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Tik tok it moves and 12:00 AM it shows,
Midnight it was, and I was awake of course.
The curtains on the window, filters the moonlight,
Which falls on my bed, hugging me tight.
I was lying on my bed, dreaming a dream,
Okay! My life is alright as it seems.
Days pass on, so does the years,
And the vision of my life was clear.
I had a dream, a dream that came true,
To achieve something that I desperately wanted to.
I was lying on my bed, looking out at stars,
They twinkle all night as if they heal my scars.
Yes, the days passed on, so does the years,
Now, it’s a smile that I wear.
Life was never what I wanted it to be,
But today, I am glad to say that,
Yes! Finally I AM FREE.

The Burn Marks!

a poem by

The burn marks;
Of hardwork and honesty,
Of passion and prejudice,

The burn marks;
Of determination and dreams,
Of struggle and subjugation,

The burn marks;
Of opportunities and oppression,
Of waiting and wars,

The burn marks;
Of commitment and coercion,
Of courage and complaints,

The burn marks;
Of capitalism and competition,
Of governance and goondaism,

The burn marks,
The burn marks…
Testimony of truth!!!

Throbbing Heart, Eager Ears

a poem by

I will love to sit
In that dim lit corner
Bending forth, the rain as symphony,
To feel the strain of the fading
To heed that sax – a Shadow among Shadows
An empty hall;
That will remind me of You,
Of our times spent; Of Moments lived,
Each an encapsulated world; a wonderful story,
Moments, yes, Moments,
Just those that you wouldn’t scatter,
And yet, those that you did,
But I could never gather!
Now I ask myself
When, when must this end?
The sound, this crowd,
This stupid preening
The convincing of self,
Grey hair, dry lips,
The pout of a potbelly
Now when will this all end
When I remember you,
Our days of yore?

The Paper Within

a poem by

I carry a Paper within.
Written over and over; it speaks,
It echoes words; I dread.
Erased over and over; it withers.
The mutilated Paper carries wounds,
And every Light pierces through the wounds.

How much this Paper shall carry?
My Shame, the failings, the valour and my turbulences.
I once rooted it out.
And buried in the Cold Snow; it simmered.
To find myself; I dug it out;
The withered words remained, yet.

Do they know that we love them?

a poem by

Why is it that the people we love the most,
never really know that we love them the most?
There’s not even a bit of flattery or exaggeration that I’m saying this. Period.
You’re not the sum of all the moments that we have lived or
the number of stretch marks on my skin.

You’re much more than it.
You’re a lot of things.
You’re kinda like the map to my home
which I so desperate want to get to after a tiresome day full of work
just because I know I’ll be all secure and safe.
I’ll have a good rest and I’ll be all cheerful and happy being inside it.
You’re probably, undoubtedly much more precious than my faded denims.
Because, that’s the only piece of clothe I’m most comfortable with.

You’re my confidante, my disparity,
Someone more than just a friend but not an enemy.
My poem, my song,
My favorite cup of cold coffee, all bitter and warm.
Not the number of unread messages, not the silly write-ups that has been ignored.
That favorite human with the most seductive smell,
And that suffocating panda hug, which is the most loveliest of all.
The screenshots that I usually read twice a day,
and those numerous photos that makes my phone’s screen slobbed with truckloads of kisses.
You’re a favorite thought and a comforting place like home.

Boundlessly fascinating.
Unconventional yet, charming.
There’s some kind of joy in leaving or maybe, in the thought of leaving.
What urges people to leave so much?
Maybe because, we get tired of loving the same person for too long, and too much.
Or is it because, the heart is unable to take the ignorance we seek to keep at bay?
Ignorance was never an option yet, love wins everything over.
You’re smart and basically, all good things.
You’re someone, I don’t have to paraphrase my thoughts to.
You’re my type of familiarity and comfort, in a world of strange faces and fragile egos.
Sometimes it’s too late to mend things up
but thank you for making me believe that it’s never too late to start over again
and making sure that I’m okay.

You define and undefine and redefine every human relation that is ever possible to exchange love.
You’re about all those little pamper and stuff with abundance of love.
People change but remains the same, simultaneously.
I love you, without any punctuation.
Some less arguments and more love, please?
But then, where do you find the love in leaving?!
They say the mind is something that wanders.
Yet the same way, the heart is easily deceived and knows nothing at all.
The home is where the heart is.
Here and now, I hope you’re one keeps beating.

Splendid and joyous what it was til the very time.
A streak of hope is what keeps a trail of the lost camaraderie.
Don’t look much for the beauty in the misery,
Death is peaceful, serene. But dying, isn’t!
With all that is said and done,
I hope you find peace within.
Much of what is left and unexpressed,
I hope you get to know that,
you’re someone’s most favorite thing,
you’re loved the most, remember it.

