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Old Age Home

a poem by

Parents’ love is selfless
They motivate us when we are helpless

Till today, they gave us everything
But their struggle, some children start forgetting

Holding their hands, we used to roam
Now be with them, don’t send them to old age home

Raksha Bandhan

a poem by

How fortunate to be endowed
With a brother like you!
A blessing showered by the Almighty!
An epitome of perseverance and success.
You are a rock
Amidst the rough sea,
An anchor for a sinking ship.
Each thoughtful word
And action speaks volumes.
No words to define your caring,
Affectionate ways.
Each morning taking a step ahead,
May you scale greater heights!
On this day,
A humble prayer for you,
“God Bless my brother with infinite
Peace, Health and Contentment.”

Staying away…

a poem by

Staying away from your own
When miles away from home
Culture in which I wasn’t born
One look and minutes gone
Past memories trying to shrink
Shake my head and blink

No mirth left in my jokes
When no one around were my folks
Voices I was tuned to
Faces I was familiar with
Footprints I can still trace
Places I left to chase

The fragrant air is new
Asking about me are the very few
The hurried morning rises in me
The weary evening sets in me
Planes I see overhead
Thinking, trip to my country is ahead

Days don’t seem to run
No mood to party and fun
Sleeping in my wallet is the dollar
Big, huge and green the color
Acquaintance with the hardest book
It was life’s decision, not mine to cook

Closed eyes bring me a picture
Of my family and not any stranger
Eyes of a beautiful mother
Shoulders of a proud father
Smile of a cheerful brother
Advise from a nutty sister

How close are you to me
Staying away did I realise this…

Again the wonder

a poem by

At this time
Gay so lasting and truth
And the moments too
In words of wonder
Now the wonderful

Trying in time flow
Heresay. No. Real. True.
Every aspect so true
Wondering in the memory

On in the track
Never to forget
Deals so dearer
The waves so real
Ever to remember
Remembering the true self
So firm I believe
The smile and beauty
The flowers all true today
The light and colour
All true. All true.
The wonders now on earth

Mauna (A story in Verse)

a poem by

She made a mansion of marble and gold
Like one depicted in the tales of old,
Trusting that marble walls might shelter
Her only son from misery’s welter,
And charm his poor chagrined heart
Into something like an honied pot.
Still Mauna sighed in a melancholy strait
“Mother something ails my heart.”
Thinking that the cause lies in adolescence
Wedded a winsome girl to him for giving joyance.
She in crimson robes shone round his flowery bed
Like a soft sapphire stringed on a silken thread.
But still he sighed like a murmuring brook
“Mother my heart is empty In every nook.”
Then one night appeared his heart’s delight
In the dream daintily dancing like a sprite,
And humming softly ‘O Mauna ever shall remain
Thine honied name shining in my heart’s domain.
The next morn he arose like a blossomed rose
Shedding all his past bleak remorse,
And laughing like a grief-free schoolboy
Raced to his mother in great joy.


a poem by

I heard somebody cursing, screaming inside me
Even I tried, but could not, blame my destiny!

It was just an affair, I tried to make myself understand
The biggest mistake of my life, that one night stand

I was on a journey, away from my happy family
My intoxicated lust made me do a thing so silly.

Today I think, I could have taken some precaution,
Should not have strayed or used some protection

A unique gift on thanksgiving, today I have to give,
Me, her and our two year kid are all HIV positive.

Life seems like a nightmare, or some devils fiction,
As my family becomes the victim of my action

Ke said I said I

a poem by

When I was only a little boy
I asked my dad
only to give me a toy,
as he was to me like God,
and to me, in order to annoy,
this is what he said “look here my little boy,
man in the hands of God
is just a toy.”
And though it was not proper to retort, I only said,
“Keep your philosophy away,
because I am only a little boy.”

My Brother

a poem by

I remember the day you were born,
Strong, heavy, and toothless,
In the loneliness, I heard you cry,
A thrill to know,
One is not alone.

The fun of one’s own brother,
I know I can lean on someone,
A happiness which will never end,
Till my last fall.

Filled with thoughts unexpressed,
The innocent smile,
That comes through the eyes,
I know you are my brother,
Unbreakable, immortal and evergreen!

A Father’s Wish

a poem by

Asked my friend,
“What type of girl
are you looking for your son?”

Tall, or

Fair, or

Hindu, or

Housewife, or

Indian, or

Father replied,
“My only wish
is that my son
should get married to a

The Lighter Side

a poem by

The very first of the year it is.
And people have already begun to hop-
From shop to shop
That has gone on discount,
Trying to allure customers
In numbers impossible to count.
To buy fridge and Washing Machines-
And Microwaves et al.

“All under one roof”- The catch line goes,
Huge crowds and wait listed deliveries
Indeed goes to show-
The customer’s weakness for low priced goods-
Never mind the quality, the lifetime or even the looks!
Go get them cheap-
Even if you’ll later sit n weep
Over your stupidity
And the defective piece!

One such customer, I met recently,
By the sale and the huge discounts-
She was floored completely.
I waited a Year for this discount, she recounts
And bought a microwave, a Fridge and a Cell,
Also a TV, some furniture and utensils for my shelf.

All in one go, accomplished was her mission,
Payment done and purchases completed-
Only no money, no delivery bags here needed.
For payment was made through Credit Card
And all goods now out of stock-
Would on a later date be delivered.
A day, a week, a fortnight or a month
Nothing indeed could possibly be inferred!

