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All doors are mirrors

All doors are mirrors
That leave us the trail of need
In seeking the future as a leveller
We devour our memories
And lie still, feeling broken.
First comes nothing
Then comes pain
That plots through us
In grey and blue
Preparing for an early darkness
Who are we but one sound
Bound by an axis of grief
To what…
At best, I think, I’m floating.

Slow Days

Ending in an open door
Watching people perform
Preparing for the abyss
Choices are ladders
Moral codes. Schema.
Avenging the wrong word

The truth self exiled
Ever disappearing person
A duty bound anger
The unity of opposites
A visiting serenity
Stains the honour of the free.


The year has begun
I have begun to bleed
My time has come
I have begun to stain.
We grasp each other in the midst of torture
In the soundless claim for unbroken merger.
I have left my feelings in a kinder place, alone to breathe
I am alone to judge my future
In a vacuum I judge only the space that leaves me vacant
My hope is dead
I stand a gypsy
Dawn to dusk.


This is my day of receiving
Of thanks, of journeys into the changes
I want to find within myself
I thought I would forget my life and leave with you
I suppose
Some wounds heal
And the others act as questions
I follow their answers to where I will be safe again


In our hidden intention we seek each others nakedness
You lie perched on the horizon
I crowd myself in your breath, suffocate
In your imprisonment I will uncover myself
This time I’m a warrior
But this battle feels like
I lost it before
A sense of folded collapse
As I sit
Fear keeping me warm
Torturing a confession
Out of my thoughts


Every time I start again I’m so tired
I throw out my dreams
But they come back dying
A little everyday

You left with the autumn
And a secret smile
You left me with the sound of the sea
Like a question
I didn’t know what it asked

Am I less or am I more?
Is mine the truth or the lack of it
After all these years
I’m not sure
I’ve understood my failure
After all these years
I’m still not sure its you
Who will decide my price


In between closed spaces
Lies a drifting wind
Which speaks to the past
Where faces become goalposts
And numbers
And your voice crashes into me
Like a kiss
Stars crowned, renounce the romance of defeat
Burn like a fresh cancer
I want to live in the spaces between the world
Not within it
I don’t want this life
I don’t want to be reminded in whispers
Of the need to decipher the world.

In utero

Time presses its tiredness upon me
As I seek an empty nest
As I rest upon broken roads
As I hunt for the most beautiful within you

If I could just learn to watch myself as the other
If I could comfort my wounds with the false kindness of another
If I could share the safety of your sighs

My insides would then whisper their fear
Along this stretched path
Inviting strangers to affirm the validity of spaces within
To find the stillness of the moment that can no longer tire us

In my heart

In my heart,
there is a filigree of death.
It will not let me bleed.
For as I rise and rise and rise,
It will all turn to seed.
And as I break myself upon the wall,
the wall that shapes my pain
I rise and rise and rise and rise
and wonder whether I’ve fallen again.

To you

To you, I write the song of truth
In victory I am forever silent
I sing, deep within my heart, I remember love
Transition is so much like blindness
For me who’s dreams have been painted on
The safest road is duty
As I look beyond with my empty face
I realise there’s something broken about beauty

I write sounds

I write sounds
Starts and stops
Colours that bleed grey
I write days that end before they start
Words that spit and sneer-genuflect and retreat
I write all the people that ever hurt me
And the only song that made my heart smile
I write that again and again
I write how my heart has always been such a child
And how after all these years
I still lie beside the safety of these words

I want to be the end

I want to be the end
and you want to be the start
We walk along those silences
convinced of the spaces between our parts
I cry to you in silence
as you shy away through your screams
Its strange how life allows us to breathe
by shattering all our dreams


Most life dances
Between hope and desperation
As time grows out of
The labyrinth of perpetual dissolution
All speak of a fluctuating rhythm
Behind closing lines
Crossed hidden
You sink into the earth and emerge from it
Without roots and a desire for definition

Between the Night

Between the night
Fault-lines deepen
Against the guardianship of faces, names
I sense only heat
And the sense within it
Lying bare
In its rounded silhouette
As we walk through darkness
Edges sharpen
A heightened rigidity
The permanence of love is an exhausted truth


She had once been let loose by a promise
Now made slower by the chain of sorrow
Invaded by a gentle coercion
Buried in armour
Losing herself to sleep
Held by a jury of all her fears.
(Time and its unfettered links)
There’s a tired rain in my heart
Attached to a protest
Some might say she lay in my night
Like a darkened life.