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Father, whose words are his silence
Whose experience becomes our guidance

When we were wrong, he became a scolder
But in our success, he patted our shoulder

To complete our dreams he gave his best
Now, the time has came to give him some rest

What more I can write to express my feeling
Just I can say that because of him, our life has got the meaning…

Moon without six pence

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The purple moon
shall not meander past-
Dawn- lest it shall
lose serenity- identity,
Is it wishful thinking dad?
asked my cute little daughter-
with twinkling eyes, short tails.
and lusty cheeks- gutsy looks-
A million rays would,
surely vanquish not just moon-
but even the mighty planets-, baby-
But, we need all the million-not just few.

To a special father

a poem by

You were a special father,
Guide, Protector, and Helper,
All it takes was a word,
That he understood.
All it takes was his looks,
A reflection of a wonderful friend.
All it takes was his support,
Given to all.
All it takes was his smile,
To make a heart feel glad.
He was a very special dad (No More).

My Papa, My Hero

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When you were young, pony-tailed, face full of playful freckles,
were you your papa’s girl?
I was. I still am.
Did you look up to him for your security, for love and attention,
for the understanding, and the patience you lacked as a child?
My Papa was the center of my small world, the focus of my affection,
the star that lit my life, shining bright.
Shining still in my heart.
The years have led me here, weathered with maturity and responsibilities,
and I see more clearly now.
The hardships, burdens of love, and all the
small sacrifices he makes for me, for our family.
He has created stability, a place to call home.
All the photographs I browse through of a child long forgotten, scarcely
remembered smiling, so happy and so loved.
The mere thought of becoming that role model
is enough to send me cowering, afraid… looking for guidance.
Turning to my papa for support, advice, wise counsel, and for approval.
Grown up, I see differently now…
A new perspective of a man I have always known.
My heart is full, my emotions overpowering just in the certainty of that bond.
He has been there for me through all the conflicts
helping me over the rough, ragged stones of growing up.
My respect for my papa is unending, faith is unbound, and love is unquestioning.
Even in the midst of all my imperfections, he is lenient, ignoring the pitfalls, the downfalls,
the shortcomings, he always accepted me as I was, as I am.
The sheer purity of it leaves me awe-struck and it lifts me up,
it holds my head a little higher, it keeps me in balance,
harmonizing with the world around me beautifully,
like an inspired masterpiece from the soul of an honest man.
I am honoured to know my papa, to love him, to be of him.
He’s my hero, and I am his daughter, his first daughter like a Son.

A tribute to my dear father

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My father who was so dear to me,
Who was my pillar of strength
Guided me always about every aspect of life
Stood behind me to support every step I took

Gave me wings to fly
When I wanted to,
Respected every decision I made,
Believing in me

Gave me amendous love ‘n’ affection,
No father will love any daughter like this,
It was just pure bliss!
My dear father has now left heavenly abode,
It’s just his body that cannot be seen,
His soul is always around me I strongly feel!

His memories I treasure
Like a beautiful flower,
His blessings and love is
My strength and power!
Body may turn to ashes,
But soul is never far!

He will be with me
Until my death,
Will hold my hand till
My last breath,

My dear papa
I love you very much,
In the race of death
Why did you rush?

Surroundings are same,
People are same,
But in my heart
There is anguish and pain,
Papa I could not save you,
All my efforts went in vain!

I pray to god that
You are my father
In every life I get,
No daughter will get father
Like mine I bet!

Oh! My papa I miss you very much
In the race of death why did you rush?
You are a star in the sky
I promise you papa I won’t cry

You are in my thoughts
And in my prayers
I know you are
With me everywhere!

My father dear father
I’ll love you always,
|Your daughter will
Always miss your loving
And smiling face!

The Eternal Entity

a poem by

My Lord!
Longing and yearning for Thy Darshan’s feast
On the wings of thoughts, my soul flies fast
But, why not pity me yet my Lord!
Why no mercy on this forlorn bard?

O Lord of purity!
Why have thou come here to embrace earthly fire
As a single entity of eternal divinity?
Is it to save the ever-erring humanity?
From sham vanity and revert to immortality?

O Personified sanctity!
Without thy bountiful shower of mercy
Where will this wandering soul get any courtesy?
Long is the avenue to reach thy ecstasy,
Pray let not my sweet dream be in fantasy.

