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An Awakening

a poem by

I lit a lamp and floated it in the river
There came a whiff, there came a shower
The storm was raging
The trees were trembling
I did not know
How to shield the lamp!
I held the lamp to the naked sky
There came a roar, there came a thunder
The rain was pouring
The light was flickering
I did not know how to shield the lamp!

The gale was rushing, the rain lashing
The flicker was frantic, life went a begging
Embers were glowing
Darkness was enveloping
I gave up all hope
Of saving the lamp

I sat in the rain groping in the dark
Suddenly it dawned on me, ‘an awakening’
That all my fears were unfounded
That the light was somewhere safely concealed
And there was no need for shielding it
I no longer wept
Nor whimpered because, I knew.

The cold was freezing, I said what if?
The sky was rending, I said so what?
Withered leaves complained
Animals ran helter skelter
A waif was wailing somewhere
For, they did not know!

But I kept my cool and remained serene
Without a trace of worry and agony
For I knew that no harm
Could ever befall my lamp
Even if the Earth were
To be rent asunder or skies to fall
For my lamp is no ordinary lamp of wick and oil
To be extinguished for naught by hail or gale
But of an immortal nature
Nay, it is the Lamp of Eternity
Hidden from and within my being
Indeed in the soul of every living entity.

If I Can Know

a poem by

If I can know, why the grass is green?
And why the air is not seen?

Who lights the stars at night?
And who makes the moon so bright?

Who has made the huge blue ocean?
And gave it a different type of motion?

Who has taught the birds to fly?
Through the vast blue sky?

Who has given life to human?
And made him a responsible man?

Who has built this huge earth?
And made the system of getting birth?

At last I got the answer from my dad,
That its nothing, but the only God…


a poem by

Swiftly you have passed through my life
Like smoothness in air

Your passing is so subtle…
Yet it created ripples in my life
The ripples are extending till today
Like waves in a ocean which has no ends

Your gait was so subtle that
Others could not note your presence

Yet I am on the brink of ocean
With your little glance can make me
Fall and merge with eternity!

Your movement are subtler than breeze
Your presence brings me comfortableness
Which is that of being with nature…

I am carried away on each wave
Try to reach you with the waves
Within the ocean and or at the horizon

I am immersed in your thoughts,
Smile, talk and company
I am completely blank, mind is blank,
Life is blank without you

Cannot think of being away from you,
Even for a spilt second
You have filled up my mind, self and soul

No doubt in me, you have born for me,
Appeared for me, existing for me…
In the journey of my life.

Associated all along, past life’s…
Guided my soul to happiness, learnings
Gifted my mind with smiles, songs and spirit…

I Can’t think of living without you
You are my self, life and my destination

Sample My Goods

a poem by

Hear taste this mind with intelligent stimulating,
strategically challenging destructions of objects in my path
Hear see my eyes as they look into the depths of your soul from the inside out
and read the thoughts that you have kept unpublished
Hear smell this flower that my nose allows to position itself in to my farthest nostril
holding passing reminisces of life’s forgotten memories
Hear explore my mouth that have taken the teeth of time
and remounted its own forces complete with compliments of long gone days
Hear my ears ringing with the very indignities that have been allowed to shine by misfortunes
Now touch my hair as it glisten by on yesterday’s wings
Now my shoulders are broad enough to have sustained a revolution of one nation to another
Now my arms that have wrapped not only my personal love
but also the loves of other worlds long before I got here
Yes oh yes my breast that refuses to sit silently by
and inhale life’s meaningless secrets without a rise and fall of sighs
And a stomach that has let ride on it the temptations of food lust and humility
without being sucked out of shape
My hips have landed yawl they are borders of the chips fall where they lay
With buttocks that ravish mountains and rolls over fields of sexual innuendos
Thighs that hold on to a memorial of my womanness
Legs that arrive before I do in their path breaking boundaries of chivalry
My feet so tiny but so not insignificant as to walk the same earth that a prophet’s path chose
And now my thoughts that are so extra ordinary as to lead you in your Sampling of my goods
to want to get to know more about me
My heart exposes all my inebriations and cough up the depth of this woman
My humor that you feel as silk on your skin welcomes you
My anger ignores my own faults to dig perhaps at another’s in my ignorance
My frustrations reward me when I blink and just make it happen
And yes, you are so right I have left out a very important ingredient for you to sample
My worthiness to know and love a god I feel granted me gifts inside this life and outside the other
So now my friend ask yourself do you ever are could you even pretend to know
another such as yourself faults unflawed! I say no, what do you say?

