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This is Life!

a poem by

That morning when I noticed a volcano there, I became blue,
As it was apparent on the nose, she called me Miss Pimple.
My countenance did fall and my face did show a dimple;
I turned pale simultaneously with it that changed to crimson hue.

As eruption of magma from the volcano, the pimple emanated pus
And progressively a rind was formed over and it did get heal.
No girls allure to have pimple and think it to be a huge gale
But I learnt: such like things come and go in life to which we should not fuss.

Pleasure of non-writing!

a poem by

Since yesterday I am trying to compose a poem.
At last now am able to perfect this only line.
What pleasure it is to work twenty four hours!
I will surrender my life and not write a line.

Mugs of coffee, cups of tea, cans of cola queue
Piece of pizza on plate paper and bottled water
A show of like marching soldier after soldier
What the pleasure it is, not to write any line!

A great fool, wrote so many a day all the time.
Missed my blisses of pizza pieces, can of cola.
Tea in tear, coffee in wear, bored bottle water.
I’m in your great debt, difficult how to clear?

But I am gentleman, I won’t declare bankruptcy.
With paper and pen in hand won’t write poetry.

Calender Queen

a poem by

January the first in pages
Smells like a new born babe
Fresh and fragrant all through the month

February suffers
From severe chills of cough and cold

March marches ahead
With spring tune melodies ringing round

April fools the living beings
With environs start sweating and sulky

May may become sunny hot
Scorching winds weaving till mid night dreams

June drizzles and sprinkles
With early monsoon prides

July inundates canals and rivers
Quenching the thirst with year long thrifts

August poses independent looks
Sprinkling auguries good for health

Come September tunes octaves
To whispering winds

October opts for orderly fests
Pujas spreading in all the homes

November cracks for diwali posts
Celebrating the winning of deities over demons on earth

December celebrates Christmas eve
Uncle santa showering boons.

What’s the title

a poem by

I take a small imaginative flight,
Whenever I get the mood to write,
I take some interesting topic,
Start writing whatever click,
I write the best possible,
May be its comedy or thrill,
First all events I list
Then I give some poetic twist,
When I shoot poem from poetic gun,
Some people like that, some run,
Poet’s best quality is to smile,
Always being happy is the best style,
When I decide the title,
While going through the poem Lifecycle,
Attempts to select title go in vain,
It takes time, requires applying brain.
There starts the problem,
As people say I have no brain,
As always I again wrote poem,
Still the title problem remain…


a poem by

Uncle or aunt
Nephew or niece
Everyone here
Wants only peace
For our life
The ultimate goal
The peace of mind
The peace of soul
Unfortunately there is a black list
Every listed person we call terrorist
Some persons for their own sage
Call it as the holy rage
We don’t want any type of fight
But it’s time to reunite
I am not the teacher
Not the priest
But wants to say this at least

We work anywhere in any mod
One day we have to answer god

Green Room Psycho

a poem by

Nervous newcomers wait for rates
For the “Eurovision Song Contest”
Points to ponder failure, success
To the audience
Today they gave their best.
Backstage in the green room
The atmosphere is tense.
Music minded teenyboppers
Impatience written large
Wait for their results.
Rise and fall of hopes,
Lightning strike
Stab in chest.
The winner takes it all
Again unlucky, feeling small
The triumphant,
On the stage stay tall.
Losers hold
Back tears, it is just another fall.
Determination and will, stretch miles
The powers of endurance pay with smiles.
Music is the key not mere battles, win defeat.

Aura Intrinsic Pristine

a poem by

Their new music came as a pleasant surprise!

Four serious men; Entertain. Melt music into capillaries, vein.
Have you seen integrity? Mesmerised audience, men, women, children!
An evening at the Indian embassy, Berlin – auditorium.
The mystic experience to live; Music of Akira; Mustafa; Paul; Ravi.
Fourier? Dimension so holy. Maestro, Give and take,
Double integral pretty cool. Developed natural
To conceive the sublime,
Hope and free us; from this yoke
of atrocities on soil.
The ideas of equality possible.
Everything is vibration, after all.
Readily enamoured, establishing the cause,
Truth, love among us, the greatest and most beautiful.
How did this happen? In my opinion;
Synthesis application in complex exponential notations,
“Human language: Produces pike by making the sum of cossinusoids.”
A pike shaped signal broken up into a precise discreet transformation.
Mathematical Science. Their goal, our goal, determination.
Frequency remain, calculation, aurora physical coefficients.
God sweet comforting – His words holding, the very everlasting.

