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The enchanting enigma

a poem by

I turned my gaze around
as the last bus to my home has left.
My breath was heavy
my heart was pounding
and I stood there with my parasol,
totally exhausted.
That was when my heart skipped a beat
beneath a banyan tree
he was sitting, totally drenched,
on his seat.
His shirt was sticking to his body
hung on the tips of his hair,
were tiny little raindrops,
which paused on his eyelashes
and rapidly rolled down his nose
and further down his neck
he had done nothing to me
yet, I was hypnotized.
He broke the spell and brought me into reality
as he looked at me, and…
our eyes met
that I realised.
His big dark eyes
as black as the thundering clouds
I wanted to be lost
deep, deep, deep in his eyes
Ah! I wish I could
I turned my eyes off him
so did he
too clumsy to express one another’s feelings
too shy to look into each other’s eyes
we both were silent
the only noise was the splattering of rain
strange sensation it was
Perhaps the aura of love.
I turned back
ready to depart
with a heavy heart
desperately he turned towards me
under the gloomy moon of that rain,
slowly… our eyes met again.
He smiled at me
was I supposed to be shocked?
Or blush?
Or smile back?
I didn’t know
but that warm smile stopped my heart
I do know
the cool breeze went past by me
slightly blowing my hair
but I…
I felt a warmth
a smooth warmth
and what was it, I don’t care.
The rain had stopped
the bus arrived
I got into the bus
but, my eyes were fixed on him
until the last inch of him
disappeared from my sight
I woke up from my dream
looked at the clock: 8 AM already???!!!
I rushed to the school like a mad man
forcing my way out
through the crowd
I noticed a familiar figure
he turned around,
looked at me
and smiled.
My heart ached in a sweet pain
our eyes met again.

If it is possible…

a poem by

Bored with harassment of rats
Brought a cat home as a pet
After few days of her night vigilance
We slept without a worry

But one day the cat drank the milk
And got rewarded by beating
Next morning we kept the milk in a saucer before her
Later she used to it.
Rats rattling stopped.
After a month
We found rats slept near the cat
Thought the rat may be dead
About to shake them with a broom
But stopped and took photo of them
To post it on facebook

Worried that past days would come again,
If this coalition is true.
How this miracle happened
With no discussion, no summit, no protocol, no mandate
You don’t know what horrible days would come again!

Fortunately rats ran away
Took the cat by the ears
To throw away on dumping ground.

I sent message to my friend
That I miss today, one miracle of love
Which man could never do in his life


a poem by

Dreams are the ones which we all see
Try to fulfill it, using efforts as a master key

Not all dreams will get fulfilled
But that dosen’t mean, it’s your defeat

See a dream with a positive thought
Make it your new aim and give your best shot


a poem by

I am floating away,
With nothing at stake,
My thoughts disappearing,
Like the ripples in this lake.

I have been lost for a long time,
Now I am going to find myself again,
These birds fly alongside me,
And I become with the wild, untamed.

I saw a pleasant dream!!

a poem by

Yes I saw a pleasant dream,
We were together and out of joy I was to scream,
You looked in my eyes and I, in yours,
We dint even notice around us the crowd and chaos,
Between ourselves we were fully engrossed…

Your sweet scent took me on cloud number nine,
Intoxicated me, without whisky or wine,
I felt so fresh and everything seemed so fine,
That I couldn’t resist but ask you out to dine…

The candle lit the table and my desires,
Pretending to be cool, but within me there was a fire,
I held your hand close to my heart,
And you realised whose name in each of its beat it was…

“Lucky Me!”, I thought to myself,
To take things further, I prayed to God for his Help,
We got close enough to hug each other…
And “Wake up you moron, you’re late!!”, shouted my mother…
Yes indeed I saw a pleasant dream!!!


a poem by

I’ve built walls around me
I’ve been floating underground…
In a myriad of broken dreams.
Come let us paint the skies together
With green stars and purple rainbows
And leap across the fields and meadows
And sheaf through those old scrapbooks
And remember the shadows of promises
Cheap stilted ones, written on pretty yellow paperon rainy days.
Come on, blue eyed devil, Come to me at last
I thirst for your touch.
Hold my hand and take me,
Where moonbeams do not smile,
Where the beasts rest in delight and scavengers make merry
Drinking wine and savouring guacamole.
Marble fields and concrete flowers
Blueberry dreams and buttercups
Come now, let us paint the skies together…
With Green stars and purple rainbows
Let us listen to the blue song of the violin
The crying call of the leprechaun
Let us go far, far away to mystical lands
Where the sands smell of coffee-stains
Let us feel the midnight magic, in an opium trance
Where the jagged twilight trickles in
And you disappear, unseen
Now, it’s me… and me alone.

