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A balance between price and style,
Means fashion sans tension,
A big dent in pocket may spoil,
The mood with pretension

Wear what you may, but know the way,
The dress can be carried,
Bumps, buts may good cinema slay.
Good acting must display

A series of feelings

a poem by

I’m sitting here in front of the only thing that has no say in my life
Or doesn’t scream at me or say anything to me…
The computer…
Its an important thing in my life for a simple reason cos
I get to write a lot and abuse it…
I could sit and cry in front of the computer and it wont ever tell…
I could sit and write what my thoughts are and t wont snitch.

Life for everyone else around me is fully hectic
And it seems so weird that I feel neglected… and I can’t tell…
I can’t tell for the people I care for the most might just laugh it off…
My heart hurts from a heart break and I still can’t feel love around me…
I do but I don’t at the same time…
There’s a motion of stillness in the air and
Unspoken words don’t get through to People anymore…

They ask to speak up if I feel neglected but what happens even then…
I’m left feeling even worse for nothings cleared up…
My minds filled with questions and unanswered doubts…
Doubts bout life… bout love… bout friendship… bout relationship with my family…
There’s no one to hear me… no one to reply back to me…

Where is the love?

Where is the one person whom I can just pour my heart out?
Where is the light of my life… the apple of my eye??

Where are the happy times I deserve?
Where are the times everyone cared??

Why do I feel neglected…
A lot of people love me but unintentionally they hurt me…
When will I get the answers to my questions?

Everything’s let alone…
I sit here at the computer writing this blog and crying my tears out…
How much more time will it take for me to get what I want…
The love that I need??

Whatever happens happens for our own good is how the saying goes?
But what good is not being loved and being neglected…
Get me out of this feeling of loneliness…
Get me out of this horrid feeling of being neglected…
I want to be loved that’s all I ask for…

To be loved and to love…


a poem by

In vogue
Your enemy
“Mr President;” Please
This is known as
Miss use
That diffuse

A part of me

a poem by

I was on my way
Finding my destination!
But I found myself incomplete,
To share my milestones- I had none.

But today beside me,
I have found someone!
There is a part of me
Which I have explored!

Is he as bright as the twinkling star,
Or is he as radiant as the sun??
Is he as warm and gentle as the summer winds,
Or is he as sparkling and precious as a gem??

But all I know is, ‘he’ is you
And you’re a special part of me!

What would I ever do without u??


a poem by

Human mind and human heart
Listlessly long for unusual, unique.
Looks are important to impose on others
And carry individual glory to its peak.

Clothes initially were to clad
Because unclothed were looking bad.
Race for fashion had gone mad.
Call it, Modernity? I say, very sad!

Think of chocolates; you want to eat.
And newspapers, you want to read.
Now in dress fashion Gurus use
These; many more, are blatantly abused!

Rainbow of Fashion

a poem by

Lassies so svelte,
Lads so suave,
It’s blithe of the youth,
Walking valiantly on every pave.

Is it an attitude devil-may-care
That crops in the mind as a craze?
Or shall I call this a different air
An apparent fashion age?

Living insouciantly with elan,
Life becomes nookless,
Endowing the curves a seraphic countenance,
The beauty becomes immensely brookless.

The redolence of serenity,
The perpetual untrammelled extremity,
Oh, is it the life’s nitty-gritty,
That forces me to call it a fashion deity.

The mettle to become peerless,
Which makes the mind material,
Generating the triumphant magnates,
Living life such imperial.

Where the thoughtfulness dissolves,
In an ocean of wherewithal,
And for one’s own selfish motives,
The so-called socialists wield the sickle.

Where the generosity is Quixotic,
And impassiveness becomes flair,
Is it an era of people
Who live in misanthropic lair?

Are the peasants in the country?
Or the recluses shunning the throng?
Is the painter depicting The Nature?
Or the musician composing a song?

Perhaps the religions preaching morality,
Or the nations making boundaries,
May be the profundity in the relationships,
Or the thirst of the ultimate peace.

May be Science or Art,
May be Spiritual or mundane,
There are different colours of the Rainbow
Which form the Fashion-Train


a poem by

Finicky females falling for fashion
Fluid fanciful favouring a passion
Stylish socialites smartly stilted
Towards trendy tastes they are tilted
Bindis, beaded bags and vibrant bangles
Blouses and belts that are hot to handle
Skimpy string tied spaghetti tops are adored
Scarves, skirts, sarees have no score
Jodhpurs, jholas, jhali work and jewellry
Juvenile fashion is always heavenly
But who has devised this devastating fashion
Recklessly scanty obscene abomination
Hair dyed orange, pierced navel and fiery red lenses
Force family minded folks to face reality overbearing for senses
We waste our lives in wooing fashion
In careers, longings, needs, obsessions
In strategic scheme to accumulate wealth
Sometimes our strife stunt our health
But is it not very hot a fashion
To gather all kinds of possessions
What choices today are we facing
Either to race as the whole of mankind is racing
Or to lie content
And wait for the day to be spent
But hey, for those of you who are designers,
Those who are models and fashion signers
When these beautiful models sway their bodies sleek
I wish India, a happy India Fashion Week.


a poem by

The fashion I like is eye-catching
Don’t aim to titillate or fill with longing
Try not to be roped, but extricate from bondage
Cloaking with elan in the high – wire mire.

The Egyptians permitted even for their dead
Manner of mummification, with ornaments clothes
Predicting future trends well planned
Contradicting tradition.

Mannequins skeletal, with correct amount of flesh
Satin with shiny chords wrapping
Triumphal, subtle colours costume frames
Seems to be wanting to dilate eye-ball.

I think I have always liked fashion.
Beguiled by charms style sits on crest of wave
Adam and Eve in the gallery of dodders
It’s a world of used rags for either sex.