Seven of this morning

a poem by

There is no sun in the east and
The day is not bright as the day passed
With full of pains and tiredness, I raised
There the clock on the wall has showed seven
Slight drizzles of the sky
Makes me to get fear on my father’s health
His age of seventyeight and his asthma
Threatens me that day will be the last day of his life
There is a mighty blow of thunder in the north sky
Makes an extreme fear and plucks his last breath
My lovely Dad! has turned as a body in his bed
With an overwhelming grief
I make arrangements to his last travel

Please love me

a poem by

Where do you play, my love is there
Where do you play, my girl friend there
Where do you play, my boy friend there
Where do you play, my galaxy there
Where do you play, my planet there
Where do you play, my world there
Where do you play, my UN there
Where do you play, my Asia there
Where do you play, my India there
Where do you play, my Orissa there
Where do you play, my Bhubaneswar there
Where do you play, my Lover is there

It Helps

a poem by

Amazing in content you touch
The cord that is my lifeline
When sorrow holds much beauty
As it mingles with my own to breathe
Life unto each other as only it can
Pulsating in its joy of knowing
That one endeavours to know
The frail entity that is me

Wrapped up in encompassed feeling
That surpasses the mystery of knowledge
For life that is so large eluding
Amidst the maze of sublime ideals
That emerge as unwitting pop ups
Only to be quietened unceremoniously
Retracting into the shell of illusion
As joy finds its way from one to another

Truly, it helps… to know sorrow that is life

Functional Design

a poem by

Engrossed in my job daily
Day and night with team members Arun and Rishii
Knowing its the inevitable result of booming IT
Eventually fetching me and them a party
Creating test plans and cases
All in separate showcases
Scrupulous attentions so benign
I know it’ll aid the “Project Functional Design”
Solitary parameters and code workflow
Making several minds glow
Tete-a-tete with supreme validations
And prone to grisly mutations
Screwed up with tight deadline
Oh damn it, call up US helpline
In comes the savant mind reader
He’s Rajesh, our new Team Leader
What’s radical about this design
Trapping all us in a shrine
A paper operable for developers
Cultivating them are we testers
Tracking bugs
But not blaming the thugs
In this rat race completely forgot
Oh, should I say or not
Is the professional life in sync with real life
Am pondering over this statement
More to assert with argument
The conclusion, de facto, is a big NO
How mean can I be when I say so
Life craves for a balance
Else the void would create the imbalance
Joining hands together
For one single altruistic favour
To leap upon “Life Functional Design” without whine
That’s catering to the penultimate goal line
Turbining energy to efface human shortcoming
Making the world sustaining and nourishing
Obscurity may not deem us
Enlightenment and peace may bless us
So let the soul flow in nirvana
Getting free locked like the botswana
Growing morally and spiritually
With esteemed agility
We keep working in all directions
With no objections
Elementary, the Project Functional Design
Alimentary, the Life Functional Design
Two cheeks of the same coin
Oh, dun waste time and lets rejoin!

Ego of Humility

a poem by

Ego is a part of me
That never let’s me go.
It leads and it follows
At steps that I take
And I am sick of it
Being all the time with me.
It comes in my thoughts
In actions, and in all that I speak.
Let not the ego of humility
Hurt my deeds, and
Perish all the seeds of innocence
Just sown in the soul of ego.
Let the sprouts be humble.
To survive and sustain the saplings of ego
To see the fruits of humble deeds
Enriched by the shower of love
Replacing the roots of ego
With the new ones of humility.