I dreamt yesterday

a poem by

I dreamt and saw that Atal
made me a drink
and I became immortal.

A committee of hi-fi hormones
set-up for unusual change of bones
Scientists were annoyed for unknowns.

Rejuvenated heart saw light
perishing cultures awakened
blood moved to path all right

A brain ordered driven stomach
rested after he conquered, ruled
Europe and fell.

I have an Atom to play on Scientists.
I may play before the Almighty God
shouts on Me.

The Angel

a poem by

Like a primrose, she came
The angel of my dream.

Lapped by peace
And twinkling eyes.

Bathed with smiles of glee
Love’s true instinct, had she.

As fair as stars
Was her glance.

With touch of her hand
My wisdom outpoured.

As a silent song, she inherit
My body and spirit.

For wishes to claim
I awaited her, to call my name.

To bless with flowing wealth
Or to crown with health.

Shower with peace and ease
And everlasting grace.

And while I understand and feel
She vanished with a twirl.

Searched for her, but in vain
I wish she comes again.

Down to earth-to bless
Mankind with bliss!!

Dreams and Goals

a poem by

We all should have a dream,
And we should focus on it like a beam.
Dreams are dreamt to be achieved,
Whether to go on moon or to work in field.
We should bet,
That though not yet,
But we will achieve our goal
Which had set when we were small.

Dream Song of Love – I

a poem by

Once in a dream I saw a love play of a classical romantic adventure,
A gandharva type of love adventure evolving in song like situation
Describing an endless erotic love as in soaring romantic literature,
From which no body can escape once caught by the magical spell!

Loveless guy would be a sad, lonesome person in the human world;
Songs of love or romantic poems are common among all lovers;
Travel to the moon or Space and journey to the depths of the ocean,
Where lovers play the game of love in their romantic dreams!

There cannot be a most moving force greater than love in the world!
For, love is the world’s greatest power, light and justice in Nature;
Anyone and everyone can be contained by love’s great influence,
From which no one can defy or escape in this lovely human world!

Love of mother, lady, Nature makes this planet love world!
Other planets are dry, barren and empty of life and love;
Earth’s Nature evolved man to live life by love; and in Space
Explore love through science, arts, literature and religion!

Stars hang on in the Universe by mutual gravitational attraction,
Which is like the wonder of love that keeps human relationships.
Love is the natural concern for the well being of the loved ones
And that is why love is ever the greatest wonder of the world.

Human music gives solace to the loved ones at times of troubles;
Mother’s love song, a wonder gives comfort to the child in distress.
Also, music, art, literature and even religion say only love is great;
There is so much power in human love that it cannot be destroyed!

Dream Song of Love – II

a poem by

Love lives forever as immortal and eternal as the Space we see ever!
So, other than love what else can all desire to enjoy in all dreams and life?
Even in cinema dream scenes lovers kiss each other as a mark of love
Either in distant space or in the bottom of the sea as if happening in heaven!

Lovers leap, swim, dance and do a lot in beautiful parks as if in paradise,
When the lover takes the hand of his dream girl after a long courtship
As if in the romantic love scene of Romeo and Juliet of once upon a time!
That immortal love romance no body can fail to appreciate even now!

The power of love is such that soul or death is nothing before it!
Expression of human love in art and literature is the greatest achievement
Elevating it to divine love and immortality by culture and civilisation; so,
Nature, music, dance and drama cherish divinity of human love forever!

Man elevates himself to be a human being by his love and music in life;
Human love achieves immortality by high culture and divinity after life!
Dreams of such experience give the blessed mood, quite divine and true;
That is what every human being finally longs for in life and after life!

Physical love gives painful pleasure as long as health and vigour permits;
Intellectual love gives joy at the discovery of truth, the whole truth of life;
This is most essential for everyone to live as a human being in the world;
But only spiritual love in communion with Nature gives ever lasting bliss!