Acharya Brahman My Guru

a poem by

My father tonight
Strange thoughts
Arch through the mind.
My father though no more today
Perhaps, is reborn growing somewhere?

To the very
Father he was born.
My grandfather
Whom I had never seen.
Much earlier he was long gone.
Those days my father was a little child.

By the time he is through his stages
Will I die to be born to him, in ages?
All of us one by one in phases-
Repeat his family as he began.
Bygone is no bygone.

A poor Brahman dutiful, born
No matter insults, and scorn.
Teaching to love, and compassion
Forgive and forget mission.
However, not be a doormat. He taught.
With guaranty, treasure is our intellectual capacity.
Cultivate, to impart knowledge, richness get.

A wealth that could never deplete
Much as we gave, give.
Pacifist deadpan, peace at any cost, he was not.
Anchored in win through morality, mutual respect,
Plan of action, in non-violence-freedom was his, ours.
True Congressman with law degree yonder year secretary
Follower of Bapuji self-made was he.

A Tribute

a poem by

You brought us to this world
With plenty of delight
You taught us the first letters
You helped us take our first step

You slogged day and night
And provided us the best comforts
You sacrificed your dreams
And laid foundation to our future

When it was time to yield,
The fruit of your deed
Devil of ill fate made her presence
All our joys were wiped out in an instant

You braved all your miseries
With strong will and charming smiles
You always overcame your pain
Through our achievements and gain

Finally god decided to end your agony
Amongst tears and twinge he took you afar
Our lives are void except for your memories
Wherever you are may your soul rest at peace


a poem by

as, I am growing,
questions engulfs me…
which always begins with “if”.
If you would have been with us today,
had life been the same…
every daughter is more special to every dad…
Would you have loved me the same way,
even if I had a rainy day.
Would you have been my umbrella…
if I asked you questions…
what would have been your answer.
I often wonder…
if I ever failed in life,
would I still remain your special child.
if you were to be here with us today,
I would have proudly said…
I have always believed you to be a superman, when I was a child.
and even today… I still want to believe.
You are a knight in shining armour
who can fight the dragons and the devils.
Its been 9 years, without you,
I still can’t accept your absence,
because for me like any child
my daddy the best,
my daddy the strongest.
If wishes were horses,
I can have only one wish, if daddy you were with us.
Just like a child I still sing…
up above the world so high,
my papa shines, like a diamond in the sky.

A real picture yet not painted

a poem by

The picture of life which touched my heart
It was so real as I could feel the art
Initially it was me beside you holding your hand and leaning on your shoulder
Sitting on the sandy beach
Seeing the full moon during the night though it was becoming cooler
Many people around us watching the way we were
Enjoying our life
Their eyes were filled with surprise which was as sharp as a knife
Suddenly there was a change in the picture which contained only me
Neither you were there nor the people around me
Then only I realised one thing which made me very clear
No one seem to even care about my lamentation which they could hear
Life became very miserable as it did not have a place for you
All left was thoughts which were filled with lovely memories spent with you
All I lacked was your physical presence, the immense pleasure when I lean on you
Nothing seemed interesting to me except penning my thoughts about you
While I was undergoing this stress God gave me a boon
Then I felt that I was not alone as I was able to see you in the moon
Then the same old picture became very colourful
Now I don’t feel for anything as life became very beautiful

To Father, With Love

a poem by

It was father’s day.
Reluctantly she would wish him.
Yes, one of the rare occasions,
When she confided in him,
And reiterated that she loved him.
Loved him, indeed she did.
Her confidant; Her mentor,
Her dear father.
He meant everything to her.
And, it was yet another Fathers day.
With a bunch of scarlet carnations,
She was on her way to wish him.
Wondering if he liked carnations.
“I am a laudable daughter,” she said to her self.
“Laudable enough not to know my fathers favorite flowers.”
With a tear, with a sigh,
She walked on to greet her father.
Reaching the gate,
Hesitant, yet she had to wish him.
For he meant everything to her.
She moved on with agony…
Standing next to his grave,
She placed the carnations,
Paralyzed and uncertain she wept,
Wept immensely.
None to wipe her tears… she wept.
Her father, her dear father had closed his eyes
when she had just opened them.