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Oh Mother…

a poem by

Oh Mother,
The avalanche of your memories
flood my mind again carrying me
away into the fog laden valley
of the past

Oh Mother,
Hanging on your finger like a
doll, struggling to make the first
step into life and the trillions of
steps thereafter have never been so sweet

Oh Mother,
When the leaves of time fell from the
tree altering and advancing my mind and body
yet, you were there without
any shade of change

Oh Mother,
When you went away like snapping of
a flame my treasure of happiness
too went with you to the unknown
other side of life

Oh Mother,
How I wish never to leave
the hold of your finger and how I hope
never to grow up ever and how I long
to become that toddler again.

Oh Luna

a poem by

‘Tis but a humble request of a Loner
‘Tis but a humble request of a Loner
Oh Luna, I bow as I plead with thee

Granting my wish of thick rich darkness
Oh Luna, please dim thy shimmer and shine
As I embrace him and he engulfs me, tonight

Oh Luna, we have tales to be shared
Secrets to be whispered, promises to be made
Trails to be ventured and dreams to be realized

Please cover thy eyes and ears, oh Luna
For I long to cherish my date tonight- The Dark Night
As a loner to a loner, a friend to a friend and a soul to a soul.

Sweet Sorrow

a poem by

Not all farewells are eternal, intense and sorrow in emotion.
A permanent goodbye to an illness has the utmost anticipation
There are casual adios, knowing to meet again, the following day.
And a mutual break up, for good riddance keeping the sulks at bay.

At times it is good to dispose objects from the cobweb of sentiments,
Which reflects the memory of a person or who you were once.
There are desirable good byes to enunciate,
Yes, truth is, harder to achieve while easy to state.

Anxiety and hope battle for space, when it is time to part,
The mind declines to accept spawning thousand questions to start.
It is time to fathom, the next rendezvous is just round the corner,
And this is nothing but, just a sweet sorrow of parting one another!

Indian Dreams

a poem by

Friends we’re not… nor lovers true
Incomplete dreams that brew
In little mud cups you threw
Upon the platform after a cup of tea or two
Crushed under the mighty train
Swept away by the languishing rain
Of reality that is inane… mundane
Nothing matters in the end
Betrayal… feelings that rend
Your heart in two
Nothing left… no me, no you


a poem by

Without argument life is no better
When it becomes quarrel
It creates a feeling of indifference
When it becomes misunderstanding
It drifts the attached hearts
When it becomes suspicion
It makes them fall apart
But when it becomes the ‘only thought’
It can kill any intimacy…


a poem by

I found the Rose,
full bloom, in the mild pot.
I found the imprisoned
stem and gazed at its
destitute thorns.
I smiled and
brushed my feathers off and found
the bird sinking its claws
into frozen imagination.
I opened the fragile
eye and floated a dream.

Here and Now

a poem by

Am I here,
Am I now,
There is stillness within,
The neons outside look foolish,
Someday they would know,
But till then let me blink in duet.

Many are gone,
Many more to trudge along,
Some moment,
When the wind blows fresh,
I’d be here and now!

Till the skylark looks back,
I am here and now.

Helpless She

a poem by

They laid motionless, sans breath,
Sans soul in their dead corpses,
Their hearts denied too… ah Misery!
One branch falling upon other
From the same root, same tree,
Both bleeding fell, kissed the earth,
Mistook as theirs, some other’s territory!
Now She, Mother earth, over the mirth
Of her infants, laughs, weeps and contemplates…

Life of a Farmer

a poem by

Last night, I saw one dream
A farmer and his scream

Being curious, I asked the reason
He replied, no crops this season

Being helpless, I just gave him hope
But with frustration he goes

After some time he took one knife
Suddenly I woke up and prayed for his life…

The Chosen One

a poem by

Stars shine, the Seraphs dine,
Tinker Bell strikes the chime,
Alas! A little angel is born this time!
Under down the paradise, folks await with all ear.
The medic announces with a joyful cheer,
“It is a baby gal, dear!”
The clan echoes, “Oh! It is not our bundle of joy if it isn’t a baby boy!”
Grandma weeps, “The God has disregarded my prayers”
Grandpa sighs, “I always carried these fears”
Fretful mum has nothing to share but her tears.
Dad shrieks, “Thank you Princess! I knew I deserve you here.
My precious angel, look at me, I am your father,
To whom the God has been kind to gift this toddler.
I knew I deserve you here for now and forever.

(I have tried to light heartedly pen down the intense belief I carry! – Oxymoron intended :))


a poem by

The breeze so cold
chilled are my feet,
spread my wings to fly,
unaware of the coming defeat.

Passed through land
both barren and green,
my untiring eyes
always following the unseen.

There in the distance,
dark speck the cloud
hiding in its belly
a thunder not yet loud.

Killing the time
curiosity made me wait
till covered with darkness,
I sit and blame fate.

What was to come
Has done and gone,
past will not stay
“Life moves on”.

My Flights…

a poem by

The early rays come and go,
And I start to learn to fight,
Trying to achieve my goals.

My fights are like the birds caged,
Like the soldiers who lay down their lives,
In the battlefield,
Never to come again.

Like the crow which is thirsty,
But cannot find water,
Like the person who has legs,
But cannot walk.

The real truth is- will I ever win?
And say goodbye,
To my departing smile.

The Scar

a poem by

Nay not I know it would pierce so profound,
till that, keeps haunting.

Still that heart’s so pure,
Jostle gently back, with bunch of flowers.

Making sure no harm arise
Yet, putting across the message, crystal clear and wide.

Not able to recall any more
Please leave me alone.

It takes years to build one
Just, a few seconds to raze.

Wakefulness arise
Only when, the melancholy lingers.

When on hand the significance, sightless
When its lost, the true value is sensed.


a poem by

Just back from the war of love
An armed soldier, me
Cold defeat against the animosity
All rising within you
No shelling designed to get it down
To burst the hatred
And sour mountain standing in my way
Its me alone
Versus the odd timings of my destiny
Places I fell
Injured and hurt this heart was
With heads down
Am back with the world laughing
Failing to win you
This ain’t what a soldier desires
Since we met
Its difficult to forget you honey
But for my love
Would trespass boundaries you build
Crawl fields
A hope to reach and grab you in arms
Keep my fights on
No matter how dusty and exhausted
Not until I die
Wishing that someday this soldier will win!!!!!

Isn’t a problem

a poem by

Living in poverty and hardships with you, isn’t a problem
Being enshrouded in wealth accrued, without you, is

Grimacing through life’s hardships with you, isn’t a problem
Enjoying its splendor without you, is

Trekking up thousands miles with you, isn’t a problem
Galloping down effortlessly without you, is

Living in ignorance with you, isn’t a problem
Glowing in enlightenment without you, is

Being a wingless bird in the same nest as you, isn’t a problem
Flying high without you, is

Hearing you hum a note, isn’t a problem
Attending an orchestra alone – is

You not holding my hand – isn’t a problem
But you holding hers, is

You not wiping my tears – isn’t a problem
But you offering her your shoulder, is

Your miles away from me, isn’t a problem
Us never meeting, is

You may never be mine, isn’t a problem
But you being somebody else’s – is

My heart’s breaking, isn’t a problem
You never knowing it, is!!!