Woodland Wedding

a poem by

Travel with me, to the land of dreams,
Where rivers of music, paint rainbow scenes.
And dancing on air, our spirits take flight
Off to a forest, on this special night.

Into a clearing so bright and so gay,
Lit up by lanterns, of firefly display.
A faerie king waits, for his lover so true,
Surrounded by courtiers, all dressed in blue.

And as you look round, more faeries you see,
Flitting through branches, in nearby trees.
Small shining faces, hearts filled with pride,
Patiently waiting, for their faerie king’s bride.

Tension builds up, as the nightingales trill,
And faerie musicians add more to the thrill.
Just when you think, you can’t take anymore,
The air splits asunder, with tremendous furor.

A faerie up high, in the tallest tall tree,
Announces the arrival – of the wedding party.
Fanfares now sound from triumphant horns,
For a carriage that’s pulled by unicorns.

Sitting in comfort, inside her glass coach,
Is a beautiful faerie beyond reproach.
While bluebells are chiming, and harebells ring,
The carriage draws close, and halts by the king.

A ladybird footman, now opens the door,
And his bride sets foot, on the soft moss floor.
Her ladies in waiting, now come to her aid,
To fulfill the promise, they long ago made.

Smiling she turns, to her champion so true,
And they pledge their troth, as young lovers do.
A kingdom enjoys, the wedding banquet,
Around mushroom tables so neatly set.

A feast of honey and blackberry wine,
Strawberries and grapes, plucked fresh from the vine.
Blessed with wisdom, by an old faerie earl,
The forest rang out; with the word – Tulipearl!

The faerie musicians play liquid tunes.
That splash and tinkle, their way to the moon.
The feasting all over, time now to dance,
To celebrate life, see how they all prance.

The king leads his queen, while courtiers sing,
Charms of good fortune, and all that they bring.
While faeries whirl round, this beautiful sight,
Laughing and singing, on through the night.

With heads full of wine, and joy in their hearts,
The king and his queen, now turn to depart.
Well-wishers cheer, as the coach pulls away,
Together they’ll stand, to face a new day.

The firefly lanterns, go out one by one,
Replaced by the light, of a golden new dawn.
Small tired bodies, with eyes full of sleep,
Gently flit home, with secrets to keep.

And while they slumber, in their tiny beds
Dreams of the wedding, now fill their heads,
And just like the faeries, our time has come,
For us to go too, and return back home.

We traveled in spirit, to the land of my dreams,
Where rivers of music, paint rainbow scenes;
And when we awake, the message unfurls,
There’s no greater feeling, than Tulipearl…

Journey to a Mystic Land

a poem by

There is a path that leads to a tavern,
Where you get all the pleasures of life.
Where ale flows freely into mugs and goblets
And friendly words greet as you go by.

Oh! it is down by the foot of the mountain,
Where the cold water runs so clear.
Where the cerubell dances softly
In a breeze of cool night air.

The way there goes over stone and rock,
And under shadows of silver clad trees.
Golden streaks from the shining inn
Filtering softly through thousands of leaves.

The inn’s song will kindly lead me,
While a fairy tells of the warming sun.
And time will pass fast as I wander,
Soon encountering a door will let me in.

A hand lifts to slowly push it open,
So I can enter with tired steps.
A chair and rest I find after the walk
And a ear that will listen to my tale.

Under the Blanket of Darkness

a poem by

The dark winds took the sun away,
And darkness fell, there was no ray,
Of light and warmth upon the earth,
And great was suffering and dearth.

Foiros gave back her life and strength
To follow her path in all its length,
In front of Caelereth, day by day,
Will never cease to go her way.

Though now she dives in darkness deep,
Her path at dawn is strong and steep-
With might and power she rises high
All living breathes of relief a sigh.
This primal night was long and hard
And silent soon, no singing bard
Brought life and warmth to any hearth
And frozen lay the dying earth.

But this was not the night we praise,
The night in favour our words we raise.
The one who soothes our daily pain
And ends all things we did in vain.

The night we love, she gives us rest
We may lie down, she does her best
To drive away all troubles of the day
For unloved chores she grants delay.

So let us not forget what we have seen,
Nor wish the time so dark had never been.
Be thankful for the sun to have returned,
But also for the night we gladly earned.

For if the sun would not set down
To hide her glaring golden crown-
As it was true in times of yore-
Would be the calming night no more.