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The Change

a poem by

When someone questions why did you change
What made the attitude and nature to rain
For I get confused in the concept of query
How did I reveal what made me so fiery

Incidents and accidents whatever you call
Disturbing the mind which is now default
The trust being broken, the affect on neurons
Am not a fool who will carry on

Hesitatingly the instinct took a different turn
Was very difficult, the ecstasy getting burnt
The undefined time, the weird syndromes
Reversing the time like a palindrome.

Not my cup of tea

a poem by

Are not my cup of tea
Everyone thinks for riches it is the key
Heavy heart, heavy mind
Everyone sees, yet blind
No escape, no way,
For what society thinks makes my everyday
Suffocation, reputation, pressure
My heart hurts out of measure,
Hate myself, hate them
Internally I am turning numb
Help, understand, care
Save me from this nightmare


a poem by

Nothing stays with me, except
My woes and worries,
Nowhere to go other than
The dark labyrinth or my own mind.

Alone and aloof, only the
Pitch black of darkness with me
No one to look for and
Nobody to remember me

Where I am, I have no idea
How long also have no answer
If this place do have a name
What difference it makes

There is no day or night here, only
Emptiness enveloped in darkness
No date or name for the day, only
The crushing bang of solitude