I am at pinpoints with these revolving images
The darts fashion flicks finds a mark in the rotary wheel
The fuzziness catches refined lenses
Lens is turning, we are turning, change is around the corner.


a poem by

Gone are the Days;
When Nature nurtured Innocence,
When Simplicity symbolised beauty.
When Chastity camouflaged impeccability.
When ingenuity stimulated Passion,
When expressions incarnated emotions.
When beauty bloomed into belles,
But NOW, just fervour and Passion,
The sinew of which remains Fashion.
Though conceived a freedom of expression ,
But turning into a Staunch Renaissance.
Making the Terrestrial globe a Colourful sensation.
Though just a current popular style,
Making the ostentatious manage a Smile,
Marked by a Distinctiveness
But among the Characteristic,
Few survive and the rest end in a mess,
Those staying, striking an Equilibrium,
Between change and balance,
Or persisting just by Chance!
Leading to an emulation,
Everyone following the same stimulation.
The long legged dames coming on the ramp,
Displaying the new within the Camp,
Breaking the barriers of expression,
With an Innocent and Glittering Aggression.
And that without a cessation.
But then everything is Limiting,
How long FASHION keeps dazzling.
The void might be there,
But someday, somehow,
It might fill up,
Creating a gradual fear,
And then a switch-over,
Simplicity AGAIN being the contingent cover.

Travelling thoughts on Fashion

a poem by

A Prelude

I, a traveller, weary after the days labour
Stare out at an aging evening, all energies concentrated on
Driving the train of thought. iridescent lights,
Smiling models and happy children silently from billboards proclaim:
It is always fashionable to be fashionable;
The train gropes backwards, brakes intermittently clenching
Tracks at deserted stops of forgotten memories.

1) The story of fashion.

Mighty empires, cursed by gun powder, crumbled; were soon conquered,
And at the summit of human civilisation stood, the English gentleman
(Today found in largely reduced circumstances), his stiff
Upper lip, replaced by the shake of the hip-
The generation-X which upon the crag today stands, unfazed
By Flower Power, the times that ware a-changin’.

2) Fashion in the present.

Diversity, accepted and praised, ‘being yourself’ is
Being modern, says the wind. Time waits
As the dancers sway, the true meaning lost, drowned in the din,
In the haste to do their steps in time, in strange costumes
And in stranger lives.
O being modern is in the mind, in the heart, in the soul;
Not in a PC, in address, in a goal.

An epilogue

As my weariness dissolves into the night,
I think of tomorrow, the dreams that I shall entertain;
For my journey must go on, the search for the reward, the answer
Which is so easy, so simple that
The chafing breeze could now whisper it into my ear:
A simple four letter word that is never out of fashion;
But being so close, it must always remain
A million miles away


a poem by

It’s a kind of impulsive initiation,
Then becomes an object of mass veneration,
Seems to last till eternity as it begins,
But fades into the oblivion of the mortal ruins.

Why a mad race for a certain attire?
Why a blind craze for bule and sapphire?
Why a mania to embellish the outer person,
While remaining sombre and ugly within?

Answer ye men!
To what lands of mystery has Fashion lead you?
And what secrets of Nature has it revealed?
How has it adorned your love and life?
And how has it reduced the pain and strife?

Fashion is invention of the Ugly.
Those who are beautiful within,
Are close to The Divine.
Those seeking for beauty without,
Are lost eternally in mirage of glare and shine.
Of no avail is the Fashion,
If it’s not manifestation of my glory.
Of no avail is Fashion,
If it just remains a mask to cover my lifeless story.

What is Fashion?

a poem by

Fashion is a mirror-
It reflects day-to-day trends,
Showing man as a social animal.

Fashion is a feast -
It whets the appetite for attention,
Aided and abetted by flattery.

Fashion is a spice-
It adds variety;
Makes life’s fare a delicacy.

Fashion is a moulting process-
Old modes give way to new,
Reviving moods and mind-sets.

Fashion is a phenomenon-
It makes apes of men,
Prompting blind imitation.

Fashion is a wave-
It rises and falls;
There’s no stopping it.

Fashion is a wind-
It is wayward and fickle,
Has no plan or principle.

Fashion is a wildfire-
It is self-created,
Burns out not put out.

Fashion is a flower-
It’s first a blossoming glory,
Very soon a withered memory.

Fashion is a kaleidoscope-
It’s ever-changing and enchanting
With its infinite scope.

Fashion yourself anew

a poem by

Pretty bows on lovely dresses,
Bounces and flounces and radiant tresses,
Pastel colours with vivid splashes,
Girding tiny waists some satiny sashes.

Clad in rosy velvet gowns,
Cascading with a brilliance that astounds,
Flowers and ferns fashion Nature,
Giving it an ethereal stature.

Tall trees observers wise,
Testimony to time that flies.
Clouds edged with silver trimming,
Turquoise lakes with water brimming.

Nature’s modes of fashion has man long known,
Styling himself, with dazzling garments shorn.
Minis, gowns, trousers, bands,
Variety, variance, differences fanned.

Just like a rainbow crowning the sky,
Highlighting the horizon’s expanse so high,
Fashion experts, couture houses strive,
To bring the beauty of the human form alive.

Like the rising sun on the desert sand
A dot of orange on a forehead bland.
The clouds that swirl around in strange shapes,
Lacy dresses which feminine figures drape.

Kurtas flowing loosely or churidars tight,
Fashion must complement not give a fright.
Wearing what brings out one’s essential essence,
Dressing up requires some important lessons.

Why overdo and pile oneself up,
With jewellery, makeup and all that stuff.
There is a quieter, subtler way,
Like the morning rays which light the day