“Surely before the next sale”-
The sales man exclaimed
But the look on the lady’s face was anything but pained.
Mission accomplished, she returned home happy
And waited patiently for the delivery ‘cappy’.

A week went by and nothing had come
“We’ve placed the orders the shopkeeper had sung.
“Too many purchases “- we couldn’t cope
Sorry for the delay, I surely hope
The delivery boy comes by in the next fortnight
And sets up your home perfectly all right.

The doorbell rang- the fridge had arrived
Only it wasn’t the exact color prescribed.
“Oh, it’s all right! I did get it cheap-
But where are the other commodities-
I should get to keep?”
For the fridge had no trays, no freezer door
No stands to keep it erect on the floor!
“You didn’t pay for those ma’am”-
Was the quick response.
Come back to us and you aren’t at a loss
The discount is over but we still have stock
We’ll now supply everything round the clock!

The fridge was installed, but the door wouldn’t open
You needed both hands and all the force you could muster
For this new device was meant to cool faster.
A one handed pull would indeed bring the whole thing along-
To spill the milk and juice and topple everything inside.
A leg was bent and a side dented,
The guarantee was absent
The manufacturer had shut shop.

Oh, what have I done! I must go and stop
The other goods from arriving and causing further loss
My life was happier before I went to shop
At the annual sale that was anything but a flop.
I don’t need a TV, a microwave et al.
The next time I wish to buy some stock
The commodity with me I surely will flock.
I’ve saved enough for the rainy day
And forgotten peace n happiness n gay.
The annual sale is anything but a loss
To fool the customer and get him to buy
To watch all goods that in no time fly
Off the shelf and bring home profit
Leaving people perplexed and gaping
At what big fools they are in the making!

A man who only loved his son

a poem by

There was a young boy, who thought that his father did not love him.
So he never listened to what his old man said.
One day the boy went up to his father and asked him for some money,
Knowing that it was for his friends, the father said he did not have any.
The boy slammed the door and went out in anger,
He made a vow never to ask any favor from his father.

Time went by and the boy started earning,
He became a rich man but not father caring.
Time changed and the rich man found himself in financial crisis,
He could not pay the lenders on his banks basis.
The man wanted to approach his dad,
But his vow held him back.
The man ran door to door for help,
But there was no one but himself.

The rich turned poor man was depressed and in pain,
To his surprise he found he was rich again.
The rich man was happy, went and thanked his friends,
Later he went to his father to narrate the entire incident.
“Only your friends help you”, was a son to father advise,
The father without uttering a word just shut his eyes.

The old man never got up again,
But his lad did not feel ashamed.
He went and opened his dead man’s trunk,
Finding a deposit slip, his heart sunk.

Tear-drops fell from his eyes,
As he finally did realize.
That it was his father who had made him rich again.
His heart filled with misery and pain,
‘A MAN WHO ONLY LOVED HIS SON’, was inscribed on his father’s grave.

If Tinku didn’t go to school

a poem by

“I won’t go to school today!”
Says Tinku crying and kicking
Screaming and imploring.
“Today I want a holiday!”

I’ll just lie in bed and be very good,
I won’t cry and fuss about food.
“Tell me, what will happen pray
If I don’t go for just one day.”

“You won’t become wise or clever,”
Says mother gently.
“You’ll be neither doctor nor engineer”
Says father angrily.

“You won’t go to America
Like your uncles, aunts and cousins
You’ll be left here in India,”
Wise old grandpa chips in.

“Don’t you want a good wife?
Plenty of money and a car?
A rich and luxurious life?”
Asks simple and sweet grandma.

“You say things, I don’t understand
Your ideas are too big for my tiny mind”.
“That’s why you need to go to school,
Else you will always remain a simple fool”!


a poem by

My nana was there when I scraped my knee
I remember her kneeling down to me
She was there for my first kiss
She was there at the P.T.A. my mother missed

My first fight with my best friend she soothe
Picked me up when I was sick from school
For my first job nana had a hand in
For my ear piercing her fingers I did bend

After college me being unsure
Nana guided me patiently once more
I got married and though she was old
She sit me down and explained to me life’s sweeter roles

She was there when my first child was born
My grandfather together nana and me mourned
See these memories are swimming in my head
As I sit with nana at her hospital bed

The tears fall freely down my face
I am not ready for nana to go away
I brush my hand across her hair
And promise her that I will be right here

I know I am loosing my best friend
My nana is dying and I am already missing her
The End

Transition in Relation

a poem by

When young, she held me close
When old, I kept her distant
When young, she did my chores
When old, I grumbled at her flaws

When young, she enjoyed my presence
When old, I detested her interference
When young, she slept with my picture
When old, I avoided her thoughts

When young, she cried at my pain
When old, I ignored her plight
When young, she tied my lace
When old, I tramped her emotion

When young, she fed me fondly
When old, I cribbed to nurture
When young, she prized my triumph
When old, I dumped her needs

When young, she gave me education
When old, I moaned at her ignorance
When young, she fulfilled my desires
When old, I counted my penny she spent

Family Matter an Art to Learn

a poem by

Find out
Deep in heart
Family matters.

Birds or goat
Cosy corners
Family dotes.

Find out
Deep in heart
Family matters.

Parents, grandparents;
Children, uncle aunt
Brothers, sisters
Cousins and friends
Blood relations
Family counts.

Find out
Deep in heart
Family matters.

Balance of power
Balance trade
Measuring scales
Balance sheets
Balance diet, urban stress
Relationships, members do to nurse.

Family matter is an art, effort learns.
Make the best application.
Find out, deep in heart family matters.