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Fruitless Freedom

a poem by

Fruitless freedom-
From solitary reaper
To band wagon creeper
As common man I never breathe
Scared and hold my soul in fist
Speechless dumb in crowd
Unbelievable, strange gazes on each
Uncanny faces labeled as if wicked
No reactive rebelling blood in my
Veins detected
I muttered in bathroom
World must be changed
And feel words while brushing teeth
Shit on my head
That carrying worried thoughts as burden
For insecure future

Hate my all acceptances as slavery
I am searching lonely for words of truth

A nominee to stand against to stop all this evil
TRUTH– whomsoever concerned lonely like me
These all damnable scenes eye soring but
I have to salute and smile before them
Who never deserve it.
How I stooped my neck before my nation’s flag?
And I don’t know where my soul fly
And humanity died in heartless massacre in name
Of religion
JUSTICE it maybe snoring after late night feast of
Or it may be vigil whole night worrying for happenings
With Useless remained sensitive heart sentimentally.

Love Defined

a poem by

Slow growing,
Yet, mind blowing
Yet, ethereal

A plant
Of slow growth
Called love.

Watered by zeal,
Needs soil of trust,
Puff air of praise to seal:
It admits of no lust.

So much agile,
Exceedingly fragile

Like an earthen ware
It may break into smithereens
Handle it with care
That’s what it means!

Mere carnal love,
Degrades mankind;
It’s debauchery
That defiles your mind.

Love that’s pure and selfless
Exalts mankind.
In recklessness,
Love becomes blind.

Love sought may be good
Far better if you could
Find love unsought:
For, it’s never sold nor ever bought!

Love eclipses not,
By passage of time
True, sizzling and hot:
Not the slaked lime.

Love that’s passing
Isn’t love at all!!
If not constant and lasting,
It collapses like a falling wall.

Beauty, and wealth- all props and support-
Shall fail to avert inevitable fall.
When love ceases to comfort
It’s dead wood, a pain in the neck, that’s all!!


a poem by

A man may think that he can,
Control and subjugate a woman.

By his sheer physique,
To offset her mystique
Trough violence and oppression,
By anger and aggression,
A man may cajole
A woman
By gentle persuasion
By showing off
Mere love and infatuation,
You think you can
Win her into abject submission?

Even in the so-called consensual act,
More often than not it’s found correct:
In case she doesn’t like you,
Only she’s got the power,
It’s true.
You may have her body not her soul:
What you get is a dead part of the whole!!!

You can’t ever guess it, can you?
As a woman can as well fake:
She may have the cake
And eat it too!!!


a poem by

Phantom cheers optimism.
Through my window, olive, green.
Stroll opportunity saunter serene.
Daydream sunlit, dress fresh.
Sweet twitters chirrup chi.
Fasten life force.
Breathe courage
Spirit walks.


a poem by

Man woman
Doable sought.

Jealousy clots.
Blot mind.

Cultivate nature.
Shine bright.

Make world.
Place better.

Up date
Capable beget

Futuristic social
Likewise, deal.

Cultures sophisticate.
Not lament.


a poem by

Bespoke befits your God my God

Your God my God his God her God
Right God left God – go God stay God.

Follow my God. not your God, convert.
When not, then hit you. Beat you, shoot.

Fight you, insult. humiliate, ill treat.
So far so good, jolt. Fears thunder, threat.

Sorry no, no, please do wait.
Think over inculcate.

Your God my God his God her God
Right God left God – go God stay God.

Let world submit. To A B C regulate
Make earth inhabit. A place, populate.

Appreciate bit by bit understand
Somewhat, encircle straight.

Just a week, experiment.
Of 365, few days, extract.

Your God my God his God her God
Right God left God – go God stay God.

World north south, east west
A day; in Hebrew responsibly chant.

To Judaism convert, results wait.
All around, can that halt crime?

That those work, no one pinches or cheats.
None, no one con, hurt inflicts pain.

End; commit wrong, damage, burglary, theft.
Prevent; incidents of rout crush defeat.

All worlds at a time one after another convert
For a day thus to Islam, Zoroastrian, or Rastafarian

To Shinto, Voodoo, Mormon, Hindu
Buddhist, Cabbala, Scientologist, Christian

Is that a particular passport to peace?
Can a day in the life each hence, flawless reach?

Of my God your God his God her God
Follow my God, and not your God; convert.

Of religion, then why should there be politics of heaven?
When unable are the dim-witted, forcing agenda to keep fit!

Wily fanatics, fraud man for hegemony, leave not God alone, rob image.
Each of us knows, how sustain or not a bond God as one feel, befit please.


a poem by

That is a story
I won’t like to repeat
Me has a hurt
Me has the beast
Me is unfurling rabid
Truths about myself.
Me is the pontificating ridiculous
Rabble rouser
Me has a hurt
Me is a history
I won’t like to repeat
That’s Me.

