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Life’s not just black or white
Neither are the days that go by
Everything’s perfect, everything all happy and colourful

Red symbolizing love or the blush on my face
Yellow describing my smile
Brown the colour of my eye

Everything’s topsy-turvy and yet still great
The never ending smile smeared across my face
Suddenly blue is my favourite colour

Sitting alone in the corner of my mind
Its a dark room with just one ray of light
My colourful life’s gone all grey

Grey neither part of the colours nor black or white
Grey symbolizing the emptiness I feel within
Grey is the colour of the season – grey is all I’m left with!

Cancelled Marriage Card, in Seven Days

a poem by

I walk free today, fly if you will
Like a dove in the great sky
I stretch the wings of my life and soar
Leaving behind the poison of my past
I frolic in the plush green grass today
Letting it tickle my pink little toes
I take in the beauty that is life
For today is my rebirth, cancer has lost
I celebrate the cleansing of my soul
Dancing under the brilliance of the sun
I have been granted peace under His
Ever loving grace, through my strength
I will strive to walk the path of truth
Give my will to others who suffer as I did
I will pray for the fallen souls,
Each night they will be within my heart
I will savour the fragrance of life forever
Cause have three children taking
In all that I have and rejoice
Love has overcome…

Colourful Mood of Holi

a poem by

The Earth is full of colour, love and life in the whole Universe;
Colourful pageant of species parades in all parts of the world;
After winter, Holi, the festival of colour welcomes spring season
And colourful romantic mood maroons men in mirth and revelry!

Colour, romance and humour make life lovely on the Earth,
Paradise of the Universe, where day and night are two parts
That rule mankind between joy and sorrow and life and death
Producing humour in tragedy and sadness in comedy, an irony!

As the wide blue sky flute music the Lord blows in the wind;
Yellow flame of fire burst out of volcano to flow as red lava;
Pure water springs out as a fountain to flow down in cascade;
Clouds, moon and stars give ideas to turn dreams into realities!

Colourless wind, water, colourful land, sky and fire are a wonder;
Clouds of red, orange, yellow, green, white and grey are splendour;
Violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow and red of rainbow are grandeur;
Multicoloured birds, fish and plants are of Creator’s power of colour!

Various colours of hues create moods of men to move on in life;
Love is a painful pleasure that leads the bitter sweet life in the world,
Where chances for man are very many to upgrade oneself to maturity
To reach the state of perfection and permanence of white colour at last!

Hues Unparalleled

a poem by

To colors that affect me in every way

Lilac, the color of my dreams
Pale hue, virtually a maze
Quivers the brilliance of rays
That strike fascination in my mind

Silver, the color of my hopes
Beg me ever not to give up
The clouds they bestow succinctly
Clairvoyance with their lining

Purple, the color of my lust
Creeps dipping within me I find
Reminding me if time and again
That I am so vulnerable found

Green, the color of my vision
Satiates success in endeavors
Looking beyond the horizon
I, eager for greener pastures

Maroon, the color of my love
Glows in crimson shades
Romance brightens the feel of my soul
To carry on for yet another day

Blue, the color of my peace
Within me deep she reigns true
Touching the depths of the calm sea
Highest peaks of sky does she scale

Yellow, the color of my sensitivity
The pallor she mysteriously dwells
In crevices of my alert brain
She does find comfort in stealth

Orange, the color of my desires
They spurt in directions wide
They fail often in culmination
Too many for me to channelize

Red, the color of my blood
Craves to gush intermittently
As heart beats on relentlessly
Pressure she maintains continuously

Indigo, the color of my fascination
For all that is naturally found
The God above, he rules the world
Observing my delight on the ground

Violet, the color of my happiness
In shades she splashes her mirth
I kind of slip out of her hold sudden
Still, she holds me in her girth

Grey, the color of my sorrow
Presents herself in seeming bouts
She reminds me of her presence
Of that, I never have doubts

Cream, the color of my tastes
Sophistication in all they scream
I wish rawness to escape their hold
But, they pull back into their realm

Mauve, the color of my anger
She spits fire as if really mad
I calm her senses, if only I can
Sometimes she leaps out of hand

Brown, the color of my conscience
Hangs heavily on my brow
I grapple to keep her within bounds
I only wish, I could know how

Pastels, the colors of my integrity
Striving to remain seen
They yell at me to keep them strong
Like them, I have seemingly been

Dark or light, my inconsistencies
I desperately keep at bay
They attack me ever so often
Eventually I escape, having my way

Black, the color of my frustration
She impales me in speechless sprees
I delve to scan her intentions
From her, I can never be free

THEN,White, the color of my solitude
I retreat oft into her realms
She’s packed with all the colors above
In her presence, I can realise my dreams

“These, the very colors of my life and soul”


a poem by

Purple be thy color.

Its not about the homosexuality,
which never existed in the first place.
Pink is your foe
and lavender your abhorrence.
Its not about the royalty.
There was no one more royal than you.
Yet there was no one more banal than you.

Its probably the pride.
Christians might call it a deadly sin,
but not to you.
Not to us.
Pride is the way we walk
or rather, the path, the means.

But the best reason,
is the high.
The high of being with you.
The high of the warmth,
so engulfing.
so reassuring.
so comforting.
It has to be about the high.
The all-encompassing
purple haze.
My LSD!!

