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For You, Brother

a poem by

Tumbled and rolled ourselves
did we not?
For that silly laughter
that vanished soon there after

Those memories never
but you ran away
with ease

You were sentenced,
cruel games were on you
a prank that came true

Even today,
years after that day
I turn around on the
slightest noise

‘Brother, is that you?’
but silence.

Silence of the day
silence of the night
staring back
left me craving
for that laughter again.

Death Call

a poem by

Unfortunately, I feel a sense of Death,
Which knocked thinkin’ door ugly unnatural world,
I feel death like a rainbow scattering unhappiness,
Between happiness and unhappiness,
You’re thinkin’ and causing grief in human relations,
My life being a color and it don’t matter if you’re,
For such reasons unexplained beat it,
If you like my death call, you will be dead or
If you dislike my death call, you will be dead.

Last Song of Vishnu

a poem by

Tomorrow, the doors will be banged,
And the window panes will be broken,
The roofs will begin to crack out of heat,
And the walls will slowly shrink to your skins,
Your skyscrapers will crumble like sand castles,
The roads will get narrower and blind.
Your hospitals will run out of medic and beds,
Your courts will go deaf to law and order,
Your children will go wild in schools and jump off roofs,
Your parents will find this noise as their last lullabies,
There will be a death in every birth,
There will be a fight in fairness,
There will be a madness in every silence,
There will be a devil in every god.
That’s when I’ll come out of myself,
And you will hide behind your grief.
This is peace, this is the end,
This is peace , this is my command.

The Wait

a poem by

Misery is on its way,
Very sure of its destination.
It likes these tears and melancholy
Its coming fully packed for a lifetime,
Because it has tasted my hospitality before
And now will stay forever with me.
My Prayers seem to be answered
Fate has sent me a permanent companion.
I wished for one but forgot to say who
I don’t pray anymore. I Just wait
For the great Equalizer to come
And take me away
To some place where misery won’t find me

Your Memories

a poem by

In the depth of silence
I saw a flash of light
It was my dearest dear
Recollecting our past
He told me how much he loved me
Contemplating future
He told me how much he missed me
He took me into a room
I pierced in through the flock
To see his body lying dead
When I turned to him in complete bewilderment
He vanished with a smile
Leaving me to burn his lively incandescence.

I die…

a poem by

I’m laid on a cold hard ground,
But, I can’t feel the coldness!
I’m garlanded by a colourful flowers,
But, I can’t smell its perfumed scent!

I see myself, covered in a white shroud,
A crowd and a holy man in his chants…
I see my family, friends and relatives
To whom I exchange no words or action.

Mother is wailing at the corner in tears
Father is in misery and in hidden tears!
They have been deglorified and lost…
The world is getting bleak, dark and grey.

The regular tune of violin is no more heard
But, the only sound of chants and the bugles.
I see my ‘blue phone’ kept on the table, ring
Nobody to receive and keeps ringing by and by…

Finally, I’m lowered to a pit covered in grasses,
Exposing my lean, five feet body of flesh and bones
The heaps of stones, pebbles and mud kept nearby,
They shower it all over my body and lastly, the face.

Now, I see no moonlight or the early sunshine…
As, my only bodily senses are all lost and buried.
It isn’t those daily dreams, that I get up again…
But, a permanent resting place of peace… death!


a poem by

Death stabs
The knife
Razor edge
Slowly drips
Drops of
Hope loiters
Dying out
The air
Heavy with
Wisps of
Last lingering
Love dies
Dregs of desire
Light up
The dark forgotten
Crevices of life
A dull ache
The void


a poem by

The world a beautiful mosaic
The love the feeling of the known
The cold stagnant memories of the past will unhold you when the death holds

The death comes in a blink of an eye the vision seems so blurry
The sound faints in an hourless bound
The dawn seems a merry

The feelings are stabbed to death
And the body feels so numb
The never ending pain has found an end
With hopes loosing count

This time no spring could ever forth
This time the flowers will end to bloom
This time the colour of the world
Will end its story in a gloom

The soul enters a different world
Leaving its body behind
Forgone the earth, forgone the time
Forgone the beauty of his life

No more could he smile or sing
No more could he play in fields
The world is there but he is gone
Leaving behind his blissful memories

An Ode to Death

a poem by

I used to be afraid,
To take that final step.
Where I would surrender eternity
And nobody could help.

When suddenly an angel cast her eyes on me,
And told me that death wasn’t final,
That it wasn’t like it used to be.

Told me that those who I loved,
And who in turn loved me.
Would think of me by and by with tenderness and loyalty.

Showed me how had it not been for me
How different things would be,
That I would live forever
In the heart of humanity.


a poem by

It’s a dark night tonight-the stars don’t shine.
At such a time, is there anyone I can call mine?
The skies growl with a ghastly frown-
Any shoulder I can rest my throbbing head on?

Can I close my eyes tonight,
And never wake up to see tomorrow?
Can I free myself from these worldly bonds,
From the lifelong sorrow?

Can I abandon this orphaned life
And wake up in the lap of death?
Tranquil and serene-
Away from life’s fetid breath?

Break the strings that bind me-
The clocks tick away and call out to me.
Will I find a way out of this winding maze
And walk myself up the stairs-
Away from this deceit, away from this haze?

I see the black horse standing, as the mists rise-
Can I not sleep, and never wake up to see tomorrow’s sunrise?
Just a leap is all I need to fall
Into the serene lap of death.
Just a leap is all I need to fall
To live with the stars and away from you all.

No tears to bid me adieu,
No knells to mark my death.
No hand to caress my head-
Just a leap, is all I need
To end my wait

The Call

a poem by

I hear music,
The music of death,
Cries of the dead
And the ones dying.

I wish my life be short,
I would feel happiness
I would hear the music of peace
The one you might never mind.

Darkness the only truth,
Light the cheat
So sad the moans!
Of my live pals.

Did I scare you with my song
Oh! Its only a thought,
Not to worry my dear,
You can still sing your song.

If I could meet you,
I would sing this for you,
But not with a coffee,
But with tears or blood.

Going Home

a poem by

How could she leave me?
How could this happen?
I was only a child;
What could I do?
Where could I go?

Whom could I confide in?
Who would take care of me the way she did?
Why did God let this happen to me?
I missed her;
I wanted to go to her.

Day after day, year after year;
I lived with no life in me,
The agony I felt without her.
No one could understand me like her.
I didn’t want to live anymore.

I could hear her calling me,
Calling me to come home.
To come home to her;
But it was always in vain;
No one let me go.

Seven years had gone by,
And I couldn’t take it anymore.
I had to go to her;
I decided I would,
But I would not leave like her;
I would tell everyone.

I bade goodbye,
And I left to see her,
To be with her till eternity.


a poem by

The stars twinkling up above
Prepare the glittering curtain
Around my eternal bed below,
Here I come to rest and not rise again;

Tired are my eyes, rest I need from within
With no one to caress me and touch my hair
Aching is my soul, bruised is my skin
As envelopes my body the moon fair,

Dressed in spotless white I go to sleep
Murmuring a prayer for my sweet;
Takes my tired soul in her arms the earth deep
Even in slumber your name becomes my heartbeat;

Fragrant with camphor and sandalwood,
This Night witnessing my slumber will depart
As my white dress covers my gloomy mood
And wounds of my restless bleeding heart.