Every Dawn

a poem by

Eulogy of the past is read;
Sorrows of yesterday are forgotten;
Now is the awakening of the enlightened soul
Confronted with inhuman humiliation.

With dawn, dawns the vigour to succeed
Triggering the momentum to achieve
With dawn, dawns the season of new labor
To reap the harvest of hardwork
With dawn, dawns the indomitable spirit
Of patience to persevere
With dawn, dawns the ebullience, of this wounded soul
To strive for the best

With every dawn, dawns a new chance
To bring out the old will anew.


a poem by

Back from the weekend
Back to another day of work
Back to what must be done
So little done yet so much gone by
Moments that could never be undone

Must I cry? Must I feel?
Why bother if it had to be done?
Just leave yesterday behind
And move on more wise
Leave all folly far behind

That’s me…

a poem by

I am so full of sunshine
That it takes a little darkness
For the world to see me…

I am so full of warmth
That it takes the winter’s kiss
For the world to feel me…

I am so full of love
That is takes some pain and tears
For the world to believe me!!!

So I stand here… unseen, unfelt and uncomprehended…
Just to save you from the darkness, cold and pain…

The Witness

a poem by

A helpless girl she hardly knew
What it was all about
Afraid, trembling she recounted
It started with a shout.

Marauding mobs with swords and spears
They came with bloodshot eyes,
The childrens’ gleeful laughter then
Turned to screams and cries.

Father, mother, friend had died
Some stabbed against a wall
Was a frenzied mob that so
Not even spared her doll.

She had seen her kith and kin
Dying bleeding and in pain,
And had sobbed and prayed to God
But it had been in vain.

There was nothing now she could
Call her home and ground,
Hiding, shivering in the night
Had feared from every sound.

Through the night from far away
Came sounds she could hear,
Every moment she could feel
Them coming near and near.

For two full nights and a day
She hid behind a wall
Waiting expectantly to hear
Her mother to her call.

Exhaustion and hunger had
Then started her to tell,
She would have to look for food
Away from the putrid smell.

Littered barren streets she saw
And not a friend in sight,
Looked for shops she thought she knew
Deep into the night.

To her horror she had seen
What all had been done,
Men into beasts had turned
To have some gory fun.

Keepers of the law had come
Questioning around
Looked and pocketed things that lay
Undamaged on the ground.

To the grey haired men with truth
She told through misty eyes,
What she saw and would remain
Embedded in her psyche.

Will these grey haired men she thought
Give her something to eat,
Or would she be left alone
To fend for on the street!

One hard nut

a poem by

I was blown away by the wind
And landed on the worst surface you’d imagine

When I broke out of my shell and looked around
All I could see was a desolate grey

Hard and cold, the place was tough
No food to eat, neither water nor sun

Energy drained, I had to push
Buried in the darkness, I yearned for light

Somewhere within, perhaps my genes
I had to break free, I knew I should

Day after day, I kept pushing
And one morning, a ray fell on me

Enveloping me with a warm glow
I felt energy renewed

I knew the path was right
I just had to use all my might

Frail I was, weak and small
And my foe, mighty and strong

I kept at it, day after day
Till one morning, I saw the light

The surface cracked, a minute one
I knew I had won

The task became lighter
Once the concrete gave way

I know the secret now
Just keep doing what you must

And one day, the light will fall on you
And make you grow, come what may

A Poet- a Fisherman

a poem by

A poet is like a fisherman
Who waits for his prey-fish
Like a poet who waits for ideas
To grasp with a hook- his brain
The fisherman scans the sea
Like a poet scanning his vast mind
The fisherman is on a boat
Like a poet who floats on hope and confidence
The fisherman’s bait is worms
While the poet’s lure is brainstorming
A fisherman’s catch, he cleans
While the poet’s idea, he revises and edits
The fisherman sells his fish in a market
Like the poet who sells his poem to publishers
And both get money for their work


a poem by

For a few handful who create
There are thousands who could
If only
Their bellies were full.
Many a times
When I sit down to write
(on my PC)
Scores of faces stare at me from the monitor…
The beggar boy who has lost his arm
The sweeper who hopes for a sweater this winter
My car cleaner whose wife is in the hospital…
And my hands just freeze on the keyboard.


a poem by

Born into this world was I
And I cried when I got a whiff
Of this sickening air
I cried because I was born
Into a world of thorns
Thorns of melancholy, bloodshed and hatred

I was born into bondage
In to a world of preaching and teaching
In to a world of slavery and chains
Chains that inflict misery and pain
And I was taught that I dare not
Break free from these chains
And I would gain
Only if I suffer the pain

I was taught how to walk
On the face of this world
Beset with trails and traces
Of people’s scarlet blood
And I was taught to walk over blood
For blood would run over me otherwise

I have lost my identity
And harnessed is my integrity
Attuned to toe the line
Drawn by this foolhardy society
Ever enduring the agony of rusted iron chains
Cast in its own flesh and blood