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Eyes Cream

a poem by

Alas, thy wants an icecream
Hearing this, I want to scream
Icecream is loaded with many a calorie
And takes away my entire salary

Chocolate, vanilla, raspberry and cherry
The last one I like much very, very
Eating it makes you too much merry
Like Indians eating a lot of curry

Don’t come to me tomorrow if you get diabetes
I will nudge you out of my house and say, Please!
Because I know exactly what is in your soul
A whole lot of bad cholesterol.


a poem by

Tortures of permissive society
Wake up to uncertainty.
Insecurity knock bottom of soul.
In hearts of young and old
Relationship doldrums bore a hole.

State criteria follow responsible facts.
Fabric freedom hammers tax.
Sly nooses of inattention laxity, binds.
No graceful thought, memo sums.
Officers save skin as per rule paragraphs.

Yet life sizes innumerable accounts
On surface problem solves.
Protected wolves cry from woods.
Forced attentions divert mass.
Furtive ignore calculative mistakes.

Wring, cringe, never outspoken.
Earn, burn, dissipate, twist
Between very own, choose basics
Mass in turn a battle of wits.
Take last resort, stab behind backs.

Wear weapons, of pseudo altruism.
A foundation for fast buck draws idea
Aggressive commotions wear banners via…
Grapevine, rumour, entertainment, mass media
Daily chants, news, views, use corrupt connections.

Stained Glass

a poem by

Fall to die and bleed into the dirt of centuries,
With a tired soul like the shattered casements of old,
Sacred hearts but broken thoughts
Until we reach the angels who wait on lush green slopes
And wake in the arms of eternity.


a poem by

When in the middle of the night
A muffled sob escaped
The silent night too softly cried
With dew the ground it bathed

A gentle moon through clouds appeared
The moonlight hazily fell
To see from where the sigh arose
For whom the tears did swell.

From despairing depths arose
Anguished cries of pain
To the heavens pleading mercy
Mercy to the stars in vain,

A burdened life with grief in toe,
So snapped a tender mind
Wishes now no more to live,
To live and bear the grind.


a poem by

‘Help her someone! Quick! Help her!’ they cried
But from a safe distance all watched
‘I’d have got off’ one said ‘but I’ll miss the train’
Thus they continued to yak and watch

Gone are the days of humanity
When person for another cared
Why go out of your way to help anyone
If it ain’t family or friend

There was a time when for each other we lived
Now only one’s self can we see
We point fingers at others and pass the blame
Why bother if I not who’s there

Among all the people there was I
Indifferent as everyone else
I’ve got to get home, I will before long
So soon be forgotten what was left behind

Hours later at home, with some music relaxed
A phone call from a stranger I receive
‘I’m calling from the hospital, your wife is her’
Anxious and worried I leave

Frozen tears, in shock I can’t move
The officer’s voice echoes still
‘I’m sorry she’s gone. It was too late.
We could’ve save her but only if…’

I stand by the grave, like ‘em wilted rose
The tears uninhibited flow
‘Forgive me my love! I knew not it was you.
Forgive me I beg of you now.’

The rain pours down on me, I am drenched in my tears
Forgive myself I cannot
I repent I cry for my apathy then
But it’s way too late for it now

As we walk thru each day knowing not what will be
May courage and kindness in us grow
May we never regret any moment in time
And more humanity and helpfulness flow


a poem by

He stood atop the hillock,
A face pale and worn,
A body exhausted yet triumphant.
His small black beady eyes swept over his territory-
The land he had fought so hard for.
The setting sun threw it’s feeble arms over the battlefield,
Mutilated and torn by that hard won war,
Drenched with the blood of man and beast alike.
There was silence all around.
Yet with every beat of his heart
He could hear the last pitiful cry of pain,
The roar of the inferno
And the echoing rattle of the guns.
The land of bubbling brooks and green grass was no more.
Where deer roamed free
Beneath the shady boughs of majestic trees.
All done away in a trice
In that moment of greed.
He stood there
The powerful one.
God’d greatest creation.
In that moment of victory,
Defeat stared back at him.
His greatest achievement
Was his greatest loss.
His eyes glistened with tears,
But repentance had come too late

Foul! Foul!

a poem by

Light consuming brightness
is not tragic,
blood thirsting after blood
is not traumatic,
corridor instructing the chambers
is unfortunate!

Branding birth for all the maladies,
flailing faith for all inconsequential events,
those that employ
the same for self aggrandizement…
the same for boosting bile…
spitting venom,
spreading distaste among admirers
so as to encroach upon the earth
so as to enjoy the ensuing drama
Foul! Indeed, Foul!!

Mr. Civilisation wed Arrogance

a poem by

Quality of existence
Without true essence
Flowers without perfume
Flesh for consume.
Aggressive manipulate profits.

Societies with
Mother cares to cook
Health is wealth

On the other hand without attachment
Readymade food
Pump vitamin extra nutritive in measures.
Churn out factories.
Vegetative mentalities mad cow disease.
Innocent are the victims.

Doctors are
Unable to control
In spite of progress
Result, live

More and more helpless
Life without essence only flesh
Emotionless reject finesse.
Thus drained of are feelings and perceptions
Sacrifice, affection, love, and concern.
Mr. Civilisation wed Arrogance bubble vicious vacuous.

Happy Warlords

a poem by

Drug, sex, bomb
Law and order comb
Pomp, monk, cosmetics
Glamour, tremor, receptive
Radioactivity radioactive
Cut in skin deep.

Cowards terrorise with violence
Bridges fall, energy stalls.
Pump intolerance
Waste away oilfields.
Bury peace
Whip up phobias.

Feedback speed up
Hypnotise, misuse mass
Hostage Starlets, quick, reach
Meteoric rich, desperate magnets
Against violence,
Never do raise voice.

Are not they the Warlords?
Who bring in messy ends?
Date today pull in, great profits.
Can no cries and pains of innocents
Sure, rob, off their sleeps!
Their Happy ends.

Roomful Perfidies

a poem by

The room is fable with double ending.
Smiles here, traffic signals mere.
There gentles sit
To lie themselves, acting fancies.
And some starving-
To see day dreams.
An old spits to feed his ants
Another loves his lambs,
But knows all to butchers.
Ladies lost their lateral looks,
One plays with;
Deemed it dragonflies.
In roaring sea dumb drops died many!
Our castles,
Just in cards, know now.
And me; buried in air-open eyed;
Mourns, within heart-laughs!


a poem by

When clean men women
Use perverse actions
Would rather reject
Freedom for the oppressed
That comes with utter dejection!
Choose to live under protection
Of a dictatorial blessing in disguise
Surmise, in our sheer hopelessness.
It is cheap provocation.
We are a better generation.
Do not ask silly questions!
Snub the sexy damsel in
Her well disciplined uniform.
Obeying the hierarchy
Lead to her doom.
The small fry has to cry.
Forcibly lend her back.
Shelter the head behind
The scandalous pedantic
Misuse private body parts,
Get secrets, Mastermind.
Shame on all
Shame each of us.
We wanting to cross-pernicious barriers
Propped up misunderstandings
Deaf to the voices, echo on earth.
Drowning hers
With our anxious forced
Gregarious, illusive, hysteric, carouse hypotenuse acts.
The great right angles, our earth rotates in circles.
Let’s stop here, not wait equinoxes to equate mastiff menace
It is sheer common sense not the guns of decadence!