Budding Affair

a poem by

Cognisant petals grace
Blossoms in vase
Fragrance embrace

Soft scents
Colours thrust
Sense burst

Come into flowers
Shine in confidence
Bloom out splendour

Red, orange, cream
Sweetened dreams
Purple, grandeur

Lustre magenta
Love adore
Pledge truce

Ease tired eyes
Pastel hues soothe
Weary relax, cured nerves

Feeling the pain

a poem by

What wretches are we?
That we can’t see
The depth of the Louisiana tragedy
How hollow I feel when they are still
Stuck in a mass casualty

How life does go on
As one sings a song
Another plays a match
As the next newscast we catch

I pray for them and us USA
We let some down this horrible day
We reached out and touched our friends
Yet our own was in need in the end

Some Hard Talk

a poem by

High level diplomacy
Much acerbic
Much more aristocracy
Beyond composure
Boisterous noisy arrogance.
One word, a sentence
Path to follow non violence
Acquiescing endurance
Practise peace, exercise tolerance
Could not the wise
Immaculate white intelligence?
Anticipate please
World forgives forgets past atrocities
Without complaints!
Appreciate, beauty is skin deep let’s respire in peace.


a poem by

Our ancestors sowed seeds,
That grew out to be the base.
We, pure hearts, lived on it,
Raising the bloodshed of our brothers
High up above the sky,
Holding the whole UNIVERSE
In the hands of us, INDIANS!
Breathing rhythmically

The truth behind colour

a poem by

Colours – bright and dark
Bringing life to the lifeless,
to millions of hearts
felicity they do bless,
but as per God’s creations,
every better has a worse,
Thus, many a time, deceptive they may be
leading to the warpath of inequality,
for colour is the chief factor
of today’s perpetual grief,
a parent to the bairn
of strife and misbelief
in unity, peace and divine parity.

Like a deep shadow inundating humanity
with unexculpate superiority
that overshadows compassion, consideration and love
in the hearts of those who assume
amongst all – they stand above.

‘A saviour – we need’, in abundance we hear,
being saviours ourselves, is what we fear.
Extinguish this fear and enmity,
light the candles of love and equality
let the brightness spread around
and hearts shall discover the fruits of content,
as brotherhood achieves it’s precious intent.

Autobiography of Colour White

a poem by

I am innocent, pretty and bright,
All for peace, I ne’er fight
Every angel and fairy I adore,
From the depth of my heart’s core!
I’m in the soft as butter moon,
Also on every silver spoon
Roses and diamonds in which I shine,
Are prettier than the prettiest pine!
Dentists’ love me, oh, so much,
They recommend every toothpaste in town, I touch
I’m the favourite of many people who paint,
My body splashes all o’er those who faint!
Happily in the veil of magical stars,
I live free from age,caste or sex bars
You’ll find me in petals of jasmine flowers,
Also on chocolate bars and cars!
Pollution is what destroys my calm,
Damaging my soul, causing me harm
After all I’m the colour white,
Peaceful as a dove, divine as God’s light!

An incandescent Delight

a poem by

I am pristine and breathtakingly beautiful,
Though simple in dress, I’m always cheerful
I love sleeping in the lap of every sea shell,
As their unsung song to me, they very patiently tell!
Rain and dew drops glisten because of me,
For my service to them, I never charge any fee
I’m there all over newspapers and cars,
Also on wrappers of chocolate bars!
Stars are called ‘luminescent’ because of me,
Oh, with them, I shall forever be
I am in the Milky Way everyday,
I love to watch the cuddling stars there play!
Day and night I speak of universal truth,
My brothers and sisters envy my majestic look
‘Let’s Have Peace’, I tell every nation,
After all, we are all part of God’s creation!
Oh dear fascinated reader, I’ve given you so many clues,
I’m sure you’ve guessed, that I’m a hue
Yes your right and bright as light,
I am indeed, the colour ‘white’!

The Road Ahead

a poem by

Does the Road end
After some distance?

When we set out
There were some people with us
People lively and changing
Feeling and expressing.

Our interactions unfolded a drama
In which we played our parts.

On reflection
Fellow travellers on the road,
Fall back or move forward.

The road ahead gives way
To the melancholy of a painted town.

The years that hold the key to age
Melt away.
Fellow travelers go their own preferred way.

The road is desolate-
And end is reached.
The road’s or mine?

What Colour???

a poem by

What colour the widespread Sky?
The deep Sea?
What hue the Butterfly,
Of what shade the Tree?


The Rainbow Arc,
Garden blooms?
Firelight in the dark,
Peacock’s Plumes?


Of what colour, Grapes ripest!
Purest honey old,
Pearls Polished, Best
Smelted Silver, fire-burnished Gold?


Then what is it that does dye
The Sea Aquamarine?
Azure the Sky,
Silver the starlight and Golden, Moonshine?

‘Tis the Light in thine own Eye!
That doth hue the Sea and Sky!
The Light of radiant Joy, the shadows of Sorrow dark!
Twilight’s tinge and the Rainbow Arc!

‘Tis the Eye of thy own Mind,
That shall, every moment’s Colour determine!
Happiness, in the wedding Carnations white,
And Grief, in the funeral rose-wreaths, Red-bright!!!

With a dash of Violet Passion,
In every surge of deep Indigo determination!
Fight the Blue of Adversity,
With a splash of rich Green Prosperity!!!

Sheath fond young memories in shades of sunniest yellow!
Write all the Richness of Youth in rays of radiant Red!!!
Mark the Good Old days in brilliant Orange streaks of Hope…
Peek into the Glass, and view the panorama of Life’s Kaleidoscope!!!

‘Tis that which thy Soul, upon Earth shall shed,
Dismal grey or a Spectrum bright-
Exact to every Atom, in the Ethers shall it be Reflected
Eternal Day or Endless Night!!!