Under Teen

a poem by

Ice creams, chocolate
Nuts chips cold drinks
Taste better than homemade
Fish rice ‘dal’ veggies.
Dig in moms bag
Dress in pink
Wear lipstick hers
And hairclips.
Non-stop T.V. cartoons
Cut papers scissors
Into bits, weird shapes.
Enjoy P.T., tell tales
To save her face
From canes.
Computer paintings,
Quarrel now and then
With classmates
Over rubber, pencil pen.
Chat at school gate
School bus last seats
Loud karaoke sessions
Win in competitions.
Buy colourful displays
Marble, crepe papers, adventure story;
All these, I like many times more
Than maths tedious studies and prepare for Examinations.


a poem by

My passions are
Measuring scales, rails
Rainbow colours;
Large windows, projects
Ethnic cultures;
Earning friends, peace
Intelligent converse;
Clear sky, sun
Beautiful stars;
Doting families, forgive
Big/small sacrifice;
Intoxicant nature, drink
With eyes;
I give into,
such, idle pleasures
my choice.

Cultural Evening

a poem by

In a garden
beautiful bland, classical music drifts.
Applause, encouraged the violoncello and the piano
play some more,
Allemande (molto moderato)
More polite clapping,
not too long this time,
scraping of chairs, wine and cheese,
snippets of conversation:
golf and house prices.
Clearly we didn’t come here
for the love of Bach.

Hopelessly in…

a poem by

Hi! Mr. Garbage!
Hi! Miss. Trash!
How is Filth?
All a great mess.
Anything can I do?
Is a can of help?

Oh, junk and rubbish;
Nonsense and refuse;
Riffraff and rabble;
Trifles and residuals;
Obsolete and leavings;
Remains, waste, disposals;
Remnants, remainders;
Debris, rubbish, bins;
Pick ups and recycles;
All a great mess;
All dirt and removals.
What a can be of help?
Mr. Garbage! Thanks!

Become great, easy way!

a poem by

Want to be great,
high, tall, big,
famous, conspicuous,
extra ordinary,
large and wide,
deep and profound,
on top and sound,
in view around,
like a satan
or god on ground.

Then read this
and accomplish.
Easy to start
hard to finish
at your risk,
at your cost.

Begin with home.
Stand at the door,
wear unusual,
shout at your top;

roar the engine,
take longer time,
check alarm go,
start with kick.

Enter workplace
and do not work,
pace the place,
speak with none.

If boss asks you,
reply him not;
if he insists,
remove tie knot,
undo the coat,
stretch the hand,
circle the head,
you are now great.

Isn’t it easy
to start with?
For harder path,
wait some time.

With what can I write?

a poem by

I will not now write
Hold my hands tight;
Whatever be the urge
I shall never abide.

Sure will throw away
Stock of white paper,
Then will throw away
Inkpens and inkpots.

Will not look towards
Computer and internet,
MS Word and Note-Pads,
Website and Home Page.

They have not shown me
What color the money is.
I require the real money
To purchase all these.


a poem by

Read a Haiku
and help release
your heart’s tension;
perhaps by luck you find
some of there-expressed joy
is yours too.

You may very well draw on it
freely and
to your heart’s content.
Further if you want to,
you can make your seconds flow

Like a slow unhurried rivulet
reciting the Haiku lines:
O relax, you relax.
Look, how serenely
refreshing! You feel so happy,
sound of mind.

O listen, listen more and more
to the deep solemn notes of nature
sung for you:
sweet cadence of youth
and unalloyed mirth
then return to you.

We did not start the fire

a poem by

We didn’t start the fire,
it was always burning,
since the world is turning.

JD Atika falling down,
Che_bha is a regular clown,
other couples are hardly seen,
everybody wanna talk,
they are afraid of Ashu – Tavleen.

KB Somya had a a row,
DK Vikram kept the flow,
best of all it was when,
Chetan Alok spoiled the show.

Jain Koacher had a fight,
session continued all right,
everybody wanna know,
what G-5 discussed all night.

Sunit fell on his knees,
Mithi went for the cheese,
even Ashu paid the fees,
Vikram tried for a bigger piece,
finally DK, Sandy got a sneeze,
it is not any flu- you know,
she is Deepti- the disease.

We didn’t start the fire,
it was always burning,
since the world is turning.

Lingum got a serious fling,
Sandy trapped in a caste thing,
RK,Chetan drink and sing,
Umesh is the silent king.

Umesh confessed at 707,
Prags is in the seventh heaven,
no more playing goose and hen,
now tiger is out of the den.

Sushma this year will get a farewell,
JD got weak memory cell,
Astha cries and make an hell,
Sasu is the cat no-one can bell.

Here we got a family tree,
RK is our dadugee,
we are all family,
even Mauji seems to be part of mbe.

We didn’t start the fire,
it was always burning,
since the world is turning.

Ronnie makes everybody confuse,
Malik make us all amuse,
Koacher punctuate with abuse,
course has nothing good to offer,
but some friends and sessions of booze.

Everybody seems to play,
manipulating like we are clay,
what I have got more to say,
it will all boil down on the election day.

We didn’t start the fire,
it was always burning,
since the world is turning.