrow drowning,
to tickle me to laughter, when my heart frowning.

Wish you would sit,
beside me and teach me about the birds and bees,
and would tell me the fantasies of world and seas.

Wish you would sit,
beside me and count the shining stars at night,
Oh! Dear dad why are you out of my life and sight?

Wish you would say,
I love you million times in your chatter,
and to my mistakes would say it does not matter.

Wish you would say,
You are the best daughter and my best friend,
wish all these were true and would never end.

Wish you were here, wish you would sit and wish you would say…
Oh! Dear dad my love to you is growing stronger each day!

Thanks to My Old Man

My father was always absent
Sailing rudderless on the great ocean of daydreams,
Seeking safe harbour,
Solace in a tart’s embraces
And drinking deep
Off the fountain of oblivion.

I loved my father
But treated him with contempt
When a young man who tried, for a while,
To be righteous
As everybody else in our street.
Now that I’m old
I realise that he was a poet
Who never got around to write
What was in his heart.
My mirror tells me
That I look like my father now,
But I was lucky I left the fishing port up north
And struck gold on warmer shores.

My family in Norway
Is as contemptuous of me
As I used to be of the old man,
But my celebrant in the mirror tells me
To go on living
And don’t give up hope
As he once did!
So every night
I rise my glass of wine
And rejoice the inheritance given me.

For my little one

There is this thing, I would like,
to share with you, my little one.

If ever you may wonder, as how is it,
that the different hues in the skies,
manifests in diverse ways,
and yet it appears as one.

The webbing in the web of existence,
are all distinct, yet the web,
has no meaning without them,
as they have no meaning, without it.

Every thing my little one is linked,
to every other thing.
I am in you as much as,
you are in me.
Every one is in you as much as,
you are in everyone.

You my little one, are young, in the body.
You are the morning dew,
from the night that nurtured you.
You are the flapping wings,
filled with new energy.
You are the changing colours,
in the age old canopy.
You are the fresh notes in the song,
that is older than time.
You are the stream that gushes forth,
from the deepest reservoirs.
You are me, as much as I am you.
The setting sun never demise.
The rising sun never fossilise.

You move, as you must
like a kite,
You may feel in all exhilaration,
of the gushing winds, the highest flights,
the invisible thread,
that connects you, me and everyone,
and everything.
Dismay not for a moment,
for the thread is never a restrain.
The thread is a path, that you can take,
when you weary.
The thread is a reassurance, that you,
are never forsaken.
The thread is a support,
that will stay with you,
in your high’s,
and your low’s.

It is this thread, that you must perceive,
and your every exhilaration, will find ecstacy,
your every remorse, will find reassurance.
You will then feel me always, my little one,
and fly higher and higher,
when you may reach, above the winds of change,
when you may touch,the serene and see in clarity,
when you may hear, the whisper of silence.
You will then see that you were never alone,
and every one and everything is in you.

Even if you do not perceive,
what I have now said to you,
worry not, for the nights will hatch,
you into another dew,
the wings will be replaced,
with renewed vigour,
and you will fly, on and on,
through the eternities dawn.

Well Wisher

All day he worshiped stones and rocks,
swear by tales which never existed,
blindly did those things his father did,
that son of a pest;
and then he nagged me,
that I follow the west.

I got no dreams to follow,
I got no song to sing,
I have no melody of my own,
all I want is to become rich;
he ****** my life,
that son of a *****.

He taught me to respect wealth and money,
he trained me to be a perfect a***ole,
he wasted my life like his own,
we share the mutual disrespect for each other;
then he call himself my well wisher,
just because he ****** my mother.

Dear Daughter

Dressed up beautifully
Decorated with ornaments
Sealed with a smile
Where are you going
My dear daughter

When you were born
I touched your tender hands
Kissed your dimple chin
Hugged you
I dropped you in school
Taught you lessons
Played with you
Got you chocolates
Everything you wished
Where are you going
Leaving me today

Your little hands are
Decorated with mehandi
And your chin is blushing
Everyone is around you
Dressing you up
Teasing you
People say you will
Belong to somebody else
After those three knots
Is it true
My daughter

I have seen you laughing
Seen you crying
Seen you shouting
Seen you for the past 25 years
I have showered all my love on you
I have shared your emotions
Your joys and your silly things
Today you are going
How can you
Leave me and go

I see you still as a
Small baby
Swinging in my hands
A school girl crying to go to school
A young girl
Telling lots and lots of stories and silly jokes
Your little legs learnt to walk from me
Today it is going away from me
New relations are around you
Greeting you
Hugging you
Taking you away from me

I know it is my duty
To get you married
But my eyes cannot control my emotions
I bless you my child
But still I have a question
My dear daughter
Are you happy
Leaving me

Remembering my father

My first memory of him
Was sitting in an arm chair,
It was his passion
Till his last days.

Oh my dad,
You always stood like
A silent tree
Giving cool shades to
My youthful days.

Never have I had a memory
Of you raising the wield
Of authority,
To punish my childish pranks.

Your honesty,
Which is what I remember,
How you were revered by
One and all
Which was a protective light
Guided us in
Life’s dangerous paths.

Your courage
And stubbornness
Stood as solid as a rock,
Whether against
Devils or ghosts.
Always had me wondering.

You were a diligent captain,
Steering the ship of
Our family against
Life’s all odds,
To reach the shore of

Your logic
That seemed in your hands
Like a balance to
Weight life dualities.
Shall set example for me.

Your intelligent
Surpassed all.
You were always in search
Of a new pearl in
This vast ocean of

Your dignity
Which you guarded in yourself
Like a treasure,
Will always teach me to
How to live like a man.

What shall forever be impression
In my memories
Are those last moments of your life,
When you said to me
That you had no more worries in life
And are a fully contented man.

I perfectly
Understand dad,
What you meant by that
Oh, dad,
You gave us all
More than a father ever could
You indeed played a part
Of good father.
I am sure.
I can never be a father like you
To my children
Thanks to God for
Giving me the chance to
Play the part of
Your son.
Oh, my dear dad…

My father, Mentor and My Hero

A passing thought, a vision, I saw an image deep in his eyes,
A source of love, tender affection, given without compromise.
I recall the many times that he had stood, by my side,
Prodding me on with great vigour and even greater pride.

His voice ever confident, firm and yet fair,
Always speaking with patience, tenderness and care.
The power, the might of his hands was so sure,
I knew, with his presence, there was nothing I wouldn’t endure.

‘Tis true, my teachers provided me educational insight,
Whilst mother, she dedicated her flaming love, her caring light,
Yet, he laid the foundation that let me stand upright,
He was the one who taught me what was right.

He’s the grandest of men to have stepped on this earth,
Most commanding of generals, a most serene personality.
Although he’s neither royal by stature nor a high priest by birth,
He will remain forever, the emperor for my supreme loyalty.

A man of great dignity, honour and strength,
Merits are noble, and of admirable length.
Displaying greater valour in climbing life’s unfair stairs,
Oft showing the grandeur of life lived, with steps ever so fair.

He’s the one, who strengthened my tiny, unsure paces
The one, who gave me courage, to fly in free spaces
He’s far greater than any man that I know, ’tis true
He’s my dad, my friend, my mentor, my hero too.

A year from now, when sixty, he’ll look not more than forty
A pool of wisdom, filled with life’s measures aplenty,
I bow in deep respect and seek out his footprints,
Steps that I take will follow as ever his confident sprints.