Emptiness – Random Thought

a poem by

Within the four walls I live.
My sorrows, my joys, my cheer here all I share I grief.
Sometimes pain I need to belief-
Sometimes fact I need to forsake or leave.
Within the four walls I live.

Colours I may like many but-
I always find me lonely,
Distracted I am to the darker shade.
Likes are disappearing and happiness seems to fade.
Give me some space I need to breathe!
Give me some space I need to breathe!

Companion I yearn…
In short span of life I have learned
Forbidden is love–
To forsake is tough!
Life, not a bed of roses,
Options are few, rare are the choices.
Agony within, frustrated thousand voices!
I am growing sick I want peace-
Within the four walls I live.

Kingdom and Traitors

a poem by

A kingdom of treasure,
Threatened by traitors
The traitors, who have no faith
The traitors who love to hate
The traitors who sell the spool
Of humanity, to the fool

The ones you believed in will keep you safe
The ones who’ll be your ears, if you go deaf
They’ll be the ones who’ll make you see
The world of peace, for thee
And when your garden won’t flourish,
They’ll be your gardener… You wish

Hoping that the land will receive springs,
The buds will bloom, sparrows get wings
Welkin will cry, felicitous
Crafting the blossoms from the fetus
Imagining you’ll be, desiring to harvest
The progenies, at their best

But what if your blessings go rust
Your blossoms palm off with dust
The ones you believed in
Turn nothing more than a din

For you, that feeling was obsess
And every effort for them was so less
Thou worked for them like a servant
But de facto, they were the serpent
With serpentine heart and brain
They threw your emotions down the drain

Thy mind’s eye was covered with a cloth,
Of service and respect, both
And you could never remove the bars
That caused you to fall in the mirage

But it wasn’t your mistake,
They were the ones, who were fake
They broke your in-frangible trust
For their bush-league lust
Their nasty deeds reached heights
Indulged trust and lust into fights

Helpless, hopeless, heal-less, thou were
But flames in eyes com-mixed with tear
Oh my lord, we are cheated
But the sound remained seated
Under the boots of the traitors,
Crushed to silence, oftentimes

Blessings got hexed, by the witch of falsity,
Trusts back stabbed, by the slayer of verity
But one fine day, the anger found a path,
The dark roads lightened by the wrath
United by the divine, led by the angel
The arms of humans, raised against the devil

Devil, hands-down, laughed against the roar
Angel, with the host, strengthened it more
Left devil self-doubting, devitalized
And the traitors went surprised
The ones whom they thought weak,
Foolish, disunited and meek

Broke the gates, burnt the farms with hustle
Slew the army, demolished the castle
Traitors got frightened, how to escape
Searched the path backdoor for their sake
Flames all around, armors flying
Vultures feeding, women crying

Angel with the chakra, appeared before each traitor
Slicing each head, spawning clatter
Host joyed, tears separating from eye
Contentment floating in the sky…

29 Nov 2016 The day Nagrota Bled

a poem by

Nagrota station is as beautiful as one can imagine,
the varied birds seen here are the source of attraction.
But alas, this divine scenery has turned into a dreadful ornery.
A place where the cuckoo bird sang a melodious song,
but now the crow caws a grief stricken song.
Flowers wilted after seeing the rain of pain,
birds gave up singing songs in disdain.
The encounter that changed many lives,
the whole day all we could was wait and sigh.
29th November was the worst day for the entire Nagrota station,
when the family members of the soldiers panicked with tension.
Our soldiers were so selfless, so brave,
for hundreds of families they saved.
But not all endings are a happy one,
Many lost their Father and Sons,
whom they hadn’t seen for months.
The pain could only be conveyed through tears,
what turn now life would take, they feared.
Soldiers defend their country and protect their motherland
because they don’t want other country ruling their land.
You take out faults in them,
But you don’t realize you won’t be here without them.
For how long will the soldiers keep their lives on stake for our sake,
Stop this bloodshed before it’s too late.

And I came back to You

a poem by

And I came back to You
after so many years,
The dawns as witness,
Winds’ savaged,
Seasons’ ravaged;
Knocked so very softly,
Hoping you won’t recognize;
Those watery eyes
That unknown lump of fear,
A single refrain humming-
Should I be trespassing?

But I have always known You,
Haven’t I?
You’ve grown,
Old, haggard and
A wee bit frail; Down
but not down,
As in ‘over’.
Your smile still lights up
the crinkled corners of your eyes,
That once spoke without a word.
Laid away dreams – you bring back alive.
Those I never cared to visit
till I came back to You,
Those I never cared to think,
Existed in You, besides.

And yet ‘I am the same’
You say…
Maybe or maybe not;
You still have that habit of confusing me,
And eliciting warmth on cold wintry days.
Winds’ savaged, Seasons’ ravaged,
Am I Him?
You putter, you stutter,
As you reclaim that day
when mortal words died
Like wounds healed, the
scars afresh each time;
When the gales of turmoil
could never still
‘Those our Times’
Now forgotten far behind.