a poem by

When days are gloomy and nights are sore,
When oft misfortune knocks at the door,
When there’s none to straighten our way;
You shine like a celestial lamplighter,
Guiding our way.
When no hope’s left in our life,
It is you who help us to strive
Even when the whole world shuts its doors and windows down,
Still you are never seen to frown.
That you are precious all know so well;
And so never tried to buy you or sell,
Different people think differently about you
Some call you a ‘BLISS IN SOLITUDE’
But whatsoever people may presume about you’
One thing’s for sure

Who am I?

a poem by

Am I a wonderful creation of god,
Am I a human being on this earth,
Am I a daughter born to my parents on a misty January evening,
Am I a fellow-student of my classmates,
Am I an elder sister to my small sister who was born four years after me,
Am I her play-mate,
Am I her partner,
Am I a disciple of my guru who initiated me into the world of classical music,
Am I a student of my venerable teachers who loved me throughout my school life,
Am I a friend to my friends,
Am I a best friend to my best friend,
Am I love to anybody,
Am I somebody to any single person on this earth,
The mysterious facts of my life mystify my existence,
Who am I,
Is there any solution to it?

Bogus Fabricator

a poem by

Insane; his claims
Columbus never discovered America
Nor did Captain Cook; Australia
How ignorant, this man.
He’s saying, “There isn’t new nation
But new ordinance that bring in new markings
Not necessarily, always to everyone’s liking.”
“But to, at least the majority
and the majority consists of fools,”
saying it loud in a single breath;
Contradicting usual myths
of invasions, conquests.
The brushing off by few;
Works as only epics;
Imagination without facts to
substantiate mythical claims as real;
Coming from foolish Quacks.
What a pity! The man insane
How silly? The silly point
Of game cricket,
Talk mad
Crazy red eyed
Bullfight. Torero attack
Silent Pete, voice only to be heard
On radio, charity ball that roll-
Herd instinct motivate; plots
Not of land; that house
men women
in harmony
but psycho-thrillers
Movies from jerks; Top hits.
Fly over the heads of the Ku Klux
Clan; Cuckoo’s nest; Comfort.
“Hey! Are you joking?”
The madman
without cue;
Answered piqued.
Taking a mirror in hand
Screamed well done
Well done.
madman, in rags
put him behind bars
to make him understand
the taste of freedom
he enjoys because
of us

Spoke the madman. He asked further,
Was America and Australia devoid of human race?
And said, “Ok, I give some points, as credits
to the brave sailors who reached the continents
for a rediscovery
but that does not mean, wipe out history made before them.
Dismiss the same as imaginative stories, myths.”
“Well, they are welcome, those who want to pursue ignorance,
it’s their choice, who cares for propaganda!”
The madman made a lot of noise holding a mirror in hand.
I did find him amusing in broad daylight


a poem by

You are born, the first rays of sun strike you
To know Mama-that she’s there to provide warmth, protect you.
Papa comes home with a slab of chocolate and bubble gum
Beautiful times shared with siblings, close knit own.
Fall in love, the first time,
See your lover back to you return,
Work hard, share the fruits of labour,
With your loved ones.
That you are sad and it ends.
Happiness to feel secured.
Where can you find?
Surely in God no doubt!

Art of Cycling

a poem by

The red new bike, barely smaller than his eight year-old frame
totters in a straining arc of steel and young thigh,
the quick of possession has already settled to drudgery and fear,
and his rolling screams are repeating a pattern.
I can close my eyes and doodle away those days of sentiment
like fluorescent on virgin canvas.

My dreams are squeezed out in futile doses
let me pause and guide him on his way
and pat him for his speed, encourage him to take the curves
explain afresh the pleasures of dangerous riding
to race the steeps and dare the climb abetted by the wind.
There’s no life in cruising, son, your father’s hopes are done.
Let’s tell them no, the rules of championship aren’t weakened yet:
on a summer’s day, there’s much to be said for a marathon.


a poem by

He was groping in the dark
Searching for a key that
Would open the gates of happiness
Dejected was he with
A past that failed him
A future no less certain
And a present spent unravelling the key
Time only assisted him
By flying off as is its won’t
And then the day dawned
He, gasping for his last breath,
Saw in the light of truth
That there was no lock
Nor were there any keys.