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Only in true love…

a poem by

Awaken like the swelling sun,
My exotic lust takes a slow run
Awaken like the genesis of day,
My sweet love sings this midday
A new sound is heard like the call of a bird,
My will sobs at the beauty of your word.
Earth is fertile like an elegant woman,
Sun is burning to share, like a man
We were meant to be, long before birth.
Finally to decorate the body in wreath
Your name is written on the vast shore
In a landscape you stand alone bare
Eternally bound, painfully shine
Your breasts are nurtured in mine.
Day Hand in hand
Night slept in sand
Forever together, never to part,
Bodies divided, but one at heart.
Your soft touch, like the flush of the moon,
Bring forth my heart, from its cocoon.
And in your eyes, your live shines forth,
More than the stars, your glance is worth.
And every word brings forth the fire
Within my veins, the edge of desire.
To grow old in your arms, this life time
It’s my dream; that’s all I want to be fame
When wheels of age finally run short
Then you are my own angel to escort.
And I will save a seat, for you at my side
Eternity waits, only for both of us to abide.
Now let us rejoice, all comes without a clue
Time is our best friend, as oceans are blue.
All vigor and strength in our bodies reside
Only in true love, does my spirit confide.
Let us be merry, and laugh, and rejoice,
Only in that love, all do find their voice.

Eternal Night

a poem by

I eagerly await for sundown
For the moment of pleasure with it that dawns
A time to leave all world behind
And be with him, in a world only mine

I count each moment every second that builds
Pleasure awaits me, sweet moments of bliss
In his arms my world just him and me
Tender moments of love when he drowns in me

His gentle lips on my body feel
Pristine drops of rain, that revive and heal
His comforting touch to my senses reveals
Dewy gladness and joy that fill my being

Every pore in my body yearns for his touch
As his hot velvet tongue evokes in me lust
His gentle loving, his soulful eyes
Takes me beyond to experience new high

Leave the world behind, let all time stand still
As in your arms I savour sweet bliss
Just you and me in the eternal night
Making sweet love in the moonlight

Let’s make love

a poem by

I close my eyes and fell you move
In perfect rhythm I sing to your tune
Each skillful plunge makes me moan
Fill me with your love and make me whole

Your fingers make music on my breast
To your circling tongue my pearl garden fests
Together they play, in pleasure I writhe
Make me rise high up to the stars above

I feel you in me I taste you now
Filling my being intoxicating my mind
I lap the strength as you give to me all
Take me once again and make me yours


a poem by

(The Indian System of Medicine)

It is Vedas’ wisdom profound
Time-tested,proven and sound
A healing touch of sages vision
And the loftiest height of human reason
The science of life and longevity
Economy coupled with creativity
It says, Disease is a state of imbalance of humours
And through doshchikitsa cures even tumours

Charak, Vagbhatta, Bhavmishra, Susrut, and Madhav
Had for mankind so much love
That they spent life to make men free from disease
And that too without charging any fees
Let all men be happy
Let all be free from disease
Was the mantra of their lives
And towards that goal Ayurveda strives
Ayurveda explores the wealth of medicinal herbs
And knows the worth of creepers and shrubs:
Punarnava purges toxins
And is good for ailing kidney
Ginger good for anorexia
And is also a drug of choice in dyspepsia
Arjuna is good for heart
And its decholesterol property sets it apart
And all unanimously agree
Vaccha is a wonder drug for memory
All these truths are given to us
To make us healthy and prosperous
We are the inheritors of this great legacy
Which deserves our attention with accuracy
Indeed India is sleeping giant in medicine
And to ignore her worth is a sin
She has neither fully tapped her resource
Ignorance of her own strength is her chronic remorse

Passionate Fruit

a poem by

I sat down to this juicy fruit
A watermelon kewl and new
I plunged in with my tongue just so
And found myself in between the rows

I sought for the sweetness it withheld
And licked around the mounds that swelled
I came finally to the rind
And suck a bit on the luscious behind

And as I pluck out that seed
I knew I was the connoisseur you need
For me, this passionate fruit held within its bend
Softness, moisture, a taste I am sure you comprehend

Because this passionate fruit was you my friend
The End

Niagra Falls

a poem by

One cold morning,
With a lot of chill.
Digestive system pressure,
Was going for a kill!
I entered a toilet,
Glued myself to the seat.
Showered two scud-missiles,
By no means a great feat.
On the way,
I did fart.
In terms of toxic gases,
It played a big part.
But toilets are ventilated!
Architects do have a heart.
Then I used the Water-Jet,
Which terribly strikes you,
As hard as one can get.
After minutes of patience,
What one does get,
Is a cuter little buttock,
Which is smartly wet.
No need to blush,
When it is time to flush.
Missiles are through the funnel,
Meeting stronger ones in the Tunnel!

Hormonal Remote

a poem by

Remote control is
A comfortable mechanism,
As long, we know our limitations.
Getting fat is because
Of our
Manipulated food
That fills our stomach hole
Not satisfy our ‘feel’ leaving us
Lust for more
In spite the stomach
On the whole
Up to the brim – is full…


a poem by

Eyes drink, nose touch
Hungry mind think the stomach.
Ears speak through patient hear.
Feel the skin pores of peers.

Biting knowledge to chewing books
A silky bookworm let loose.
Standing on head healthy strides
Legs up steady devise

Kick up tongue skeletons from cupboards.
Lip doors taste protects honours.
Hands love fingers print.
Toes and nails complementing.

Pretty Eyez

a poem by

Deep blue like the sea
Dark brown as they can bee
Light green in tune to grass
Black as the bottom of a mass

Why you have such pretty eyez
I look into them and sigh
I wish that I could walk in them
Are even pick one stalk for him

Yes you have pretty eyez
So yellow that corn could be the prize
So natural that I can say
I love your pretty eyez that way

Turning purple with the night
Turning red with the fright
Turning into something new
Your pretty eyez just like you

But then I look deeper my friend
And find your pretty eyes are mine
The End


a poem by

Her legs are long and muscular and sleek shaved
her arms are welcome to be pinned and held
her breasts huge as mountain ranges rise up
from the tiny torso and ribs and waist
her hair is long and sloppy wet down to her ass
her perfections reflect her statue face
her lips part for two words

One “GOD”

and one “YES”.


a poem by

I was bought for a paltry amount of sixty,
By Tommy and Basu.
I was treated as a son of the computer,
All day long I used to sleep, night started my adventure.
Mithun took me well, Arindam sat hardly on me.
Rajdeep was tapping me well.
Then one day I had an accident, Alam’s dad sat and I cracked.
The damage was severe, I had lost one leg.
But they were cruel, they treated me now double.
Lo! I can now hardly wait for my death,
I heard Rajdeep talking of my rival.
But I pity that it will be treated like me,
Till and unless they buy a stool.
I am weeping, oh can’t you guys feel it.
I am a chair, lo! What you have done to me.