Cruel soul, why me, coward?
Why rip away my hands and
Show me my face, today,
That I have tried so well
to hide from thee?
Morphed reflections stain the hourglass of
my Life,
Like dust streams down a window pane
Lashed suddenly by a jolt of morning rain.
In my helplessness, then
Why yoke me now, friend?


a poem by

I asked the night, last night, where was I
The moon replied, in the high tide
The swelling mirror of waves
The unruly pulses
In the plebiscite of likes n not much likes
In the wait for morning stars to lead me out of me
Is it that I cannot be me
Or can’t be with me.
I asked the night, last night, where was I?


a poem by

It makes you feel apologetic
It makes you feel great
With memories most vivid
And thoughts most innate
Judgmental and biased, Critical or bizarre
May hit you bad leaving wounded and scarred
May gravely effect temperament
When we spare time to introspect

We explore ourselves, know us better
The nasty brain is always their to deter
Flaws look enormous, Qualities seldom prevail
Truth leaves you shaken good enough to derail
May look like one man of misery or an angel of grace
Emotions and sentiments occupy the space
Relies on the past, torments the present
When we spare time to introspect

Callous or serious, carefree or sensible
Your deeds bog you down, fissures and voids become visible
Makes your head spin, can even make you grin
No one to attack, no one to rescue, no enemy, no kin
Can make you calm, May make you lose your cool
Flamboyance subsides, regret rules the roost
Tryst with your conscience, actions on the stake
Our unrealized dreams, our guilt keep us awake
Makes us repent, makes us lament
When we spare time to introspect

It’s never too late yet it’s never prescribed
Aftermath of it, can hardly be described
Clashes keep echoing, turbulence perturbs
Radical upheaval and commotion disturbs
It may cause decline, may decimate,
It may instigate, it may sedate
It may revive or resurrect
When we spare time to Introspect.

My home, My cage!

a poem by

In my home, my cage
The Door is ajar,
But I remain closed
Suffused with rage.
The light shines through
Pings me in the eye
Oh! Had I dozed?
Maybe, but not long before
Comforted perhaps
By the status quo.

While sleeping dogs lie
Tigers do not rest
Restless in the wild
And in their cage,
Ready to fight
But if hunted,
Ready for flight.
Here I am,
Secure at home
Four walls and a dome
Discomfited by just light!

For outside
It’s not all sunshine
There’s hate,
There’s hoax, there’s hurt
Some think is necessary
And is just fine.
I, I wonder why
And I cry.
Then I see that they are attached,
To what they have
To what they don’t
With strings so strong,
They’ve twisted the strands
Into all that’s wrong.

Is it I, I wonder
Am I that tiger?
If not I, then who?
I ponder.
Can I pull those strings?
This way and that
Till they detach?

I worry,
Will I be hunted?
Have an encounter?
Be put in a cage
And up till the end, flounder?
Please, the time’s not right
Don’t ping me again
That I may wake
And wander out
Of my home, my cage…

Something Beautiful!

a poem by

It was ecstatic, it was mesmerizing,
Not for others but for me to see you.
Your wave of hand while I walked in the bus,
Yes, it was a moment that became just.

It was awesome, awesome to be with you,
You feel that smile comes back to your face.
Since it’s been a long time you smiled,
It wants to live on your face for days.

Oh! I remember what had I thought,
But after that moment I didn’t regret it about,
Coz the feeling of happiness had overpowered me,
It had forgiven me and asked me to go on!

Just how wonderful is someone’s presence for you,
And yet we want to live with ourselves alone,
God’s never unjust to anyone since He sees you,
For you to realize his presence, he sends his angels to visit you.

I did not feel bad about anything I felt,
Because that was a part of my process,
My process to realize the grace coming to me,
Enlivening me and embracing me with love and caress.

This evening is unforgettable, coz it brought so much peace,
God has indeed a perfect timing to enrich our lives with good,
Though things still seem hazy in front of us for now,
He shows up to make you realize that you are not alone!!

Carrying Men

a poem by

Who said “Men doesn’t know labour pain?”

The struggle we go through
in conceiving and delivering the love,
because of, only for, YOU…

Will not be over,
in mere 10 months dear…

Consider being in never ending, total constant pain,
some may even become a monster of Frankenstein…

Remember to forget

a poem by

Remember to forget
Those piercing words and
Shuddering scenes, deafening
Shouts and shattering cries

Remember to forget
The burning days and shivering
Nights, blinding darkness and
Shocking silence

Remember to forget
The perpetual pain and
Suppressed screams, oppressed
Dignity and vanished sentiments

Remember to forget
Those days with no mornings,
Noon and evenings but only dark
Filled frightening nights.